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How did you discover mbti? Do you think that someone who I presumed is enfp would like to take the test?

I googled “personality tests” cuz I’m one of those self-obsessed hoes and it’s all about ME 💅. MBTI was the first link and I jumped down the rabbit hole

Good news is that ENFPs are self-obsessed hoes and it’s all about US 💅 so I highly doubt your ENFP would not want to take the test (we love finding out about ourselves) and even if she ain’t an ENFP, congratulations, one less idiot to worry about

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okok but Oversized Sweater Jareth. He just pads around the apartment in one of Sarah's massive jumpers while she's at work. (She may or may not have let him have her favorite big sweater bc it's soft and smells like her and she doesn't want him to get upset while she's away)


I have this idea that I can’t wait to implement in BKS, where Jareth muscles his way into Sarah’s room once, and she just kind of rolls her eyes and low-key hates him for it, but they chill and watch TV on her bed.

And then when Sarah tells him to get lost because it’s getting late, she has the bEST night’s sleep EVER, and the next night it sucks.

The reason why? Jareth’s scent is comforting.

So she awkwardly keeps making up dumb reasons for them to spend time in her room, without the sex.

But yes, I totally adore the mental image of smol Jareth in a BIG jumper/sweater, all comfy cosy X3

So cute…


An early morning doodle that I went way too far with. I love designing new costumes for my girls, though. ✨✨✨