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i need me some jealous kara in my life, so of course i did what any person would’ve done and came with a bunch of headcanons to satisfy my own needs because that’s what self care is all about.

  • it all starts one afternoon, they’re downtown in one of lena’s favorite restaurants and kara’s talking excitedly about the new article she’s writing when lena’s phone goes off. usually when they’re together lena ignores it, she always says it’s business associates and insists they can wait but this time lena sees the name on the screen and smiles widely, “oh it’ll be just a minute kara, sorry” kara nods, motions her to go ahead and tries to focus on her pasta until she hears lena giggling “i can’t wait to see you! it’s been, what? six years?” something inside kara twitches. who is she talking to? most importantly who is making her smile like that?! that’s usually her thing. lena keeps talking to whoever is at the other end of the line as if she’s not there, beaming, chuckling… kara’s always believed herself to be someone non violent (for most the time) but she’s now wishing she could grab lena’s phone, throw it to the ground and break it.
  • turns out, lena says to her when they’re on the car ride back to l–corp, that one of her dearest friends from boarding school is planning a visit to national city and called her to see if they could get together, “her name is molly, we were together on science club and we hit it off right away,” kara knows it’s irrational to feel so… heated at the thought of lena hanging out with someone else because damn, she’s her own person and she’s allowed to have as many friends as she’d like but… it makes her extremely uncomfortable to think about lena laughing with someone that is not her. “i have to admit i had a little bit of a crush on her when we were younger,” and kara doesn’t know molly, has never seen her and certainly has no interest in doing it so but she already hates her.
  • “and then she said,” it’s game night, james and winn have paused mortal kombat to listen to her angry rant and alex is staring at her with wide eyes, beer in hand. “oh i used to have a crush on her, as if it’s the most trivial thing on the universe, did you know she was supposed to come tonight? i promised i would let her win at mario kart, but no! molly’s plane lands today and she called to say—i’m so sorry kara, i can’t make it, i’m gonna go pick her up, maybe some other time? can’t molly call herself an uber? does she really need to have lena’s attention all to herself? gosh it makes me so upset someone would be so selfish.” winn opens and closes his mouth a few times, not sure if he should say anything about the whole situation, james and alex are looking at each other, silently deciding on who should be the first to talk until finally alex breaks the silence. “kara… you don’t even know this molly person, didn’t you also say her and lena hand’t seen each other for years? it’s normal that they want to spend time with each other, catch up with what’s been going on in their lives.” kara crosses her arms over her chest and angrily stares out the window, she wants to bury her face on ice cream because though she knows alex is right she still wants to deck molly in the face.
  • lena is never late, if anything she’s always early to arrive to their lunch dates, but for the first time in months, lena luthor is fifteen minutes late and kara’s getting impatient, maybe she got caught up on work and didn’t see the hour, maybe she had to sign some contracts before leaving, maybe… maybe… she tries and call her twice but she doesn’t answer and that’s when kara gets worried, what if something happened to her? what if while she was on her way someone stopped her and hurt her? she’s tempted to alert the deo, tell them to search for lena’s location when she enters the restaurant a little breathless and with her hair disheveled. “kara i am sorry!” she sits down across from her and takes out her coat, “molly came over to my office and we started to talk, i didn’t mean to keep you waiting.” kara’s face goes dark. it’s wednesday, this is supposed to be their day, their afternoon, their time to be with one another without people interrupting and of course molly had to come and ruin it. “did you know molly has a motorbike? she dropped me off!” oh amazing, molly owes a motorbike, so does half the population of national city, she’s nothing especial. kara doesn’t feel like eating anymore and ends up leaving early. 
  • she’s punching one of the walls at the deo repeatedly, each punch harsher than the last. her knuckles feel on fire but it’s working wonders to get her mind off lena and her new best friend molly whom today decided to invite her to the beach. “what is wrong with her?” winn whispers to alex almost scared of kara’s sudden display of anger, alex shrugs and tell him she has no idea since kara refuses to talk with anyone about it. “she’s jealous,” j’onn says without looking up from the file he’s holding and both of them open their mouths in surprise. “psychic, remember?” 
  • “have i done something to upset you?” lena asks with her cheeks red in embarrassement and her voice breaking, “you’ve been avoiding me for weeks, yesterday you cancelled our lunch date because you said you had a lot of stuff to do but then you uploaded a picture on instagram with james in your pajamas eating popcorn. look kara, i know we all need our space sometimes but i’d rather hear the truth than finding out via social media that you’re lying to me.” she sounds so hurt and she’s almost on the verge of tears, kara feels awful she didn’t mean to make her feel bad, she was just tired of hearing her talk about molly and how amazing she was every single time they got together. “you want the truth?” lena nods eagerly and kara tries, she does, to keep her composure when she catches the necklace lena’s wearing… gold with rose pendant. “that is pretty,” she points to it and lena grabs it between her hands, “thank you! molly gave it to me yesterday.” kara feels her fist tighten. 
  • “well the truth is that molly is annoying,” she says standing up from her place and lena’s eyes widen. “yes, she’s annoying and she’s keeping you all to herself. it’s almost as she’s holding you captive! she’s taking you to the beach and to that art gallery i was going to take you, you are eating potstickers with her, lena, that’s our thing!” there’s no going back now… “and she’s… she’ probably ugly too—oh she has a motorcycle, how original! you know what lena, i can fly! i could fly you from here to paris in less than an hour, i bet molly can’t do that. you know what else i can do? lift you up, with one finger probably, can molly lift you up? no i don’t think she can. does she let you win at mario kart?! she doesn’t, huh, does she even know how to play mario kart, does she?!” 
  • lena looks at her in disbelief before she bursts out laughing and kara lets out a groan, “it’s not funny lena! i am much more interesting that molly will ever be and i’m—mphm!” lena’s kissing her, her cold hands are tangling themselves in her hair and she’s pulling her impossibly close and kara feels like she’s floating. for the first three seconds she doesn’t respond, but as soon as lena slips a warm tongue into her mouth her body reacts and she’s grabbing her everywhere. her face, her neck, her waist, her ass, lena gasps and they break apart. “sorry, i didn’t mean to… i just wanted to… you see this wasn’t what i had planned,” kara looks to the ground but it’s not for long because lena is grabbing her chin, making her look into her eyes and she melts. 
  • “love… i can’t believe you were jealous of molly.” kara clicks her tongue almost offended, she was not jealous of molly, she’s about to say it, to assure lena she doesn’t feel such childish emotion when lena gives her a small peck on the lips and her train of thought is stopped. “she’s married… and has two kids!” kara wants to hide under lena’s desk for the rest of the evening.

part 2 of 3rd grade teacher nursey?? yes?? ok

(part one)

  • calls all of his kiddos “little bro” regardless of gender. the occasional “little dude” or “little man”
  • the first time he wears a short sleeve dress shirt to school all the kids are obsessed with his tattoo
    • “mr n has a forever drawing on his arm :000″
  • hes the ultimate kid whisperer. anything these kids throw at him? hes got it covered
    • kids are fighting about who gets the 64 pack of crayons. jeremy got them yesterday and now he wants them again?? theres like 4 other kids who want to use them jeremy dont be a dick
    • nursey’s like “can i give you guys a special project? i need a big drawing to put up on the wall. but you all have to help and you all need to use the crayons”
    • jeremy, immediately distributing the crayons and getting a big ass piece of paper: ok mr n!!!!!!

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Democrats bracing for town hall protests directed at them ask Bernie Sanders for help
Some lawmakers have asked Sanders (I-Vt.) to help keep activist anger trained on Republicans.

Senior Democratic lawmakers, trying to avoid liberal protesters at their town hall meetings, pleaded with Bernie Sanders during a caucus lunch yesterday to urge his supporters to redirect their anger at Republicans instead of moderate Democrats.

Hey guess what, Democrats? You can listen to your base, respect your base, and act like a goddamn opposition party. Nobody is stopping you. 

yesterday lunch time me and my bro were talking about the trump blabbing super cool intel scandal and we were like its only tuesday theres two or three more scandals left this week and then i went to bed and i woke up and there was another new scandal 

Made some pesto pasta for a family lunch yesterday :) My little brother, Andrew has transitioned to a vegan diet thanks to a two-hour speech by @jamesaspey and I still can’t quite believe it haha…I mean this is the boy who used to drink dairy milk out of the bottle!

I don’t quite remember how much I added of everything into the sauce, but it was about 1 cup of thawed frozen peas, 1 ½ cups basil, ½ cup flat-leaf parsley, 3 garlic cloves, a dash of lemon juice and olive oil and salt to taste. Served the pasta up with arugula, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and nutritional yeast :))

✨instagram✨: @veganzoejessica

Lostcauses Fic: A clever innovation

The Crack Fic Muse strikes again.  Honestly, you couldn’t make this up, and believe me I didn’t. I mean seriously, who boils eggs in a kettle?? *side eyes* @goodbyecommander

“This tastes like ass.”

“I’m sorry?”  Erwin looks up from his newspaper and peers at his husband across the breakfast table.

“This tea. It tastes like ass.”  

Levi glares at his tea with an expression that could curdle milk.  Luckily he drinks his tea black.

“Like ass?” Erwin is doing a poor job of disguising his smirk.

“And not in a good way.”  Levi adds sternly.

“I thought you liked…” Erwin starts innocently.

“Don’t say it.  Don’t fucking say it.”


Erwin returns his attention to the local newspaper he’s flicking through on the table.

“Did you rinse the cup properly? You always leave soap on the cups. You have to rinse them after washing or everything tastes like fucking detergent.”

“I always rinse your tea cups after washing them darling.”

Erwin learned the hard way that Levi’s tea cups were to be carefully washed and rinsed by hand.  Not just dunked in soapy water, and never on any account to be placed in the dishwasher.

“The tea must be out of date then.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Did you check the date?”

“No, but I know it’s not it of date because I opened a new packet this morning.” Erwin explains patiently. “You finished the last packet last night, remember?”


Levi continues glaring at his tea cup as Erwin browses through the newspaper, unperturbed by his husband’s mood.  He’s always a little short tempered in the mornings before he’s had his first cup of tea.  An advert in the newspaper catches Erwin’s eye.

“Oh look, there’s a new Brazilian restaurant opening in town. We should go!”

“For old times sake?” Erwin adds hopefully.

“No fucking way.”

Silence reigns over the breakfast table for a few peaceful moments until Levi takes another sip of tea.

“Fucking disgusting.  The kettle must need washing.”

“I washed it out yesterday after making lunch.”

“Why were you using the kettle at lunchtime?” Levi peers suspiciously across the table at Erwin. “Did you break your cafetiere in the dishwasher again?”  

“No, not since the last time.”

“Why were you using the kettle then?”

Levi’s frown is deepening.

“I was making eggs.”

“Excuse me?”

“I was boiling eggs.”  


“I was boiling eggs in the kettle.”

Levi gapes at Erwin, mouth hanging open, eyes blown wide.  It’s not too dissimilar to the expression on his face when he came last night.  Erwin can’t help smiling fondly at the mental image.

“What.  The.  Fuck?” Levi spits, horror and disbelief dripping from every word. “Why the fuck were you boiling eggs in the kettle?”

“I was hungry,” Erwin replies reasonably.  Clearly that explains everything.

“Don’t we have a pan for that kind of thing?”  Levi asks, voice laced with cold rage.

“I couldn’t find the lid and I was in a hurry.  It worked really well actually!” Erwin continues, pleased with his clever innovation.  Erwin prides himself on being a creative and resourceful thinker. “You can fit five eggs in there you know.  I just boiled the kettle and then let it sit for ten minutes or so.  Perfect boiled eggs!  And don’t worry, I washed the kettle thoroughly afterwards.”

Levi’s mouth is hanging open again, face scarlet with fury.  Erwin stops.

“Are you all right darling?  You look a little flushed.”

“Right that’s it Smith.” Levi snaps. “Divorce. Now.”

He tugs off his wedding band and slams it down on the table.   Erwin slowly raises his eyebrows.  He’s used to his husband’s theatrics by now.

“You can keep the fucking kettle.  I’m having the house.”

That’s when the doorbell rings.  

Levi leaps to his feet, marches down the hall and hauls open the door.  

“What the fuck do you want?”

The man on the doorstep blanches as he looks down at the tiny ball of quivering fury.

“Umm…. sorry to bother you sir, Water Board.”

He flashes a laminated card at Levi and points nervously to the badge on his overalls.

“Can I help you sir?”  Erwin asks smoothly from behind Levi’s shoulder.

“Oh,” the man almost crumples with relief at the sight of Erwin’s calm polite smile.   “Sorry sir, Water Board, we’ve going to have to turn your water off for an hour, we’re working on the mains, you might have noticed your water doesn’t taste quite right, but we’ll have it fixed in no time.”

“Thank you for letting us know,” Erwin slides his arm round Levi’s shoulders. “My husband was just commenting that the water seemed a bit off, weren’t you darling?”

Levi glares.

“Well, sorry to bother you sirs.”  

The man is already backing away down the path.  

“Not a problem, have a nice day.”

Erwin waves at the workman as he departs.

“You’re still a fucking moron,” Levi huffs.

Erwin just smiles and hands his husband the wedding ring that he’d left lying on the kitchen table.  Levi slides it back onto his finger with a scowl.

“And you’re buying me a new fucking kettle.”  

“Anything you say darling,” Erwin replies, kissing his husband sweetly on the head.  “I’d offer to make you fresh tea, but since the water is off, we’ll just have to think of some other way to get that nasty taste out of your mouth….”

Marichat May Day 9 - Bell Collar

Alya not only convinces Marinette to make an etsy listing for the Chat Noir choker idea she made, but also convinces her to use the picture Alya took of Marinette in said choker. While Marinette can only see the flaws in the picture, Chat Noir only sees beauty.

Rated G || 2,707 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

Listing for One ‘Chat Noir Inspired Choker’

When Chat Noir slipped into Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s room on a Thursday night to play video games, he was not expecting to find the girl sewing a small gold bell onto a black ribbon. “Uh, Princess, what are you doing?” Her hand slipped as she was startled out of her concentration, stabbing her finger with the sewing needle. Apparently, she hadn’t heard him come in, oops.

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the year is 2056, taehyung sits around his children with a box of freshly-picked, chemical-free strawberries in his hands.

“kids, on thursday, december 22nd 2016, your uncle namjoon caught me eating nearly a whole box of strawberries.”

And even after all those months that passed since you left, the memory of you is still the clearest in my head.
I remember everything about you and that’s what terrifies me.
If someone would ask me what I’ve had for lunch yesterday, I would say that I don’t remember. But if they asked me about you, I could talk until my throat turns dry.
—  You own my mind. (07.05.17 // 14:47)
Ninette Week: Day 4 - Ladybug and Miraculous!Nino

So, yeah, remember that thing I mentioned about ret-conning a scene with Ladybug and Emerald Shell?

Here it is, from Chapter 18. (Is this cheating? This might be cheating. Oh well.)

Enjoy! <3

“You know, you probably made him fall in love with you just then,” Shell remarked as Ladybug approached. She snorted softly, something that amused and frustrated him, as if she was doubtful that anyone would fall in love with her just like that.

“He’s a kid; he can’t even spell ‘love’.”

“Don’t underestimate him because he’s young,” Shell warned her in a dire tone that was ruined by his grin. “He nearly conquered Paris in one night in his very short reign as king.”

“Hmm. Well, I have always wanted my own kingdom,” Ladybug mused as she and Shell scampered off before press or protesters could catch them unaware. “You know, big castle, moat, drawbridge—”

“I know someone who’s rich enough to pull that off,” Shell teased, grinning when Ladybug’s face flushed red to match her mask. She was so cute. “So when is that going to start being a thing again?”

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Nori bento is consisting of layers of bonito flakes with a little soy sauce, cooked rice and Nori. It’s a kind of classical-style bento.

Today’s bento is thin pork roll-up with Ume paste and perilla, heart-shaped sweet omelette, vegetables, strawberry and Garbure landaise, which I taught how to cook in my cooking class yesterday.

Settle in kids. Old ladies are fun customers.

I work at the cash register at an electrical store where we sell Tvs, phones, small items such as vacuums and kettles, fridges, washers, etc… each item belongs to a department.

Well, we’ve been a bit short staffed lately cause the new manager believes that 2 people in each department, including front desk is enough (shocker: it’s not, most days get really hectic) so customers get angry when they don’t get served cause they have to wait. People have left angry saying things like “you guys just lost a sale” “we’re never shopping here again” “can’t you just help me yourself, you work here” yeah I work here but I don’t know every single product in the damn store and I’m at the front desk, it’s not my department.

So yesterday, during lunch time, when customers were everywhere, every sales person on the floor was serving, this “lovely” old lady came up to the front desk complaining that she’s been here for a “long” time (she hasn’t, it was just a couple minutes) that she could only see one person on the floor, that we don’t have the staff we used to have and just basically getting on my nerves as she was complaining to me about things I could not freaking control, things that are literally out of my hands.

I was getting a bit agitated myself (haven’t gone to lunch yet, it was a long day and it was just me and another girl at the front) so I started telling her in the nicest way with the fakest smile “We are short staffed at the moment, It Is Lunchtime so most of the sales people might be on Lunch, As You Can See There ARE A LOT Of Customers Around Already. Someone Will Help You Shortly” thankfully a sales person came down then and took her away and my manager came in and told me to go on lunch. I was so close to telling that lady “well if you don’t get served here maybe you’ll have better luck taking that wonderful attitude of yours somewhere else, you old hag”

Customers don’t understand that we don’t have a lot of staff and get angry when everybody is already serving a customer, like mate, you aren’t the only person who shops here, I can’t just tell someone who’s already with a customer to just drop what they’re doing and help you. If you’re not happy then just complain to management, I’ll write down the email address for you.

Welp, that’s my story, retail is Fun!

Those who are Broken | Chapter Six

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 2805

↬ Fuck me dude. This is way overdue.

Chapter list

Originally posted by gothdollysedits

You stared at yourself in the mirror. Spending fifteen minutes washing all the dirt and grime, you had to make sure it was all off your skin.  Ben was a lot harder to wash, and when you finally made it to his feet, you realized that all the shit that you had cleaned over the last two weeks was dirty again. Never, in your entire life, have you wanted to break the statue.

You have clean from the top, down, not the other way.

You were so pissed.

Still are, but right now you just wanted to go to bed. So, you did one final look over at yourself in the mirror before turning off the bathroom light and walking towards your bed. However, at the sight of Jimin casually leaning against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest, you stopped dead in your tracks.

“How the hell did you get in?” you asked, glancing at your door to see if there was any forced entry from him. But you would have seen him come in—at least hear him come in.

“I came in through the window,” he said in a nonchalant tone. “The distance between our buildings isn’t that big. Also”—He pushed himself off the wall— “you should lock your window.”

 You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, well, I wasn’t thinking people would visit me coming through my window,” you told him. “Why are you here?”

“I want to try—”

You held up your hand. “No.”

He stared at you for a moment, eyes bore into you, and even though you felt nervous, you kept your straight face.

Tried to.

He licked his lips in frustration, and you knew that if you didn’t kick him out of your apartment, you’d explode from whatever you were currently feeling. “You’ll live. I don’t want to try anymore, so go home.” You made your way towards your bed on the opposite side of the room. You ignored his presence as you collapsed on your bed, eyes closed. Footsteps were heard, and relief filled you. He was finally going to leave.

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Sonny Carisi x Reader (I)

Request: Sonny x Reader. They’ve just had a baby and things are going really well but then Y/N’s name comes up in an investigation as a potential victim. How will Sonny react?

Warnings: Mentions of Reader being sexually assaulted

Word Count: 1,716

           Sonny Carisi was content with his life. He hated how busy he was with his job, but he was always satisfied to put another scumbag away where they couldn’t hurt anyone else. And more than anything, he was happy with his home life. He had a beautiful wife, Y/n, and a new daughter, Y/d/n. He’d taken a week off work to help Y/n with Y/d/n, and was returning to work today.

“Fin, Rollins. Glad to see that the place didn’t fall apart without me.” Rollins laughed. “It came close, but we managed to scrape by. How’s Y/n and Y/d/n?” Sonny nodded. “They’re both good. I’ve got pictures if anyone’s interested.” He pulled out his phone. “Maybe if there’s time later, Sonny. For now, we just caught a case,” Olivia said.

           The young woman was lying in a hospital bed, her face towards the wall. Rollins knocked lightly on the door before walking in with Carisi. “Hey, are you Alice?” The young woman turned her head to face the two of them, and nodded. “I’m Amanda, and this is Sonny. We’d like to ask you a few questions, if that’s okay with you.” “No.” She shook her head. “No, it’s not okay.” Amanda frowned, but looked sympathetic. “Honey, I know this isn’t easy –” Alice shook her head again. “No, you don’t. Get out. Both of you, get the hell out of here.”

           “That went well,” Amanda said. Sonny huffed. “Yeah, well…. Hopefully she’ll come around at some point.” Amanda nodded. “She better.”

           The two of them went to Barba’s office and met up with Fin and Olivia there. “Do we have any leads,” Barba asked the partners as they walked in. “No, and our vic isn’t talking, either,” Amanda said. “What do we know about the men in her life,” she asked. “She’s got a husband,” Fin replied. “Low-life, but never accused of any kind of abuse.” “Dig,” Barba said. “If it’s there, someone will know about it.”

           “Hey, baby.” You stood on your toes and kissed your husband’s cheek. “How was your first day back at work?” He shrugged. “Stressful. We’ve got this girl who got beat up pretty badly and assaulted, but she won’t admit to who did it. We think her husband, so we’re going through his history now to find anyone else he may have done this to. How was your day? How was Y/d/n?” You smiled. “She was good. She slept a lot. Ate every couple of hours.” Sonny nodded. “You were able to get around okay? You weren’t in too much pain?” You nodded. “I was okay, baby. Sit down, I’ll throw some of that lasagna you made last week in the microwave.”

           At the opening of the business day, the squad was sitting in Barba’s office. “So, who can we contact that has been in association with this man?” Rollins pulled out a sheet of paper. “Well, there’s not much to go on. He started dating this woman – Alice – in high school. Had one girlfriend before her. Apparently they were pretty serious. They talked about getting married, but her parents thought they were too serious for high schoolers so they broke up instead.” “What’s her name?” “Uh….” Amanda looked at the sheet again. “What’s wrong,” Carisi asked, looking over her shoulder.

           “You’re home early,” you said, giving your husband a peck on the cheek. “Look at you, out for a week, home on time yesterday, home for lunch today…. You are home for lunch, right?” Sonny was being quiet, and avoiding looking at your face. “Sonny?” “Is the baby asleep?” “Um…yeah, but she should be waking up soon to be fed.” He nodded. “We have somewhere we need to go.”

           Sonny, Y/n, and Y/d/n ended up at Barba’s office. “What’s – what’s wrong? Sonny, have you been getting threats?” Everyone’s eyes were on you, except for your husband’s. “Sonny….” You didn’t want to fight in front of his co-workers, but could he not at least look at you? “No, Sonny hasn’t been getting threats,” Olivia said. “Actually, we wanted to talk to you. Your name came up in an investigation.” “Mine? But….” Barba opened a case file, even though he’d memorized the names in it. “Alice Williamson has been sexually assaulted and beaten. We’re thinking it’s her husband, Matthew Williamson.” He looked up from his file. “Does that name mean anything to you?” You stood there, frozen; your mind still repeating only the words Sonny knows, Sonny knows, Sonny knows. When you were silent, Sonny spoke for the first time. “Do you know him?” “Yes,” you whispered. He turned to look at you. “Did he ever hurt you?” You pulled the baby closer to you, and she started to quietly whimper. Sonny instinctively held his arms out for her, and you handed her over. “Yes.” You were so quiet that no one could hear you. “I’m sorry?” You nodded. “Matthew. I know him. He – he dated me in high school for, like, a year and he – he –” “He raped you.” Sonny was looking straight at you. “Yes.”

           You didn’t remember how you ended up in the bathroom. You heard the door open and turned to see who it was. “Olivia. I’m fine.” “You’re crying.” You shook your head. “He – he must be so mad.” The door opened again, and you heard a familiar voice. “Everyone decent?” Panic momentarily flared up in you again, but you nodded, and Olivia called out to Carisi that yes, everyone was decent.

           You heard the door shut, and saw that you and Carisi were alone in the restroom. “Sonny…I, um –” But you didn’t know how to finish the sentence, so you simply let your voice trail off. “You what?” And you still didn’t know how to answer. “I just…I didn’t want you to know.” That much was true. “Why not?” You just shook your head, wiping at your eyes. You still thought about him and it sometimes, but not as often as you used to…but you found that every time it crossed your mind, it felt immediate. Scary. Dark. And so you kept busy. You moved as far away from your old hometown as you could, all the way to New York City. You settled down with a good man, had a baby. You worked a good job, and did some housewife tasks, too. You stayed as far away from thinking about it as you possibly could. You never told your husband, you didn’t see the point. You were fine. At least, that’s what you told yourself. You opened your mouth to try to explain yourself to him, but all that came out was a small sob. The anger in Sonny’s eyes completely disappeared, and he held out his arms for you. You took a tentative step towards him, but shut your eyes when he put his hand on your forearm. “I’m sorry,” you managed. He pulled his hand back. “It’s okay,” he said softly. “Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay. Let’s sit down, okay?” You sat on the floor, and Sonny crouched down, a few feet from you. “Hey, it’s okay.” You shook your head, keeping your eyes on your husband’s hand. “You don’t want to get…him on you,” you said, in a shaky voice. Sonny frowned. “I won’t, doll. You can come here. You don’t have to, though. You can stay right there if you want.” You looked at him, and let him hold you. “Sonny, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” you sobbed into his shirt. “Doll,” he murmured, stroking your hair. “It’s okay. It’s okay. You’re okay. I’m right here, and I’m not goin’ anywhere, okay, doll?”

           It took you a few minutes, but you calmed down. You gently pulled back from your husband, wiping dried tears and streaks of mascara off of your cheeks. You stood up, facing a mirror, trying to clean the rest of the streaked makeup off of your cheeks. Sonny stood up, and wetted a paper towel. “Here ya go.” You took it, wiping the mascara from your cheeks and taking a dry paper towel to dry your cheeks off. “Thanks, Sonny.”

           You turned and faced your husband. “I’m sorry.” Sonny looked at you. He nodded. “I know.” “I, um…I didn’t tell you ‘cause I, uh…I just wanted to avoid it.” Sonny looked sympathetic – you figured that he must have heard this story a hundred times before. “We can talk about it later, if you want.” “No.” You shook your head. “I wanna talk now.” “You sure, doll?” “I’m sure!” You took a deep breath. “I’m sure.” There was a brief pause. “What do you want to know?”

           Sonny paused. “Sonny.” He bit his lip and looked away. “Sonny,” you repeated, a little more insistently. “Do you not trust me, doll?” You laughed, but in a watery way. “Of course I trust you.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I wanted to avoid it.” “Did you ever think about it?” You looked away, sniffling a little. “Some.” Your voice cracked. He nodded. “Why didn’t you come to me?” You shrugged. “I just…I mean…you hear this story at least twice a day. You told me, the first time you told me you loved me, that I was light. I wanted to be something you wanted to come to, not…not just more work.” He looked at you. “You’re not work.” You laughed again, blinking. “Am I not?” “No.” He was quiet, just looking at you, and you just looked back. “You’re not goin’ anywhere?” “No.” You nodded. “Thank you,” you whispered. “Hey, look at me, doll. I told you for better or for worse, and I meant that. I’m here. No matter what. I’m not sayin’ we’re done talking about this, but we don’t have to talk about it all right now, okay?”

           A few minutes later, still sniffling slightly, Sonny led you back to Barba’s office. He stopped right outside the door. “You sure about this, doll?” You nodded, and squeezed his hand. You walked in with your husband. “You okay?” Rollins sounded sympathetic, and you felt everyone’s eyes on you: Amanda, Olivia, Fin, and Barba. It felt overwhelming, but Sonny gently put his hand on your back. You took a deep breath, and looked at the lawyer. “What do you need to know, Mr. Barba?”



The next morning Roy rises before Sonia and makes his way to the guesthouse where Georgina is sleeping. He stumbles a few times and his eyes feel sore and grainy- he had a fitful night because he’s become used to sleeping on his own, and he kept waking up every time Sonia mumbled or stirred. There was not even any suggestion of intimacy to compensate; Sonia had her shower and climbed into bed afterwards with her robe wrapped around her as tightly as a bandage, and fell asleep with her back to him. He wonders for the twentieth time since he rolled out of bed if he is doing the right thing. He’s going to regret it for sure.

It feels already like it is going to be a warm day, the sky filling with a watery golden light, and the horses in the paddock flicking lazily at the flies buzzing around their heads. The guesthouse door is unlocked. Roy pushes it open to find Georgina already awake and eating breakfast.

Georgina: Oh, don’t bother to knock, will you? 

He grunts a greeting and finds a plate and shovels bacon onto it.

Georgina: Oh, and please, do help yourself, brother dear.

Roy sits down and starts chewing loudly, ignoring Georgina’s clucks of distaste.

Roy: Have you heard from Pat?
Georgina: I’m surprised you care.
Roy: I don’t. I was just making conversation. I need a favour.
Georgina: I should have known this wasn’t just a social visit. What is it?
Roy: I need you to keep Sonia busy for a little while this afternoon. Take her shopping or something. Take her to the cafe we went to yesterday for lunch. I only need half an hour or so.
Georgina: What dirty scheme are you hatching now, Roy?
Roy: What are you talking about? I’m a goddamn choirboy.
Georgina: I’ll only do it if you tell me what you’re up to. And if you help me with the washing up. 
Roy: What about I tell Patrick what you’ve been up to? I will never forget the feel of his smooth mahogany skin, his soft, sweet kisses…

Georgina’s eyes narrow.

Georgina: This is getting very old and boring, you know. You have no proof I’ve ever done anything. And what sort of a sicko memorises his teenage sister’s diary, anyway? You’re perverted. You’re not normal.
Roy: So you’ll keep Sonia busy for me, then? Oh, and I’m drying. You can wash. I don’t want to make my hands all rough. 

Georgina scowls and gets up from the table and carries the breakfast dishes over to the small sink. She speaks above the noise of the water gushing from the tap.

Georgina: I’ll only do it because I appreciate you helping Mother. No other reason.
Roy: Thanks, Georgie. You’re a legend. We’ll work out the details a bit later.

He gives her a thumbs up then waltzes towards the door, loudly whistling. 

Georgina: Hey! What about the drying up? Come back! HEY!! NOT FAIR! ROY!!

zeldawrecks  asked:

Love your writing!! Can you do one where jughead doesn't want betty to know that he likes her, so he's kinda mean to her but he doesn't know that she likes him back? Thank you!!

I can do that! I feel bad making Jughead mean lol but I can see him definitely being defensive over his feelings! Here we go ~

Two Broken People

Betty Cooper couldn’t help herself - she just kept staring at him. 

She slowly brought her soda to her lips, sucking it through the straw. She didn’t break her stare. That damn piece of hair sticking out of his hat was driving her crazy.

It reminded her so much of Elvis’ curl, always in his face.

He was writing furiously in his notebook, his earbuds blaring music loudly.

Betty was sitting out on the quad by herself at a picnic table, staring at Jughead and eating her lunch. She pulled a carrot out of the bag in front and started chewing.

Jughead was sitting at the table across from hers, writing and listening to music, but not eating. Very uncharacteristic for him.

The wind picked up, blowing Jughead’s curl out in front of him. 

His eyes locked with hers, catching her staring. 

“What?” He said suddenly, glaring at her.

Shit, Betty thought, looking down.

She brought another carrot to her mouth, looking up. Jughead was gathering his things to leave.

Jughead rushed into the science classroom late. There was only one seat left - next to Betty Cooper.

He shook his head and walked over to the seat.

“Thanks for making time for us, Mr. Jones.” The teacher called.

Jughead didn’t say anything.

“As I was saying,” The teacher continued. “You’re going to be partnering up with the person sitting next to you for this lab. You may get started.”

Jughead groaned and looked at Betty. Why her?

He looked into her eyes - the perfect color of blue, he thought - then looked quickly to the beakers set in front of them.

“Maybe we could just work amongst ourselves for this one?” Jughead murmured.

Betty looked hurt. “She told us we’re in partners, Jughead, so I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but it’s what we have to do.”

Jughead sighed, then did as Betty instructed him. How was he supposed to concentrate when she smelled so damn good?

She brushed a stray hair out of her face, then added two beakers contents together.

Jughead wrote something down quickly. When he looked up, Betty was staring into his eyes.

God, she was perfect. 

“What?” He snapped.

“It’s your turn,” She snapped back. Jesus, what was up with him?

The bell rang and Jughead gathered his things quickly, his head down as he walked out of the room.

Betty rushed to gather her books and went out the door after him.

Science was their last class of the day, but Jughead didn’t stop at his locker. Betty followed him out the door.

“Wait up, Jughead!” Betty called after him.

She dodged students walking the other way, needing to catch up with him. “Hey!” She called again.

Jughead turned once he was out the doors. “What do you want?!” He demanded.

Betty’s eyebrows furrowed and she took a deep breath. “Why are you being so rude?”


Most of the students were on the other side of campus. The wind picked up, blowing Jughead’s stray curl again.

“Why do you keep looking at me like I’m the most annoying person on earth? Today at lunch, yesterday morning, last week. You keep giving me death stares and I want to know why, Jug. We used to be friends.” 

“Yeah, I used to be friends with lots of people, Betty. Look around - everyone’s gone.” Jughead mumbled. “I didn’t mean to be rude, but it’s better if you just leave me alone.” He said.

“You don’t have to be alone, Jughead. We didn’t abandon you.” Betty took a step closer to him.

“I’m used to it, Bets. It’s fine. I gotta go,” Jughead sighed.

“Wait.”  Betty took a step closer to him, her hand out. She brushed Jughead’s pieces of hair back off his face. 

Jughead’s eyes were closed.

“Jughead I’m sorry that you feel like you’re alone.” Betty murmured. “You’re not alone, I promise you.”

Jughead shook his head, not wanting to look into Betty’s eyes. “I can’t do this, Bets, I can’t… I can’t -”

“What, Jughead?” Betty said, taking another step closer. “Talk to me, please.”

Jughead opened his eyes and looked at Betty. God, that smell. It was flooding his nose, intoxicating him. 

He took a step forward and before he could overthink it, enveloped her lips with his.

Betty sighed and sank into the kiss, her hand playing with his hair underneath his beanie.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long” Betty murmured as they broke apart.

“Really?” Jughead said in surprise.

Betty nodded. “Stop pushing people away, Jugs. Amazing things happen when you let people in.”

“Sometimes people break you if you let them in.”

“Sometimes two broken people can make each other whole.” Betty shrugged.