I teach a class called ‘Decolonize Your Diet,’ and I talk about the Spaniards arriving in Mesoamerica. One of the first things they tried to change—in addition to religion— was the way people ate. They introduced wheat and tried to make eating bread something that was seen as more valuable than eating corn. They outlawed amaranth, and in South America they outlawed quinoa.

I tell my students to think about how the dominant powers are invested in controlling what their subjects eat, and then to take that concept from the 1500s to our contemporary era and ask themselves, ‘What are the powers that be wanting us to eat right now? Where are all the food subsidies going? How is that influencing what we’re eating? Who’s benefiting and who’s suffering because of that?’ For students, drawing those connections is really powerful, and it gives them a tangible way to analyze relations of power.


They are now the first kpop group in history to have 6 that’s a total of roughly six concert dates for a solo concert run, the longest ever, at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, one of the largest venues in Seoul that is able to accommodate over 10,000 audience members. Officially,  84,000 concertgoers came for EXO these past six days. Source. 

Sebastian Stan Totally Just Confirmed That Captain America 4 Is Happening
It seems that Sebastian Stan - a.k.a. Marvel's Bucky Barnes - just confirmed that 'Captain America 4' IS definitely happening.

This is why no one ever tells you anything, Sebastian.

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@blitzdrake said: My crazy St. Garrison’s AU head-cannon. Half the medical staff is in love with watching Dr. Sexy in the break room (gabe most of all) and Cas Hates the show because it’s so stupid. Then learns Dean loves it and gets strangely irritated/jealous of dr sexy. But also tries watching it to figure out…what Dean wants in a doctor/guy. And when gabe stumbles on cas in the break room alone watching it embarrassed, the teasing starts. Then gabe figures out Dean likes the show and really lays into Cas

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firefighter!Dean and doc!Cas au