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operafantomet here are some shots from ‘Phantom’ in Korea - it’s the Yeston&Kopit version, although this wasn’t made so clear in the advertisement!
Few more tracks have been added(Hear My Tragic Tale; What Will I do; I will find you; I saw his face) especially for this production.*

*Update: These tracks were already used in Takarazuka production as well! Thanks for the correction.
Why I ship Miniseries EC

Again, I’m cool with EC in general as long as it treats the characters right, but I don’t usually go for it. When it comes to the YK Phantom however, I am EC all the way. Mainly because it has little to none of the flaws that plague other adaptations/the original story:

  • Erik was honest with Christine, so no Angel of Music drama, no father-issues manipulation
  • Christine didn’t snatch Erik’s mask off so he didn’t fly into a rage
  • She asked him to take it off- she persuaded him (well, we all know how well that went, but it wasn’t really anyone’s fault)
  • Erik was still a tantrum-throwing phantom, but being sheltered since birth mellowed it out by a lot
  • The desire to be together was mutual; Christine didn’t ask Erik to come to that final opera so Philippe could shoot him 
  • She wanted him there because she wanted him there
  • Christine didn’t have to show some overwhelming act of compassion for Erik to let Philippe go- she literally said he should do it if he loved her

Before anyone wants to attack these reasons, I’m not saying Cherik and YK Christine are perfect because they’ve got their flaws. But if you really think about it, their relationship works a lot like Leroux!RC, arguably even better. Also the whole Christine looking like Erik’s mother thing wasn’t in the original script anyway.

Thought I’d make a master list to different versions of Phantom in release order

(Please be sure to use adblock when using Putlocker links, some of those popups can be nasty. All of them are free without membership, if it asks you to sign up get off that page. Movies on there might take a minute to load up too. Personal recommendations with have a * next to them, HIGHLY recommended versions have two.)

Gaston Leroux’s POTO E-Book (PDF, unsure what translation) *

1929 Cut of the Lon Chaney Film (Carl Davis Score, HD) *

1937 Song At Midnight (Chinese Phantom film English subbed)

1943 Basil Rathbone Radio Drama (Radio Dramatization of the 43 film)

1943 Claude Rains Film

1962 Herbert Lom Film

1964 Il Mostro dell'Opera

1974 The Phantom of the Paradise (Highly recommend as a move in general, not really an accurate adaptation rather inspired and combined with Faust and Dorian Gray elements in a dystopian type society.) **

CBS Mystery Theater 1975 Radio Drama

The Meateater (If you absolutely must watch this garbage…)

1983 Maximilian Schell TV Film

1987 Hello Kitty “Phantom of the Theater” (Why…)

1988 Animated Film *

1989 Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge (Supposedly this is an edited version with cut/shortened scenes… Nothing I can do about that I am afraid. Don’t own it yet and can’t find it anywhere else besides the DVD).

1989 Robert Englund Film *

1990 Charles Dance TV Miniseries **

1990 Susan Kay’s Phantom E-Book (PDF) **

1991 David Staller Musical (Highly underrated, while some of the acting is bad and the music lackluster I really enjoy David Staller’s portrayal. One of my favorite unmaskings and the song before that is one of my favorite Phantom songs. Also the Persian is in it so that’s cool.) *

1991 Yeston/Kopit’s Phantom: An American Musical (A musical version of the Dance miniseries. Highly recommend, though this is a bootleg missing the song “Home.” I have however inserted the studio version at the correct time.) *

1991 Popcorn (Phantom in a more modern day theater setting, have not yet seen it)

1991? Phantom of the Opera on Ice (This version is… something)

1993 Return of the Phantom DOS game full playthrough

1995 Wishbone “Paintin’ at the Opera” (Why does this exist…?)

1995 Goosebumps “Phantom of the Auditorium” (Pretty dumb but mildly amusing due to the cheesiness. Also on US Netlifx currently.)

2000 Phantom of the Megaplex

2004 Gerard Butler Film

2007 Big Finish Classics: Phantom of the Opera (Full cast audio drama adaptation, most Leroux faithful version there is.) **

2011 A Monster in Paris (3D animated film vaguely Phantom inspired, really good movie in general. Also on US Netflix currently.) **

2011 Takarazuka Phantom

2011 Royal Albert Hall Performance **

2012 Love Never Dies (Reworked Australian Production) **

2010 Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera full playthrough

2013 Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright (Honestly really dumb but fun if you enjoy Scooby-Doo. Phantom’s appearance is surprisingly Leroux-ish.)

2013 Phantom of the Grindhouse (I can’t… I can’t really recommend this to be honest. MAYBE with some friends to make fun of but otherwise…)

2016 The Phantom of the Opera: A Non-Musical Adaptation by Kyle Walker (I don’t actually know anything about this one… I actually found it making this list. Dunno if it’s good. Probably watch it soon.)

Lon Chaney: A Thousand Faces Documentary

This isn’t complete by any means, I know offhand I left out Dario Argento’s, Angel of Music and Phantom of Manhatten (Not that those are worth slugging through) but I also left out the other two fanfilms out of respect for those who worked on them. I highly recommend purchasing Erik: Portrait of a Living Corpse. The Phantom Reviewer did a review of it if you are interested. This is about as complete as I care to make it. I haven’t even watched some of these myself. Feel free to reblog, that’s what I made it for. Don’t forget to sub to my YouTube channel here as well.

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There are many things to love about the Japanese Takarazuka all-female performances of Yeston & Kopit's Phantom, including the costumes, the sets, and the zany masks.


(The song is “You Are Music”, which you will hear during the chorus where English words occasionally sneak in, and this is Wao Youka and Hanafusa Mari of the Cosmos Troupe.)


Phandom, you know how we collectively decided to extend YK Phantom week to a month? We made the right choice.

I was snooping around Kuroshitsuji musical videos on youtube and stumbled on this- a new Japanese production of Yeston Kopit’s Phantom; this is one of the preview videos. 

Lucky for us, there’s a lot of previews. We can find more by searching “umegei phantom.” Erik’s probably too handsome but last time Japan did YK, it was with the Tarazuaka troupe so we should roll with it.

Here’s the official site:

Phantom of the Opera links

Every once in a while I have to make one of these posts to keep you all up-to-date. I just added ones that have been found recently, and went through all of the old ones and took off the videos that have been deleted or moved. These are all up-to-date. Have fun, and feel free to add more! In fact, please do if you have them! This list can also be found on my About Me page, as well as a complete list of the versions that I personally have seen.

Live Theatre;


Made for kids;

TV Episodes;









Instant streaming:

  • Netflix, the 25th anniversary of ALW’s musical performed at the Royal Albert Hall
  • Netflix, the 2004 movie adaptation by Joel Schumacher of ALW’s musical
  • Netflix, Monster High - 'Freaky Fusion’, 'Fright on!’, 'Frights, Camera, Action!’, 'Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?’, 'Friday Night Frights’, 'Escape from Skull Shores’, 'Ghouls Rule’ and '13 Wishes’ I don’t know how many characters relevant to Phantom are in. Operetta, The Phantom’s daughter, is at least in the background of ‘Frights, Camera, Action!’
  • Netflix, the episodes of the Classic Doctor Who that are Phantom-inspired are on there, in the Classic Who, collection 17, called 'The Caves of Androzani’
  • Netflix, the Goosebumps TV show is on there, which has the Phantom episode 'The Phantom of the Auditorium’
  • Netflix, Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated is on there, with the episode ‘In Fear of the Phantom’ which is Phantom-inspired
  • Amazon Prime, Anthony D.P. Mann’s ’A Phantom of the Opera’
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark is on Amazon Prime with the episode ‘The Tale of the Midnight Madness’ and ‘The Tale of the Last Dance’ that are Phantom-inspired