yesterdays makeup and this mornings wake up hair

I love sports bras and ponytails. I love wet hair and short breath. I love singing louder than everyone else in the car. I love laughing uncontrollably and unashamed. I love making faces and waving at babies and kissing dogs. I love walking in the rain. I love spontaneous adventures and the lights of the city at night. I love late mornings and chamomile tea and fuzzy socks. I love running- I love when it feels like your lungs are going to explode and your head is light and your feet slap the ground below you and the rush that comes as soon as you stop and look at the distance you have come. Alive. I love feeling comfortable in being. In existing. I love waking up and looking in the mirror, with no makeup and yesterdays hair, and being okay with what I see. It has taken me years to begin to like that girl in the glass. But I am finally starting to hope that she will stay.
—  Lessons of 2015

april 12 2017, april study challenge days 11-12!

day 11: planner journal! i use a cute lined notebook from tjmaxx as a bullet journal! and i use a study plan printable by @emmastudies 🤗 for a more in-depth study schedule! i have been doing my work, i just didn’t post yesterday! 😛

day 12: morning routine! alright so imma tell y’all the morning routine i have and then the one i want.

💤 current routine: wake up an hour and 50 minutes (hopefully) before my first class. drag myself out of bed after hitting snooze about 5 times, shower, do my hair and makeup, find an outfit, get my stuff together, say bye to my dog and then head out the door!

☁️ dream routine: wake up two and a half hours before my first class. sit in bed for 30 minutes, wake up slowly, scroll through tumblr, stay curled up and warm. then get up, make a coffee, take my dog for a walk (but a short one because he’s old and fragile), then take a shower and get ready! but i can never make myself wake up early enough…….

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It starts in the morning. Wake up. Move on with your life. Forget about him. That was yesterday, the day before, last week, three months ago. Get up. Curl your hair because he liked it when it was straight. This might prove that you’re over him. You aren’t. You still spend every minute thinking of him. Black eyeliner. He liked you with as little makeup as possible. This might prove that you’re over him. You aren’t. At the end of the day the eyeliner is gone because you still cry over him. Dress up. He liked you in your pajamas because that’s when you were most at ease. This might prove that you’re over him. You aren’t. The whole day you felt uncomfortable because you want to show him you’ve moved on. Pass him at school. Look straight ahead to avoid any thought that he may have that you still care. This might prove that you’re over him. You aren’t. You still turn your head after just to get a small glimpse of what you once had and what you still want. Never go to football games. That was your Friday night tradition along with the nachos you used to share. This might prove that you’re over him. You aren’t. You always ask your friends if he’s there. Go to sleep. Take your sleeping pills because he’s not there to talk to when you wake up in the middle of the night, so you can’t wake up anymore. You’re not over him. You aren’t.
—  Writing This Proves You’re Not Over Him
Snowed In

Hello lovely people! Here’s a Michael Imagine for you!!! 

Just want to say: Next imagine will be based off the song ‘Close As Stangers’ and it would really help me if you let me know what boy you would like it to be about. & also this won’t be on my masterlist for a few days. And sorry for any mistakes, I didn’t proofread it as much as usual. 

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Best Friend’s Blog


“Finally.” You exhale, dropping your luggage on the ground and smiling at Michael’s family’s cabin. They had invited you (again) on their yearly trip up here, and to be honest it was the highlight of your year for the last 10.

“Alright. Mikey, (Y/n), come sit here on the couch.” His mother says, sitting across from you two.

“Now, you two are at a certain age now.. and me and your father have talked and we think it would be best if you two slept in separate rooms.” She says awkwardly. You and Michael look at each other and try to keep from laughing at the idea. You two were just friends. Nothing more.

“Mom, I’ve known her for 17 years now. If I wanted to make a move, I would of by now.”

“Yeah, we’ll be good. We’ll keep our hands to ourselves, we promise.” You pipe up, holding out your pinkie. She links her pinkie with yours and nods.

“Fine, I guess you’re right. Michael, honey, keep it in your pants, alright?” She comments before getting up and walking to help Michael’s father. You burst into laughter, his cheeks reddening by the minute.

“Shut up.” He mumbles, slapping you with a pillow.

“Oh I KNOW you did not just do that.” You say, raising your eyebrows at him.

"I do what I want because I’m a rockstar.” He takes off his snapback and ruffles his hair before sliding it back on.  

“I hate you.” You mumble, getting up to grab your luggage.

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