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Next up on the ever-growing list of fics I want to write: As the sun sets on Imperial Russia, freelance journalist Alfred F. Jones seeks to interview the growing diaspora of Russian emigres in Paris. There, he meets Ivan Braginsky, who shows him the full spectrum of revelry and mourning, persisting and succumbing. Both far from all they knew, one knows he has a home to return to whenever he chooses, while the other is sure he can never go back.


This is where Steve finally realizes what Tony means to him, and what he means to Tony. He goes to find him, they confess their feelings, kiss, and live happily ever after. 

But seriously, that’s what it looks like is gonna happen by the look on Steve’s face.

Painful party

America: “Haha, May the fourth be with you! Star Wars day yo!”
Netherlands: “Shut up, will you?”
America: “Ayyy, though you underestimate my need for Star Wars, lmao!”
Netherlands: “I’m trying to have a moment, okay?!”

Is it weird that I’m craving to see the local town you lot go to for shopping, or the park that’s you go to for long peacefully walks, or the little corner shop that you get your immediate necessities from, or that street you pass by everyday that is dominated with trees and flowers…

Seeing pictures like that make me feel like I’ve been to that place even though I physically haven't😭
Idk how to explain it; I just love seeing parts of the world that I’ll most likely never have the chance to see …

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Sam being back as Falcon and his new suit? Also, at least he got a solo

okay, true, they did give him a solo - but he had a solo when he was previously captain goddamn america you can’t just step down from that to appearing in just avengers, there’d be riots, especially since casual people know who he is and like him so he’d get more respect, so I’m not really gonna give them credit for it tbh and also my hype for the solo really depends on the creative team (dear god not spencer)

right now marvel is all about the optics when it comes to diversity (as opposed to actually treating these characters with respect - unfriendly reminder that rhodey is still dead and no-one seems to care) and holy shit can you imagine how bad that would look to take sam from cap to a supporting avenger without a book immediately after secret empire?

and I’m ambivalent about the costume mainly
because I hope those wings are just drawn badly because the segments seem too far apart - but that’s an aesthetic thing and I do like the colour scheme of red and black

but I don’t really see why sam has to be falcon again like steve’s not gonna be cap after secret empire so why does sam have to give it up? surely he’d want to rehabilitate the name and give it a positive association again? or if steve really gets to be captain america (and isn’t killed or anything) despite everything with hydra that’s just appalling - like take it from the heroic black guy and give it back to a guy people call a nazi?
can’t steve just be nomad for a few years?

anyway I am basically angry about this development, anon, although I do like for the most part the new costume and at least he isn’t being totally kicked to the kerb - I recognise it’ll have valid in-story reasons and sam can’t really help people if they refuse him because the cap name is toxic so he needs his old one, but it still feels a bit like a demotion - like all those people in-universe and out were kind of validated?