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:One of our muses is pregnant and it’s not a good thing:

Loki had been an emotional wreck as of late, having recently discovered that he was with child yet again had burdened him with great distress. He didn’t know how he became pregnant, he hadn’t laid with another besides Sigyn. He was dually terrified that his child wouldn’t be loved or that it wouldn’t live. He was curled up on the bed, clutching his slightly rounded stomach. He slowly worked some magic to change his form into that of a woman’s, he heard someone enter the room just as he finished working his spell. “Sigyn?” He inquired, his voice already higher, more feminine.


'Queen of Hearts' ch.18

Thank you for the continued amazing support for this fic. I’m excited about this chapter. Theres a scene in it that I’ve had written for over six months, so I’m thrilled to finally be able to put it out into the world. 

Small reminder that while this is set in season 2 it is not a direct retelling. I’ll be taking certain plot lines from the show and incorporating them, but not all of them. So don’t assume that because it happened on the show it’s happened in the story. If you haven’t read it then it hasn’t happened. ie. No trip to Russia in my story means Oliver never slept with Isabel. 

Thank you again!! 

Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think! 


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