yesterdays makeup and this mornings wake up hair

I love sports bras and ponytails. I love wet hair and short breath. I love singing louder than everyone else in the car. I love laughing uncontrollably and unashamed. I love making faces and waving at babies and kissing dogs. I love walking in the rain. I love spontaneous adventures and the lights of the city at night. I love late mornings and chamomile tea and fuzzy socks. I love running- I love when it feels like your lungs are going to explode and your head is light and your feet slap the ground below you and the rush that comes as soon as you stop and look at the distance you have come. Alive. I love feeling comfortable in being. In existing. I love waking up and looking in the mirror, with no makeup and yesterdays hair, and being okay with what I see. It has taken me years to begin to like that girl in the glass. But I am finally starting to hope that she will stay.
—  Lessons of 2015