yet I just love it so much

I would just like to say how much I absolutely adore this scene and specifically this line. Before now Yuuri has been afraid to open up. Either people have just stayed where they are and expect him to come to them or they were too pushy when he wasn’t ready to open himself up yet. But now with Victor, he’s found that when he does open up that Victor will meet him halfway. And sure Victor will push, but he won’t push so much as to make Yuuri unbearably uncomfortable. Just to make his intents known. And this is so so important. It shows that it’s not only one-sided, that they are both trying for each other, and this bond is absolutely beautiful. No matter what kind of relationship they have, this type of connection and communication is so necessary and I love it. They both truly respect each other. If I didn’t already love these two to death then I’d start now.


GOOD NEWS GUYS!!! Apart from all that heartbreak and pain, something good has come out of the character’s (and the fan’s) suffering~~ Moon Lover’s rating in Korea have increased greatly!

I guess the Korean audience is much more inclined towards seeing pain and angst in dramas. Oh well i hope the ratings increase even more so the cast and staff can be satisfied that their hardwork payed off. I really dont want the actors to be dissappointed or sad or think that they didnt do good enough( tho obviously its apparent in their acting that they worked their butts off). Even tho ratings and popularity are never an emblem of an actor’s hardwork or dedication, but its the sad reality that its what gets the drama awards and all and who doesnt like appreciation!

But I just want the drama to be watched and loved by a lot of people and to be known as the greatest drama of its time, caz lets be honest how is it not? What is it lacking in terms of anything? Nothing. Its perfect and its not just my biased opinion, pulling of a sageuk is hardwork but the whole SHR team from cast to staff have done an incredible job of it, so much so that i hate to think the ending is near!! What will make me look forward to Mondays again!? But then again, as long as the ending is happy and perfect for every character, I will be able to endure the bittersweet farewell.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, thank you for adding excitement, longing and beauty into my life, thank you so much.

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That this could start a bigger flame war than anything related to social justice, and yet here I stand defiant and asking. What do you think of Civ VI so far?

I’ve only finished one full game of Civ 6 (science victory as the Romans), but my thoughts so far:

1. The graphics. I love the graphics so much. I know some people disagree, but I’ve always prefered the bright cheerful distinctive graphics of Civ 2 & 4 to the dark gritty realistic graphics of 5. The graphics are beautiful and lavish and make me just want to stare at the screen all day. It honestly makes me want to conquer more territory, just so I can own something so beautiful.

2. Combat is okay. I know some people didn’t like one-unit-per-tile, but I thought it was more realistic along a certain axis, which was that you’d occasionally get big battles between lines of forces halfway between your empires whose outcome depended a bit on your formation/positioning, as opposed to just bringing a stack to attack your enemy’s city. It does make it feel more like a wargame. I admit that I’ve had as many traffic jams on the way to invading an enemy city as anyone else, and it’s been annoying having to wait a bunch of turns to sort those out, but I’m willing to deal with it. Civ6 doesn’t change this system much, and I think it still mostly works.

3. I think Civ2 was the last game that really had a good government system - the civics and policies of 4 and 5 didn’t really do it for me. I think the new “policy cards” system is at least better than those, and it seems potentially strategically deep to have a chance to shuffle those around.

4. The Eureka moments are cute. They seem potentially strategically interesting and they don’t distract from gameplay much if you don’t want to do them. I’m not sure if I like the separate Civics tree or not, but I appreciate it as at least an interesting idea.

5. Game feels WAY more balanced than Civ5 was at this stage of its life cycle. Which isn’t saying much, but I appreciate the extra effort.

1. The city districts are a cool idea, I appreciate the intention, but in practice it’s like “You want to build a useful building or unit? Too bad, you can’t until you spend twenty turns constructing a maximally generic item off a list.” It’s completely unrealistic - not in the good way that most things in Civ are unrealistic, but in that it doesn’t really map to any problem a real empire-builder would face. “Oh no, I want to build a library, but my city doesn’t have a Designated Science Area I’ve spent two centuries roping off and planting Designated Science Area signs on. I guess I’ll never have that library after all.” The space restrictions are especially stupid. There’s no earth map with the game, which is probably good because London would build like one theater district and then find that there’s no more room on the island of Great Britain to have anything else.

2. Religion. I liked Civ4’s religion, hated Civ5’s religion, and Civ6 seems just like Civ5. Religions are too hard to get and they just don’t seem useful enough, especially since you can get about 80% of the benefit just by letting someone else spread their religion to you. Back in Civ5 if I was playing at all competitively I would just ignore religion because it was too much investment for too little payoff. My first Civ6 game, I got a religion. Then a little while later, China’s missionaries, who apparently could enter my land even though we didn’t have open borders and there was nothing I could do about it, converted my holy city to Taoism, and then as far as I could tell there was no way for me to get my religion back. Every time I tried to make missionaries, they came out as Taoist missionaries. Then China started converting other civs to Taoism, and they were going to win a religious victory, and since all my missionaries just came out Taoist there was nothing I could do about it except eradicate China. Which I did.

3. Tourism. It’s pretty useless unless you’re going for a culture victory, I’m usually not, so it’s just this offensive thing where the game keeps bothering me about tourism and urging me to do tourism related things and I just tell it no and ignore the whole system. Compare this to other things like science, military, diplomacy, et cetera. Even if you’re not trying to win a science victory, domination victory, diplomatic victory, etc, you still have to care about those things! Maybe not as much as if you were 100% focusing on them, but it’s part of your strategy! Tourism just feels tacked on, and it’s unrealistic for global leaders to be obsessing over how many tourists come to their country, especially in the 1st century AD.

4. AI still not so good. There are some bright spots - it now seems a lot better at knowing when to negotiate peace, including knowing when it’s doing so abysmally that it should give really desperate offers. On the other hand, in my first game the Vikings just kept sending Heavy Chariots at my well-defended city one by one, even when I easily picked them off again and again. And when I say “kept sending”, I mean that in the Atomic Age, after both me and the Vikings had advanced through a good portion of the tree, for some reason they STILL had the fricking Heavy Chariots and would STILL send them against my city which is now defended by an air force, tanks, etc.

1. Constant automation failures. For example, the game asks me for new missions for my spy every couple of turns. As far as I can tell, there’s no respite except by disbanding my spies, which I eventually did. Espionage could potentially have been pretty cool, but there were only a few things I wanted spies to do, I did them, and STOP ASKING ME WHAT MY SPIES SHOULD DO EVERY TURN. I AM TRYING TO WAGE WARS HERE. The traders are even worse! Once I had about ten trade routes, every turn I would have multiple traders asking me if I wanted to continue the trade route. YES. I DO. I ALWAYS WANT TO CONTINUE THE TRADE ROUTE. IF I STOP WANTING TO CONTINUE THE TRADE ROUTE, I WILL TELL YOU. JUST KEEP DOING THE TRADE ROUTE UNTIL I TELL YOU TO STOP. Seriously, I imagine Barack Obama trying to go to sleep in the White House, except every three minutes the chief executive of Coca-Cola is barging into his room, shaking him awake, and asking “SHOULD I CONTINUE TO PRODUCE SODA, MR. PRESIDENT? SHOULD I?”

2. Archaeology. There’s no depth to it, it’s a point and click adventure that doesn’t really tie into the main game at all.

3. Actually, everything from Gods and Kings/Brave New World was stupid, and it was stupid for them to make the people on those two projects in charge of Civ6, because they just imported all of their stupid bad ideas and made the game worse. I’m probably being too mean - the trade routes were actually really interesting, especially when combined with the sanctioning mechanic THAT WAS REMOVED FROM CIV6, but even the interesting stuff was badly implemented (like the traders CONSTANTLY ASKING YOU IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THEIR ROUTE) and overall it seems like all of the most useless stuff was the stuff carried over from that.

I think this is better than Civ5, because it’s basically Civ5 plus really really really great graphics that I love. I wish they had just released it as Civ5: Amazing Graphics Edition, removed archaeology and tourism and city districts, and spent the extra time/resources figuring out HOW TO MAKE TRADE ROUTES THAT KEEP HAPPENING WITHOUT YOUR TRADERS HAVING TO CHECK IN WITH YOU ALL THE TIME.

I guess I feel like most changes were disimprovements, and with the amount of work put into the game I’m surprised they couldn’t do anything better than add a few disjointed systems that mostly distracted from gameplay.

(on the other hand, I hated Civ5 when it came out, and now I really like it, so maybe I just have to get used to things)

Overall rating is “okay, I guess”.

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Liam have said more than once that if he had to switch with any member it would be Niall to see what goes down in his mind most of the time. And I find that so interesting because people assume the most basic things about his personality yet he shows how thoughtful, analytical and just insideful he really is. I think he had an opinion about everything but he won't really tell. He seems like such a interesting person to mantain a conversation.

I loved the videos today.  I think that mature, thoughtful, yet laid back side of Niall really came through.  We know it’s there, but I guess we haven’t really seen him talk much outside of concerts and group interviews.  Those situations are just different from the one today.  His solo interviews are always so interesting.

One of the things I love most about him is how much he really loves music.  I think I tagged a post like this yesterday, but if all the other boys are drawn to the industry for varying reasons, Niall’s is that he was always meant to be involved with music.

I completely agree about the analytical mind.  This is me projecting a bit because my mind is definitely analytical, but the way he says certain things just ping as different.  The way he words things and responds to them kind of implies that he’s coming at them from a different angle than you’d normally expect.  It’s great when he comes out of nowhere with vocab too.  “docile” is a great word.

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i'm SO so proud of robin, cory, gotham and the writters for doing what they did. that shit takes BALLS. even after i read the spoilers for this episode i was like: nope! there's no way gotham has the guts to pull this off. i'm so glad they proved me wrong. honestly, this must have taken months of planning. and i'm so happy this came to be. however, i'm worried about robin. he's such a sweetheart and i feel very protective of him. there's gonna be a shitstorm coming his way and it's so unfair.

Yes it’s AMAZING, I’ve waited for this soo damn long and that it’s on its way to a relationship is just aaaaaaah and that Oswald is confirmed in love aaah, and Ed is too but we havn’t heard him just say it yet lol. Yeah, heterofuckers can go and jump of this planet right now :(( But he also knows how much positive feedback it has been getting and like how ppl has shipped them for so long now and that there is support and we all love where it’s going. But yeah I know, hate comments never is easy to see :( Robin gets support from us and the cast and so many others and I think he takes that to his heart and will just overlook the shit, because as he said in interviews too there is like constant homophobic experiences being gay and that goes for everyone that isn’t hetero in this shitty world. What we can do is support with all our hearts! And that’s what we are doing <3

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80% of the people that like Tendou like him because they read the manga, so that's probably it~ Just wondering, have you read the manga? I dont want to sound like "omg you hate him cuz you didnt read it", just asking what made you not like him x)

No, I have not read the manga yet.

What made me dislike him. He’s loud and obnoxious, a bit like Bo but without the lovable aspect of being completely naive. He’s also pretty arrogant and condescending, a bit like Oikawa and Tsukki, but again without the traits that make me love Oikawa for it.

So basically he lacks just a few things that make me love a character with these kind of personalities.
I can’t say I’m not going to change my mind about him later…? But i doubt it will happen unless his personality just does a complete 180.

Ah but Anon, I am a bit sad that you think I’m so shallow. You clearly haven’t read any of my headcanons or any of my reasons why i like certain characters or not. (Hint: there is an ask about my fav character, if you think I pick by looks alone I suggest to read it)

Because if I’d only chose characters I like by looks first: I would not like Iwaizumi, nor Matsukawa or Hanamaki. And i love all three of them. If I’d choose by looks alone my number one fav character would have to be Kenma I guess? (Since 3 out of 4-ish ‘looks’ categories would apply to him) But he’s not.

So please, don’t say people dislike or ‘hate’ a character because of his looks. That’s a bit rude. :<   I do have my reasons for not loving a character as soon as he appears on screen, and 99.9 percent of the time it’s NOT the looks.


I’m about halfway through Buffering by Hannah Hart and I just got to the point in which she talks about her stepsister’s suicide. At the bottom of the page there is a footnote about permanent solutions to temporary problems. She writes that her sister would have probably loved Sia’s music and that you will never know what might come in the future. “There is so much music you’ve yet to hear” (116). This was the first time while reading the book where I put the book down and thought about that sentence over and over. Such a simple sentence but so much inspiration and determination behind. I have fought with depression and anxiety all of my teenage life and music had always been my escape and reading that sentence had instantly made some bad thoughts go away. So thank you Hannah, thank you for that sentence and for all of the sentences in Buffering, they are all truly inspiring.


I love this so much this since it’s so true. Jon and Daenerys are basically the Yin to the others Yang they couldn’t be anymore different yet similar at the same time. But just like Yin and Yang they do not oppose each other, but rather balance each other out they’re complementary, they are the two sides of the same coin.

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Your new fic literally made me feel like my heart had been carved out with a machete and the characters might as well be real, for how strongly I feel them. If you wanna will you please tell us, was lovely Alice actually *with Jared the way Jensen is, or more casual?

1.) please let me dry you out and press you into a big book so i can keep you forever. just, forever. thank you so much? my heart thanks you so much. ♥ 

2.) alice was definitely not to jared what jensen is to him. i don’t think anyone ever has been. (daniel was definitely jared’s first love, a big and bloody slice of his breakable heart – but i think jensen is jared’s One. even if neither of them know it yet.) so i feel safe in saying that whatever it is that jared meant (means) to alice, it probably was only a passing blur for him. a night killer; something sweet on his dick. i’m sure he has a few secret and super fucking private photos of her on his phone – from times spent together and quick-blink memories they shared. but casual is definitely a fitting word. for jared, anyway.

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I need to get this off my chest. I'm in love. I'm in love with my friend. She's so wonderful and I'm so GAY and I just love her so much. Thing is she's straight. she's not interested in girls and I feel bad but I can't help loving her. help me

I have a tag for this. Check out my #straight girls tag for more people suffering from your affliction. 

Or better yet, read my free web series about it! ;)

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Hello there! I love your blog and omg Heartstrung is A-MA-ZING!! I just had a bit of a doubt. In the last few paragraphs, when it is revealed that *spoiler alert for those who haven't read it yet* Natsu was an undercover FBI agent sent to arrest Lucy (past life), you mentioned a note written by him (in his past life) behind the official report that said 'Suspect made me at the end and I was forced to defend myself'. Is this a grammatical error? If not,then could you tell what it means?


First, thank you so much I’m so happy you’re loving it XD

Second, no, it’s not a grammatical error. When you’re undercover and you are “made” it means someone has figured out you’re undercover. So when he says “Suspect made me” he means Lucy figured out he was undercover so he had to defend himself.

That clear things up? :)

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I love your art so much, I get so excited every time I see a notification for you. Do you have a favorite character from Yuri On Ice yet? And if so, who?

i actually don’t have a favorite yet, it changes with every episode! i usually tend to get a fave so quick like u have no idea, but this time i just?? like them all so much? it usually is the one that’s the most fun to draw though. and so far im just having a blast with all of them, so only time will tell!!


ayeee so i was tagged by the cutie @stopohsehun2k16 to post my lock/homescreen, recent selfie, and the recent song i’ve listened to! 

lock/homescreen: i dont normally have a diff picture for my lock and homescreen but as you can see beautiful petit jong is it rn bc this teaser photo is just…. so gorgeous 

recent selfie: again these selfies were taken probably a month ago but i chose a different one this time !! thats me @ shinee everyday 

recent song i’ve listened to: “TT” BY TWICE– I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN WHY I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH (honestly this whole album is rlly good!! leave it to twice for making yet another great album)

i tag the beauties @shineewantsthed, @jinkidubu97, @pandaliterature, @aegyo-shinee, @wangae, @fairykibum, @onewmania, and any of my other mutuals who’d like to do this!! as always, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to ♡

“I only ever do what other people want. This time, I’m doing this for me. So if you really want to make me happy, then you’ll let me go. Okay? Just let me go.”

Here’s a rambling exploration of another dimension to this lovely pairing, featuring the ship’s parallels with the myth of Hades and Persephone and the tropes that go with it.

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