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Head cannon that Yurio was waiting for the honeymoon phase to end so he could be less annoyed by their flirting and lovesick eyes- but it never does. Victor and Yuuri are always in that phase and it comes to a point where all hope is lost that it ever will. He copes by ranting about it to Otabek to relieve his stress about how sick it makes him, but is secretly happy about it and Otabek can tell.


BTS| You have a nipple piercing

It feels so strange to write again…..we are so sorry, but there was so much going on and yesss…..forgive us please….

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our small picnic got interrupted by a downpour and before you could do anything, the both of you were completely soaked with rain. When you finally reached a shelter, Jin observed you with a strange expression. Before you could do anything, he took his wet jacket and put it around your body.

“Did you wear a white shirt on purpose? Do you wanted to make me angry? And why are there PIERCINGS on your….body???”

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Wouldn’t waste more than two seconds with thinking about it.


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You told him before he could find it out. But you shouldn’t have  since he seems to be very interested in your shirt whenever he talks to you.

“Namjoon? I’m talking to you!”

“What? Oh….sorry babe. I was….distracted…”

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When he felt them as he hugged you, the world around you would be forgotten. After millisceonds of confusion, you could feel how the mood in the room changed.

“I think we need to talk about something jagi..”

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He saw the outline of your “body decoration” and drifted away in his own world with two questions filling his head.

“Since when? And why haven’t I noticed?”

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He would be so curious when he saw your piercings for the first time. He would ask you everything about it like ‘Did it hurt?’ or ‘Why there?’.


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When he saw your piercings piercing through your wet shirt for the first time, he would pretend like nothing happened and contine with what he did before while thinking about life.

*It’s okay Jungkook. You’re a manly man. You can handle this.*

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referencing that anon talking about older/younger generations and their perceiving of animation, or sth: that's exactly why, if Klance becomes canon, we need an actual developed, straightforward relationship between the two of them, not only just subtext and some hand-holding at the end of the series (like it was with Korrasami in LOK). So that everyone knows for sure what it is: same-sex pairing, two boys in love, an actual romantic relationship, LGBT representation etcetc. pls


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"Give me a reason not to forget it then" OK I'm pretty sure you invented kinks. Like, in general. Your writing is just the epitome of perfect kink wtf.

Agshsjssiissisi thank you 😭😭😭 I’m just a sucker for good dialogue.
Yesss so glad people like it. 🙈


Oh guys! Ohhh guyyyysss!!! Im so excited! So much news! Yesss!!

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okay just imagine pregnant yui. shes so round and soft and cute and is so excited for her lil baby to be born. the father (pick a boy) is obviously overprotective and i think even the iciest of the guys would just melt and spoil her and their child. imagine them setting up the nursery and painting the walls and picking out curtains and bedding and toys. just. GOD THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES ME EMOTIONAL NAT


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phone: aphobehatingcharacteroftheday reblogged a text post: "aphobehati..." me, clicking the notification immediately: YESSS MERCY ROAST EM

Hahaha, omg! I didn’t realize I’d become that well-known for “roasting.” I’m glad you guys enjoy my little tangents. Honestly, I worry sometimes that they make my blog less enjoyable.

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