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Another goodie! I’ve reuploaded the Charles Dance miniseries… But this time, it’s in better quality! It’s a print of the EU version. Here’s a comparison:

Cherik Headcanon

I get dibs on the idea that everything Cherik has, like his extra masks and clothes and stuffed birds and things, are all unwanted or broken things.
Clothes from the costume department that were torn or tossed out and he fixed em up on his own, same with the birds i think got tossed out from an opera production and he saved them from the damp of the cellars which is why some of them look worse for wear
And it’s like that with everything he owns. It’s always been unwanted and second best, but he took it, fixed it up, and gave whatever it was new worth
That’s what iii think


Kristin Chenoweth (Christine), Ron Baker (Phantom), SuEllen Estay (Carlotta), Michael Dantuono (Gerard), Marc Kudisch (Count Philippe), Chet Carlin (Ledoux), David Coffee (Jean-Claude), Keith Curran (Alain Cholet)

1994, Beverly, Massachusetts.


Here’s a 93′ production of the Yeston/Kopit musical which I uploaded before - only - this has the song Home which was missing before!

(Fun fact, Erik in this production is played by the man who voiced Gaston in the animated Disney film, Beauty and the Beast)

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Forgot to post this earlier; a pro-shoot of the Yeston/Kopit Phantom. Beautiful production. Christine even wears a flower crown at the bistro!