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Here's Male!MC request :D what if RFA boys+V+Saeran+Vandrwood were afraid of meeting MC's parent's bc they think they won't approve of a guy dating their son.. and when they go with MC to see them for the first time it turns out he have two dads :) -and mc this piece of shit said nothing- .. sorry if this's too specific


  • he probably ends up very siently 
  • looking at MC 
  • and just sighs 
  • then he introduces himself and does his best to make a good first impression 


  • as soon as he has a chance he’s gonna flip
  • he’s been trying to remain calm so that he’d make a good impression 
  • all he does when he finds out MC has two dads is says 
  • “cuddling privileges are taken for a month”
  • then he proceeds to ‘enjoy’ the stay wth a shit eating grin


  • he probably picked up on it 
  • he knows a few habits of people who have parents who don’t accept them 
  • as such he can deduce that MC has either very accepting parents 
  • or same-sex parents 
  • he wasn’t worried about that 
  • what he worries about is he might not be liked 


  • he’s probably slightly stunned 
  • and was confused as to why MC was laughing at him for bringing flowers 
  • he still gives them to MC’s dads though 
  • probably brushes it off 
  • will have a moment where he just sighs but says nothing 


  • he’s standing stunned 
  • probably takes a (long) some time to recover 
  • he needs a glass of water to recover 
  • and then he’s probably laughing 
  •  he’s very easy and casual afterwards 


  • probably hyperventilating 
  • then complains to MC a bit because he wasn’t told anything
  • sad puppy that needs petting(hugs)
  • MC wont hear the end of this from his dads
  • probably ends up being really liked by MC’s parents 


  • he already knew 
  • well he figured it out 
  • MC leaves his phone on in the gallery many times 
  • he saw it through the CTV
  • and not only that he dressed very formally 
  • he probably ends up tickling MC once they get home