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1) Have you ever drew NSFW? 2) How do you feel about stealing artworks? 3) If you were offered to draw a commission that you don't want (the customer asks for something unacceptable for you), would you agree? Sorry, if these questions offend you.

1. yeah

most of what i’ve shared with trusted people is dead to me though and i’ve never genuinely drawn anyone’s jennies

2. Don’t? this isn’t even a thing to have an opinion on don’t fucken do that

3. If it were, say, a character whos design I didn’t like or something like that and I didn’t really feel like drawing it, I would probably do it anyway if it wasn’t offensive. If the design or subject matter are, like you said, unacceptable then absolutely not

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Hey! Just wanted to share the knowledge. If you don't want twitter to jpg your images, put it in a transparent png. Even one transparent pixel in the corner will save the whole image! Enjoy no more jpeg artifacts~

oh!! that’s awesome, thank you!!

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It's like the garbage keeps pouring directly into your house lately and you ain't even have to do anything (by garbage I mean nasty people, just so this lil ole anon isn't misinterpreted)


at this point it’s more like the garbage was dumped a long time ago in a corner i couldn’t find and i Just Now tracked down the stink

@sarcoptid answered your question “ay i’m looking for true crime stuff to listen to! documentaries +…”

it’s more folklore-oriented, but the Lore podcast is my FAVORITE, the host tells all kinds of stories he’s researched on different topics, some more mundane, some allegedly supernatural, all really good!

OOH this is nice actually! I like the host’s reading, he’s not whispery or Wet Mouth.

I might look into more like it too, to fill that need where I can’t get crime stuff. thank you! *o*

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JESSU!!! i am shy and can't say this off anon, but your art has inspired me for years, and I love all the things you make.. I miss seeing your pics on my dash, but I get that life kinda gets in the way of stuff! But really, your art is unique and skilled and you've got such a good grasp on anatomy.. thank you for being COOL!!! I hope you have a wonderful morning/day/evening

;;____;; WEHHHhhh thank you

scrungojay replied to your post “hey dreamworks why are the designs for trollhunters so bad”

The original concept art looks good but then the 3D models are so generic and boring

honestly the concept art only puts personality back into them, they’re still… mm

like. they all look fine or great up until The Fat Kid ™ who looks so far removed from everything else/more like he’s in line with the monster designs, not the human ones, because the other humans are stick-thin and pristine with no stylization on them at all and i’m sick to death of this design trope

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Don't mean to be rude but I saw the pewdiepie thing IDK what you actually think of it though? I'm just kinda new to your blog

I’m not really sure where the confusion is?

He’s gross and bad and the post highlights him being gross and bad

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REALLY HUGE Headcanon!: Lonnie and Tony are relatives (based on their matching egg groups and types and italian names, plus they have same-ish eyebrows and eyes and even their nicknames sorta match, you probably planned this from the beginningasddfgs) and Lonnie absolutely HATES it whenever friends/family try to compare his lifestyle, personality, etc. to Tony's, even just mentioning their apparent relatedness can be an annoyance to him...


Lonnie’s branch of the family is likely a bit estranged; his parents separated when he was a kid, and he’s inherited his… problems with money and especially running away from said problems from the one who had custody of him + raised him. Since his parent was #problematic on their own I think things are likely strained between them and their sibling (one of Tony’s parents) and they end up detached from the family as a whole.

AND while I don’t think Lonnie would hold resentment towards Tony for not having a messed up life too, he’d definitely neglect to mention their relation because he wouldn’t want outsiders to make that comparison themselves, and be noticeably envious of how successful and Good his baby cousin is when it comes up. :’’) At least Lonnie’s life has mostly turned around! He’s got a job! He’s engaged! He didn’t get himself killed!

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Do you have any tips or tricks on how to do amazing poses? ;v;


I guess like, for some kind of static pose, make sure it conveys personality or emotion? Look up some references for body language, get into how you think your character would carry themselves, tinker around with your sketch- for example, what I did with Rozalind when I was making her! The sketch started out with something like this:

which definitely has personality to it, but I didn’t think it was enough, so I kept moving parts of it around to try and exaggerate and then I ended up with this:

And then with action poses, it’s about the same thing! stretch them out, exaggerate them, put as much of them into the motion as you can. What helps me there is giving them a path to follow. Like, this sketch:

or in more detail, this one:

And if you’re not sure how something would quite go or you need to double-check, emulate the poses and motions yourself. (I was doing a lot of that in this sketch to figure out what’d happen with the arms. It helps a lot!)

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My name is Ruchi, well actually Ruchira. Tell me everything about the character! I searched my name and found your blog and now I'm curious!!

oh my goodness that’s cute /)w(\ I HOPE HE DOESN’T DISAPPOINT

I typed up his backstory here, let’s see what else I can put out there…..

Ruchi’s a somewhat embittered person by now, he’s VERY stingy with his trust- he gives people enough in that he’ll talk with them and perhaps even become friends, but he’s seen people at their worst, because I mean…you can’t get much lower than assaulting a child over a lousy little wish! And not just that, he’s seen people he *knows* or who extended such kindness change in seconds flat the moment the right motive struck them.

So he firmly believes that everyone he meets is like this, or at the very least they have the *possibility* which makes him not want to take the risk. What makes them “worth it”, y'know? (There’s only one person as his ‘exception’ and even then, sometimes he can’t help but worry.) You could say he keeps everyone at a safe distance in his mind- he can have fun with them, he can like them, whatever, and they won’t even be able to tell, but the moment the time comes he is fully prepared to drop them and run for his own safety.

On a much less serious note, he likes to sleep and is prone to doing so quickly and just about anywhere. Sometimes they’ll check on his progress doing chores and find him asleep, standing up, using the mop he’s still holding as support. He also manages to get himself into bizarre, should-be-uncomfortable hiding spots for naps. uvu

IF THERE’S ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANNA KNOW you’re free to ask more! \o/

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*sits on lap* tell me about Ruchi *u*

u w u YES MA’AM I’ll just give you his backstory ehuehue

To be completely honest I have the details ready but I haven’t set it out in a way that’s easy to retell aaand i’m not proofreading this SO IT’LL PROBABLY BE WORDED A LIL FUNKY

Ruchi (has a cheesy name but it’s cute leave me alone) is a… weak Jirachi, I guess you could say? He’s not weak POWERwise, but WISHwise- he can’t grant huge things or create large events to a person like the Jirachis of fame can. Because his wishes are much smaller, they don’t come with the 3-off restriction or the long hibernation. (He’s not the only one like this of course, but they’re a challenge to find in the first place and their abilities are a well-kept secret from the public so everyone believes they ALL run by the hibernation rule because those are the ones who land themselves in history or whatever.)

Ruchi was just a kid when people started finding him, though; so one explorer eventually found out about his “limitless” wishes and spread the rumor. He tried to hide himself, but would be found before he got somewhere secure or just out of poor luck; so he started trying to say no. Which…didn’t go over well either. His pursuers got much more aggressive, ESPECIALLY when denied— this plus the fact some of these people were wishing for harmful things and Ruchi wasn’t able to tell until it had already been done finally drove him to fleeing from everything entirely and sleeping for a hundred years.

After he woke up again, he took on his disguise as a Bronzong and seeked out somewhere to fit in under a “normal” life. He eventually finds work at a dojo and after becoming a close friend of the Master there, he decides to stay. uvu

(If anyone found him out and asked him for a wish now, he’d absolutely refuse— and he’d fight if he has to, he’s not in a /training ground/ and not taking advantage of it.)

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I hope you're still doing that character song thing! If so, could you post a song that reminds you of Moreke?

OH sure! *u*

Have I ever posted my headcanon voice for him here? I can’t remember so let me use this opportunity

Moreke: Slipping - Dr. Horrible

A lot of the songs fit him REALLY WELL and so I actually started a songcomic with this back in the day 8)

(and there was one started on Tegaki to Everything You Ever)

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How do gyms/gym leaders work in your gijinkaworld?


Gym Leaders are gijinkas, as you’d guess, and they have a team of people who either fight alongside them or precede them, and like the idea Pokemon Origins introduced, Leaders will use a weaker team in accordance with who’s challenging them.

If you’re coming through as a newcomer and this is your first gym, they’ll have their weaker recruits to challenge you— In fact, some Leaders might not even challenge you themselves your first time around because they’re too far past your level! They’ll oversee all your fights and have a representative around your rank to make it fair.

Alternatively, if they’re the type to take on all challengers personally, if they can’t ACTUALLY battle you they’ll of course go lightly on you maybe with a specific challenge in mind or timer and if you complete that, you’ve won.

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bonus funfact: Mimic will usually only take his mask off after he’s transformed, but in battle he might use the stretch thing as shock factor to unnerve his opponents and get the upper hand, sometimes even doing it while turning into them/their partner (whoever he’s chosen to use the moves of).