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@kimheenim : Tonight at 8:50, on JTBC, Leeteuk and Shindong will be on <Knowing Brothers>!!👿🙈🙌
It’s been a while since I’ve done variety with the members!! There is not single lovey dovey moment so don’t expect anything😀😃☺😏
※A photo with Yesung who doesn’t have anything to do with thisㅋㅋ
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Leeteuk comment on Heechul ’s photo: please anticipate please worried… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Yesung Comment on Heechul ’s photo: Nothing to do with this ? ~ Tonight, at 10pm, watch Voice ㅋㅋ 
@earlyboysd : what are you doing?? should I get ready to play TV ??? watch knowing brothers!!! #8:50pm #knowingbrother #shindong #leeteuk #heenim

Love Like Super Junior

-Love like Leeteuk, who insists on monitoring all the boys’ individual activities, even though it means that he has to stay up the entire night, he would do so. The next morning, he would call them individually and tell them how they did, and who, during the 2007 car accident, was wounded so badly he couldn’t get up from the roadside, but cried to the medics in the ambulance to go to Kyu first.

-Love like Heechul, who loved Hangeng so much that he got depression after he left SJ, who goes on ferocious rampages when members are attacked or insulted, without even caring how much trouble he’ll get into so long as he stands up against whatever unfortunate creature infuriated him or what it would do to his image as a celebrity.

-Love like Yesung, who never gets angry even though the members (jokingly of course <3) make fun of him because he has the best temperament (but the worst temper once he gets angry). Super Junior is precious to him and he loves the whole group as his family.Who bought his parents a restaurant and an apartment, and then a cafe and apparel store when they weren’t doing so well.

-Love like Kangin, who piggybacked Ryeowook to school when he was too tired from all their practicing.

-Love like Shindong, who lifts the mood for the members through thick and thin.

-Love like Sungmin, who protects his members beautifully.

-Love like Eunhyuk, who’s always the first to cry when members prank other members into believing SJ is breaking up, and who, during the 2007 car accident, ignored his own wounds, ran to Kyu, held his hand and cried and prayed for his younger brother Kyu until and after the ambulance came.

-Love like Donghae, who became a singer for his late father’s dream

-Love like Siwon, who buys bigger shampoo bottles for himself etc. when he found out the members secretly take his, and keeps letting them.

-Love like Ryeowook, who keeps nagging the members to eat when they’re tired and missed meals because of schedules, and cooks and feeds them when they keep refusing.

-Love like Kyuhyun, who is actually impossibly modest when comparing the whole group.

Love like Super Junior, who break down horribly when the members are going one by one to the army, who all wanted to enlist together when Teuk was enlisting because they didn’t want to be parted, who waited together with Wook for the school bus when he was younger because of the ‘scary people there’, who were in states of shock when Kyu was in coma, who received the news about Hae’s father’s passing and cried together, who teared up next to him quietly when Hae was interviewed about it on a show, who teared up when Kyu talked about the accident, who all stopped their packed schedules without warning when the news of Teuk’s father and grandparents’ passing was received and went to the funeral with him, who’s bond is so strong, they can beat any other group in that category.

I’ve left so much out…

Baby Sister [Sehun x Reader]

Rating: T+15

Warning: Language

Word Count: 471

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Sehun’s hands ran up your body as you both laid in your bed.  His mouth on yours as you both rolled around for dominance.  You had the house to yourself or so you had thought.  Not hearing the front door open you moaned out loud as suddenly your door was slammed wide open.

“What the fuck is going on?”  Your older brother Yesung came running into the room pulling Sehun’s half naked body off of yours.  Quickly grabbing clothes you covered yourself as Yesung began to push Sehun out of the room.  You quickly grabbed Sehun’s clothes as you tried to hold back your brother.  

“Oppa!”  You yelled as he quickly turned glaring at you.  

“What the fuck are you doing with him?”  He yelled as you walked around handing Sehun his clothes.  

“None of your business.”  You yell back as you stand between two of them.  You quickly realize that Yesung was still wearing his police uniform.  

“What are you doing home?  Aren’t you supposed to be at work?”  You ask he starts to pace in the hall.  

“I was until I got a call saying a bike was outside my house belonging to a known gang member.”  He glared at Sehun who merely held up his hands.  

“My friends and I aren’t in a gang.”  Sehun defended as Yesung put a hand on his belt.  

“You’re not really going to shoot him are you?”  Your voice raised as you stepped forward.

“I didn’t bring my gun home.  I knew I wasn’t going to like what I found.”  

“Yesung, I’m a grown woman.  I’m going to be graduating from college-”  

“Yes, and you’re wasting your time with a boy that’s been in and out of our cells?”  Sehun walked up a little.  

“I’m 25.”  Sehun stated as you both glared at him.  “I’m technically a man, not a boy.”  

“Your a dumbass as is what you are.”  Yesung stated.  “Get the fuck out of my house.  And you baby sister, are in deep shit.”  You walked downstairs motioning for Sehun to go as Yesung followed.  As he put on his pants finally, and shirt, he grabbed his leather jacket as you walked him to the door.  “Don’t even think about leaving this house.”  Yesung stated as he pointed to his belt.  “I still have my taser.”  You rolled your eyes as you kissed Sehun goodbye.  

“Tell your mom I said hello.”  Sehun smiled as he nodded.  

“She wants you to come over sometime for dinner.”  He kissed your forehead as Yesung walked over and pushed him out of the house on the porch.  

“Stay away until I say you’re allowed back in.”  Slamming the door shut you glared at your brother as you walked back up to your bedroom more humiliated and mad at how unfair your brother was being.  

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SUJU Reaction: Them as older brothers.

You’re very welcome hope you enjoy! -X

Leeteuk: *Would be the really caring brother who would want you tell him everything* “So how are things working out with your boyfriend?”

Heechul: *The brother that will go shopping and talk shit with you*

Yesung: *The distant brother that takes care of you from afar (if you know what I mean)*

Kangin: *The overly protective brother*

Shindong: *The brother that teaches you everything, how to cook, how to sing, etc…*

Sungmin: *The quiet brother that loves you, but doesn’t ever dare talk to you*

Eunhyuk: *The annoying older brother that always teases you*

Donghae: *The playful brother in which there’s no time for boredom when you’re with him*

Siwon: *The brother that does everything you want and buys you whatever you want*

Ryeowook: *The brother you always argue with*

Kyuhyun: *The bossy older brother that makes you do everything*

Henry: *The older brother that gives you advice*

Zhoumi: *Your brother whose more of a best friend*