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operafantomet here are some shots from ‘Phantom’ in Korea - it’s the Yeston&Kopit version, although this wasn’t made so clear in the advertisement!
Few more tracks have been added(Hear My Tragic Tale; What Will I do; I will find you; I saw his face) especially for this production.*

*Update: These tracks were already used in Takarazuka production as well! Thanks for the correction.
Christine and the Phantom (Gounod: "Faust" Vocal Excerpt)
  • Christine and the Phantom (Gounod: "Faust" Vocal Excerpt)
  • John Addison
  • Phantom (1990 TV Series)

The prison trio (“Alerte! Alerte!”) from Faust as heard in The Phantom of the Opera (1990) with Charles Dance.  While the Faust (Jean Dupouy) and the Mephisto (Jacques Mars) sing their own parts, the parts for the Phantom and Christine (Teri Polo) have been dubbed by opera singers.  The Phantom, who is singing the role of Faust and successfully overpowering the actor on stage, is sung by Gerard Garino, and Christine as Marguerite is sung by Michele Lagrange.

  • Overture
  • Ryu Jung han
  • Phantom Korean cast(2015)

Yeston/Kopit’s Musical PHANTOM Korean cast opened!
the new Overture including Ryu Jung han(Phantom)’s solo lines

Recorded in 30/APR/2015 (Please Do not post outside Tumblr!)

Based on Gaston Leroux’s ‘Phantom of the Opera’, this musical had not enough chance to be as famous as Webber’s POTO.

In this Korean production, Phantom’s solo was added at the beginning of Overture. There are several more new songs only for Korean productions as well, so be ready.