fic: Caffeinated. (1/?)

title: caffeinated

genre: reality/platonic/romance

description: moments in dan and phil’s history from 2009 to now. working through their problems one cup of coffee at a time.

a/n: i was inspired by a brooklyn-nine-nine fic involving the two main characters and them drinking cups of chamomile tea and talking when things are a bit much and it made me want to do one for dan and phil except with coffee (obviously) and through important snapshots of their life together from 2009 to nowadays. some of these will be long, some short, and it’s more of something for me to write when the writer’s block hits, but i’m excited to see what you all think and to start this up. i have a lot of ideas and i think this could be kinda nice. 

read on ao3 if you prefer


CUP NUMBER ONE: 19th October, 2009.

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