Male bisexual representation is slowly changing for the better on TV | GLAAD

“Another example of a three dimensional bisexual male character is Magnus Bane (Harry Shum, Jr.), the immortal High Warlock of Brooklyn on Freeform’s sci-fi drama Shadowhunters. Magnus is a few centuries old and throughout the series, he casually mentions past lovers, male and female, the way any character would refer to past relationships. These low-key affirmations make it clear that Magnus is bisexual without having that be his sole defining characteristic. Currently, his affections belong to the half-angel, half-human shadowhunter Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario). In the season finale, Alec sees Magnus’ being kissed by his ex, Camille (Kaitlyn Leeb). This could have easily prompted Alec to voice a series of doubts and insecurities that Magnus isn’t satisfied with being in a relationship with a man. However, Alec was not concerned with Magnus’ sexuality in this moment, he was more worried about the fact that both Magnus and Camille are immortal, and he is not. Besides simply being a much more valid concern, this storyline refreshingly subverted a trope so often seen in stories of bisexuality, where someone dating a bisexual person is solely concerned that they will leave them for a person of a different sex, thus reinforcing tired stereotypes of bisexual people being inherently incapable of monogamy. The avoidance of this overused story is significant not just for Shadowhunters, but because it defies so many real life assumptions people even within the LGBT community have about bisexuality.”

anytime i talk about my future, i feel so much peace. i have no idea where i’m headed, i have no idea what specifically God is wanting, but i can hear Him in my spirit confirming that there is no need to worry, i’m going the right way. even if i have no idea what way that is yet.

it’s so freeing to follow what God wants. knowing that God has a purpose for me and i’m running towards it, even when i don’t know what ‘it’ is just yet, is the best feeling. i’m so excited for what He has in store.

Republican efforts to push abortion back to the top of the US political agenda fell short of the necessary votes to move forward in the Senate on Monday.

A bill to withhold federal funding from Planned Parenthood, which offers a range of women’s health services as well as abortions, thankfully was voted down.