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AU where Yuuri and Yuko are ice dancers, and Viktor has a massive crush on Yuuri. He pines in secret tho bc he thinks the partners are a couple (his dramatic ass doesn't even notice when Yuko changes her name to Nishigori). When the triplets come to see the pair one competition Viktor thinks they're Yuuri's and almost cries. Imagine his confusion when that season Yuko begins trying her best to play wingman for Yuuri and get them together (she's finally had it with Yuuri's pining over the man)


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Phichit is TOTALLY that kind of friend who'll tell Yuuri during a phone call "I'm expecting my nephews soon, pls don't make me wait" while Yuuri goes "ohmygod Phichit, Victor just became my coach YESTERDAY, we're not getting married with kids or something". But three years later Victor & Yuuri does get settled down with adopted kids, so Phichit comes to visit his 'nephews' he goes "I WAITED THREE YEARS FOR YOU" while crying fake tears and Yuuri goes "ohmygod Phichit PLEASE," hahaha


Long time no see.

I don’t know if any of your readers, especially  new readers remember me? But I’m the girl from the party story time and also the movie story time, well the movie date being the last one I told you all about. I was catching up on my favorite blog, this blog and I was looking through the story time tag all this week, and I was happy to see someone asked about me (thank you sweety) and I would love to give you an update on everything, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year! since I told you all about my personal love life, you all are like sisters, so I don’t mind having girl talk and giving you all the hot tea (I use our fake names so it’s ok).

If you remember I called him ‘Sota’ well unfortunately he and I are no longer together, we dated for a good while, the BEST relationship I’ve ever had,  but don’t be sad ladies because honestly that was the best months of my life AND, AND, We are still friends. We still talk here and there, not as much as before, but we still vent about things and talk time to time. I do miss talking to him every day, But guess whose not going to cry? Me, ok I did, but what ever.

This is when the tea gets hot! I know my life is always full of tea, but girls let me catch you all up on what happened AFTER we broke up. Ok the reason why we broke up is because

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Voltron AU

Hey, this is the anon of the asks about sick Lance with his doggo. I couldn’t sleep and then I decided to type this out and it’s past 2am now and since I don’t have a sickfic blog I decided to submit it to you! I hope you like it, I’ve never written a sickfic for Voltron before so dont be too hard on me haha


Lance wakes up to the rays of sunshine peeking through a gap in the curtains. He winces as he opens his eyes - it feels like he’s been hit by a truck. He turns around and finds himself almost nose to nose with his dog Cherry. He smiles despite himself as she wags her tail. He should really take her for a walk, judging by the way the sun hits his window it’s a bit later than normal.

“Fuck.” He rasps as he sits up. The room starts to swirl in a sickening pace, and he needs to close his eyes to ensure he doesn’t fall over. His joints start to protest with the simple movement, and his throat feels like he swallowed sandpaper after uttering that one word his momma can’t hear.

Okay, so he might be coming down with something. It’s not an ideal way to spend one of his rare days off, but he figures it’s the best to sleep whatever this is off and wake up fresh tomorrow. And as much as he likes that idea, he has a fellow roomie to take care of, one that’s staring at him with puppy eyes as soon as he opens his eyes again.

“I know sweetie.” Lance croaks as he swings his legs slowly out of bed. He’s shivering as soon as he leaves the comfort of his blanket and it starts to look like it’ll be a mission impossible to actually stand up. Lance wasn’t raised as a quitter though, so he places a hand on the wall to steady himself and stands up.

Slowly but surely he makes his way through the apartment, occasionally stretching out his arm to steady himself. Cherry follows him closely. He throws on his comfy boots, takes his jacket and beanie and takes the dog leash from the table. He tries to crouch to secure the leash, but his body is stiff and sore and he all but crashes on the tiles. Lance notices his hands tremble as he grips onto the leash, but he dismisses it almost immediately. He can go to sleep once he’s taken care of his pet.

As soon as Lance is outside, however, he starts to wonder if this was really a good idea. He’s panting and his vision wavers with every step he takes. Luckily there’s quite some grass growing outside the building, so he doesn’t need to go far. All he can do is wait for Cherry to do what she has to do and then he can go back to bed. He keeps repeating this train of thought, and he finds himself longing more and more for it.

Keith sighs as he steps out of the bus. It’s so useless for his uni to schedule tests at 8.30am in the morning - now it’s 11am and he’s sleep deprived, cranky and already done with this day. The only slightly positive thing about it is that he doesn’t have any more classes today, which means he is free to do whatever he wants.

He cranks up the volume of his music some more and starts to walk to his apartment. He’s lost in thoughts and he’s almost near the entrance of the building when he sees something strange. It’s a boy, swaying near the grass field and looking like he can fall over any moment.

Keith hesistates for a moment. He’s not that good with other people - he just likes to keep to himself and he doesn’t pry on others. There seems to be something off, however, and he sighs as he starts to walk towards the boy, whom appears to have his eyes closed now. He doesn’t want to be the one responsible for leaving this dude alone when he blacks out and cracks his head open on the concrete.

As he walks closer he recognises the boy. It’s his neighbour, Lance. When Keith moved in Lance enthusiastically introduced himself, but as Keith tries to avoid human contanct it’s been the most they’ve said to each other in all those months. They used to nod when they crossed paths - nowadays they’ve improved to mutter a quick “hi”, something that Keith thinks is more than enough.

“Lance?” He tries when he’s just a few feet away. The other boy opens his eyes blearily at the call of his name, and smiles at Keith. Well, Keith assumes it’s a smile, but it comes more across as a grimace. “Dude, no offence, but should you even be outside right now?”

“None taken.” Lance rasps and then he coughs - deep, congested coughs that make Keith wince. “’M just feeling a bit under the weather.”

That’s an understatement, Keith thinks as he studies the tan boy. He appears to be shivering, despite standing in the sun with a heavy coat and a beanie, and he pales even more as a particular heavy sway almost makes him keel over.

“Wow, dude.” Keith quickly grabs Lance’s shoulders. “Maybe you should go inside.”

“’M taking the dog out.” Lance protests feebly.

Keith studies the small, black dog, who looks up to it’s owner with questioning eyes. It does not appear to be in need of anything, so Keith assumes it’s done it’s thing when Lance was busy not faceplanting. “I think that ship has already sailed.”

He bites his lip. He’s not that good at taking care of people, but it would be the highest form of optimism if he thinks that Lance would make it back to his apartment on his own. And since Keith is anything but optimistic, he sighs and drapes Lance’s arm over his shoulder. “Come. I’ll bring you home.”

“Thank you.” Lance croaks as they step in the building. He coughs again as Keith presses the button for the elevator, and Keith can feel a tiny pang of worry settling in his chest. It’s quickly taken over by exasperation though.

“I’m just trying to make sure you don’t faceplant in the elevator or anything.”

Lance shrugs as they step inside. The silence is more than welcome to Keith, who tries to steer his thoughts away from the fact that he’s probably getting overloaded with germs at this very moment.

They stagger quite unceremoniously through the hallway, and Keith thinks sourly that Lance owes him quite some after this adventure. He should’ve just called someone to take the dog out, honestly, and let someone else take care of him and his stupid bug.

Lance fumbles with the key but they finally step inside his apartment. He immediately slides his jacket off, dropping it on the ground.

Keith sighs as he eyes the dog. It’s probably too much to ask from Lance to crouch in his unstable condition, so he bends and takes the leash of the dog. It wags it’s tail before walking towards the living room.

“Will you be okay?” He asks to Lance.

“Sure.” Lance pants. The trip seems to have taken all of his remaining energy out as he leans against the wall. “Just need to sleep this off.”

Keith eyes him critically but then shrughs. “Sure. Just call someone to take care of that dog though. You might not survive another trip.”

Lance nods and staggers towards what Keith assumes is his bedroom. “Thanks again.”

“No problem.” Keith mutters as he closes the door. He’s in serious need of desinfecting his hands and clothes right now.

Keith closes his door with a frown. He’s cleaned his apartment for a while now and he forgot he didn’t do any groceries the last few days - he has a nasty habit of living off energy drinks and bread when he studies for a tests. He figured he needs something to fill the kitchen cabinets, though, so he sets off to the store.

As he passes Lance door, he pauses. He hears a funny sound. Keith furrows his brows as he takes one of his earbuds out and then he hears it clearly - it’s the sound of a dog whining.

His heart starts to beat faster as he approaches Lance’s door. It’s unlocked, just as Keith left it this morning. He opens it to find the black dog scratching at the door, whining softly.

Keith sighs. He knew Lance would probably fall asleep before he would call someone for his dog, and even though he tries to be mad that he’s the one to do it now, he somehow can’t find it in him to get irritated at Lance.

He sighs again and takes the leash from the table. The dog barks happily and wags it tail, and Keith smiles despite himself. He crouches and reads the name tag - Cherry.

“Only Lance would call his dog Cherry.” He mutters and then, louder: “Lance, I’m going to take your dog out!”

No answer. Keith raises his eyebrows. Lance must be a heavy sleeper if he slept through the barks and Keith’s yell. He has more pressing matters on his mind though, as Cherry all but drags him out of the door.

Keith rolls his eyes as he shuts the door of Lance’s apartment behind him. So it seems like Cherry is quite an energetic boy, and it took longer than expected to take the dog out. He has honestly done enough for his fellow humans today, and he can’t wait to go home and take a well deserved nap.

“Lance, I’m back, your dog dragged me with her for ages!” There’s still no answer. Keith can’t deny the tiniest feeling of worry settling into his chest. “Lance?”

Silence. He takes off the leash of Cherry and the dog skips straight to the bedroom. Keith hears some shuffling noises and then a dog’s whine.

His heart starts to beat faster as he walks towards the bedroom. As he hesitates on the doorstep, he seems Lance lying in bed, and Cherry next to him, nudging his arm and whining as her master doesn’t respond.

“Lance?” Oh god, please don’t let him die, Keith thinks desperately. He walks into the bedroom. His movements seem to do the trick, however, as Lance jolts awake.

“Dude, oh my god, you scared the hell outta me!” Keith says in a relieved tone as he stands still. Lance does not appear to hear him, however. His eyes dart around the room.

“Lance?” This time, Lance’s eyes focus on Keith - or better, on the spot where Keith stands. Keith gets a funny feeling. It looks as if Lance looks right through him.

“H-hey.” He stutters out as he walks up to the bed. Cherry whines again. “It’s me, Keith.”

Lance’s eyes seem to be able to focus a bit better now and he glances up at Keith. “Keith?” He rasps out and Keith winces as he hears the sad excuse for a voice. Lance’s eyes slip close again. “’M sorry… Don’t feel so good.”

“I can see.” Keith responds. Up close he can see how bad Lance looks. He’s deathly pale, save for two crimson spots on his cheeks, and his hair is plastered to his forehead. Keith reacts instinctively and pushes some of the bangs away, only to drop his hand in panic when he meets the sheer heat radiating from Lance.

“Shit. Oh shit.” Keith’s heart jumps in his throat. How this has changed from “just need to sleep it off” to “almost dying” in a few hours is beyond him, but this is not the time to think about that. He just needs to make sure that Lance is alright.

“Uhm, okay.” Keith rakes a hand through his hair, feeling lost and very panicked. He looks around for some help, but there’s nothing useful in the bedroom. No pills, no water, which probably means Lance’s dehydrated and didn’t have medicine for hours. Fuck, why did Keith leave him alone?

“Okay, Lance, stay here.” Lance can only nod as moving is out of the option anyway, but Keith is already gone, running out of the bedroom. Cherry quickly follows him. He opens the nearest door and sighs in relief as it seems to be the bedroom. He knows the way better in his own apartment, but all he has stocked is some cheap expired cough medicine, and he knows he’s way past that stage right now. He needs some proper medicine.

The cabinets are packed with razors, cream, facewashes and other rubbish, and Keith panicks more with every second he hasn’t find a medicine. His mind blanks - he can’t do this, he can’t take care of people, and now Lance will die of a heat stroke just because he can’t do this.

He takes his phone out in a whip and prays for his friend to pick up.

“Shiro, oh my god.” Keith has never been the emotional one, but he feels like he can cry from relief right now. “Listen, my neighbour is sick and I need your help.”

“Did you find him like this?” Shiro’s voice is laced with worry right now.

“Well, sort of, he almost faceplanted outside while he was walking his dog and I took him inside and he said he only needed to sleep it off but now his dog was whining and he’s burning up and -”

Shiro interrupts him. “God, Keith, did you never learn anything from the past years? How could you leave him like that? I know you do that when you’re sick yourself, but he’s obviously got way sicker now -”

Keith interrupts him back. “Shiro, for fuck’s sake, you can guilt trip me later. Please, I don’t know what to do, what if he’s dying and I won’t be able to help!”

That one seemed to do the trick. Shiro’s voice was businesslike and focused when he answered, and it made Keith feel less panicked too. “Did you find any medicine?”

“No, his bathroom cabinet hasn’t got anything!”

“Okay, take a breath Keith. It’s possible he stocks it in his kitchen cabinet. Can you walk there for me? Above anything, you need a thermometer and fever reducers.”

“Yes, yes.” Keith answers breathlessly as he runs towards the kitchen, Cherry still trailing behind him. He rakes cabinet for cabinet. Tea, coffee, food, mugs… and then, finally, a kitchen cabinet with medicine.

“Oh my god, he has some.” Keith blabbers as he shifts his phone between his shoulder and ear, so he has two hands to shift through the stuff until he finds what he’s been looking for. “Yes, god, I’ve found it, who leaves their medicine in a kitchen cabinet, who names his dog Cherry, what kind of person is he, oh my god.”

“Keith, focus.” Shiro’s still calm and focused. “Can you look in the refrigerator for a bottle of water?”

Keith drops the medicine and skips a halt in front of the refrigerator. His heart sinks as he opens it. “Shiro, he doesn’t have any bottles of water.”

“That’s okay. Just fill a random mug or glass with water.”

Keith’s hand shake as he fills a glass with water. “And now?”

“Now you need to take all of that to Lance and take his temperature. Then you give him the fever reducers. Okay?”

“Yes, okay. I can do that.” Keith tries to reassure himself as he walks towards the bedroom. Lance’s eyes open slowly as he enters the room, and Keith feels weak with relief that the boy is atleast conscious.

“Lance, I need you to open your mouth.” Lance doesn’t even question it, just opens his mouth tiredly as Keith shoves in the thermometer. Keith waits anxiously for the beep. “Shiro, oh my god, it says 103.5, that’s why too high! I need a doctor!”

“Keith, focus.” Shiro answers sharply. “It’s high, but it’s nothing you can’t take care of, alright? I trust you.”

“Okay.” Keith stammers as he places the thermometer on the nightstand. He feels so out of place, so scared and so lost. The only thing that guides him right now is Shiro’s calm voice.

“Just give him the fever reducers and the water. Place some cool rags on his forehead and wrists. If it’s not better in a few hours call me again yeah? I can’t leave right now, but if his temperature raises above 104 Fahrenheit you should probably call the doctor.”

“Okay.” Keith answers as he runs his hand through his hair. He can do this. Medicine, water, rags, temperature. Lance follows his movements with glassy, unfocused eyes, one hand resting on top of Cherry’s black curls.

“Keith, I know you can do this okay? I trust you.”

“Thank you.” He manages to get out. “Bye.”

Shiro paces around the room. He just came out of a meeting and he hasn’t been able to sit still since, so he takes out his phone to look for notifications again. Still no messages. He bites back a curse. Keith should’ve called by now. It’s probably good that he didn’t call, because that means his neighbour - Lance, as Shiro recalls - is probably doing a bit better now. However, he can’t shake the feeling of worry off.

He whips his phone out again and dials Keith’s number. He doesn’t pick up, and Shiro’s heart speeds up. What if something went wrong? What if Lance had complications and Keith panicked?
Shiro actually can’t stand that thought, so he all but runs from the room, towards his car. It’s time to assist Keith.

Luckily it’s just a short ride. Shiro’s been in Keith’s apartment before, he actually helped him move in all those months ago, so he knows which level Keith lives on.

He jumps in the elevator and impatiently taps his foot. He’s anxious to see Keith, to scold him for not picking up his phone and assisting him where needed. He quickly walks towards Keith’s door, and then stands still in front of it. He actually doesn’t know if Lance lives left or right from Keith’s apartment, so he just tries the door closest to him, which is the right one.

He’s lucky, because the door opens without a struggle. He steps in and closes the door. He can see Keith’s jacket, so he knows he’s in the right place. “Keith?” He calls out. No answer. He hears some movements, though, and after a moment or two he sees a small black dog toddle out of a room.

“Hi there, buddy.” Shiro murmurs as he crouches to pet the dog. This must be the Cherry dog Keith mentioned. Funnily enough she doesn’t bark - she just stares at him as if she knows he’s come to help. “Is your master a bit sick, huh? I’ve come to help him.”

He stands up and walks towards the room where Cherry came from. Sure enough, it’s the bedroom. Shiro’s eyes quickly take in his surroundings, and his shoulders sag with relief.

First of all he can see a very pale boy sleeping fitfully in his bed. He’s twitching a bit, but he doesn’t wake up. Keith sits next to him, on a chair, his arms resting on a pillow and his head sitting on top of his arms. He too is fast asleep.

Shiro releases a breath he didn’t knew he was holding. He could’ve figured out this would happen - he knows Keith had a test this morning, and he figures out the poor boy was already pretty tired to begin with, let alone taking care of a dog and a very sick boy as well.

He watches them for a while, and then starts to work on the pair of sleeping boys. First of all he places the thermometer between Lance’s parted lips. He waits impatiently, quickly snatching the device away when it beeps. None of the boys rouse, and he releases another breath as he reads 102.2 degrees. It’s not ideal, and it’ll probably rise again in the evening, but it’s a start, and his heart swells with pride for Keith. He knows how hard this must’ve been for him, but he did the best he could. Shiro will save his rant for another time.

He wets the rags on Lance’s body with fresh water and places them back. He refills the glass of water, too, but he figures the boy needs the rest more than the medicine at the moment, so he lets him sleep for the moment being.

Then he moves on to Keith. The boy is still fast asleep, which makes Shiro realise just how tired he must’ve been. He places a very light hand on Keith’s exposed neck, and when the boy doesn’t react, he moves it slowly towards Keith’s cheek. He doesn’t feel unhealthy warm to the touch, but Shiro doesn’t take any risks now. He wets a new rag for Keith too and lies it on Keith’s neck. He hesistates, but then he shrugs his jacket of and places it around Keith’s shoulders. He should be comfortable enough that way to not wake up from the cold rag.

Then, all Shiro can do is pull up another chair and wait for the two boys to heal.