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Two kids was my first idea so… here ya go ! Both with dark hair and blue eyes.

Hamilton Headcannons

-John Laurens is a big fan of the “Sheldon the turtle” comics. It boosts his self esteem and he’s constantly seen giggling at his phone at the adorable Sheldon.

- John also loves talking about the problem of Slavery

- James Madison reads “Owlturd comics” and he relates to them a lot.

- Ham has tweet wars 24/7 but he still has time for Philosophical debates

- The Schuyler Sisters run a website called “the Schuyler sisters” (Ha)

- Their website helps the poor and they had their dad build an orphanage

- Burr is a lawyer and he’s popular

- Hercules definitely runs his Taylor shop. He has an aesthetic going and Laf loves shopping there and modeling for him

(Get it?)

- Gets into heated arguments with the rev squad


- John is one of the guards that protect the LGBT+ people from haters

- Alexander is v bi and he put his arm around John and kissed his cheek just to piss the haters off while whispering “Just play along. I’ll pay you back later.”

- The Schuyler sisters have a LGBT+ area of the website they run and their site was all rainbows on coming out day

- They all met at a club for allies and LGBT+ to discuss the working of the pride parade

- God I want it

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Headcanon that Yuri asked his grandfather to try and find halal beef to put in the pirozkis because he knows it's important for a Muslim (still assuming Beka is one) and Beka, ready to decline the food because he thinks it's got pork in it is lost for words when he finds out the lengths grandpa went to be able to let him enjoy it too, he falls for Yuri again for something so simple but so darn incredibly considerate.

fam, i’m about ready to fall in love with yuri again after this headcanon

Happy Birthday @chychymazzu!! Have a wonderful day and I hope you like this present heheee yes I was the anon asking your favourite character the other day, it was all part of my plan mwahahaa! I wanted to give something back to you since you give so much to this fandom with requests and your beautiful art!

in with the new
  • i love the roses everywhere it feels so springy and wonderful
  • ransom and holster fighting makes me emotional
    • he s a coral r e e f remember your words dammit
      • idk what im doing either bud its ok
  • I kinda want to make… money?
    • same
      • soft same
        • me: hard same
  • lardo looks like a hacker that hasn’t digested anything other than leftover pizza and orange soda in days
    • help her
  • n e w m a n a g e r!!!
  • the trio. nursey dex and chowder… i love my sons
  • wow i love her 
    • dex throwing the papers in the back
    • will nurseys chill-ness ever not hurt him?
  • tag yourself im the girl that doesnt even go here!
    • I’m a fr-freshman….. free him :(
    • y e s maam
  • I want to hang out with my best friend in boston for another year
    • :’( im not crying you’re crying
    • bros bein bros
  • tearing up,,, bros
  • big and emotional is an alternative title of check please, to be honest
  • in conclusion: i love my children, someone help lardo, and can we please get the new manager to yell at me to get my life together?
The Labyrinth Chapter 22

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Length: 5.0k

Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

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