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Okay, so my drama group is debating on which show to do next year. I keep mentioning Yeston and Kopit’s Phantom, but they’re not convinced a lot of people even like it.

If you like the show, would you please do me a HUGE favor and reblog this so I can prove that we would be able to do it and have people enjoy it. Thank you!





Phantom leather jackets.

“You’re Fired!!”

Sailor Moon. Slayers. RP.

House of Pizza cast party.


Oh to be 13 again…


OMO - Have you see this??

good news everybody!
on a whim I brought the sheet music for Maury Yeston’s Phantom to my voice lesson with my crazy 80 year old opera diva teacher,
on the off chance that she would let me learn Christine’s pieces
“I was wondering if you knew this show.”
“Oh yes, I love it.”
And then I died inside.
And then I was told to learn all of Christine’s songs to put on my recital.

Just dying.

Why I ship Miniseries EC

Again, I’m cool with EC in general as long as it treats the characters right, but I don’t usually go for it. When it comes to the YK Phantom however, I am EC all the way. Mainly because it has little to none of the flaws that plague other adaptations/the original story:

  • Erik was honest with Christine, so no Angel of Music drama, no father-issues manipulation
  • Christine didn’t snatch Erik’s mask off so he didn’t fly into a rage
  • She asked him to take it off- she persuaded him (well, we all know how well that went, but it wasn’t really anyone’s fault)
  • Erik was still a tantrum-throwing phantom, but being sheltered since birth mellowed it out by a lot
  • The desire to be together was mutual; Christine didn’t ask Erik to come to that final opera so Philippe could shoot him 
  • She wanted him there because she wanted him there
  • Christine didn’t have to show some overwhelming act of compassion for Erik to let Philippe go- she literally said he should do it if he loved her

Before anyone wants to attack these reasons, I’m not saying Cherik and YK Christine are perfect because they’ve got their flaws. But if you really think about it, their relationship works a lot like Leroux!RC, arguably even better. Also the whole Christine looking like Erik’s mother thing wasn’t in the original script anyway.

  • Overture
  • Ryu Jung han
  • Phantom Korean cast(2015)

Yeston/Kopit’s Musical PHANTOM Korean cast opened!
the new Overture including Ryu Jung han(Phantom)’s solo lines

Recorded in 30/APR/2015 (Please Do not post outside Tumblr!)

Based on Gaston Leroux’s ‘Phantom of the Opera’, this musical had not enough chance to be as famous as Webber’s POTO.

In this Korean production, Phantom’s solo was added at the beginning of Overture. There are several more new songs only for Korean productions as well, so be ready.


Phandom, you know how we collectively decided to extend YK Phantom week to a month? We made the right choice.

I was snooping around Kuroshitsuji musical videos on youtube and stumbled on this- a new Japanese production of Yeston Kopit’s Phantom; this is one of the preview videos. 

Lucky for us, there’s a lot of previews. We can find more by searching “umegei phantom.” Erik’s probably too handsome but last time Japan did YK, it was with the Tarazuaka troupe so we should roll with it.

Here’s the official site:



YK miniseries au where Gerard, unable to cope with his son’s loss, seeks spiritual help from a traveling gypsy psychic. She tells him about a cursed custom that can bring back the dead but warns him against it. Gerard takes Erik’s body to the “dark ground” in Perros and buries him there. 

The next day, someone knocks on Gerard’s door. It’s Erik, his body torn, but dapper as always, a warm smile on his face, but the slightest strange twitch in his eye, a stiffness in his limbs, a drawl in his voice.

This isn’t his son. But Gerard doesn’t care.

When Comte Philippe is mysteriously murdered by what seems to be a wild beast some days later, Gerard pretends to be a witness to attest the case. Christine finds out about Gerard’s horrid crime soon enough. But instead of recoiling from the old man in horror, she comes knocking on his door too.

“I want to be his living bride.”

angellldaee asked:

Where in the World - Yeston and Kopit’s Phantom

He felt like he’d been searching for her - for her voice - all of his life. Absurd, really, since the only thing Erik had ever sought from the world was respite from the torments of man. 

And yet, here was this girl with a lark’s lilting voice, whose music set his soul ablaze. He knew she was the one he was meant to write operas for. She was the one he had been put on this earth to polish until she shone like a diamond.

And she was looking for an Angel of Music.

Well… Erik had some experience with music and some experience as an angel. 

“Mademoiselle Daae…” he said her from behind the mirror of her dressing room. “Do not be afraid, for I come bearing good news. Your prayers to the Angel of Music have not gone unheard…. Do not be afraid, child, for I am here to instruct you and ensure that all your prayers for success are answered…”