yesss omggg

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I could just see Clay and Tony being together (a couple) and one day Clay starts cracking up and turns to Tony and says "remember when you dated Ryan? And Tony's like "stfu Clay, you didn't even know I was gay back then." Sorry this is probably trash but it amused me.

Omggg yesss lmao and clay would totes be petty about alllll of tonys exes X3 (remember that dude with the snooty attitude and caterpillar eyebrows????) Because he lives to aggravte tony. And tony would put up with clays brattiness because clays so fucking cute when hes smiling and laughing so hard his eyes are watering and squeezed shut and his face is pink and happy and ughhh

And dont worry friend!!! We’re all clony trash here. And its beautiful lol 😗👌👌

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Hi, you're probably not going to read this but honestly your posts have always been so amazing and I love your passion and sarcasm. Also, I just wanted to say BTS totally deserves the award 😍😍 (Namjoon's speech made me tear up)

rskgjsrghskdh omg this made my heart swell thank you so much ahhhhhhh you’re so sweet to send me this BUT HESIODHGKJSD YESSS OMGGG I’M SO PROUD OF THEM

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Yes. And the Digis are so animated about it. Doing big gestures and explosion noises and what not as they draw out this whole timeline of their time on the moon. The kids enjoy watching them talk about it during their drawing times. Drawing time is good for story time! All I can imagine is a chorus of three disappointed 'Awwws' from both Digis and a bit from Jaxen when Rhys says no. You're no fun, mom.

omggg yesss its basically DigiJack theater when they get really into story telling! Jumping off couches pretending to do moon bounces, shooting their finger guns, doing voices for the scavs getting blown up. cyrus and jaxen love it and get super into it 

And Rhys has to be the bad guy every once and awhile, considering the fact that if it were up to Jack, he’d just be like “sure go to town just dont get my kid hurt or ill give your ass a virus”