100 messanges with the best @-ylove-bvbimagines

Oh my gosh! This is insane!😲 I cant belive it 😃 We talk so so much and i love you so so much. You know how to put smile on my face and show me why never give up on life💕💕 Ofcourse is little massanges from other followers but mostelly is from you girl! You rock💛 i freaking love you.
ur little princess*forever*

Encontré un rincón donde desahogarme, un lugar donde ni la almohada se entere de mis lagrimas ..... Donde me pierdo al grado de ya no recordar mi nombre, quien soy y lo que e echo mal... Justo ahí es donde encuentro más calma

soooooo you’re on the top bunked and I’m here wondering what exactly what you’re thinking or doing. you’re probably sleeping or what not. this kid doesn’t stop talking but he’s so talkative so this is really entertaining lolz. you’re such a quiet sleeper omg :( I’m scared to fall asleep and I start snoring lololoololol. you’re awesome and I love you. now off to bed I go! (lolz not really I’m gonna keep texting :p) 

the girl sleeping under the bunkbed <3 


Pinup: YeSSy Speedpaint

Speedpaint of the Pinup: YeSSy picture ;v;