Heechul & Shindong Scenario : When He Sees You With Only A Big Shirt On.


Heechul : I’m home!

You walked out of your room to greet him.

You : Oh Oppa!

Heechul stopped in his tracks, looking at you with his eyes wide open.

Heechul : Yah. Why are you dressed like that?

You : Like what?

You looked down at your dressing, you were just wearing a big shirt that is up till your knees. Heechul walked towards you, pointing at your clothes.

Heechul : Like this. Why are you just wearing a shirt?

You : Why can’t I?

You pout and walked back to your room. He followed you behind, still staring at you.

Heechul : You better not wear like this when I’m not around..

You : I wear like this all the time…

Heechul : When your friends come over too?

You : Yep.

Heechul : Male friends..?

You : Yep.

You looked at him with a poker face on. He stared at you.

Heechul : YAH. That’s it. I’m buying you some pants tomorrow. 

You laughed, while Heechul starts searching your wardrobe for some pants for you to wear.


Shindong : _________ ah~?

He walked to the living room, tired from the day’s schedule. He sat on the couch and closed his eyes.

You : Since when you got home?

Shindong : Just now…

He opened his eyes briefly to look at you before closing them.

Shindong : OMO.

He opened his eyes wide, staring at you. You were drying your hair, wearing only a oversized shirt that’s up till your knees.

You : What?

Shindong : Go put on some pants!

He tried not to look at you, but he took a peak now and then.

You : I’m in my own house!

Shindong : But I’m here!

You : So?

Shindong blinked a few times. He stood up and walked to the kitchen. You followed him, on purpose, standing right in front of him. He got uncomfortable as he drank the water.

Shindong : Please..go put on some pants?

You : Why should I?

You stick out your tongue at him, smiling.

Shindong : Don’t do this to me..

You laughed.

You : Fine, I’ll go put on some pants.

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Heechul & Shindong Scenario : When You Have Really Bad Cramps.


You curled up on your bed, grabbing your stomach. Heechul walked in to see you in such an uncomfortable state.

Heechul : What’s wrong?

He sat next to you, patting your head. You shook your head, refusing to tell him you’re having really bad cramps.

Heechul : Are you having the cramps?

You turned and looked at him.

Heechul : You are, right?

You hid your face in embarrassment, nodding your head.

Heechul : Aish.

He got up and walked to the kitchen, coming back with some painkillers and a cup of hot water.

Heechul : Here.

You looked at him, cringing your face in pain. Heechul helped you up and fed you the medicine.

You : I’m so embarrassed now..

He pat your head, laughing.

Heechul : Silly girl, you can never hide from me.

You smiled and laid back on the bed, feeling a little better.


You : Oppa..

Shindong : Yes?

He walked into the room, checking to see what’s wrong with you since you sounded different when you called him.

Shindong : You looked sick, what’s wrong?

He touched your forehead, checking to see if you have a fever. You shook your head.

You : Can you get me painkillers and a glass of water….?

Shindong : Yah, if you’re sick, you should go see a doctor.

You : But I’m not…

Shindong : Then why….

He stopped in his words, looking at you lying awkwardly uncomfortable on the bed.

Shindong : Oh. Oh. Ohhhhhh.

He walked out and got you the painkillers.

Shindong : You should have just told me.

He looked at you awkwardly.

You : No! It’s embarrassing and awkward….

Shindong : Fine. Call me if you need anything else.

You nod and tried to sleep the pain away.

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Heechul & Shindong Scenario : When You Are About To Give Birth.



Heechul : Breathe! BREATHE!

You grabbed Heechul’s arm, digging your nails in his arm. Heechul screamed in pain as you screamed in pain too.


Heechul : Just hold on for a few moment, the ambulance will be here any moment…

You shook your head vigourously, sweating buckets of sweat.

Heechul : What am I to do…?!

Heechul started to panic as you screamed louder in pain. 


Heechul wiped the sweat on your forehead, holding your hands tightly.

Heechul : I know you’re in pain, just, hold infor a few moments!

You : It’s too painful!

The paramedics came and got you on the stretcher, Heechul held your hands tightly, not letting go.

Heechul : I’m here, I’m here. 




Shindong picked up the phone and called his mom.

Shindong : Umma! ________ is about to give birth! What am I supposed to do?!

His Mom : You babo! Bring her to the hospital!

Shindong : OH RIGHT.

He hung up the phone and carried you to the car.

Shindong : Are you okay?

You : What do you mean by “are you okay”?! Can’t you see I’m pain?!

You were getting cranky due to the excruciating pain and Shindong wasn’t helping at all in his panic state.

Shindong : Sorry!

He started to drive to the hospital, you were sitting in the front seat, next to him. You grabbed his arm, not knowing your nails are digging into his flesh.

Shindong : OW.


Shindong stepped on the gas and drove to the hospital as fast as he can.

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Heechul & Shindong Scenario : When He Takes You To The Circus But You're Afraid Of Clowns.


Heechul : Hurry up, the show is going to start!

You : I…I need to use the toilet!

Before you could make a run for it, Heechul coolly grabbed your hand and pulled you back.

Heechul : This is the 10th excuse. What’s up?

You : I..really..need to go…?

Heechul : You’re lying.

He looked straight into your eyes. You closed your eyes and sighed.

You : Fine. If I tell you, you must promise me not to laugh.

Heechul : I promise.

You both hooked your little finger together.

You : I’m afraid of clowns..

You almost said that in a whisper. Heechul looked at you and burst out laughing.

You : You said you wouldn’t laugh!

You blushed in embarrassment as Heechul tried to stop laughing.

Heechul : Ah. That, I believe.

You pout and walked away. Heechul walked briskly behind you, still laughing.


Shindong : Oh look! He’s so funny!

He laughed as he turned to look at you.

Shindong : What are you doing?

He sees you sticking your head into your back. You looked up at him, giving him your most innocent expression.

You : I’m looking for my phone..

Shindong : Isn’t it on your side?

He pointed to your phone. You let out an awkward laugh.

You : Ah! Silly me!

Shindong gave you a look.

Shindong : Did you even watch the performance?

You kept your eyes on Shindong, stubbornly refusing to look at the stage.

You : Yep.

Shindong : No you weren’t.

He tried to force you to turn your head towards the stage. You pushed his hands off. Suddenly, Shindong let out a wide smile.

You : Why are you smiling like that…?

Shindong : I know why now.

You : Why?

Shindong : You’re afraid of clowns, aren’t you.

You hushed him down, blushing in embarrassment.

You : Keep it down!

He smiled and pulled you close.

Shindong : You should have told me earlier~

You : Well, you were so excited about it…

He smiled and held you tight, shielding your eyes from the clowns.

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