Get It Together

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“Can you do one where the boys call you cause Michael can’t play right cause he misses you so much and you go surprise him on tour smut or fluff Idc”

Word count: 1264

The ear-splitting ring of my phone went off in the room during a meeting I had at work, my heart raced as I fumbled through my purse for my phone and looked at the caller ID, which read “Calum is an idiot”. Pressing the off button on my phone, I silenced my ringer and looked around at my co-workers and then my boss who had stopped in the middle of a presentation to look at me as I struggled with my phone. Smiling nervously, I nodded for her to carry on and I cleared my throat while shaking my thigh around, I habit I took on if I was extremely nervous, which I was. I was at a really important board meeting and I thought my boyfriend Michael would have told his idiot friend that I can’t be bothered during work hours.

A few seconds, my phone yet again went off and I glanced at my phone, this time Ashton was calling. Quickly I excused myself and answered the call outside of the meeting room.

“What do you need Ashton? I was in a very important meeting at work!” I whisper-yelled. 

I could here broken chords being played on the guitar in the background of Ashton’s end before he spoke, “We were trying to tell you we all pitched in to buy you a plane ticket to our next show as a surprise for Michael. He-he hasn’t been doing very well during rehearsals, he hasn’t heard from you in a while and he’s dying without you, (Y/N).”

It hadn’t clicked in my mind until Ashton had said it. I had been so consumed in this new job that I forgot to text, call or FaceTime my own boyfriend and I didn’t even realize how much it affected him. I groaned and rested my head against the wall as I responded. 

“My poor baby..” I sighed. “When does my plane leave?”

“Tomorrow afternoon. Just in time for our LA show. Hopefully when he sees you, he can get his shit together.” Another off chord was played by what I assumed was Michael, he was trying to strum his solo riff that he played during Disconnected and I cringed as he played all the notes but the right one. 

I stood up straight and nodded, “Okay Ash, I have to get back to my meeting, babes. I’ll see you and the boys later.”

He giggled on the other end and said his goodbyes before hanging up and I made my way back into the meeting.

My plane had just landed as it had been a little less than 24 hours since Ashton called me with Michael’s debacle. The boys had a limo sent to the airport and as soon as I was in, I was less than 30 minutes from seeing Michael, who, from what Ashton, Luke and Calum had been texting me about all morning, was nervous for the show later tonight. The limo dropped me off at the amphitheater, as their performance was vastly approaching so I grabbed my things and made my way inside. Luke was waiting for me near the entrance and he took my stuff from my hands. 

“Thank god,” He breathed. “I think the three of us are more anxious than Michael is and he doesn’t even know you’re here.”

I wrapped my arm around his waist and chuckled. “I missed you guys. But you know you can’t fly me out every time Michael is in his feelings.”

Luke smiled and kissed my forehead softly before leading me into their dressing room. I walked in and didn’t see Michael, who I assumed was in the bathroom for the time being so as soon as Calum and Ashton saw me, they scurried around making sure Michael didn’t come out just yet. I saw Calum walk into the bathroom located within their dressing room telling a fib to Michael that he had just ordered Michael’s favorite pizza and within a second Michael was out of the bathroom, buttoning up his skinny jeans and looked up while he tightened his belt. 

“Where’s the pi–” He stopped mid-sentence as his eyes laid on me and I smiled warmly. 

Michael didn’t say another word, he didn’t move, he did nothing. I was startled, I was hoping that he was okay with me showing up out of nowhere. My smile turned into a frown as Michael’s face turned red. I didn’t understand what was happening or why he was reacting this way until his lips parted slightly and I saw a tear slip from the corner of his eye and I realized that he was in tears when he saw me, hopefully tears of joy. A chorus of “aww’s” were heard from the boys as I slowly walked towards Michael and he looked away as he saw me drawing closer to him, almost embarrassed that I had seen him crying. 

“Baby boy,” I cooed to him as I reached him and looked up at his face. It was still red but glistening with tears across his cheeks. I slithered my arms around his waist, intertwining my fingers behind his back and smiled up at him, tears forming in my eyes to match his. Michael, in return, wrapped his arms around my shoulders, pulling my face to his chest. 

“I….I missed you, (Y/N). Fuck I missed you so much.” He pulled at the sleeves of his sweater to wipe his face.

I buried my face deeper in his chest, hopping Michael didn’t care that my wet eyes soaked his new sweater, I assumed was new because I hadn’t seen it before. “I almost thought you weren’t happy to see me.” I laughed at my ignorant thought.

He shook his head. “I just couldn’t believe you were here in front of me.”

“So are you done playing like shit now Mikey since you have your girlfriend here?” Ashton joked and Michael peeled himself away from me as he went to chase Ashton, who was screaming for help as Michael tackled him, punching him in the chest. 

Luke then mentioned that they needed to start soundcheck so I followed Michael and the rest of the boys after helping Ashton up from Michael’s wrath. They went on stage to make sure their mics were up and their guitars were working right. I stood off to the side of the stage where Michael usually occupied, keeping my eyes on him the whole time, praying to myself when he picked up his guitar that he would finally get his chords right. All the boys’ eyes were on Michael as they went through a quick run of 18 and Michael didn’t miss a chord, nodding to myself in satisfaction. After they went through their soundcheck, MIchael placed his guitar down and walked over to me. I told all of the boys they did an amazing job and I couldn’t wait to see them perform tonight. Michael wiggled his eyebrows as he made a circle with his thumb and index finger as he used the index finger of his other hand to move it through the circle and I laughed at his horrible attempt to tell me he wanted sex. I got his message, though, and waited for Luke, Calum and Ashton to walk by before I wrapped my arms around Michael’s neck and mumbled seductively in his ear, “If you can play as good as you just did for tonight’s show, you might have to show me what else you can do with those fingers besides strum a damn guitar.”

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I’m thinking I’ll make a part two of this because someone requested that I do some Michael smut let me know if you want it! :) thanks for reading xx

Twelve-year-old Jason, basically, trying to impress twelve-year-old Reyna on her first day of camp since she’s still traumatized by what happened at Circe’s Island. 

I imagine Reyna being reserved and Jason actually kinda being Aang-y and revealing he’s an orphan ‘cause he doesn’t know he has a mother or a sister and telling Reyna to give Camp Jupiter a chance because he’s grown up there all his life, blah blah blah. Also, Jason was one of those gawky kids that turned into a hunk. Maybe. 

It’s my turn to be happy. I’m going to stop at nothing to finally have that. I’ve been miserable for years and it’s just not going to happen anymore. I’m tired of sulking and self-loathing. Tired of letting people use the shit out of me and walk all over me like I’m their kitchen rug. Done. Time to find myself, time to love myself; &time to find a girl to share that love with.


o cedar 

o cedar 

where for art thou cedar

for you art like festus




only u don’t breathe fire

and you are not made of metal 





She Said DON’T COME IN ME!!! - Ray Jr ft. Erika Kanye  

No fucks given. I’m jamming. Sing guhl!!