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Vowel contraction

When a vowel connects directly to another vowel they usually contract into something new to make it easier to pronounce

ㅏ + ㅏ = ㅏ

  • 가다 + 아요 = 가요 ( to go )

ㅓ + ㅓ = ㅓ

  • 서다 + 어요 = 서요 ( to stop )

ㅗ + ㅏ = ㅘ

  • 오다 + 아요 = 와요 ( to come )

ㅜ + ㅓ = ㅝ

  • 주다 + 어요 = 줘요 ( to give )

ㅡ + ㅓ = ㅓ

  • 쓰다 + 어요 = 써요 ( to write )

ㅣ + ㅓ = ㅕ

  • 기다리다 + 어요 = 기다려요 ( to wait )

ㅐ + ㅓ = ㅐ

  • 보내다 + 어요 = 보내요 ( to spend time/to send )

ㅔ + ㅓ = ㅔ

  • 세다 + 어요 = 세요 ( to count )

ㅚ + ㅓ = ㅙ

  • 되다 + 어요 = 돼요 ( to become )

하 + ㅕ = 해

  • 하다 + 여요 = 해요 ( to do )


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percabeth-is-endless  asked:

ur SuperBroJocks AU changed my life thank u so much but i have an important question: are percy & annabeth and jason & reyna still bffs respectively and do they go on double dates


  • At first they weren’t double dates per se bc Jason and Percy just wanted to like hang out with each other so of course Reyna and Annabeth would be there for the casual hang out
  • In the beginning Annabeth and Reyna were just two people whose bestfriends are friends with each other so they’re like at most acquaintances
  • Then Percy and Jason start spending more and more time with each other so inadvertently Annabeth and Reyna start spending more and more time with each other
  • The more Annabeth and Reyna get to know each other the more they become competitive like I bet you I can get higher grades than you and Reyna is like I’ll raise you your higher grades and be president of all extra curricular clubs
  • While Jason and Percy are just over there on the other side texting each other things like “good luck on that next meet bro. ily” “hope you don’t get hit on the head too hard today <3 <3 <3″
  • I mean Annabeth and Reyna are supportive of each other too but like in a really passive aggressive way before exams they would text each other random pop quiz type questions and things like “don’t choke” “wouldn’t dream of it”
  • And that’s the reason the school is divided on whether or not Reyna and Annabeth are actually dating (they are though or like they will be very soon)  
  • And omg they would go on like studying marathons just the four them bc athletes need to get their GPA’s up too!!!
  • Then maybe Reyna and Annabeth start having feelings for each other as one does
  • So Annabeth is haggling Percy to invite Jason and Reyna everywhere so she has a reason to see Reyna
  • Reyna tries a different tactic and joins all the clubs Annabeth is in (in the ruse of just wanting to have more extra curricular activities than her)
  • Percy tells Annabeth that maybe she could just oh idk ask Reyna out and that he can’t believe the time has come that he is giving her advice
  • Jason tells this to Reyna too 
  • The first ever Official Double Date was orchestrated by Jason and Percy just so they could get Annabeth and Reyna together
  • It was cute they went to a movie Jason and Percy held hands and Annabeth and Reyna suffered through small gentle casual touches bc AH nerves
  • Then after that they went to a diner and got burgers and fries and the whole shebang the waitress even gave them 2 complimentary milkshakes two straws per glass (wink wink)

and that’s the start of the double dates!!!!

Lin Manuel Miranda and Original Hamilton Cast celebrates their Grammy!

imanarwhalbitch  asked:

I'm so excited! I just preordered your signed Sanders sides poster!!! It's adorable, Butch did an amazing job, and I'm gonna be so happy to have your signature on it as well! <3

Yesss!!! First of all, thank you!!! Secondly, still can’t believe that he did that, seriously, what an absolute honor!! I hope you enjoy it when you receive it!