yeston and kopit

Cherik Headcanon

I get dibs on the idea that everything Cherik has, like his extra masks and clothes and stuffed birds and things, are all unwanted or broken things.
Clothes from the costume department that were torn or tossed out and he fixed em up on his own, same with the birds i think got tossed out from an opera production and he saved them from the damp of the cellars which is why some of them look worse for wear
And it’s like that with everything he owns. It’s always been unwanted and second best, but he took it, fixed it up, and gave whatever it was new worth
That’s what iii think

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Forgot to post this earlier; a pro-shoot of the Yeston/Kopit Phantom. Beautiful production. Christine even wears a flower crown at the bistro!


A little random, but I found a video of Rebecca Pitcher when she was playing Christine, only this time she was in Yeston and Kopit'sPhantom. With Michael Minarik as the Phantom, includes “Where in the World”, “Phantom Fugue”, “You Are Music”, and “Home”.


operafantomet here are some shots from ‘Phantom’ in Korea - it’s the Yeston&Kopit version, although this wasn’t made so clear in the advertisement!
Few more tracks have been added(Hear My Tragic Tale; What Will I do; I will find you; I saw his face) especially for this production.*

*Update: These tracks were already used in Takarazuka production as well! Thanks for the correction.
Ryu Jung han

Yeston/Kopit’s Musical PHANTOM Korean cast opened!
the new Overture including Ryu Jung han(Phantom)’s solo lines

Recorded in 30/APR/2015 (Please Do not post outside Tumblr!)

Based on Gaston Leroux’s ‘Phantom of the Opera’, this musical had not enough chance to be as famous as Webber’s POTO.

In this Korean production, Phantom’s solo was added at the beginning of Overture. There are several more new songs only for Korean productions as well, so be ready.

Voices in my night will cry Christine,
and every drop of rain that falls,
will be Christine.

You are the only one,
my only chance of happiness,
my golden leaf of autumn,
my Christine.

Look within this heart of mine, Christine.
The very constant soul and music, of Christine.
Behind this mortal mask,
this terror of a face conceals,
the gesture and the grace of you, Christine.

No one else must ever have Christine,
if not for me you’d be for no one else, Christine.
If I am guilty, I’d be guilty of,
An innocents who’s name is love.

And never, no never will you ever be,
for anyone else and except for me.
I damn you when I love,
and I love you, and I damn you,
My Christine!

—  The Phantom, Phantom by Yeston and Kopit