Love is when you both have a cold but you want the other person to stay in bed and you’ll make the tea. Love is when you give her the last cookie. Love is when you hang up her towel even though you’ve told her a thousand times to hang it up herself. Love is when you record her thing instead of yours, even though she’s the one who won’t delete stuff off the DVR. Love is when you go to bed angry and annoyed but wake up reaching for her the next morning anyway. Love is the pauses and the breaths and the spaces between all the things you say. It’s when you laugh when she laughs, even if you didn’t hear the joke. It’s when you accept her apology, even though your feelings are still hurt. Love is what happens after you lose the game of hide-and-seek and she sticks around anyway. Santana says love is about finding someone who will put up with your crap. The camera asks Brittany’s face if it’s true and her face says it is, but also that love is when you’d rather put up with that person’s crap than live 100 crap-free years without them.
—  Heather Hogan, AutoStraddle Glee 603 Recap

anytime i talk about my future, i feel so much peace. i have no idea where i’m headed, i have no idea what specifically God is wanting, but i can hear Him in my spirit confirming that there is no need to worry, i’m going the right way. even if i have no idea what way that is yet.

it’s so freeing to follow what God wants. knowing that God has a purpose for me and i’m running towards it, even when i don’t know what ‘it’ is just yet, is the best feeling. i’m so excited for what He has in store.

Republican efforts to push abortion back to the top of the US political agenda fell short of the necessary votes to move forward in the Senate on Monday.

A bill to withhold federal funding from Planned Parenthood, which offers a range of women’s health services as well as abortions, thankfully was voted down.

CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY STARTED A FUND TO HELP WOMEN GET INTO STEM FIELDS. AND IT’S FOR PEOPLE WHO “identify as a woman” SO IT’S HELLA TRANS INCLUSIVE. JOSH DILLON (creator of CAH) IS AN AWESOME HUMAN BEING AND THIS EXCITES ME AND I AM SO BUYING THIS EXPANSION. I mean, I know it’s not everything, but it’s a public statement that’s directly in the capitalist limelight, and that’s great.