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Seriously? (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

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Pairing: Alexander Hamilton X Reader

Requested?: By Anon

Prompt: “You had a crush on me! Haha!” “We’re married.”

Words: 800+

Warnings: Sassy Reader and Fluff!




You were nudged and softly shaken from your dreaming, being brought back to reality. You blinked and rubbed away the sleep from your eyes, shifting so you were facing your husband, his hands holding you by the waist. You tried to sit up but Alexander applied pressure to your hips, making you lay back down. You looked in his direction with a confused frown. It was really dark in the room but the moonlight seeped through the curtains, tracing the outline of your husband. His hair was tousled and his facial hair was growing out into a beard. There was a gleam in his tired brown eyes. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, only the flannel pants he fell asleep in. He must have taken it off earlier after you fell asleep.

“Alex?” You murmured, your voice hoarse and gravelly from being awoken a minute ago. “What’s wrong?”

Alexander smiled apologetically. “I can’t sleep. My mind won’t shut down and my insomnia is kicking in.” His voice was husky and deep, making your heart race. You always loved how his voice can go from being upbeat and loud to deep and quiet in a matter of moments. He likes to use this to his advantage.

“It’s the middle of the night, Alexander.” You whined. “We went to bed at ten. You have been laying here for three hours?”

“I also read a few chapters from the book I’m reading,” Alexander said in his defense. “That usually knocks me out immediately. I don’t know what else to do.”

You thought long and hard once the sleep cleared from your mind. You then got an idea. “You used to fall asleep with me just talking to you. Something about my voice being soothing and calming to you. How about I talk and you try to relax?”

Alexander nodded, shifting so you could both lay down. He rested his head on your chest as you ran your fingers through his hair. You started to talk about your week; how you had to play teacher aide for three hours, how you spent your lunch hour updating your blog on Tumblr, and how you had to walk home because you didn’t want to spend a half hour on a subway. You talked about the weird and long phone call you had with your mom yesterday. You talked about how you and the Schuyler sisters went to help out at that animal shelter a few blocks away. You just talked about simple things, yawning here and there and playing with Alexander’s hair as you did so.

You stopped when you heard Alexander chuckle. You didn’t realize it, but you started talking about memories. Mainly, memories of your and Alexander’s relationship. You were subconsciously talking about how you met, how you thought he looked like a drug addict since his hair was always messy and the dark circles under his eyes were always a blackish-purple. You talked about how you thought he was still cute and how your friends and his friends tried to help you ask him out. You then ended up subconsciously confessing how you thought of him all the time and even dreamt of him a few times.  

“What’s so funny?” You asked in an annoyed tone, flicking your husband on the forehead.

“You had a crush on me! That’s too cute!” His chuckling turned into laughter and you couldn’t help but laugh along with him. 

“We’re married, Alexander.” You said as your laughter died down. “I’m able to confess this stuff knowing I won the prize and no other woman can have you.”

Alexander smirk as he rolled on his stomach to face you. His arms held him up so he was hovering over you so you could see the playful smirk on his face.

“Possessive are we, Mrs. Hamilton?” He purred huskily as he lowered himself closer to you. Before he could kiss you, you placed a finger on his lips, pushing him back. 

“Alex, we both have stuff to do later today.” You turned and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table. “It’s three am and I won’t have time to get you out of bed once the day starts. So please try to sleep? For me?”

Alexander sighed in defeat before laying down next to you, pulling you into him, his face being tucked into your neck. “You’re lucky I love you.” He murmured like a pouting child. You laughed, kissing his hair before closing your eyes.

“Sweet dreams, Alexander. I love you.”

“And I love you, my dear (Y/N).”

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  • parents when you were kids: don't click on things that look suspicious. Don't mess with settings you don't understand! Anything could be virus! WHYYYY did you click on that??!!
  • kids trying to fix their parents pc's later in life: don't click on things that look suspicious. Don't mess with settings you don't understand! Anything could be virus! WHYYYY did you click on that??!!
take this burden - part 11

[ wastelands - amber run ]

‘I know you’ll fall in love again.’


He Tian was lying on his back, staring up at the ceiling, trying to put a finger on what it was he was feeling.

He checked his phone.

Two hours before work.

Under normal circumstances, he’d be down the hall with whoever was off work.

He didn’t want to be alone at the moment, and the only thing stopping him from seeking the company of his friends was an idea that he’d put in his own head.

How fucking stupid.

He opened his conversation with Jian Yi five times, considering texting him to ask if he was welcome.

Also stupid.

After this long, he knew there was no point that he was unwelcome.

Even when they got busy, he simply put his headphones in and retreated to the guest…into Mo Guan Shan’s room until they were done.

Still, he hesitated.

Every part of this, from two days ago until this very moment, decisions he’d made.

Fuck this.

He gathered his things for work.

Let himself out.

Locked the door.

And made his way down the hall.

When he opened the door, he was met with two familiar smiles and a look of, what almost seemed like relief.

He was surprised to see Zhengxi.

‘What, not enough crime in the city today?’

Zhengxi laughed.

‘I guess not.’

He sat on the couch, a few feet from Mo Guan Shan.

‘What’s up jerks?’ He asked the room.

‘Jian Yi didn’t burn the building down.’ Mo Guan Shan informed him.

Zhengxi smiled.

‘Always an accomplishment.’

‘Oh, god, did you let him cook?!’ He Tian demanded in sarcastic horror.

‘He didn’t leave me much of a choice, he won’t let me stand up.’

‘Why?’ Zhengxi asked, oblivious.

‘He has some broken ribs.’ Jian Yi told him.

‘Jesus, since yesterday? Are you in a fight club?’

‘Why is that the go-to question for the two of you?’

‘It’s his favorite movie.’ Jian Yi explained.

‘The book is better.’

‘Shut up, He Tian.’ The couple said in unison.

‘What’s your opinion on this?’ He Tian asked Mo Guan Shan.

‘They’re barely comparable. They’re so different-’

‘Right?!’ Jian Yi interrupted.

The four of them spent the next hour and a half comparing movies to their books.

‘I gotta split.’ He Tian told them.

‘Are you going to come back?’ Mo Guan Shan asked without thinking.

The other two went quiet.

‘Do you want me to?’

Without hesitation.



He Tian arrived at the club, following the manager around while she explained a bunch of useless things he didn’t pay attention to as he signed the papers she’d handed him.

They ended up in his office.

It had really become hers at this point.

‘Are you going to work the door?’

He considered that.

‘Isn’t the new guy doing that?’

‘Yeah, but I’m sure I can find something else for him.’

‘It’s all good. Let’s finish up here and I’ll just float around for awhile. I might be leaving early.’


‘Why don’t you take the night off?’ He offered.


‘Why don’t you go spend the evening with your boyfriend?’

‘Because we broke up six months ago.’


‘No, I’m lying.’ Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

‘Just take the night.’ He insisted.

‘And do what?’

‘I don’t know. Find a date. Go see a movie. Go home and get a real night’s sleep for once in your life.’

She looked at his quizzically.

‘Or just hang out here. Have some drinks, dance. The paperwork can wait until Monday.’

‘What the hell happened to you? You’re leaving before we close? You want me to take the night off? Did you hit your head or something?’

Her voice was only slightly joking.

He shrugged, sick of answering that question.

‘Go before I change my mind.’ He said sternly.

‘Are you serious?’


She watched him doubtfully.

‘If you say so. Call me when things fall apart.’

‘I will.’ He assured her. ‘Text me to let me know you get home safe.’

She shrugged, grabbing her purse.

‘Will do.’


He Tian finished up what paperwork he could before making rounds.

He worked behind the bar for a bit.

Checked in with security.

Talked to the new bouncer for a bit.

He ended up at the bar, watching the crowd, lost in thought, fighting the urge to leave until the second manager arrived.

He waited for her ‘home safe’ text and left at midnight, spending the shortest amount of time there he had since they’d opened.

Several employees met up when he did, wondering what the fuck was going on. 

He decided to walk home, ever grateful for his permanent parking spot and how close he lived.


He was shocked to find Mo Guan Shan sitting in the hall.

‘What on earth are you doing.’

‘They got a little handsy and I thought I’d leave before they started having sex on the couch.’

‘Yeah, they do that.’

A moment passed in silence.

‘Do you want to come over?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded, pushing himself to his feet.

He Tian wordlessly gestured towards the couch, as concerned about his ribs as Jian Yi was, but less tactful.

‘Beer?’ He asked, walking into the small kitchen.


He grabbed two bottles from the fridge and joined him in the living room.

‘I thought you were working late?’

‘I left early.’

‘I guess you can do that, as the owner.’

He Tian looked away.

‘Jian Yi told you?’

‘Yeah, was he not supposed to?’

‘No, it’s fine.’

‘Well, how was it?’

‘It was fine. Nothing special.’

Mo Guan Shan shifted uncomfortably in his seat, having used his only prepared conversation topic.

‘Well, how was your evening?’ He Tian inquired.

‘It was ok. I mostly just watched them get drunk and argue.’

He Tian chuckled.

‘Was it interesting, at least?’

‘It really was.’

More awkward silence.

‘I’m not really sure what to say now.’ He Tian admitted.

‘Neither am I.’

‘Is it always like this? Trying to get to know someone.’

‘Not really.’

‘Oh. Ok.’

Mo Guan Shan shook his head, searching for words.

‘I don’t mean it like that. I mean, most of the time, when I get to know someone it’s all fake and forced and the majority of the time it doesn’t end up meaning anything.’

‘I don’t know what to say to that either.’

‘I’m doing so badly here. What I’m trying to say is, I’m so used to meeting such fake people and making no attempt to really get to know them or making friends…’

‘So, you’re trying to get to know me?’

Mo Guan Shan gave him a small smile.

‘Yeah, I suppose I am.’

‘Alright then, let’s play a game.’

‘What’s the game?’ Mo Guan Shan asked apprehensively.

‘We’ll take turns answering questions. No boring questions. No lying.’

‘Is it a drinking game?’

He Tian suppressed a smile.

‘Do want it to be a drinking game?’

‘Yeah, kinda.’

He Tian thought for a minute, giving in to the smile.

‘Alright. Any time you want to lie, take a drink.’

‘What if I don’t want to answer the question?’

He Tian stood, walking away.

He came back with a bottle of liquor and two shot glasses.

‘If you don’t want to answer, take a shot.’

Mo Guan Shan laughed.

‘Thank god I don’t have to work in the morning. Let’s do it. You start.’ 

Mo Guan Shan felt a little bit guilty for already knowing the answers to the questions he’d normally ask, despite how boring they were.

He Tian gathered his thoughts.

(He Tian’s questions are odd numbers. Mo Guan Shan’s are even.)


‘How old are you?’



‘Where were you born?’

‘Vegas, baby.’


‘Where were YOU born?’



‘Have you ever considered moving somewhere else?’

‘I used to. Before I bought the club.’


‘Did you move here for your boyfriend?’

*Mo Guan Shan drinks*



‘Are you seeing anyone?’



‘Have you talked to your ex since the other night?’



‘How many people have you slept with?’

He Tian glanced at the bottle on the table with a sigh, weighing his options, settling with a drink of beer.


Mo Guan Shan tried not to look surprised.


‘How many people have YOU slept with?’


It was He Tian’s turn to force nonchalance.


‘Were they all men?’

‘All but five.’


‘Have you ever been with a woman?’



‘How the hell did you get to forty? I don’t even know forty people.’

‘They tell me I’m a bit of a slut.’

‘Who tells you that?’

‘Only one question per turn.’ He Tian reminded him.


‘How have you only gotten to three?’

‘I’m a serial monogamist, I suppose.’


‘When was the last time you had a boyfriend or girlfriend?’

‘Thirteen years ago.’

Mo Guan Shan was stunned but kept his mouth shut.


‘What has Jian Yi told you about me?’

Mo Guan Shan looked away, reaching for the bottle on the table and pouring himself a shot.


He laughed.

‘No, I just wanted to take a shot.’


‘Mostly that you’re a huge dick.’

‘I can’t argue with that.’


‘Why did you help me, He Tian? Please don’t say you don’t know.’

*He Tian takes a drink.*

‘I…heard you two arguing. The way he talked to you. You sounded so…scared.’

His voice was soft and sincere.

Mo Guan Shan nodded, sensing it would be best to move on, despite his intense curiosity.


‘Do you have any siblings?’

‘I have an older sister.’

He didn’t point out how boring that question was.


‘Do you get in a lot of fights?’

He didn’t know how to ask that in a way that didn’t sound childish.

‘Not so much anymore.’


‘What was your job? Most recently, I mean?’

‘I was a really bad bartender.’


‘Was owning a club your career goal?’

‘Not even close.’


‘What do you want to be?’

That question made him feel like a kid.

Like he should say astronaut or princess.

‘I wanted to be a scientist.’


‘Are you…happy?’

‘What, like. In general?


‘Not really, no.’


‘What do you want to do now?’

‘I have absolutely no idea.’

‘What about the-’

‘One question.’ Mo Guan Shan reminded him.


‘Why are you friends with those two?’ He realized how shitty that sounded.

‘I don’t mean-’

‘I know what you mean.’ He Tian told him, formulating his answer.

‘I met them when they moved here. They were remarkably confused and lost. I took pity on them.’

His smile told Mo Guan Shan he was joking.


‘Are you going to stay in Vegas? Now that you’re not with him?’

‘Honestly, I hated it here at first.’

‘That’s understandable. It’s not for everyone.’

There was an odd edge to He Tian’s tone that he couldn’t place.

He continued.

‘It’s starting to grow on me, though.’

‘Oh yeah?’

‘One question.’


‘Is it weird that I’ve moved in with your friends?’

‘You already asked me that.’

‘You could have lied then.’

He Tian nodded slowly, taking a drink.

‘A little bit.’


‘It this weird for you?’

‘Which part?’

‘All the parts.’


He Tian poured them each a shot, telling him that their honesty had compromised the integrity of the game.


Mo Guan Shan coughed as the tequila went down, forcing himself to voice his question.

‘Why wouldn’t you sleep on the bed last night?’

He Tian took a long drink, looking to the bottle on the table.

‘Because I don’t trust myself.’


‘Why did you ask me to stay?’

‘I don’t know.’

He knew that sounded like a lie.


‘Do you want a job?

Mo Guan Shan furrowed his brow.

‘Like…in general?’

‘At my club.’

He had several, very sound, arguments as to why that was a bad idea.

‘I’m a terrible bartender.’

‘I’m sure we can find a place for you.’


‘Is this a bad idea?’


History of Our Worlds-Thor Odinson x Reader (One Shot)

(A/N: I decided to try out my first one shot. I’m so used to writing long stories though, I’m not sure how this will turn out. Remember you can request anything you would like, just message me.)

Summary: (Y/N) loves her history, she finds it fascinating that almost everything throughout time had been recorded. However she also loves what people believed in such as gods, so when she meets one in real life she can’t help but fangirl a little.

Characters: Thor Odinson x Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: Just fluffyness

“Watching another documentary (Y/N)? What’s it about this time?” Wanda’s voice rang through the living room.

I paused the tv show, looking up at her from the sofa.“Just about Greek Mythology. And I don’t watch that many, do I?”

“Every time I walk in here you’re watching something to do with history.” she sat down next to me.

“I can’t help it. It’s just so interesting! How has humanity been able to record so much history down but yet there’s still so many mysteries out there?”

She chuckled before looking towards the tv. I resumed the programme as we sat in silence. The narrator continued to explain the many Greek gods that were worshipped and what they symbolised. I was surprised that Wanda stayed for so long, maybe she was actually interested. As the show neared the end, a fellow Avenger entered the room. In my peripheral vision I spotted Thor walk in.

“Lady Maximoff, Lady (Y/L/N), may I join you?” his deep voice boomed throughout the room.

“Of course you can.” I smiled as he settled into the single armchair.

Thor Odinson, the myth, the legend, the demi-god. He was a lovely man, despite his touch exterior he was so sweet and clueless about our world. He was always wanting to learn about Earth though it didn’t always go so well. One time I was trying to show him how the toaster worked; he got too confident and slammed the lever down, breaking it. We didn’t have toast for a week. For some reason Thor always came to me when wanting to learn more. Perhaps it was because I too was always studying Earth’s past. But why not go to someone like Tony about technology? I was like Steve when it came to those things, it was as if I was from the 1940s too.

I had refrained myself from bombarding him with questions about Asgard. Norse mythology was another fascination of mine. And the fact that he was proof that it was real made me more excited to investigate further. But I didn’t want him to think I was a weirdo, obsessing over him. We were good friends, I didn’t want to scare him away.

The fact that he was drop dead gorgeous too was not at all intimidating.

“These people, why did they worship such gods?” Thor suddenly asked.“There are just too many.”

“It’s just what people believed in. It helped them with their lives. If you think there’s too many Greek ones, the Romans had a god for cupboards called Penates.” I briefly explained.

“Really?” Wanda raised an eyebrow.

I nodded.

“How do you retain all of this information Lady (Y/L/N)? Your knowledge must be very expanded.”

How was I blushing over that sentence?

“I-I don’t know. It j-just stays there I guess.” I stuttered like a hopeless fool.

Wanda tried to suppress her giggles. I glared at her as the credits rolled up. She smiled sweetly at me before leaving the room. I sighed, stopping the programme and almost deleting the recording when Thor cried out.

“No! Please Lady (Y/L/N), do not remove the entertainment of the gods, I would very much like to watch it myself from the beginning.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Tis alright.”

It made my heart swell that he wanted to so desperately watch the programme. He was too much for me. How was it that I could spend so much time with him yet always become flustered at random times? Thor stood from his seat and instead next to me.

“Lady (Y/L/N), if it would not be too much trouble, may I ask you to teach me how to work this magic box? Brother Steven tried to show me yesterday but he too was not all knowing.”

My eyes furrowed together as he spoke.

He pointed to the tv.“What do you midgardians call it? A….a television?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Oh, um, I’m not too good with tehnology myself but I’ll try to explain it.”

We spent the next half hour exploring the tv and how it worked. Although it was tedious for me (seeing as I clearly knew how to use one) I watched Thor intensely as he struggled to control the remote with his huge hands. He was so handsome. How had he not gotten married yet? Did they have old fashioned weddings on Asgard where it was arranged? Did he have someone special already? I bet their celebrations are beautiful.

“Thor?” his name escaped my lips before I could stop myself.

His blue eyes looked into mine.“Yes Lady (Y/L/N)?”

“Could you maybe…it doesn’t matter, I don’t want to bother you.”

“Please tell me.” He set down the remote as his full attention turned to me.

I started to ramble as my nerves grew.“Um..I was just wondering if you could tell me about Asgard? You wouldn’t have to go into much detail if you didn’t want to. I’ve read books and watched shows about it, but I’m sure it would be better coming from someone who lives there. It just sounds like a wonderful place.”

He sighed.“And it is. But alas, I cannot tell you about it.”

My face fell into a sad frown.“Oh, sorry I asked. Here I’ll show you how to record a show-”

His hand grabbed mine.“I cannot tell you about my home now, it must be over dinner.”


“Yes, that is the condition.” His cheeky grin appeared.

I giggled, not believing that he was asking me out. It was so smooth as well. As my mind tried to process it, I could see Thor waiting for an answer.

“Then how could I say no?”

(A/N: So how was it? Thought I would start with a Marvel one, it’s one of my favourite things to write about. Let me know if you want more and remember you can request something.)

In the Mud in France - Arthur Shelby

Request: Peaky Blinders: I have an idea for a Peaky Blinders imagine. During the war, you were a nurse that had a close bond with Arthur, to the point to were he would fake some sort of illness or something like that just so he could see you and during some attack or something like that you got hurt and die in his arms, prompting the reason why he did everything like fighting and drinking and such. From: anonymous.

In the Mud in France - Arthur Shelby

-21 August 1914- 

There was always a tent set up. A small white tent that consisted of one surgeon, two nurses, and as many supplies as they could move through France with them. They were in Alsace, all the frontier. Far away from the front lines of battle. The surgeon worked as quickly as he could, sewing up men that could be saved as more came through the curtains of the tent. 

Keep reading

I had planned on simming yesterday. During the day I worked on a mural for 8 hours. I had never spent that much continuous time painting (we took a half hour lunch break). That’s hard work! I got home and read Vol 1 of Patsy Walker Hellcat then laid in bed in the quiet for like 2 hours before falling asleep. I forgot how draining things like that can be. It’s amazing to do the work but afterwards I had like no emotional or creative energy left.


Had a productive evening yesterday! Got 2 letters written, one for @sociallyawkward-jac and one for an iggle friend. The last one is a letter that got returned because I misspelt the addy. Stupid b’s looking like 6’s *grumble*

So I’ve only got one left in my outgoing list that I have to do! Almost caught up!

Also made up 2 cards so mum could send one to my uncle. Made them both in like, half an hour so I think they’re pretty good for the amount of time I spent. Lol.

Curls (Hamilton x Reader) (sequel to Sportsball Yay)

Prompt: None I just had an idea cause I curled my hair yesterday and yeah.

Summary: It’s your second date with Alexander.

Warnings: None I think message me if there’s anything that needs to be right here and I’ll put it.

You were always late, you could never get to anywhere on time. Class, practice (which made for a lot of running), dates with really cute guys.
Except the first one, the day after Alex had gone to see your game. He’d walked you to your coffee shop and you’d spent an hour there with him. Which made you three minutes late to practice and half a stadium to do.

You’d finally had a day off from practice and didn’t have any classes. It was wonderful you spent the day sleeping, and catching up on work. Then about two o'clock you got ready to go to dinner and movies with Alexander. You couldn’t help, but smile remembering your first dates in high school taking you to the movies. John had taken you to the movies, you’d mostly seen scary ones because he’d wanted to. Alex had let you choose though, hadn’t stopped bugging you about. It was a cute bugging though. Everything he did was cute.
You’d gotten caught up in singing while doing your hair. It took longer then intended and you ended up ten minutes late to the diner you and Alex had decided to meet at.
“I thought you weren’t coming for a minute.” He said and then seemed to become very distracted. He looked really good, in a messy sort of way. His pony tail was starting to slip, his t shirt was rumpled and he had ok ripped jeans. You could tell he’d been forced away from writing because his hands were fidgeting at his sides.
“What?” You asked.
“Curls?” He asked back. He acted like he’d never seen them before. Surely he had, living with John Laurens.
“What do you mean?” You asked as you walked into the dinner and sat in a booth.
“Your hair wasn’t curly the other day, but it is now.” He said and he looked so confused, and fascinated.
“A curling wand works wonders on my volume less, bland hair.” You said as a waitress came to take your order.
“I think your hair looks great all the time.” He said and looked down at the menu. You smiled at him and put you elbows on the table resting your chin on your hands.
“Even when it’s sweaty and just been unbraided?”
“Especially then.”
His response made you laugh. Dinner went well and so had the movie. On the walk home Alex couldn’t stop touching your hair. It was cute and you knew how nice it was to run your hands through it and feels the curls around your fingers.
“I have to know how to do this,” He stated matter of factly. You laughed and looked at him. Of course he’d want to, he never ceased to surprise you.
“Really?” He nodded his head and you shook yours.
“Come by Sunday afternoon and I’ll show you.” You told him as you stepped onto the steps leading into your dorm building.
“I’ll be there.” He said and you gave him one last smile and kissed his cheek. He blushed and winked at him.
“I had a fun night Alexander.” You said and then walked into your dorm building.

“Oh my lord you scared me Keegie.” Lyra said as she walked in. You looked up from the bench you were seated on and rolled your eyes. That nickname had nothing to do with your name or anything you did they just started calling you that and it caught on so quick that the announcers called you that.
“Sorry, I just couldn’t stay asleep this morning. Could barely go to sleep.” You told her and finished tying your shoes and pulling your knee pads up.
“Two day old curls, can’t sleep, distracted look. You’re in love! Ahh! My little Keegie is all grown up.” Lyra said excitedly and jumped on your back.
“I’m not in love, but I do like him a lot.” You said and blushed.
“Ahah! I am so happy for you. I know it’s been tough since Jason.” She said and hugged you.
“Get off my girlfriend.” One of your other teammates said as they walked in.
“Um this is my girlfriend.” You said and laughed. It was an I’m going joke ever since a tournament freshmen year when a guy asked your whole team was in some freaky lesbian relationship. You’d all stated yes and proceeded to tell him it wasn’t any of his business anyways. Truly a highlight of freshmen year.
“Are we hugging I want one.” Another team mate said as she walked in.
Soon enough your whole team was huddled up and listening to you tell about Alexander.

One Day | Oh Sehun

Rating - Fluff

Word Count1.2k+

Summary - In which you attend your sister’s wedding with your boyfriend Sehun - along with his group members - and you begin to think about your future.

Originally posted by luderella


As I put the last flower in my beautiful unni’s hair, I gave her a smile through the mirror of the dressing table she was sat at. It was her wedding day and we were both beyond excited.

“I can’t believe you’re already getting married, I could’ve sworn it was yesterday when we were running around the house playing tag” I chuckled before feeling a tear roll down my cheek, and I instantly wiped it off. But it was too late, as she looked at me with watery eyes as well. “Hey! Don’t you dare start crying! I spent half an hour on your make-up” I scolded as she lightly laughed and attempted to fix the little damage she made.

“Finally found my Mr. Right…” She sighed as she admired a picture of her and he fiancé, which was stuck to the mirror. “Speaking of, when’s yours arriving?” She asked looking up at me as I blushed

“I’m not sure I texted him a few minutes ago, he said he’s going to arrive with the boys in about 20 minutes” I smiled, fixing my dress as she smirked “What?” I laughed as she shook her head

“I was rhetorically speaking, but you actually answered as if I was asking about Sehun” She giggled as I gave her a light shove. “You really like him don’t you?” She smiled and I lightly nodded. Oh Sehun was everything that I could ask for in a boyfriend; He’s caring and sweet, takes care of me but still gives me the freedom to live my own life, he’s my rock whenever the world is knocking me down and he’s simply just the perfect person to be around. He had gotten close to my family through the course of our dating life, that’s why he was mostly invited to all of my family events and vice-versa.

Sehun’s POV

I fixed my bow tie for the hundredth time looking in the mirror and checking whether my hair looked too messy, or too slicked back. I know that none of the attention is going to be towards me this afternoon, which I will enjoy quite a lot. Meaning, I’ll be able to spend more time with Y/N and share her happiness. Her family had also invited the rest of the boys, and by observing the annoyed expressions they were giving me, I’m pretty sure I was the one taking the longest amount of time to get ready.

“Your bow-tie is fine! Your hair is fine! Your suit is fine! Everything is fine. Seriously we’re gonna get late!” Junmyeon hyung, exclaimed before plopping down onto the couch along with Chanyeo

“It’s not like it’s your bloody wedding! It’s her sisters, you’re just Y/N’s date” Jongin added and I shot him a glare.

“Don’t worry, our maknae is definitely her family’s future son-in-law” Minseok continued, but Junmyeon hyung calmed them down before things got out of hand. Sure, Jongin had a point, but now that I’m practically family to them, I should look equally as presentable. I heard my phone go off, notifying me that I got a text, so I checked it.

Baby: You’d better be setting off; the groom’s side has already arrived

Me: Got it! See you there beautiful x

Baby: Bye handsome x

“Okay, Lets go!” I announced as I got my keys out and they all let out a relived sigh

“Okay so let me get this straight, when we tell you a million times, you don’t listen. But when you receive a text from Y/N, you’re out the door in 0.3 seconds. I see” Baekhyun laughed

“Don’t make me regret taking you guys along with me. When we’re there, all of you are mature and sophisticated. Nothing else” I instructed as we got into our cars.

“Our Maknae is becoming a big boy!” Yixing hyung exclaimed fanning his eyes as if he was about to cry of happiness.We drove to the venue which was a beautiful open field, with white garden furniture with a mix of baby-blue and lilac decorations. Y/N had worked her little socks off these past 3 months planning this wedding and everything looked perfect. I saw her perfect smile beaming at the guests who had arrived early as she showed them to their tables. I smiled to myself, staring at her with sheer admiration in my eyes, realizing once again, how lucky I was to have her.The boys soon cleared themselves out to their table, chatting with the other guests as I stood watching Y/N fixing some of the decorations, and I decided to finally greet her


As struggled fixing a little lily that had fallen off of the flower display, I felt someone creep up behind me and my heart began to race. I calmed down as I caught a whiff of Sehun’s familiar musky scent and he reached up from behind me and fixed the flower.

“Hey beautiful” He whispered in my ear as he placed his arms around my waist, placing his head in the crook of my neck and I let out a giggle

“Hello handsome” I greeted turning around in his grip so I could face him, linking my hands behind his neck.

“May I just say you look breathtakingly gorgeous today” He cheesily smiled as I looked down at our feet. He seemed more silent and tense than usual as I felt his arms flex at the sight of my parents

“Do they still manage to make you nervous?” I giggled placing my hand on his cheek and he lightly shook his head before letting out a nervous laugh “Then what is it?” I asked getting slightly worried as he was never like this when my family was around

“I don’t know… It’s just… It’s a big day for your sister, do you really want me and the other dimwits here?” He asked quietly as I shook my head as I turned to see the boys messing around on the table

“Sehun you’re one of the most important people in my life, so are those dimwits. Trust me I want you here as much as everyone else does” I reassured as I got up on my tip-toes and gave him a light peck on the lips.

 The program soon began as the traditional exchanging of vows and what not took place. That was heartless. I apologize. But as my sister slipped a ring onto her new husbands finger, Sehun came closer to me, wrapped his arms around my waist once again and placed his head on top of mine

“That’s going to be us one day yeobo” He teased and he kissed my cheek as felt them heat up. I lightly shoved him backwards, only earning a light laugh and I shook my head “I’m being serious jagiya, there’s no one else in the world, who I’d rather spend the rest of my life with” He cooed swaying us lightly at the beat of the soft tune, playing in the background. I turned around to face my beautiful boyfriend, just enjoying his presence in such an important event in my life and I placed my head on his chest

 “I love you Sehunnie…” I mumbled looking towards our intertwined fingers as we continued to slow dance along with my family as my sister was having her first dance

“I love you too Beautiful. More than anything” He whispered back before pulling me into a passionate kiss. Maybe that is going to be us one day…

A/N: Hope you guys loved reading this as much as I loved writing it! 

-Shazz xx


I forced myself to eat 800 cals yesterday because my sister (who’s just turned 10) told me that she thinks she’s fat (she’s not, she weighs 80lbs) and she wants to count calories. I spent a good half an hour talking with her and explaining that most skinny people are actually not very healthy and that she is beautiful and doesn’t need to lose any weight. I’m just so devastated, eating disorders really do run in the family.

So me and my girlfriend met Pvris properly yesterday at Leeds. A crowd surfer kicked me in the chest which set off my heart condition. I got dragged out of the show during My House, and carried to the side of the stage. After about 10 minutes, the stewards took me back stage to get me out of the way. One of the first things I saw was Lynn and Brian on a raised platform point at me and run over; they’d seen security dragging me out and wanted to know if I was OK. Brian, Lynn and Justin then spent half an hour sitting with me and my girlfriend whilst the medical team did their job, and they were just the loveliest people. When the medical team tried to get me transferred to the medical tent in a wheelchair, Lynn ran after me so she could hug me, and Brian and Justin followed.

I have never met such a lovely band in my life. They are so humble, so talented and they deserve every ounce of success they are getting. Massive, massive thank you to them.

And also, a massive thank you to the people that helped my girlfriend get me out of the crowd - I know it was a difficult job.


April 2017

Good news and bad news.

I spent most of yesterday force-feeding Archie 50mL of goat milk on the hour. For dinner, he had half a cup of food, and this morning he’s drinking by himself. I’ll give him a half-breakfast and see how he does.

However, it was contagious and Kobi’s started vomiting.

Also, it’s a Sunday so the vet is closed so I can’t do anything about it until tomorrow.

Hey everyone! So the last couple of weeks were completely insane at my office. I had energy to work my 10-12 hour day, drive my 2-3 hrs of commuting, toss in a half-hearted meal, and crawl into bed. Barely ate, no exercise. Ended up flaring like a mofo and spent yesterday in bed, miserable.

This morning my 6:30 alarm went off and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I got on Facebook. That’s where I saw this photo of the gorgeous and adorable and basically perfect Hunter McGrady. I then thought to myself, “Self! You’re never going to get close to looking like that if you don’t get your ass out of bed and workout.”

So I’m lacing up my running shoes, leashing up the dog, and hitting the pavement.

Until tonight!

If you abuse your server on Valentine's Day...

I am a full-time server and full-time college student. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Valentine’s day is the busiest day of the year. For service workers, it is the Battle of Normandy. D-Day. The holiday of holidays. Everyone goes out. And because of this, we all have to work a little bit harder. Because this is when we make our money.

The restaurant I work at is right next to a movie theater. 50 Shades of Grey came out yesterday. It’s not a particularly fancy place, and it’s largely dependent on the cinema crowd. I spent most of last night serving horny single women in their early-mid thirties going out with their girlfriends.

One of these groups of women ran me absolutely ragged. I am a hard worker, friendly and outgoing on the floor and extremely accomodating to my guests. I answered questions about cocktails, let them TASTE different cocktails, coursed out this table’s meal in a very odd way, and accommodated a number of unusual requests. This table stayed for two hours and weeded me for about half of that.

Everything, according to them, was great when all was said and done. I dropped their check and they left cash. $115 on a $109 bill. They tipped me roughly 6%. On a holiday, no less.

This morning I was nursing my V-day singles red wine hangover with a breakfast sandwich at a local cafe. The population of this city is only 50,000. You don’t know everyone’s business, but I see the same crowd the same places.

And guess who sat next to me with a business client this morning?

The nasty woman who ran me ragged last night and felt it right to practically stiff me on her large bill. I stared at her until she made eye contact with me.

“Do I know you?” she says, grinning.
“Yes. Last night you came to eat with your girlfriends at the restaurant I work at and left me a 5% tip. Do you remember doing that?”

Her smile faded, as did her clients’. He looked at me and then back at her and then back at me. I gave her a super salty sarcastic smile and an eyebrow raise, and went back to my school work.

Her potential client was not pleased. But that’s what you get for being a shitty tipper.

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having spent the best part of the last week and a half with the boyfriend of an evening, yesterday I binged the 6-8 hours of TV I needed to catch up on

so uh

prepare yourself for some belated prison break reacts, and possibly me giggling about 2024 Emo Barry Allen