yess you do

  • Will: Neeks! Neeeekkkssss...
  • Nico: What...
  • Will: Have you seen Supernatural?
  • Nico: *Looks up from whatever he was doing at the time* Yess...Why do you ask?
  • Will: 'cause I want to know your favorite character
  • Nico: Gabriel. My favorite is Gabriel..And Lucifer...And Cas...And Sam...
  • Will: *Smiles* Well...Here *Hands Neeks a trench coat* Now you are a angel of the lord <3

One day a small crow stumbled upon a lost cat…

Happy Kenhina Day! (05.10)

Mercy (Lucifer Morningstar x Reader) *smut*

Request: Safari is the internet lol and YESS you should do a lucifer fluffy/smut one shot where your like another angel archangel to be exact and your lucifer’s mate/wife and Chloe meets you for the first time and your like lucifer but more kind and sweet and you love kids and that and Chloe is really surprised and you’ve been teasing lucifer all day and when you get back to lucifer’s apartment he can’t take the teasing anymore and it leads to very steamy smut in the end and it’s the lucifer from fox lol - @icharleecongreve

A/N: Here you go dearie c: MASTERLIST

Word Count: 1,024

Warnings: smut, uprotected sex

“Hey where are you going?” You asked Lucifer as you saw his naked butt waddling away from the bed. He turned and smiled at you. “I need to meet Chloe about a case. Want to come by?” He asked as he put his underwear back on. “Sure. Let me get a quick shower. Want to join?” You teased. He rolled his eyes and smirked.

“It wouldn’t kill me to join.” As he paced forward you closed the door and let out a laugh. “You little devil.” The irony made you laugh harder as you were an archangel. Your father was furious but you made up your mind and marry the devil himself. He was kind to you not like people described him; vicious, merciless and ugly. He was quite handsome and sure he’s a devil in the bed.

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You got out of the shower and walked down to the kitchen and saw Lucifer drinking some scotch. Tea wasn’t his thing. “You ready?” He asked. You put on your black leather jacket and tied your shoe laces. “Only when you are.” You winked and he swallowed hard. “Tease.” He walked past you and got out to his car. You both got in the car and drove to Chloe’s place. “Now I warn you, there is this little demon.” He said in a terrified voice.

“Don’t worry. I married one.” Your hand landed on his knee and slowly slid it up his thigh. He let out a heavy breath. “You’re playing with fire Y/N.” His voice trembled as he parked the car. You smirked and let out a light chuckle. Lucifer knocked on the door and a lady answered it. “Hi Lucifer.” She made way for us to go in. as we went in, a small girl ran over to Lucifer and hugged his legs. “Lucifer!” She squealed. Lucifer tried to shake her off but she held on tight. She began laughing until her mother pulled her away. “HI I’m Chloe.” She shook your hand.

“I’m Y/N, Lucifer’s wife.” She had a surprised look on her face. “This is my daughter, Trixie.”

“Hi.” She hid behind her mother and waved.

“Hello sweetie.” You smiled. She got out from behind her mother’s figure and walked towards you. “I like your eyes, they’re beautiful.” You felt yourself blush a bit, even though she’s just a child. “Want to see my dolls?”

“I’d love to.” She took you by the hand and pulled you to her room. You looked back at Lucifer and smiled.

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“I didn’t know Lucifer was married. I thought he was going to be a loner all his life.” You laughed at Trixie’s comment. You sat down on her bed as she handed you her dolls. “So how long have you and Lucifer been married?” She asked as she waddled her way to the bed. “I bet you looked very pretty in your white dress.”

“Thank you Trixie. Well tomorrow will be our 3 year anniversary.” Her eyes widened. Lucifer called you from the kitchen. “You go, I have to do something.” Trixie said as she grabbed a piece of paper and some colours.

“Hey, what’s up?” You asked. Chloe opened her file and a butt load of papers flew out of it. She grabbed one of them and showed it to me. “We need your help finding this man. He is accused of murder, theft and abuse. Can you help us please?” She asked politely. You nodded. “Great, so tomorrow at 7:30 am.”

“Okay, thanks.”

As you were about to leave with Lucifer, Trixie ran over to you. “Y/N! I made this for you.” She handed you a paper with a drawing on it. It had Lucifer who had horns and a tail and there were you with a pair of white wings and a halo. You smiled and showed it Lucifer. You opened the paper and on it was scribbled ‘Happy anniversary’. You felt your heart melt. “Thank you so much Trixie.” You gave her a hug. “Let me guess? I’m the one with the horns?” Lucifer chuckled.

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You plopped down on the bed in your bra and underwear. You looked at Lucifer who was getting out of the bathroom. You removed the sheets off of you and smirked. “Lucy.” You sang his name. He laid next to you, naked. Your hand cascaded down his clavicle and his toned chest. You straddled him and slowly grinded on him. “Too bad you don’t have that tail. You could do some tricks with it.” You sucked on his neck as he let out a groan. He quickly switched places and looked you in the eyes. “You’ve been teasing me all day. Now it’s time that I have some fun.” You underwear disappeared and Lucifer sank between your legs. His tongue glided up and down your wet core. You let out a moan and you felt you stomach clench at the feeling. His tongue found your clit and he licked it and grabbed it between his teeth while two fingers slid inside you. “Don’t you dare come!” He said between his clenched teeth.

You let out a wanton moan as he moved his fingers in and out of you; you threw your head back in ecstasy and closed your eyes shut. “I can’t!” You groaned as your hands found his hair and pulled on it sending him groaning and moaning. You clenched hard around his fingers but he quickly backed off and slid inside you. “This is your punishment my little angel.” He started out with slow thrusts. His thrusts got sloppier and faster, increasing the friction between you and you orgasm grew stronger. Your skins slapped against each other and your breaths got heavier. He got rid of your bra and he sucked on you breasts. “Lucifer!” You moaned out loudly.

He looked at you and put on his devilish smirk and red eyes. “Come baby.” Your body trembled as your orgasm shook your body hard. Lucifer soon followed as he shot his seed inside you. He held you tightly as you scratched his back as your orgasm slowly faded away. “My devil.” You sighed.


“ Darling, what a night ! “

“Why did you do?……all of it?”                                                                                                                     “ For a same reason I do anything. Why not !  “

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Ok so I have an endless to-do list which has brought me down mentally successfully today and I ended up having a really terrible time, but now I know we'll get to see Sana and Isak, the two purest and coolest people ever, together tomorrow, so guess who's gonna write that essay first thing in the morning tomorrow???? You guessed right. Me. It's me.

yess!! you can do this, sana and isak would want you to write that essay!

5SOS Smut: Muke Threesome /VISUALS

Pairing: Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Y/N
Requested: Yess (Could you do one where two of the boys have like a two some with you… With visuals?)
Word Count: 824


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Does Onew have any moles?

oh hey you !! Yess Onew do have moles, and alot actually i can not tell but let’s say it’s Jinki who got moles because we dont get to see them often with Onew since he seems to have kind of sensitive skind so they cover it pretty much all the time..sooo there is the famous arm mole 

and the unfamous chin mole along with the  cheek mole which is my favorite it’s so cute and alot of other little ones it’s so fun to discover 

and there is this one uwu

being friends with luke

- “y/n i’m hungry”

- long movie nights

- him falling asleep during the movie

- “luke wake up”

- amusement parks 24/7

- flirtatious smacks on the butt

- “luke stop that”

- “no”

- getting to see atl bc let’s be real alex and luke yess

- him letting you do his eyebrows

- “y/n this hurts like hell”

- soft giggles when you’re feeling flustered

- “luuuke”

- being the one he calls when he’s homesick

- picking him up at the airport at like 1 am

- “i missed you more than i should’ve”

- “i love you y/n”

IKON when they find out your brothers Zico and Rap Monster

Sure thing! I hope you like it anaon~


“Wait so when Zico hyung said he would get me all the ladies on show me the money, is that because he didn’t want me to be with you?”

He’d over think which would make you laugh. Zico would tease him and he would be shy around Rapmonster. Not wanting to do anything wrong. 

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He would find it really cool too. He would think you looked similar to Zico for sure but he wouldn’t have guessed you were Rapmonster’s little sister. When meeting we could be really comfortable around Zico. However, with Rapmon he would be awkward as he had dissed your brother in the past.

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He would find it really cool that you have two really talented rappers as your brothers. The next time you would Skype them he would creep into the room and take a seat next to you. You’d introduce them and he’d wave shyly at them.

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He would smile a little unsure. He thought before that you had a striking resemblance to the two but now you had confirmed it.

Y/N: “Something wrong babe?” you’d laugh poking his cheek.

“Not at all. Will they approve of me?”

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Wouldn’t know what to do or say. He’d be thinking about the daunting day when he will have to meet them because in fact he had told you before he found Zico hyung scary while watching a show with you. You held in your smile well to not give it away.

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“Huh really?” i didn’t know. You dont look like them. wait…. yess you do”

He’d be a little surprised when you tell him though after you announce it he would know why certain faces you pulled reminded him of someone.

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He would find it pretty cool. He would want to meet them and make sure he got the approval to be with you. Before leaving to meet him he’d promise he will keep his sassy behaviour in wraps. 

“babe~ don’t worry, Fighting~”

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Chapter 10 ...Part 1


4 months later

Rolling over in my bed , I rolled over to the side august slept on but came up empty and cold when my body hit his pillow . Pouting with my eyes still closed , I wondered where he went .

Finally opening my eyes , I looked over to see a note planted on top of my phone . Sitting up , I reached for my phone so I could read the note ” goodmorning baby . I’m mad I had to go to work . I’ll see you later tho . Txt me when you wake up -aug” I read out loud .

Smiling at the fact he used the word baby , I contemplated on txting him now or when I got out the shower . Going with my shower first , I got all things that I would need and pranced my happy ass to my bathroom .

Taking a short shower , I got out and dried my body off before applying lotion to my legs & arms . Slipping into my silk mini house dress , I slipped my feet into my house booties .

Grabbing my iPhone 5s off the nightstand , I outted the light and walked downstairs to the living room . Txting my baby good morning to let him know I was awake , I heard my stomach growl . Frowning , I was to lazy to pick myself up and walk to the kitchen .

Lolly gagging around with august over the phone , I finally got up to fix myself a nice big breakfast . As I was cooking my eyes averted to the time , 11 am . Sighing it’s only 11 and I’m bored as fuck . With nothing to do today , I scrunched up my lips to think of who I can call to make some plans with .

Picking up my phone , I scrolled through my not so many contacts and landed on Patriece’s name . Tapping her number , I stirred my pancake mix while I waited on her to answer .

“ Hello ” her loud ghetto ass yelled . Scrunching up my face , I lowered the fire .

“ P babbyy ” I squealed . Hearing her squeal back made me squeal louder and harder . I missed my best friend a lot and we haven’t been able to hang out like I want us to because of me being a nurse and her being a veterinarian . Them two jobs don’t mix cause you’re barely off and if I’m off she’s working and if she’s off I’m working .

“ Yess my baby ? What you doing ? ” she asked .

Flipping my pancakes ,” nothing . Missing my BFF ” I pouted as if she could see me .

“ I’m trynna figure out where the hell you been . Has it been work or that new nigga august ?” She snarled .

“ new nigga ? Whaaat ” I smiled , trying to play dumb .

“ don’t play dumb wit me Alexis deshay . Tell me all about it ” she demanded .

Cheesing ,” too much to tell over phone .”

“ okay ” she mumbled in a sad tone .

“ noo zont zo zat baby . You know I’ma fill you in ” I assured .

“ I know . I was just playing ” she laughed .shaking my head , I rolled my eyes .“ You wanna go out tonight ?” I asked turning the fire completely off .

“ girls night ? ” I could hear her smiling through the phone . Giggling a little , I replied with “ yaasss ” . After telling her I’ll just txt her the details later , we said our good byes .

Sitting my phone down on the counter , before I could even grab my plate of wonderful breakfast that I’m dying to eat , My phone went off indicating I got a text. Looking over to see who it was, it was august. Smiling , his ass finally txtd me back after that long break he took from replying .

AuggieBear😻😘: babe?😩😔

Aww my poor baby sent me the sad face . Something must be wrong . Looking between my phone and my food , I slipped my phone in my pocket and fixed myself a glass of apple juice . Grabbing my plate and a plastic fork , I marched my way to the living room .

Taking a seat on the love chair , I propped my legs up and sat my plate on my lap . Pulling my phone out of my pocket , I replied back to my baby .

Me: huh??

AuggieBear😻😘:wyd? I’m bored & I miss you.

Me:laying down watching tv & I’m already knowing. 😁😘

AuggieBear😻😘: I’m finna come over.

Me:😶 who said I wanted you to come over tho? & how you know ima open the door?

After I sent that message I couldn’t help but laugh at my self because I just knew he was going to be salty . A few minutes passed by before he responded .


Me: 😂😂why that face?

AuggieBear😻😘:because mane you over here playing games & shit

Me: ion know what you talkn bout but hurry up I’m bored & bring me some Doritos & hot sauce. I’ve been craving that all day & I really don’t know why.

AuggieBear😻😘:already got it. ima be pulling up in 2mins unlock the door

August & I have been seeing each other for about a good 4 months now & we have been officially a couple for 3 months. And I am honestly loving every minute of it. He makes me feel like the queen I am and you can’t go wrong with that .

I would come home from work tired with my feet hurting and he would massage my feet for me . Just the simplest things he do , makes me happy . Though august and I have only been together for 4 months , I could honestly see my self with him in the future and him possibly breaking me out of this shell I’m in to protect myself from another heart break .

After being with phat and letting him hurt me the way he did , I had vowed to never let another nigga in but here I am with august , Putting my love and trust at risk . Every night I just pray to god he doesn’t hurt me in the long run .

Flicking through the tv channels , I searched for a good movie to watch . Landing on lifetime , a good ass movie about a girl trying to get away from her cheating boyfriend appeared . Crossing my legs Indian style , I raised the volume and pulled my throw over cover across my body .

As I watched the movie , come to find out the nigga betrayed the poor girl . He fucked around with her friend for a whole year and a half and one day mad day came and she let it all out . She told the boys girlfriend that they been fucking and they been fucking for the longest . Covering my mouth with my hands , I sat back and watched as the girl who’s name was heather , cried her eyes out .

“ I trusted you Johnny . I trusted you and betrayed me like this ” was her choice of words as he stood in front her with sorry eyes . Trying to apologize , she wasn’t trying to hear it . She told him to get his shit and never come back .

Nodding in agreement as if she could see me , I would have done the same thing . You not about to fuck around on me and think when I find out it’ll be peaches an cream . Because it won’t . If august was to ever do me that, I honestly don’t know what I would do or how I would feel because I love him .

I finally said it , I love august . And I kinda think I’m falling in love with him but I’m trying my hardest not to just after 4 months . I don’t wanna fall in love with him and then we don’t last . Ima be the one stuck with the broken heart , not him . That’s why I try to keep my guard up and high as possible but I always some how seem to knock some walls down .

Hearing the beeping of a horn took me out of my emotional thoughts . Getting up from the love seat , I walked to the nearest window and looked through the blinds & what do you know ? it was august ass honking . Smiling I ran to the front of the house , almost slipping because my socks were too slippery for the tile floor .

Opening the door ” hey babe ” I said trying to get a kiss. This nigga straight swerved me. & threw my bag of food at me, almost hitting my face .

“ So ion get a kiss ” I asked with a pouty face.

“ Nope” he simply stated. My face just dropped . I know this nigga didn’t just tell me some damn nope .

“ Close ya mouth before some flys get in there.” He chuckled , closing my ajar mouth . Walking into the living room , he sat down on the couch and pulled his pants down just a little .

“ You think this shit funny "I asked sitting on the couch across from him.

” Why you sitting all the way over there “ he asked with a smirk on his face while walking over to me. This nigga.

” Get away from me “ I said scooting all the way down. Big mistake. This nigga scooted all the way by me & laid his long lanky ass on me.

” Get off me. “ I said trying to sound mad but failed miserably when a smile broke out onto my face .

” Nooo I miss my baby. Now gimme a kiss “ he said puckering up his lips . Smacking them softly , I directed my attention back to the tv .

” Nope. “

” Why not?“

” Cause ion wanna kiss you no more. “ I shrugged .

” So you don’t? “ he asked sitting up some .

” Nope “ I replied nonchalantly .

” Ok “ he mumbled . so im thinking this nigga finna move. Boy did I think wrong. He started attacking my face with kisses till I finally gave in .

” ok ok. “ I said giggling a little.

” That’s what I thought “ he smirked .

” Shut up & kiss me.“ Almost instantly he attached his lips to mine & I deepened the kiss. The kiss was filled with passion & lust. Once I broke the kiss he pulled me back and pecked my lips repeatedly. After our little kiss-a-thon , I was tired .

” Can we go take a nap? I’m tired “ I said while yawning .

"yea bae ” he said before carrying me off to bed.


Life has been great for the most part. Me & Mikey are on good terms but Chris ? lately he’s been tryna get me to give him another chance but I’m kind of scared ya know.

I don’t know what he wants & I don’t wanna get hurt again. I just dont have time because I can do bad all by myself. I mean I understand he thought it was me on them pictures but he could have at least asked and been calm first . But no he wants to call me a hoe , something I’m not and just make me feel bad as a whole .

It’s been 4 months since our break up and at first I was hurt for a while . I didn’t eat for like a week straight , and I would cry myself to sleep constantly .
But that’s when I realized it’s not my fault that we aren’t together . He hurt me off of assumptions . I would never hurt him , even if I was paid to .

I thought we could have went far with our relationship but I guess things happen for a reason . At the same time , I wish I would have gave him a second chance because when I see girls go up to him and talk to him and he smile , I be wanting to cry because any girl can take my place and my pride just too damn high to let him know what I want honestly .

As much as I may deny and say ” oh no I don’t ” , I really miss and want him back but like I said my pride is too damn high to let him know that . I ain’t gonna be satisfied until another scoops him up and it’s too late for me to make a move on him . Sighing I pushed the thought of Chris being with someone else to the back of my head .

I was currently in my third period class , and I was bored out of my mind . Emily wasn’t here to entertain me so today was just poo . Emily has became my bestfriend over these few months . Yep I said bestfriend . A word that has never left my mouth before . She could read me and actually understand where I came from most of the time and I liked that .

Even though we have our MAJOR disagreements , she’s still my bitch and I’ll always have her back no matter what and vice versa . To this day I kinda regret telling her about Charles because they relationship has been a little rocky since . But then again I was being a real friend by letting her know what her nigga was doing , even tho I said it as if I was trying to be mean .

“ Hello earth to Jay ” Michael said waving his hands in my face . Smacking his hand away , I cheesed as he looked at me with a goofy expression .

He’s still my bestfriend maybe even something more in the future but I’m not trying to rush anything with him . I want my next relationship to last .

What the fuck am I blabbering about . My next relationship I want to be with Chris no one else . As much as I try to pretend I don’t want him the more I hurt . I don’t know what it is about him that has me so stuck on him .

“ oh, hey ” I smiled as he continued to wave his hand around .i had some how managed to fall back into deep thought .

“ yo did you hear me ? ” he asked .

“ no , I’m sorry ” I pouted so he wouldn’t be mad .

“ Yea yea , I wanted to know if you was coming support your bestfriend tonight at his big game ? ” he smirked .

“ you already know I gotchu , I’m your number 1 fan ” I smiled pinching his cheeks .

“ that’s my girl , I’ll catch you later iight ?” He said kissing my cheek .

“ Okay ” I mumbled . I always get in my feelings when he leaves my side . I think I’m confusing myself . I only like him around when I’m by myself to stop me from getting in my feelings about Chris .

Hearing the bell ring , it was time for lunch . I usually don’t eat lunch at school . me and ems go out to McDonald’s or something but today the cafeteria food will have to do .

“ wassup stranger ” Chris smiled as he sat down in front of me with his tray full with fries .

“ hey ” I said simply . As much as I wanted to smile I couldn’t . I didn’t wanna seem weak .

“ that’s all I get is a hey ? ” he asked in a hurt manner as if he was really hurt . If any one was hurt it was me . I’m trying so hard not to let my emotions get the best of me right now .

I looked at this nigga like he had two heads yes my nigga that’s all you get . ” We not cool like that ” I laughed as he clenched his jaw . I found this amusing .

“ You want me yet you tounge kissed my suppose to be friend in MY face. Type of shit is that.  ? ” I had to say something to make me mad to reframe from crying .

But let me tell y’all about this yellow , high crayon ass nigga . He was so pissed off with me because I said we were over , so he kissed Brianna . Y’all remember Brianna right ? The bitch Emily introduced me to on my first day here ? Yea that bitch . He kissed her ass.

“ why you can’t let that go it’ was 4 fucking months ago ? ” he gritted .

“ you’re joking right ? ”

“ do I look like I’m joking to you ? ”

“ no but you sound like one . Talking about some why I always gotta bring it up , maybe because you come in my face like it’s all about me and I start catching feelings but then I get smacked right in the face when you think I’m sending pictures & kiss my friend ” I spat .

” so instead you stick it out , you move on ?” He questioned with hard eyes .

Rolling my eyes , ” the hell you talking about ?”

“ you know what I’m talking about . I be seeing you with Tyga ” he spat turning his head away from me .

Laughing , I found this shit so amusing . ” you can have any girl you want remember  ? But I can’t have a FRIEND ? Alright then ”

“ yea you can have a friend . Not a friend that you hug all up on though ” he retorted .

“ I’m done with this conversation ” I said standing up .

“ I don’t know why I always try with you . You wanna run , go tf on . I been chasing you for the last 4 almost 5 months . My race is over now ” he spat , defeated .

Feeling my heart drop to the bottom , I watched as he walked away shaking his head with his hands in his pocket . Wiping my stray tear , I watched him until I could no longer see him .

Throwing my trash away , I said fuck the rest of the day . I only had two classes left anyways . Walking out to my car , I hopped in and took off down the street . Stopping at a red light , I broke down .

Just when I thought the crying was over , my heart proved me wrong . Laying my head against the steering wheel ,I sobbed until I couldn’t sob any more . Did him walking away from mean he didn’t like me anymore ?

Hiccuping, I tilted my head back and rested it on the headrest . Through my blurry vision I could see that the light had changed green and even if I haven’t seen that it changed , the car blowing constantly behind me would have let me know .

Pulling off , I reached down for some napkins so I could wipe my eyes . I’m knowing I had mascara running down my cheeks & smudged eyeliner . Looking in the mirror , I actually looked decent . Snatching my glasses up from my sunroof glove compartment , I slipped them onto my face to hide my red eyes .

Hearing my stomach growl , I rubbed it gently & made a pit stop . Deciding to be nice I stopped at McDonald’s and picked up my baby some food as well as food for me .

Taking off down the street , I called her ” Yo bitch ” Emily ghetto ass yelled into the phone .

“ hoe you ain’t shit for leaving me hanging at school ”

“ my bad bestfriend I just been busy trying to get my clothes together for baes big game tonight ” she huffed .

I totally forgot her boyfriend Charles was on the team . That was Michael’s bestfriend since like kindergarten . Them niggas couldn’t be broken apart for nothing .

“ shit , come on I soo forgot we have to go pick up our shirts ” I mumbled .

“ you’re outside ? ”

“ yea and I got you some food so I sugg-” the phone line went dead . Looking towards the door I seen Emily running out the house with one tennis shoe on the other off .

“ fat ass ” I mumbled as she got into the car .

“ yea whatever ” she mumbled devouring her hot and spicy . Pulling off , I was over the speed limit trying to get to this t shirt shop before they closed .

They close at 12:30 , looking down at my watch it was 12:20 .. I have 10 minutes to make it there .

“ Omg Jay baby can you slow down ” Emily said hurrying to put on her seat belt .

“ if you want that shirt , I advise you shut up ” I laughed as I went a little bit faster .Making a sharp right , I pulled up infront the shop . 12:25 , hmmm not bad . I thought to myself . Stepping out the car , I pulled down my shorts I got from Burberry and headed for the entrance .

“ welcome to Bianca’s T-Shirt shop can I help you ? ” the lady at the front desk spoke with a pretty smile .

“ yes mam , I’m here for a pick up ” I smiled . Something I noticed I’ve been doing a lot lately .

“ You’re Jay  ? ”

“ yep that’s me ”

“ here you go , that’ll be 34.98 ” she smiled . Pulling out my wallet I thanked her two twenty dollar bills .

“ keep the change ”

“ thank you , have a nice day ” she smiled .

“ you do too ”

“ finally ” Emily rolled her eyes as I got back in the car .

“ oh shut up ” I mumbled throwing the bag at her face . Rolling out of the parking lot , we drove back to her house . As we were driving she asked me if I’ve spoken to Chris . Licking my lips , I looked over at her and back to the road .I wasn’t trying to be back in my feelings so instead of answering her ,I turnt up my trap music and drove back to her house .

Later that night

Throwing my ’ Last kings ’ shirt on , I laced up my laces on my shoe before walking out of Emily’s bathroom . Her and I were some what dressed alike for the game .

We were both in a last kings shirt due to that being what the guys called them selves . Why I don’t know . Something about the last kings having all the money and the power . Again , I was clueless .

The only difference between our shirts were the colors and what they had written across the back . Emily’s said ’ Number 9 is mine’ While mine said ’ Mikey’s Number 1 fan’ sooner or later I would be getting Emily and I some sweatshirts or hoodies for when football season comes around .

It be cold as shit at night I heard . And I’m not a big fan of the cold if I’m just sitting at a stand still .

“ you read ma ? ” I asked Emily as she bent over to grab her ugg .

“ uh uh , you know better . sit down ” I narrowed my eyes at her . She knew damn well she wasn’t suppose to be bending over .

“ sorry ” she mumbled as she sat on the bed . Walking over to where her uggs were sitting on the floor , I slid them on her feet one by one .

“ thanks baby moma ” she smiled kissing my cheek .

“ let’s get outta here crazy ” I laughed pulling her down the stairs and out the door. On our way to the arena , we was turning up the whole time . Slightly bumping my shoulders , tink" don’t tell nobody" filled my ears .

Laughing a little bit to myself , I just noticed this song reminded me of Chris . As soon as I thought about him , my stomach started doing flips . Not good flips either , them I should be scared flips .

I got an uneasy feeling about tonight for some strange reason . I just hope everything goes smoothly and I be able to enjoy myself . Who am I kidding , my shirt has another niggas name on it for gods sake . He’s gonna flip dip shit and I hope for my sake he does it in private .

Parking in the closes parking space , Emily and I got out the car , grabbing my jacket out the back seat . Since it wasn’t really cold , I held it in my left hand while my purse occupied my right . Walking ahead of Emily , I walked inside the building and to the gym .

To say the game didn’t start in another hour or two it was already packed . Dipping through all of the people , I made it to the back where the basketball players were to wish Tyga good luck . Knocking on the boys locker room door , I waited for someone to answer . The door swung open and a big tall guy stood there eyeing me down .

“ who you ” he asked with narrowed eyes ?

“ she’s with me ” I heard Tyga said . Pushing the tall guy out the way , he came into view . Smiling down at me , his smile got wider at the sight of my LK shirt . The tall guy who stood behind him , turned and went on about his business . Closing the door , Ty stepped closer to me .

“ you look so beautiful . ” he complemented making me blush . Hiding my cheeks , he pushed my hands away .

“ don’t hide from me . I like seeing you blush ” he smirked pulling me close by my shirt . Pulling me into his chest, I inhaled his thick cologne scent . Sniffing his jersey , I melted in his arms .

“ what’s all this ” he said rubbing the back of my shirt where his name was placed .

“ it’s your name . I told you I was your number one fan ” I muttered , face buried in his chest . Rubbing on my booty , he gave it a light squeeze causing me to let out a light moan .

“ keep moaning you gon make a nigga hard ” he whispered , bending down to my ear . Moaning on accident , he tightly squeezed my ass . Pushing his hard on against me , he backed me into this dark empty room .

“ what you doing ? ” I questioned once I felt my feet no longer on the ground .

“ I told you stop didn’t i ? ” he asked , locking the door . Nodding my head , he some how sat down in an empty seat . Straddling across his lap , I sat my bag and jacket down on side of the chair .

Kissing my lips , he pushed my lower half directly on his hard shaft . Pulling me down ,my stomach pressed against him . With wide eyes , I knew he was smirking even tho I couldn’t see him . ” I told you stop and look what you did ” he breathed against my neck . Sucking on it , I let loose a soft moan .

As he sucked on my neck , he continued to feel all on my booty . Licking Over my lips , I tilted my head to the side to give him more room. Finding my spot , I shuttered under his touch . ” that’s my spot ” I moaned grinding against him.

“ oh fuck girl ” he grunted in my ear . Gripping my hips tightly , he kept me still .“ Stop it before I fuck the shit out your ass before I play ” he warned . Stopping , I laid my head on his shoulder .

“ I know you wet ” he mumbled , placing his hand by my belt. Waiting to see what his next move was , part of me wanted him to please me . Undoing my belt , my breathing picked up .

“ let me feel ?” He some what questioned although he continued to undo my pants . Sticking his finger down my panties , he slid his index finger up and down my wetness .

Moaning lowly ,” Tyga ”

“ shhh . Don’t be too loud or we gonna get caught ” he warned . Nodding my head , he went back to sucking on my neck . Slowly slipping his finger inside me , my head flew back in pure ecstasy , making my mouth fall ajar.

“ you like that shit ? ” he asked moving his finger in and out of me a little faster . Nodding really fast , I bit my finger to hold everything in . Bucking my hips against his finger , he entered another one , adding more pleasure .

“ Fuck baby ” I moaned really loud . Pulling out , he rammed his fingers into me “ I said don’t make no noise ” he gritted . Grabbing the back of his neck , I wasn’t trying to hear what he was saying I was just trying to cum .

“ faster baby ” I moaned . Riding his fingers a bit faster , I felt it right at the tip . Gesturing his fingers in a “ come here” motion , I came all over them . Shaking against his fingers , I road out my orgasm . Pulling his fingers out , he stuck them in my mouth to suck my juices off . Sucking them off his fingers , he pulled them out .

Standing to my feet , I pulled up my pants and buttoned them back up . My panties are so ruined I thought to myself . ” let’s go before you miss half of the game ” I said once I noticed we’ve been missing for 30 minutes . ” you right let’s go ” he sighed standing up as well .

Opening the door , the bright light blinded me . Walking out , Tyga wrapped his arms around my waist as I led the way to the main court. Strutting over to where Emily was sitting court side , Tyga still held on to me . Once we got there , I sat in a vacant seat . ” gimme kiss ” he muttered . Looking up at him , I pecked his lips . Smiling , he winked and jogged over to where his team mates were sitting .

“ what’s them damn marks on your neck ” Emily pointed out . Feeling all over my neck , I pulled out my camera to look at it . No no no no no no , this was not happening . My whole neck was decorated in his love marks . If Chris see this I’m so fucking dead . Burying my face in my hands I sat there asking myself what did I just do .


I was in the closet picking out a outfit to wear for tonight. We are going to the club ,Then probably Waffle House or IHOP afterwards. Them late night Waffle House sessions be the truth.

& I might even stay the night with Patriece . I mean why not. Jay is at a game & probably not coming home till late or early in the morning. Mariah is busy with her little boo thing. And after aug left earlier. He told me he would be back but I was like oh I’m going out with my friends.

This nigga got the nerve to say” what friends we going out with bae.?” I couldn’t help but laugh at him. So I told him maybe next time not this time though. I don’t want august around my friend until I know that he’s really in this with me because I don’t need him trying to get at my friends behind my back .

Here I go thinking of the worst ,” exis get it together . He only wants you ” I coached myself as I stood in front my mirror . Sighing , I pushed any negative thoughts to the back of my head .

Licking over my lips , I continued to search through my closet to find something to wear .sighing out of frustration , i stomped to my second closet to find hope .smiling , I found this cute black dress,some red bottoms,& all gold accessories.

Now that’ I Got that out the way , it’s time to freshen up & get ready . Pulling out my bucket of curling I irons , I plugged them all up and pulled out my hair products . Taking my Maracan coconut oil shampoo and conditioner out , I stepped into my already running shower .

Stepping underneath the shower head , I let got water wet my hair and hit my bare skin . Jumping back a little from the heat , I slowly stepped back under . Grabbing my shampoo , I squirted a big glob on top of my head . Rubbing the delicious smelling shampoo through my head , I groaned as my fingers massaged my scalp oh so magically .

30 minutes of just hair and face care while in the shower , I finally washed my body and got out . Patting my face dry , I wrapped the towel around my body and walked into my room . Prancing over to the dresser , I pulled out a red undergarment set from Victoria secret that august bought me on valentines day .

Applying lotion to my legs , I made sure to catch my feet as well as the back of my leg really well . Just because you’re light skin , it doesn’t mean you don’t get ashy or people can’t see your ash . After I finished moisturizing my body , I went back into the bathroom so I can get started on my hair .

Putting my hair in 4 different knots , I started at the back with my big curls and slowly made my way to the front . By the time I was finished my poor arms were cramping . Cutting off my curling irons , I fluffed my big curls out .

Scooting on down to my makeup section , I went with a more dramatic look on my eyes than I normally would do . Applying my primer that august got me from Mac , with the help of jay , I then applied my select cover up. Looking at my Michael Kors watch , it was going on 8:30 .

“ shit I have to move faster ” quickly throwing on a little bit of eyeliner , my eyeshadow and mascara , I ran into my room and got dressed . Slipping my feet into my red bottoms , I fixed my self up in the mirror . Grabbing my diamond studs , I placed them in my ear one by one. Satisfied with how I look , I grabbed my keys off the key rack and jetted out the house .


Pulling up at Patriece’s house , I did a double take in the mirror before hopping out. Walking up to the door I used my spare key to let my self in. Closing the door , I noticed she got some new furniture in the foyer . Walking into the main part of her house , she was no where in sight .

“Patriece ” I yelled letting my presence be known.

“Upstairs in the bathroom ” she said.
Walking into the bathroom I seen her applying more make-up to her face. Taking the makeup out of her hand , I put it in her makeup kit .

“ you look fine just the way you are . Keep putting makeup on and you’re gonna look like a clown ” I said nicely closing up her bucket .

Nodding ,” you’re right thanks baby ”

“No problem, ready ? ” I asked with a cute smile . A bitch was ready to turn up and get tipsy .

“ More ready than I’ll ever be "she stated, outing the light and walking downstairs .

"Okay let’s go we taking your car right. ?”

“ Uhh yea lets take the Camaro. ” she muttered locking her door and opening the garage . Waiting for the stage to fully open I said “Ok ” before hopping in the passenger seat of the maro that was blacked out .

Waiting for to get inside the car , I put the keys in the ignition and found a popping radio station to help me get a little hype before we got there . Pulling my dress down a little , I thought of how august would react if he seen me in this dress right now . Licking over my lips , I contemplated on sending him a picture or not .

Going against it , I thought about how he’s not gonna control what I wear when I go out . I let phat do that shit and it always resulted in an argument and I’m not trying to have too many of those with august and I . I wanna be able to have a relationship where he knows that’s he’s the only one I want and no matter where I go or what I wear , my eyes are on him only and I’m ignoring who’s ever eyes are on me .

Lately I’ve been thinking bout this relationship shit and if it will take a wrong turn . I really hope not because if it do , I think I’ll be done with relationships for good . For some strange reason I feel like my conscious is trying to tell me something .

What if august turns out to be like the man on that movie I was watching on lifetime earlier ? Mentally slapping myself at how stupid I would sound if I said that out loud , I let it go . Don’t want to jenix myself . Licking over my plump lips , I blocked out any other negative thoughts about august and I .

” You good ? ” Patriece asked me stopping at the red light , I didn’t even notice that we had done pulled off . That’s how deep in thought I probably was .

“ yea I’m okay. Just ready to turn up ” I yelled ratchetly . Laughing at my childish antics , she raised the volume on lil boosies “ show the world ” that was actually my shit at the moment . As we sung and rapped along to every song we knew that came on the radio , we were at our destination in no time .

Getting out the car , I pulled my dress down and grabbed my clutch . Hearing some one whisper ” damn ” from behind me , I rolled my eyes and kept it moving .” Handle that valet boy ” Patriece said as she threw her keys .

“ excuse me ” I said calmly to the guys who were blocking the entrance to stop us from getting in . I’m assuming one of them mumbled damn while my back was turned and considering the nigga with the yellow teeth keep eyeing me , it was probably him .

“ what are you fine ladies doing here all alone tonight ? ” he questioned with a wide smile showing his fat gap . Scrunching up my face , I scoffed at the fact of him thinking it was okay to blow his breath in my face while it was stank .

“ look can you move . We just trying to get in ” Patriece said with her hands on her hips. I could tell she was losing her patience with these wanna be pimps .

“ when you give us your number then you get in the club . We all just wanna have a little fun . I’m emerald ” the guy who was eyeing me introduced himself .

“ and I’m not interested now I suggest you move before I pull my tazor out and taze your ass ” I threatened . Holding his hands up in defense , him and his boys backed away from the door .

“ that’s all you had to say lil mama . Have a good night ” fake smiling , I gladly walked passed them while holding on to Patriece’s hand .

Swaying my hips as I swerved in and out of the crowd , The club was really poppin tonight. Walking up the steps to VIP , our bottles of ace , strawberry Ciroc , and Hennessy was already on the table waiting for us surrounded by other alcohol .

Pouring some of my Ciroc in a shot glass , I waited for Patriece to pour her Hennessy in hers . Lifting our glasses , we made a toast to going out . We haven’t had a girls night in like forever so us getting out tonight feels good .

Throwing back our shots , that’ familiar burning sensation burned the back of my throat as well as my chest as it went down . Scrunching up my face for a second , I licked my lips . Sitting my glass down , Patriece poured herself another shot.

“ you not drinking no more girl ? ” she questioned , throwing her second one back . Shaking my head no , I didn’t feel like yelling over the music then losing my voice . One of us had to be the designated driver and with her starting off like she is , she won’t be the driver so I need to be sober .

“ boo you stink ” she stuck her tongue out.

Waving her off ” AYEEEE my bad bitch ” I yelled as I seen Taylor walk up in VIP. Patriece must have invited her and I’m glad she did cause I missed my tutu.

“ wassam boo ” we said at the same time as soon as she came over the ropes . Now that The real turn up queens were here we really finna Cut up . Shrugging my shoulders , two or there more shots won’t hurt me none , I’ll just drink a bottle of water .

Taking a shot with the girls , I shook my head to shake the burning sensation . ” ahh ” I mumbled while rubbing my chest . Looking over at Patriece and taylor they were both laughing at me because no matter what I’ll never get use of that burning sensation . Waving them off , one of my favorite reggae songs came on .

“ let’s go dance ” I yelled to them over the music . Nodding their heads we made our way down to the dance floor . Walking over to a vacant spot , I started winding my hips before slightly twerking . Pulling my dress down some , the Jamaican side of me came out as I popped , twerked and bounced .

Before I could really get into the song , the DJ hand changed it to Kstylis ” booty me down ” causing the girls and I to get turnt. Thank god I wore shorts under my dress because the way I was dancing would be unacceptable if I didn’t . Feeling someone eyes on me , j looked around trying to see who it was .

My eyes landed on emerald , the guy from the door who was watching me with a smile . Smirking , I danced harder just because I had something I knew he wanted but wasn’t gonna get. All this was for august and august only . Sticking my middle finger up at him , I turned around , bent over and shook my ass purposely .

After dancing for a good two hours straight I was wore out and everyone was hungry as a bitch . Shit You would be too if you danced like we dance . We danced to all types of music . Hip hop , twerk , pop , dance & even slow jams . Now I ain’t never heard of no one playing slow jams in a club but hey it’s whatever .

Grabbing my shoes from under the table , I slipped them back on to my feet . You had me fucked up if you thought I would twerk with my red bottoms on . Oh no ma’am . Groaning from the swelling of my feet , I couldn’t wait to get to the car .

“ which restaurant we going to ? ” they asked looking at me . Waiting a few seconds , I thought about where we could go that would be quick , fast and close .

“ I say we should go to Waffle House cause it was the closet one by . ” I nodded my head in the direction of it as we walked out of the club . Taylor responded with “cool” and strutted her way over to her car to follow behind .

Standing on the side walk , I impatiently waited for the valet man to bring Patriece’s car around . Taking off my shoes once again , I started whining . My feet were killing me and I could use a good foot rub . Finally the man drove around in her car and got out . In no time I was in the passenger seat with my right foot on my lap massaging it .

“ damn your shit swole . What happened ? ” Patriece asked peeling out of the parking lot . Shrugging my shoulders , I didn’t know what happened it just ? Happened . Sitting back , I continued to work my hands, trying to take away some of the tension but it wasn’t working .

Whining like a little baby , I txtd august telling him to come over so he can rub my baby feet and put me to sleep . Wiping my eyes , I actually was crying and didn’t know why . Sighing , I looked out the window and watched the rain fall . I swear Cali weather is so bipolar . How it go from hot as hell to cold and raining .

Pulling up to Waffle House Patriece got out and went got the food since my feet hurt and I don’t feel like walking . Unlocking my phone , I told her what to order for me , my usual: waffles,cheese grits,& bacon. Just thinking about it made my mouth water . Shit was finna bang but I knew I wasn’t gonna eat it all , just save the rest for later .

“ aww my poor tutu ” I pouted as Patriece got soaked . Turning up the heat so she wouldn’t get sick , I reached over and opened the door for her to get in . Handing me the bags of food and my drink , I sat it in the cup holder .

“ stupid ass rain ” she fussed taking her now wet swede pumps off , throwing them to the back . Chuckling , she was really fussing at the Rain as if it could talk back or some shit .

“ my house or yours ? ” she asked .

“ your house . It’s closer ” I muttered eating my grits . I wasted no time with fucking my grits up . They’re nasty once they get cold and you have to rewarm them .

Nodding her head , we Pulled up to her house in no time . Parking her car in the garage next to her drop top candy apple red Benz , she closed the garage up as we got out. Taking her key out her purse , we headed towards the door so we could get settled in.

Stepping inside the house I told her put my food up in the microwave and ill get it later. For some reason I was extremely tired. Walking upstairs to the room that i occupied when ever i was here , I changed into a polo vneck & some basketball shorts. Throwing on some fuzzy socks so my feet wouldn’t get cold , I climbed into the big California king bed . As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.


This narbone game vs our school was finna be popping as fuck tonight. I’m knowing they gon have some bad bitches in the arena tonight and I’m honestly ready to bag a lil shorty up and get my dick wet . It’s been a good minute and a nigga need a good stress reliever .

Pulling up at the school. I parked my BMW ready to watch this game & see who wins. Hopefully we do cause I have a bet on this game. I walked in & the first person I spotted was jay & it look like she got on a shirt with that niggas name on the back.

This girl here bruh , lemme just try and keep my cool for the remainder of this game . I wasn’t suppose to catch feelings for this girl yet I still kind of did . She’s technically not my girl , more of Caden’s girl since he’s the one who want her more than I do .

The plan was , I get her for him and let him out when ever she’s around . Lately , I haven’t been able to do that and I’ve been fighting to keep Caden inside . Feelings for Jaylin built up out of no where and I actually wanna take it some where with her other than just ” hi and bye ” . Tf is that shit ?

Then on top of that the shit Caden p-” what it do breezy  ? ” all my niggas came and dapped me up before taking a seat in the bleachers , knocking me out of my ranting thoughts .

“ Whaddup ” I nodded my head still focused on Jaylin , while dapping Brandon down. She was talking and laughing it up with Emily like what she had on was cool .

“ you see your girl over there sporting that nigga Tyga huh ? ”

“ yea nigga . We was suppose to be cool now he all up on my bitch ” I spat .

“ what you gonna do about it nigga ?”

“ niggah ion know .. Lemme get my thoughts together ”

All I wanted to do right now was focus on the game . Even though I ain’t fucking with Tyga no more , I’m still hoping him and Charles come to the after party with us as well as bring home the big trophy .

Licking over my lips , I watched in anticipation as Tyga ran full speed down the court and passed the ball for Charles to shoot . Standing up , I crossed my arms and waited to see what his next move would be . Placing my hands on top of my head , I continued to watch as Charles shot the ball and received nothing but net .

Jumping and hollering like a crazy animal , me and my niggas dapped each other off with so much excitement . ” yo that shit was crazy ” I yelled . Still jumping up and down I looked at the score board . 50-48 , I’m not gonna stunt narborne is good af .

The buzz ringing in my ear indicated It was now half time and I got up to take a well needed piss and get me something to drink . As I was walking to the bathroom some fine ass shorty approached me . Swerving her shit , I continued to march my way to the bathroom .

Busting through one of the empty stalls , I released jr out of my true religion jeans and let him do one of the things he do best , release . Tilting my head back , I groaned in satisfaction of letting out hours worth of piss . Shaking him , I made sure it all was out before zipping up my jeans .

Using my foot to flush the toilet , I walked out the stall & washed my hands . With my elbow , I pushed the handle down to get some paper towels so I can dry my hands . Throwing away my trash , I stuck my hand through the ‘germ free’ handle . Call me what you want but one thing I cannot stand is another niggas germs on me . Niggas shit and not wash they hands . That’ fucking shit is gross and unacceptable .

Walking out , I continued on my journey to the main lobby where the snacks were held .while Standing in the snack line I heard Jaylin talking . Picking my head up there she was waiting for some nachos and on the phone .

Huffing , that shirt was pissing me the fuck off . Is she gon dress up for me like that when football season come around ? Or is she just gon sit in the stands like a lil lost ass puppy .

Shaking my head , she made her way out the line and back to the gym . Getting every thing I needed for me & my niggas. I made my way back as well .

“ so you gonna let her walk away like that ?” The voice in my head spoke . Caden has been fighting to get out for the longest but I tried my best to keep him under control . Ima need to start taking my medicine again cause this forceful shit ain’t working for me .

“ you need to get her Chris . She’s the only medicine you can take . I need her ” his voice boomed through my head .

“ shut up ” I yelled causing everyone to look at me as if I was crazy .

“ sorry ” I mumbled making my way inside the gym .

“ good looking bruh ” Brandon said taking his skittles out my hand. Nodding my head , I mumbled “ no problem ” .Settling down in my seat , I popped open my bag of Doritos.

Once again I found myself Looking around for Jaylin . Soon my eyes landed on her leaning all on tyga While Charles had Emily all on his lap. Grinding my teeth together , I slammed my fist into the bag of chips , crumbling them all .

“ your girl wilding son ” Scooter laughed in my face . This shit wasn’t funny at all . This shit was embarrassing . Embarrassing to me because I’m being laughed at . And one thing Christopher Maurice brown will not tolerate is being laughed at , at all .

Rubbing up and down my face , I sighed loudly . She making me look so bad infront my niggas son .Waiting for the game to start up again , I practiced my breathing exercises. This shit wasn’t working . I gained a strong headache and I knew what was happening . The bad thing about it is I can’t stop it and I Won’t .


“Shit I’m free ” I mumbled to myself as I checked my surroundings . Oh yea we at the basketball game . Where the fuck is Jaylin ? I scanned the court for her until my eyes landed on them boys that led me to where she was .

Seeing Tyga and Charles run back on to the court to start playing again , I made my way over to Jaylin . Licking my lips , her thighs looked nice and thick in them skin tight jeans but now wasn’t the time to be getting horny.

Stepping in front them , I looked Emily up and down . She looked iight ,not better than my baby tho . ” wassup Emily ” I would fuck the shit out that white girl tho , I swear I would .

“ yo ” she simply said not even making eye contact with me . Oh well I’ll deal with that later .

“ yo Jay can I talk to you for a minute ? ” I asked in the nicest way possible .

Looking up at me ,” I’m trying to watch the game ” she mumbled as she turned her attention back to the court .Leaning in closer to her , I squeezed her sides and whispered in her ear .

“ I advise you to come with me or shit can get real critical up in here ” I said with venom laced in my voice. I didn’t have time for her shenanigans . I wanted to handle straight business and let her know what it is .

Looking at her face , it read nothing but fear . Good ! Narrowing my eyes at her , she still couldn’t get the clue . Sinking my nails into her skin , I made sure to rip some off . Kissing her lips , I bit em extra hard , drawing blood . That’s when I noticed the passion marks on her neck .” You let this nigga suck on my shit too ? Getcho stupid ass up ” I spat

Whimpering in my ear , ” I’ll come with you . Just stop squeezing my sides ” letting her sides go , I rubbed them to sooth the pain .

“ say bye to Emily ” I demanded lowly before kissing behind her ear . Nodding slowly , she gathered her purse and pulled out her jacket , along with her phone inside Of it .

“ I’ll be right back Em ” Jay said to Emily . Shaking her head she sat back in her seat and kept her eyes on Charles . I don’t know why she said she’ll be back , cause she won’t . I just hope she knows that .

“ let’s go ” I said walking ahead of her . Walking through the main lobby , she was slowly walking behind . Balling up my fist , I was getting angrier and angrier by the minute. Walking out to my car I had a death grip on her arm. We was about to settle this bullshit .

“ Fuck Chris you’re hurting me ” she whimpered . Little did she know I wasn’t Chris right now I was Caden .

“ shut the fuck up and get in the car ” I mumbled pushing her in . Walking over to the drivers side , I started up the car and pulled off .

“ where are we going ? ” she asked suddenly . Silence . Silence was all she got until we got farther out .

“ why the fuck you sporting this nigga Jay ? ” I yelled ignoring her question .

“ no I got a better question . Why the fuck he kissing and leaving marks on what’s mine ?” I growled , pushing at her neck .

“ I’m not about to argue with you over him and keep ya fuckin hands off me ” she shook her head . Slapping her thigh , she was was really testing me .

“ yes the fuck you will , why you all up in his face ” she ignored me .

“ you wanna ignore me now ? Iight ” pulling over , I swung & her head hit against the window. Looking at the damage done , I was pleased with it . I’m not chris , I’m not nice . I’ll make your life a depression . No matter if I like you or not .

“ now fucking answer me ” I said calmly . Putting the car in park , I waited for her to give me an answer . Wiping the blood from off the side of her face with her t-shirt , she looked at me with hate in her eyes . Something I wanted to avoid but I obviously fucked up .

“ so you not gon talk and tell me how you feel ? Cool , I’ll bring your stupid ass back where you came from . ” I mumbled . Putting the car back in drive , I sped off back in the direction of the school .

“ don’t know why I try to make it work with you . You don’t fucking care about me . Swear I wish I never met you ” I spat speaking off of emotions .

“ don’t say that because you don’t know how I feel ” She defended .

“ I’m trying . I’m fucking trying to understand how you feel but you won’t tell me . All you wanna do is be all up in tygas face but when you found out I had got a girlfriend you wanted to be all salty , this your fault . You caused this . Don’t know why you that nigga friend no way . He don’t mean you no good ” I yelled , speaking how a nigga truly felt .

“ YOU DONT TELL ME WHO I CAN FUCKING TALK TO CHRIS !! YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND SO LET ME HAVE A FUCKING FRIEND . STOP BEING SUCH A JEALOUS ASS NIGGA . I HA-” she was cut off by something strong and powerful crashing into the car .

Placing my hand over her to stop any movements of her going through the windshield , I felt something hit up against my side .

Feeling the car swerve In different types of directions , I heard screaming . But I couldn’t keep my eyes open to see where it was coming from or what was going on.

Looking over at Jaylin with the little bit of strength I did have left , I was able to see that she was already passed out . Rubbing my thumb over her cheek , I mumbled ” I love you ” . Slowly , my eyes shut completely and that’s when everything went black .