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YESUNG’s Thrilling Interview In Your Ear

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Leeteuk: “I’m telling you, it was really good!” *talking about you to the members*

Heechul: “Damn.” *starts clapping quietly*

Yesung: *highly interested*

Kangin: “Woah! I think I’m in love!” *impressed*

Shindong: “Look, I can dance that dance too!”

Sungmin: *when you notice him staring with his mouth open* “Ah, I’m so sorry for intruding!”

Eunhyuk: *watched closely*

Donghae: “I’m sorry!” *shuts the door, then opens it again* “Um, you’re really good!”

Siwon: “Has anyone every told you you’re really good?” *instantly smooth*

Ryeowook: *speechless as he watches*

Kibum: “This isn’t the right pl-Oh my god.”

Kyuhyun: “Wait, attractive and amazing at dancing? Is that allowed?” *frustrated*

Henry: “Wow, good job! That was amazing!” *internally wondering how screwed he is*

Zhoumi: “I feel like it suddenly got a couple degrees hotter in here!” *awkward*

SuJu reaction to meeting a global idol req by xjellymonster

Let’s just say they meet a beautiful female singer, yes?


Leeteuk: *Extremely respectful but is internally impressed with how talented and beautiful she is*

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Heechul: *probably flirty* “She’s the full package, just like me. Must be fate.”

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Kangin: *Think she’s extremely talented, beautiful, and kind and quickly develops a crush on her. All the members can appreciate her in this way, but, unlike them, I think Kangin would be less forward, though definitely happy when she was around.*

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Shindong: *Tries to act all manly in front of her but the others…* 

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Kyuhyun: *They end up doing a duet and he gives his all in order to impress her, but the minute he really hears her singing it’s him who’s amazed*

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Ryeowook: *The first time they meet he’s dressed as a girl.* “Ahahaha, the thing is…” *glares over her shoulder at the other members as she giggles*

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Siwon: *Makes sure that he’s dressed nicely every time he has a chance of running into her - he needs to be impressive.*

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Yesung: *Immediately there is a high note battle that he ends up losing* “Wow, you’re good.”

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Donghae and Eunhyuk: *Try to teach her the dance to Bonamana, but they all end up in giggling fits because it seems like she’s got two left feet and ends up on her butt more than anything.*

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Zhoumi: *Is pleased to discover that she speaks a bit of Mandarin, so the two have fun conversing in both Korean and Mandarin, though sometimes they get tripped up.*

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Henry: *Makes her the most comfortable and makes the other members jealous because he and she can talk in English, a language she speaks better than Korean.*


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[INFO] 160619 Yesung’s The Agit: Sweet Coffee Concert

Leeteuk MC-ed and Yesung went backstage and said for the hundredth time that Super Junior will be releasing an album next year.

Yesung: “I heard that the shows for this week are sold out. I’m feeling proud but on the other hand, I’m worried that I really should do well.”

Yesung sang ‘It Has to be You’ instead of 'Gray Paper’ and 'Her Over Flowers’ instead of 'Loving You’.

Kyuhyun came up to the stage surprisingly after ‘Promise You’. Yesung said today is also Japan live-view of his concert, so he asked Kyuhyun to greet fans in Japanese. Kyuhyun talked ‘fluently’ and shouted ‘Ogneki desuka’ with his folded palm (teasing Yesung’s small palm). During ‘Your Eyes’, Kyuhyun kept holding his laugh when he had eye contact with Yesung. During talk, Kyuhyun was so clingy with Yesung and hugged him and connected their hands together. Kyuhyun even knelled before Yesung to make a dramatic scene, and he kept laughed. Seems Kyuhyun really loves to joke/play around with him. When the time was over, Kyuhyun said. “It’s already break time”, and he said bye to the fans and dragged Yesung along with him backstage. (cr. MoonsLounge)

Leeteuk said that because they were busy, Kyuhyun and him kept it as secret that they’re going to Yesung concert. But Leeteuk felt burdened because Kyuhyun sang when he went on stage.

Kyuhyun changed Your Eyes lyrics from “너만 원하는나 (I only want you)” to “예성만 원하는나(I only want Yesung)” [eng trans by soihappy]

Yesung said that he was surprised when 'Your Eyes’ played and when Kyuhyun came out. 


Leeteuk said that Yesung should be a dancer and asked him who will replace him in singing. Yesung said that it can’t be Eunhyuk and suggested that Donghae is his rival instead. Leeteuk said that Donghae’s dancing style’s getting different, especially during Sorry Sorry. 

Yesung teared up a bit while singing the last part of ‘Happy Together’. He said, “I don’t know why, but every time I sing this song, my heart feels like crying… Thank you, ELF!” Yesung added, “the lyrics of ‘Happy Together’ makes me emotional. A lot of things come to my mind, ever time I sing this song. I think that this song shows how thankful we are for the strength everyone always provides us, especially when we get tired and exhausted from working hard. It was great that I sang this song. Thank you.”

Yesung: “A fan passed a story about not giving up and thinking of what a person can reach in the future without quitting. Honestly, when I think about it, I debuted after experiencing a lot of ups and downs. From the long time which I spent as a trainee, up until I debuted, the members were there and there were people who guided me. I really wanted to say now how thankful I am to those people. During that time, there were a lot of times when I felt like giving up, but I didn’t. I think it’s also because my parents gave me strength, then I wouldn’t be able to stand in this position.. Actually, there were two times when I told myself to just quit, but I repeatedly bit the bullet and endured everything until the end. It’s the reason why I am able to sing in front of everyone today.”

Leeteuk said to Yesung that he really should gain weight. There was one time when Ryeowook saw Yesung and said in a teasing manner, “Oh? You look swollen today!” even though he isn’t. Yesung knows that it was a joke but still got surprised. 

Yesung tried to look for a female partner who can sing ‘Spring in Me’ together with him, but he said that he isn’t close to any female celebrities. He isn’t even close with female idols in his company. So the fans cheered on. 

Brother Su asked Yesung to do the rap part of the Shinhwa song which he did before and he did it with so much feelings.

Yesung was standing in he middle of the rookie boy group when they went on stage to say their greetings. He copied the rookies and bowed 90 degrees. He said that doesn’t he look younger.

When the guests, NCT, went onstage, one of the member’s (Taeyong?) hair color looked impressive. When Yesung saw this, he said to him that soon he will be doomed with hair like him. (it looks like yesung regret dyeing his hair)

Leeteuk: “It is nice hosting for other groups, but I miss hosting for my team like this.”

Yesung said that he was there when Donghae composed ‘Loving You’ and kept on telling him that “you should do it this way, that way, etc…”. The song then turned out to be his favourite. 

Yesung: “I don’t really cry a lot, I don’t even cry when receiving awards or when having a sad day, but my tears are increasing (lately). It struck me that I am missed (everyone) to that extent..But it is not because of sadness, my tears have fallen because I’m really thankful and grateful.” 

Source: cloud_0824, dolphin051106, AMERICANO_YS, yclouds, zyra0823, & Yesunee || Translation by yesungtrans

Super Junior Family

Leeteuk - The mother and the leader of the family

Kangin - The appa of the family (sometimes fail to keep the others in check)

Heechul - The aunt who is always present (you know what I mean)

Hangeng - The aloof foreign uncle who’s married to the aunt

Shindong - That fun uncle who keeps the party going

Siwon - That over-loving pastor uncle who comes to family occasions

Yesung - The emo son

Sungmin - The perfect son who impresses everyone with his talents but is secretly a dork

Eunhyuk and Donghae - The mischievous twin brothers

Ryeowook - The son who keeps true to himself and persue the culinary art

Kibum - The son who went in search of his true self with the blessings of the family

Kyuhyun - The youngest son who gets away with everything because everybody pamper him

Zhoumi - The shopaholic cousin who everybody suspect is gay

Henry - That adorable cousin who everybody loves


Im impressed by Yesung, seems was very easy for him walks in heels

(Cr:Dynamite and skyesung134 instagram)