Weekend! I have little to do! Except ‘sit with’ all the residual anxiety from the week! Because apparently ignoring it is not something that I’m supposed to do anymore! Fucking emotions! I Vulcan’t with you, you go to hell!


  • Bake cinnamon buns for boys and neighbours
  • Make the switch to winter bedding
  • Dig out the winter coats so we’re ready
  • Force boys to clean their rooms. Pay allowance.
  • Take boys to comic book store to spend their allowance
  •  Buy Narnia books from second-hand shop (HOW do I not own these??)
  • Go to pumpkin farm and let boys pick pumpkins. Try not to go broke.
  • Call BFF who is going nuts from overwork.
  • Make burritos and have family movie night (GHOSTBUSTERS, YESSSSSSSSSSSS).

anonymous asked:

yessssssssssss. everyone has so many scarves from jack. he likes to buy fancy yarns like baby alpaca (it's real and amazingly soft but it's expensive) bc he doesn't like itchy wools. chowder's first scarf is in the sharks color scheme.

I can not claim Jack Knitting it was introduced to me by an anon and it was in the context of Chowder/Jack. but i love this so much. really 

just Jack knitting and Chowder is laying on his chest (he was knitting but then just like was more in to laying on Jack) and probably there is a hockey game on and they are just, chilling togeather.