Remember in Harry Potter: The Prisoner Of Azkaban in the beginning when an entire choir made of different years and different houses was singing with oversized bullfrogs? Because that means that here is a fucking CHOIR GROUP at Hogwarts where people can gather and sing, and that older students help younger students learn to hit their pitches perfectly. Like, what if an older Slytherin was helping first years (especially the Hufflepuffs) because “I’m not doing this to be nice, I’m doing this so they don’t deafen the school with their flat C minor”.

anytime i talk about my future, i feel so much peace. i have no idea where i’m headed, i have no idea what specifically God is wanting, but i can hear Him in my spirit confirming that there is no need to worry, i’m going the right way. even if i have no idea what way that is yet.

it’s so freeing to follow what God wants. knowing that God has a purpose for me and i’m running towards it, even when i don’t know what ‘it’ is just yet, is the best feeling. i’m so excited for what He has in store.