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Seth Rollins - Prompt #80

Prompt: “Does he know about the baby?”
Requested: by Anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1700+
y/s/n: your sons name
y/t/n: your twitter name

It had been just over 6 months since the birth of your baby boy and you were making your return to smackdown tonight. Not a lot of people even knew you were pregnant. You had injured your knee and that’s when you found out you were 9 weeks pregnant so you just told everyone that your injury left your future in jeopardy. The only people that knew were Renee, Dean, Maryse and potentially Mike if Maryse told him. They are your closest friends, Renee and Maryse even made it out to Florida for the birth. 

You arrived at the arena in a blacked out car. Renee and Maryse met you in the parking lot. They quickly helped you and y/s/n into a private locker room where Dean and Mike were waiting for you. Your return was going to be a surprise. You hoped the crowd was still on a high from Wrestlemania 33 and that they remembered who you were. 

“Let me see him!” Maryse cheered taking the blanket off the baby carrier to reveal your sleeping baby. “My god he is cute!”

“You better start some procreation of your own” you smirked nudging Mike 

“I mean we have enough practice” He smirked back at you

“Speaking of the baby…Does he know about the baby?” Dean asked 

“Way to bring down the mood Dean” Renee mumbled 

“Well sorry. But he’s still my friend and I still believe you should tell him. Do you know how hard it has been to keep it from him?” Dean sighed “He asks about you a lot” 

He being Seth. You boyfriend, even your fiance at one point in time. Everything had been great, you had the perfect relationship. Everyone warned you about him when you came up from NXT. He didn’t have a great record in relationships. So you played hard to get and made him chase you for an entire year before you caved and went on a date. Everyone said that you changed Seth, and for the better. He was a nicer person outside the ring and worked hard inside the ring. After two and a half years together, he asked you to marry him in front of a house show crowd. It wasn’t until a year later that everything went south for your relationship. Ideally, you would have gotten married in a matter of months but both of your schedules were hectic so it was going to be some time before you were able to get married. 2 months before your wedding your world went from the happiest it could have been to the lowest of the low. You hurt your knee and was taken to a hospital where you found out you were pregnant. Seth was on a different leg of an overseas tour and was going to be coming home in two days. You were so excited to tell him and decided to do it in person. 

However, that didn’t happen.

Renee found you the day before Seth came home and showed you some photos that had surfaced online. It was Seth and a bunch of random girls that you had never seen before. They were all of him and he was grabbing them and kissing them. Your world fell around you and you told Renee about the baby. Within 24 hours, Dean, Renee, Maryse and Mike helped moved all of your stuff out of the home you and Seth shared into Dean and Renee’s house. The next day when Seth came home it was basically world war 3. A lot of yelling, a lot of crying on your side and a lot of begging on Seth’s side. He said that he was drunk and that he was sorry but you just couldn’t do it, so you left and never saw him again and never told him you were pregnant. 

When the draft happened you were pregnant with only the people who needed know knew, you were drafted to smackdown with Dean, Renee, Maryse and Mike while Seth was on raw with Roman. Seth tried to meet up with you to talk but it never happened. You made sure about it. You kept your pregnancy out of the media as well so he had no idea.  

“You realise next week is the superstar shake up right?” Mike said “He might get moved to smackdown or you might go to raw” 

“Or both might happen and we won’t be on the same brand still and he won’t have to know” you shrugged. “Ryse will you watch y/s/n while I’m out there?” 

“Of course!” Maryse beamed

“I forgot how amazing that felt!” You cheered coming back through the curtain hugging the other women in the division. None of them knew you were coming back let alone in the building so when you went out there they were all shocked. 

“They loved you out there” Alexa smiled 

“You didn’t miss a beat! Knee feeling okay?” Nattie asked 

“Uh yeah it feels good” you smiled, if only they knew that your knee injury was fine a month after you were injured. 

“So we have to go out to celebrate” Becky smiled “Not only the return of y/n but also the fact that were not all gonna be here next week” 

“I would ladies but uh…I can’t. First night back and I’m really tired” you lied. It took some convincing but you were able to weasel your way out of it. You didn’t stay for the rest of the show. You took y/s/n back to the hotel, still able to keep him away from prying eyes amazingly. 

That night, your son slept perfectly, yourself… not so much. You barely got any sleep. At about 3 am you decided to get on twitter and see what the world thought about your return. 

@RomanReigns - She’s back! @y/t/n you killed it 
@WWEEMMA - Can’t wait for this shake-up, hopefully I’ll be brought back to my girl @y/t/n
@SashaBanks - yess girl! @y/t/n 

You kept scrolling through twitter when a tweet caught your eye. Seth. 

@SethRollins - get to see @y/t/n back out there. She hasn’t missed a beat in nearly 2 years xx

Should you reply? You hadn’t really been keeping up with his career or life over the two year. You knew he got injured, came back and got injured again and won his match against triple h at WrestleMania but other that you didn’t know anything. You decided to leave it and turn to reality tv to help you sleep. 

“Thank you, everyone for meeting with us today” Triple H said standing in front of a small group of talent that included Dean, Maryse and Mike. 

“Why are we here?” You asked 

“Well as you know you, the superstar shake up is this week and you guys are the ones being moved” 

“Oh god” You mumbled as you looked at the raw people who were going to Smackdown. Kevin Owens, Charlotte, The New Day, Rusev, Lana, Sami Zayn, The Shining Stars, Sin Cara, Jinder Mahal and Tamina. No Seth. That meant he was staying on raw and I was going to raw. I grabbed Maryse’s hand “He’s gonna find out, I’m going to have to tell him” 

“It’ll be okay” Maryse rubbed your hand “We’ll be there for you” 

We had to stay for a few more moments before we were dismissed. 

“Maybe it’s time he knows” Dean shrugged “I know he was a dick but y/s/n is his son too, he has a right to know” 

“He wasn’t a dick, he was thinking with his dick. He doesn’t deserve anything” you hissed. That night you held y/s/n close to your chest. Your mind raced with the worst possible things that could happen when Seth found out. He could yell, he could try and take your son away from you or what you thought would be worse is that you open your mind to letting Seth be a part of your son’s life and he rejects the idea…

The next day you headed to raw with the rest of the smackdown crew. You were all being given a private locker room to share meaning they were about to find out about y/s/n. Everyone was pretty shocked. Mickie went straight into mummy mode and Alexa was all over him. They also all promised to keep the secret as well, which was nice of them. 

You, Alexa and Mickie made you way back through the curtain after it was revelaved that you were on raw. You stayed in gorilla to get interviews done for and the youtube channel. Although you wish you hadn’t because that was where you ran into Seth. You had thought when you saw Seth for the first time face to face you might have felt angry or sad or even love but you felt nothing. 

“Hey y/n” 

“Hey Seth” you smiled at him. If he was going to find out about y/s/n sooner or later you were at least going to be cevil with him before he found out. Your eyes widen as you heard crying and over Seth’s shoulder you saw Bray Wyatt walking towards you with your son. 

“I’m so sorry y/n he won’t stop crying and Dean wasn’t there, or Mike, or Maryse and I didn’t know how to help” He said. He looked really worried as if he had done something wrong. You smiled and took y/s/n from Bray. 

“It’s okay, Bray he probably just missed me. You didn’t do anything wrong” You smiled “Thank you” Bray nodded and headed off. 

“W-W-Who’s this?” Seth stared at the baby in your arms 

“This is y/s/n” you said biting your lip calming him down. 

“Is he…is he….” he was in shock, he just couldn’t get the words out.

“Is he yours?” you asked, Seth nodded “um.. yeah he is” 

“We’re so sorry y/n!” Maryse said running up with Mike and Dean “they pulled us for interviews we were gone for like 2 minuets” 

“Its okay guys” you reasured them. 

“They knew?” Seth asked 


“Dean you knew? And didn’t tell me?” 

“Look man I’m sorry. It was her choice I couldn’t go behind her back and tell you” Dean said 

“I understand Mike not telling me bu you, You’re my friend…” 

“And so is y/n and she is Renee’s best friend too” Dean said 

“I can’t believe this” Seth shook his head “I can’t do this” and with that Seth walked away. 

Guess who’s back - Montgomery de la Cruz

Request: Can I get a Monty imagine? Where they had a short fling then didn’t see each other all summer. Back at school they see each other again and can’t help but have feelings for each other. Ending fluffy plz

Word count: 1173

Pairing: Montgomery de la Cruz x reader


Originally posted by knightlley

You were finally back home after two months of travelling through Europe. You had seen the most amazing places like Lisbon and Switzerland. Europe was so much cooler than America, they were more laid back and the cities were more beautiful. You were distracted by all the messaged on your phone when you were unpacking. Everybody wanted to know how your trip wen. You decided to answer them another time. You were tired and went to sleep very early. School started again tomorrow and you couldn’t skip class on day one.

Walking in school felt better than you expected. You were so happy to see everybody again. You had to catch up on so much that happened during the summer and everyone wanted to catch up about your Europe trip.

It was lunch time, when you walked in the cafeteria you saw your group of friends sitting together.

“Y/N! here!” Sheri shouted at you. You smiled and walked towards her. With her were Jess and Justin.

After a couple of minutes more people joined your table including Montgomery de la Cruz.

Before you left you had a one night stand with him after a party. Your ride home bailed on you and you didn’t want to wake your parents so you slept at Montgomery’s house. The one led to the other and before you knew it sex happened. Even tho you were a little drunk it was a night you would never want to forget. The things Monty could with his body were thing you’ve never experienced before. You always thought Montgomery was very hot and you thought he was a really nice guy but since you were leaving you decided to let it be. You left not very long after and didn’t hear from him during your trip. You had to admit you missed him more than your other friends but you didn’t give meaning to the feeling.

Montgomery sat next to you. “Well that’s been a long time!” he says while a smile appears on his face. You had to admit you were weak for Montgomery, even more after what happened. You started to blush.

“You look cute like that.” Montgomery whispers in your ear. You smile even more when suddenly you’re interrupted by Jess.

“Come one y/n tell us everything about Europe!”

So you started to tell about the beaches, the cute cities, the delicious food and the sweet people. You felt Montgomery’s eyes burn into your cheeks but you were too shy to look at him.

“And how were the boys?” Sheri asks. You didn’t know how to answer this question. All this time in Europe you didn’t even look at one guy. They weren’t your type and you didn’t feel the need to look at them? You missed someone else way harder there.

“Meh nothing special.” you say.

“Really? No steamy one night stands?” Jess asks

In the corner of your eye you see Montgomery’s jaw clench. Was he getting jealous?

“I’ll have to disappoint you girls, but no no one night stands.”

Before you knew it the bell rang and you had to get back to class. You had biology, not one of your favourites so you decided so sit at the back of the class. Suddenly you felt your phone vibrate. It was a text from Montgomery.

“Can I see you tonight? 8 pm at my place? –M”

“Why? – y/n”

“Don’t ask so much questions, yes or no? –M”

“Well yess, I guess? –y/n”

“Great! –M”

You lightened up completely even tho it was a little weird. What was he planning and why were you feeling so happy? It was just Montgomery, but maybe that was just the thing.


“I’m leaving mom! I’ll be home before 11!” you shout while walking out the door and heading over to Monty’s.

You rang when his mom opened the door. you weren’t expecting that.

“Oh hello miss. I’m y/n. I’m here for Montgomery?”

“Of course! Come in, I think he’s still doing some homework but you can go upstairs if you like? He’s room is the second door on your right.”

Montgomery and homework? That’s a strange combination you thought by yourself but you decided to ignore it and just go upstairs.

When you came at the second door you knocked.

“I’m busy mom!” you heard Montgomery scream

“Well it’s not your mom, can I come in?”

Suddenly a wild Monty appears with a big smile.  “Sorry! Come in.”

“So now tell me, why did you want to see me? I’ve been thinking about the whole day” you ask.

“I really need to tell you something important y/n..” Monty says quietly.

“So shoot?” you say while getting a little nervous. You were wondering about it all day and every time you send him a question about it he just said he would explain it later.

“Well.. so… here it goes..” Monty stutters out.

“God damn it just say it Mont.”

“Okay okay calm down. So what I was trying to say is.. I love you y/n. Everything that happened that night, it meant so much to me. I felt so good with you but since you left I thought I could forget you but seeing you today everything just came back and-“

You didn’t even listen anymore you just crashed your lips against his. Everything he said described perfectly how you felt the entire time. You missed Montgomery but as more as a friend. He was the reason you didn’t look at other guys in Europe.

“I love you too Montgomery.” You whisper your forehead still touching his.

His face lights up and he picks you up while you wrap your legs around his waist and spins you around..

“I’m so happy you feel the same. At lunch when they asked about other boys I started to feel so jealous. The thought of someone else having you made me crazy so I knew I had to tell you.”

“And I’m happy you did.” You smile at Montgomery before you pull him in for a deep passionate kiss.

After, you laid in bed with him cuddling and watching your favourite series. His grip was strong around your waist. It felt like he would never let go of you. He constantly gave you kisses going from your forehead to your neck. You felt so safe in his arms. this was everything you’ve been wanting for the couple months you just didn’t accept the feelings because you thought he had long forgot about you. You texted your mom letting her know you were sleeping somewhere else because you were slowly falling asleep in Montgomery’s arms when suddenly Montgomery started to whisper in your ear.



“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“There is nothing I want more in the world right now Montgomery.”

Let me know what you think! 

PS I read the requests, but I’m going to answer after I start working on it! xx

My Hero - James McAvoy x Reader

Prompt: can you do one with the are you flirting with me prompt from that list you posted with james mcavoy? maybe you guys meet at a party or something???

A/N: Yess! Love McAvoy! - this was originally part of the Christmas thing i was doing but I missed the posting day, then it was going to be posted New Years Eve but I hadn’t finished it so… here it is! Hope you like it!

Originally posted by endingthemes

It was New Year’s Eve; once again you were planning to spend it at home, alone. That was the way you liked it, your friends didn’t seem to understand even though you had told them countless times. You just couldn’t work out why one of them was stood at your door, waiting for you to get ready to go out.

“Come on Y/N!” Your best friend pleaded, hands on your shoulders and a desperate look in their eyes. “Please? I’ll be fun, I promise!”
You stood there for a moment, running through your options. As far as you could tell, you had two. The first, go out, meet up with the rest of your friends and bring in the New Year surrounded by the people you love. The second would be to say no thanks and go back to the film you were trying to watch. “Fine, give me ten!” you reluctantly gave in, allowing your friend to enter while you went to get changed out of your pyjamas.
“Yes!” your friend cheered, “I knew I could get you to cave.”
You shook your head as you walked away; they always knew how to wrap you around their finger.

Once you were ready, the two of you called for a taxi and headed off to the bar to meet up with the rest of your friends. You had barely even walked through the door when another one of your friends had come bouncing up to you and put a drink in your hand.
“Y/N! I’m so glad you decided to come!” She shouted. The music was so loud it was almost impossible to hear anything.
“Yeah, well I figured it was time for a change in tradition” you responded at a similar volume.

Hours passed, you were being bought drinks left right and centre. You hadn’t even been up to the bar yet and you’d had too many drinks to count. “I’m getting the next round in, what do you want?” your best friend asked.
“No, no you’re not, I haven’t been up to the bar once! I’m going!” you insisted.
“If you say so!” they replied before listing everyone’s order.

You went up to the bar and put in your order. You were waiting for the bartender to pour the last few drinks when you spotted him. As far as you were aware, he hadn’t seen you but you continued to stare at him. He was just so…. handsome.
“Here’s your drinks” the bartender interrupted your thought.
“Great thanks, how much do I owe you?” you replied reaching into your bag for your purse.
“Nothing, that guy paid for them” he pointed to the handsome man opposite you who looked up, smiling and winked at you. You smiled back and nodded a thank you, picking up the tray of drinks.

You walked back to your friends carefully, trying not to spill anything.
“Okay guys” you shouted as you approached them, “here we go!” One by one, your friends collected their drinks, leaving just yours on the tray. You picked it up with your free hand and placed the tray down on the nearest table. “Hey, I’m just going to go get some fresh air” you said into the ear of the friend closest to you, gesturing to the door.
“You want some company?” they asked.
“No, no I’m good thanks. I won’t be long” you smiled and headed for the door.

You stood outside, thinking about everything that had happened that year and how in just a matter of hours it would all be behind you. The New Year was fast approaching.
“Fancy seeing you out here” said an unfamiliar voice.
“Sorry, are you talking to me?!” you questioned as you span around. “Oh, it’s you!” you smiled at the man who had paid for your drinks.
“Sorry, is it a bit weird that I followed you out here?” he asked.
“Well it wasn’t, but it is now” you laughed.
“I’m James, by the way” he smiled.
“Well James, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Y/N”
“Believe me, the pleasure is all mine”

You began to shiver. Unsure of whether it was due to his immense charm or the cold December wind, you ignored it.
“Are you cold?” he asked. “Why didn’t you bring a coat, surely by now you know how cold it is in December” he said taking off his jacket. “Here, take mine” he draped his jacket over your shoulders.
“Thank you” you smiled, “you truly are my hero!” you added with a hint of sarcasm.
He laughed. “You’re most welcome”
“Oh, also I never thanked you properly for the drinks, you really didn’t need to do that”
“How else was I going to get your attention?” he asked, “Besides, now you have to see me again to return the favour” he had a Cheshire Cat like grin on his face.
“James, are you flirting with me?” you asked in disbelief.
“I believe I am indeed flirting with you” he responded.
“Okay fine, I’ll tell you what, if you’re sober enough to put your number in my phone, I will agree to go out with you and buy you that drink” you smiled. He gestured for you to hand over your phone, you unlocked it and did so.

He began typing in the number, “there” he announced triumphantly, “done!”
“How do I know that’s your number?” you asked. Before you could finish your sentence completely, he had pressed dial. Moments later, his phone began to ring. He took it out of his pocket to show you and indeed, your number was on his screen. “Well I guess that settles it then” you smiled.
“Why don’t you let me call you instead” he proposed.
“Okay” you whispered with a smile. You took your phone back from him and looked at the time. “Shit, I’d better get back to my friends” you began to take his jacket off your shoulders.
“Keep it on” he stopped you, placing a hand on your shoulder. “I’ll come and find you at midnight; you can give it me back then.”
You dropped your head slightly; you could feel yourself going red. You lifted your head back up and nodded in agreement.

Walking away from him, you couldn’t help but smile. You made your way back over to your friends.
“Hey, where’ve you been!” your best friend asked, “and who’s jacket is that?!”
“You’ll find out” you smiled.

Sure enough Midnight rolled around; everyone was clinking glasses to the New Year. You began looking around the room for any sign of James, but you couldn’t see him anywhere. Before you could come to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to show up, you felt a pair of hands on your shoulders from behind.
“Can I have my jacket back please” he chuckled.
“I was beginning to think you had left” you responded.
“What, without seeing you again, I don’t think so” he smiled. “Happy New Year, Y/N” he said in a low voice, placing a kiss on your cheek.
“Happy New Year, James.”


Request: “Perhaps a h/c for each the Paladins being injured badly(but still conscious enough to speak), and their s/o is extremely worried about them? (Bonus Points if the Healing Chamber is broken indefinitely)”

A/N: yess i love bonus points, also these aren’t so much hcs as blurbs, but whatever. I actually got really lazy on these so the further you get to the end it gets shorter……… uherheropwqe


“C’mon baby, stay with me.” You rushed Shiro back to the castle, worry flooding your heart. You knew the healing pods weren’t in the best shape after 10,000 years and numerous attacks, but you had to try. You supported Shiro on your shoulder as you hurried down the halls. When you got to the infirmary, the pods wouldn’t open. You glared at the cracked and dusty glass for a moment, before Shiro let out a small groan of pain, which snapped you out of your furious trance. Your shaky hands reached out to him, trying to pull off his armour to see how bad it was. A relieved sigh escaped your lips. The injuries weren’t deep, there were just a lot of them. Shiro tried to speak, but his words were slurred together and dripping with pain. “Can’t get rid of me that easily.”


“I’ll be fine.”


“I said I’m FINE” Keith didn’t mean to yell, but between his worrying lover and the pain and stress, he was done. You shut your mouth and began to stitch him up, maybe a little harsher than you should have been. He winced, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to make it worse.

“I just worry about you.”

“I know. I do too.”


“Oh god, Lance are you hurt?”

“Hurt’s and understatement, babe.”

You patched Lance up, still really worried.

“You could have died, Lance!”

“Babe, I can’t die, you know that.”



“Sweetie, I’m right here.”

“Sorry, I’m panicking.”

“Don’t panic, you got this, ok?” You nodded and started to stitch him up. Afterwards, you slumped on the floor in relief.

“Told you you could do it.”

Pietro Imagine #13

Anon: Can you please write a Pietro imagine where you’re a new avenger, also enhanced, and you also have super speed and he hates it cause he’s competitive and everyone’s trying to help you control your new powers, so their attention is always on you. He always bugs you and tries to show that he’s better and you don’t know why, you’re very sensitive, shy and vulnerable, so you try your best to ignore it but it hurts you when he’s being mean cause you secretly like him and you hoped u’d be friends since u have a lot in common. when he sees you with Steve @ a party he gets super jealous, gets drunk & makes a scene.u think he’s just being an ass again but when u take him to his room he’s acting very weird, kisses u & realizes He has strong feeling foe you, then hot, passionate Pietro sex where he keeps telling you everything he loves about you I’ll love you forever !!! And could you let me know if and when you post it ?? I love your blog !!! xxxx

A/N: Yess I think I fangirled while reading this prompt!!!!! It’s so cute all of you guys that have been requesting (when the requests were open) are so creative! You guys blow my mind tbh. This was by far the most I have written on an imagine .Usually they are four pages but this was double!I really enjoyed writing it and I really hope you enjoy reading it! 

Warning: Smut, Language………..bad writing


Being new to the Avengers was tough. It wasn’t that it was hard to make friends or fit was actually really easy to fit in. They were like a family to you. It was the fact that you had the same powers as one of the avengers-Pietro. You both had the ability to run  exceedingly high speeds. The only problem with you was that you had no idea how to control them. You would stand up to walk but without even realizing it you would be running into a wall. It’s like you had no control of your legs. If you wanted to walk to your room you would manage to run there and be there within seconds, sometimes falling on the way there or hitting a body part on walls. it was hard for you to slow down. At first you thought that it would be wonderful to have someone in the tower that would be able to help you with your gift but you thought wrong.

Your powers would allow you to run at the speed of light, which permitted you to run faster than Pietro. This clearly bothered him because instead of helping you, he teased you. You understand that he may be competitive because it’s in his nature but he didn’t have to be so rude about it.

It was Thursday, movie night. You guys took turns choosing the movies and it was Thor’s turn to choose. He really enjoyed Disney movies. It was odd because he was literally a god but he enjoyed the messages behind each movie. Tonight he chose Hercules. You grabbed the popcorn out of the microwave and headed back to the living room. Everyone was already situated in the living room, Thor was with Wanda and Vision on one of the side couches on the left, on the right couch Nat, Barton, and Stark were there and that left you, Banner and Steve to sit in the middle couch. You sat down next to Steve as he smiled at you and reached for some popcorn. Stark put on the movie and you leaned back, starting to eat the popcorn as you got comfortable.

Around the middle of the movie, Pietro had decided to join you. He took a seat next to you and you blushed slightly. You couldn’t help but fall for the boy. He may be a little rude sometimes but you always thought it was because he was competitive and it was his way of being playful. You offered him some popcorn and he gladly took some, munching on it as he focused on the movie.

Pietro took you by surprise when he leaned over to your ear.

“There’s another person who can’t control his powers. You two would be great friends.” He whispered into your ear. Your face set into a frown as your gut tightened along with your heart. His words hurt. It was as if his words had wrapped around your heart and started to squeeze, much like a snake would squeeze its prey. You looked at him in awe, while he just stared at you blankly. He had no emotion on his face. You eyes started to sting, indicating that they will start watering soon. You looked away and tried to focus on something else, anything else. You focused back on the movie as you held the tears in. He left you alone for the rest of the movie, only taking popcorn but not even giving you a glance. After the movie was over everyone decided to retire to their rooms. You waited for everyone to be back in their rooms so you would reduce the chances of running into someone. You waited a few minutes before standing up yourself and running to your room.

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Promises You Can’t Keep- Part 3

*Last chapter of the series*

Summary: Peter and Y/N finally learn to love again…

Warnings: Fluff, angst?

Part One:

Part Two:

  The events of the cafeteria fiasco passed. Peter had lead me outside, to a place where he liked to be alone. My heart was racing. Liz had humiliated me. “Look, Y/N, it’s okay. Come on.” Peter said as he led me up the school attic.

     We opened a latch, that lead to the school roof. It was still the middle of the day, but we didn’t care. All we needed was each other right now. I sat at the edge, my legs dangling over the edge. Peter soon followed. That’s when I broke down. The tears started to flood again.

     Peter had noticed. He put his arm around me, pulling me closer. I sighed, burying my head in my knees. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I was the one that caused all this grief for you.” He said, looking wistful. I didn’t answer. 

     “I never had time for you. That promise I made you, I didn’t live up to it. It was my responsibility to make you happy. I- I failed.” He said, breaking at the last sentence. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled him into a bone crushing hug.

    Peter was surprised. “I’m sorry too.” I said. “What I said the last time, I don’t know what came over me. I was just so worried and sad that I barely got to see you. I was too hard on you, especially after your Uncle passed.” I said, blinking the tears away. 

    My heart skipped a beat as Peter hugged me back. “I guess we both made our own mistakes.” He whispered in my ear. My heart was racing again. But this time, it wasn’t from sadness; it was from love. I loved Peter. I just hoped that he did back.

     “I- I love you, Peter.” I whispered. His eyes widened as I said it. “But- I get it if you don’t, I mean-” But I was cut off with Peter’s lips on mine. I was surprised at his sudden gesture. But I was loving it. It felt like the moment would last forever. The feeling was wonderful… 

    We finally pulled apart for air. “I love you too, Y/N. And this time,” Peter took my hand, “I mean it.” I smiled in what felt like decades. I laughed as I pulled in again, this time happily. As he leaned back, he said, “I almost forgot!” Peter laughed. 

     “Forgot what?” I asked. Hopefully it wasn’t anything bad. I thought. “Have you ever heard of Spiderman?” Peter asked innocently. “Yeah,he’s that dude with the spider powers.” I said chuckling. “Yeah, about that…” He said nervously. “That dude is… well, me.” Peter said, doing an awkward laugh. 

     I stared at him. Then I burst into laughter. “Wow, nice one Parker.” You said looking at a confused Peter. “It’s true!” He exclaimed. Suddenly, a white rope of webbing shot from his wrist. I stopped laughing. Then he started to laugh. “Who’s the one laughing now?” Peter joked, as we both started laughing. My Peter was back.

A/N: YESS!!!!!! WE’RE FINALLY DONE! Thanks to everyone that read the story! I’m so happy we finished the series! :)


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Avoiding Physicals By Hacking [McCoy x Reader] [3]

Word Count: 1412

A/N: Yess!  It if finally done!  Be proud of me!

Tagging: @nymphadora-blurryface @newhappiness430 @buckyy3s

[Part 1] [Part 2]

—Brig—Time: Unknown

So after your physical, McCoy took the liberty of locking you up for 24 hours as part of your punishment.  You busied yourself with hand-writing a fancy apology for Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk.  You were halfway into Kirk’s when you started feeling the symptoms.  The sweating.  The restlessness.  Your faster and uneven heartbeat.

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Thank You For Fixing My Heart

Its JJ’s and the readers anniversary of when they first met and they head to London to celebrate it!

Tags: @emilyfuckingprentiss @reiding-and-writing

A/N: This is set a year after Broken Bones And A Mended Heart and is set in season 8. And yes I have decided to make a series out of this! 😂

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The early sun beamed down through your hotel windows and onto your bare arms with your girlfriend laying down beside you, her arm over your body and your head resting against her neck as you heard light footfalls come into your room and jumping onto your bed, and flopped in between you and JJ, waking the two of you up from your sleep.

“Hey there captain America! you ready for today?!” You asked tiredly but with excitement as you gave Henry a hug.

“Yep! I can’t wait to see all the museums! and also see the London Eye!! Thank you Y/N for taking me and mom here on holiday! I love London so much!” Henry explained excitedly as he tightened the hug, he had been planning everything that you three were going to do in London for the past five weeks.

“Hey Henry why don’t you go and grab the room service menu and we can choose what we have for breakfast today?” JJ said trying to convince her son to get off the bed and leave their room so that the two of you could have some time alone together.

“Okay mommy!” Henry said as he jumped off the bed and raced out of the room to look for the room service menu was as couldn’t help but laugh at his excitement.

“Good morning beautiful, do you know what day it is today?” JJ asked tiredly as she stared lovingly at you with a huge smile on her face.

“Well today is the one year anniversary of when you broke your arm.” you said teasing her as you laughed at your little joke, as JJ just looked at you shocked out your little joke and laughed at how you pretended to forget what the day is really all about.  

“And today is also day when I first met you!” JJ said chuckling as she pulled you closer and pulled you in for a sweet and passionate kiss only for your kiss to be interrupted by Henry.

“Y/N? can we order a full English breakfast please? I love them so much and you make them so well!” Henry asked sweetly giving you his cute little puppy eyes and trying his best to convince you to order it.

“Okay I’ll ordered it seeing as you asked so nicely and I can’t say no to that adorable face!” You said chuckling as you got of bed and went to grab the hotel phone and order your breakfast whilst Henry went and followed you as JJ lied down there and watched how you kind to Henry and how you were like another mother to him.

“Mommy, Y/N look! The dinosaur is so big!!” Henry shouted in excitement pointing at the skeleton of the dinosaur that was at the inside entrance of the Natural History Museum as you and JJ followed him holding hands and staying close together

“Hey babe do you know what we’re doing tonight?” JJ asked as you headed to the green zone to see the creepy crawlies and the fossils.

“Well I’ve got Emily and her girlfriend to look after Henry for us and the rest is a surprise!” you said teasing your girlfriend as you let go of her hand and ran off to Henry and lifted him up in the air.

“Hey Henry why don’t we fly over to the blue zone and see the dinosaurs? and I’ll also by you a toy from the shop there? How does that sound?!” You asked him, as the crowd of people went pass the two of you.

“Yess please! Y/N!!” Henry said his lighting up with excitement when he heard you say those words as you and JJ who had just caught up with the two of you chuckled at his sweet excitement.

You and JJ arrived at The Ledbury and sat at your seats as the waiter served  your drinks which was white wine.

“This restaurant is amazing babe! How did you know about this?” JJ asked in awe as she looked around the restaurant amazed by how it looks.

“Emily and her girlfriend told me about this place and I thought I would take you here for our anniversary!” you said remembering to thank them for all they’ve done for you and JJ. You both ordered your food, both you and JJ ordered spaghetti Bolognese and for desert you ordered a chocolate soufflé with a raspberry sauce inside that would ooze out when cut.

“The food was amazing! I’m so glad you took me there Y/N!” JJ said as she wrapped herself around your arm as you to walked in the cold January air and hailed for a taxi.

“It was, and also we’re not going back to our hotel room just yet, I have a surprise I want to show you!” You said as the two of jumped into the taxi and told the driver to head to Hyde Park.

“Okay Y/N, honey what are you planning?” JJ asked her eyes covered in a blindfold, worried about what you were going to do.

“You’ll see darling just a little further and we’re here!” You said as you dragged her round the corner and took the blindfold off of her, revealing a picnic table surrounded by fairy lights and basket that sat at the table.

“Y/N! this is amazing! How did you do this?!” JJ asked still in shock and awe of your surprise as you pulled her and sat her down at the picnic table

“Emily and her girlfriend and Henry helped me out, so whilst we were having our dinner they set this all up for us and I know what your thinking we’ve just eaten but my beautiful  sweet girlfriend there is no food in here! open it up and you’ll see what’s inside!” You said as you pushed the basket over to JJ as she opened it up and only to be shocked by what was in there.

“Y/N! you didn’t have to! I love all of these!” JJ said in shock and as she opened up each of your surprise presents and only to be met with the last one that was underneath all the over presents, it was wrapped up beautifully and delicately as JJ grabbed the present and opened it up and saw a stunning and elegant diamond necklace which she saw many months ago in a jewellery shop back home.

“How did you get this? When I saw it, it was so expensive?!” JJ asked as you went up to her and put the necklace on for her and have her kiss on the cheek as you sat back down.

“Well I knew you wanted it so I saved up and before went to London I quickly went and bought it” You said explaining your plan to her.

“Thank you so much Y/N! and seeing as we’re giving gifts, I decided to get you one and I know its not much but when you came into my life you made me and Henry so happy and I love you for that and I want to thank you because you fixed my heart Y/N, so I wanted to give you this promise ring” JJ said as she got a velvet box out of her coat pocket and showed you the promise ring, it was a small silver ring with diamonds encrusted on it.

“JJ its beautiful! Thank you so much!” You said as she put the ring on your finger and gave her a warm embrace as you pulled her in for a passionate kiss, cherishing her beautiful soft lips as she kissed you back a kiss which to you guys  lasted a lifetime. It truly was the best anniversary of your lives.

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Niall is the type of boy you would never want anything to do with but the ending might come in an unexpected twist 

Request: Would you be willing to take a smutty Niall au request? I’m hoping for something where Niall is in college and he’s a total player, getting whatever girl he wants when he wants. Y/N thinks he’s a prick, but he still manages to make her suck him off, and he’s talking arrogant and dirty while she’s doing it. I’m not looking for any kind of relationship or love between them. Just smutty, cocky, dominant Niall getting exactly what he wants lol

A/N: I hope you guys liked this, I worked hard and don’t forget to leave feed back and leave requests. Hope you enjoy. - maddy



“Isn’t he just so hot?” Y/f/n asks and nudges you too look at Niall

“Not really to be honest, he really isn’t my type” I say not paying any attention to him

“What? girl are you crazy? He is so gorgeous!” Y/f/n says pulling me down the hall so she can look at him closer

“He’s okay, he just seems like an asshole and uses all the girls he is with” I say walking in algebra 

“Yeah true, does seem like he always has a new girl following him around” Y/f/n agrees with you and walks into class with you

“Doesn’t matter anyway, he doesn’t even know who we are” I say laughing it all off

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Jeremy Gilbert Smut

Warnings: sexual content including; swearing, oral, masturbation, fingering.

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Request: Jeremy Gilbert, and dry-humping.

Second person pov:
You were walking around the hallways, looking for your best friend/crush Jeremy.

“Jeremy?” You spoke, your head turning from side to side.

You poked your head in the kitchen, living room, dining room. Although, you still couldn’t find him.

You walked up the stairs, whispering Jeremy’s name, wondering where he was.

Then you heard something down the hall; in Jeremy’s bedroom. You honestly didn’t know why you didn’t check there sooner.

As you grew closer to the door you heard Jeremy, his door was closed but not all the way. He was moaning and groaning. You thought he was having sex with someone, so you turned yourself around to leave, but something made you drop dead in your tracks.

“Y/nnn. Yess..” Jeremy moaned.

You stopped and turned around, facing his bedroom door. You peeked through the open crack of his door and peered in. He was on his bed, thrusting into a pillow, his boxers hanging a bit low due to the friction.

“Yess, Y/n. Mmm, just like that.” He groaned. His eyes were shut, his bottom lip between his teeth as he thrusted harder into the pillow.

You felt guilty for watching, but you did admit that it turned you on that your best friend/crush was pleasuring himself to the thought of you. Wetness began to form between your legs, as you clenched them together. You gained some confidence and marched into the room.

“Just like that, Y/n..” He whined as he pushed his hips faster into the smooth, silky white pillow.

“Just like what, Jeremy?” You asked as you placed a kiss to his neck as he moaned.

Soon, he realized he wasn’t just imagining your presence and jolted up.

“Y/n!” He exclaimed and tried to cover himself.

“Save it, Jeremy. I heard everything.” You giggled slightly.

“Really? Sorry..if you don’t want to be my friend anymore I unders-” He tried to say but you cut him off.

“Sorry? For what? Liking me? I like you too.” You crawled closer to him on the mattress as you saw his breathing pick up.

“And I want you to finish.” You spoke into his ear, before you kissed it softly.

“You w-want me to keep going?” He asked, stunned at your words.

“Yes, I do. Will you help me cum too, Jeremy?” You asked, batting your eyelashes.

“H-how, Y/n?” He stuttered, licking his lips.

“Think of a number, love.” You bit your lip seductively.

“O-oh.” Jeremy giggled.

“Lay back.” You ordered as he did so.

You stripped down to nothing and slid his boxers down his thighs.

Slowly, you got on top of Jeremy, your face in front of his cock, and his face in front of your dripping pussy.

You looked back at Jeremy and he nodded at you to continue.

You smirked and lowered your head down, taking Jeremy’s tip in your mouth.

He let out a moan and placed his tongue to your slit.

“Mmmm.” You moaned around his throbbing dick, taking more of him in your mouth with each bob of your head. He moaned into your heat, making vibrations flow through your mouths onto each others’ sensitive and throbbing parts.

Jeremy was already so close from before, so you sped up your actions.

“Uhhhh. Y/n, faster.” He moaned as his face left your heat momentarily to ask you to address his needs.

Your movements sped up even more, as did Jeremy’s.

“Ooooh.” Your moan was muffled.

Jeremy’s hips bucked into your mouth and you knew he was close.

“I’m close, Y/n..” He spoke before reattaching his tongue to your slit before pushing it in.

You nodded slightly, feeling his tip hit the back of your throat.

You got off Jeremy, and sat next to his face.

“You watch me cum, I watch you cum.” You both smirked and you started to rub your clit in large circles.

Jeremy began to stroke his large cock, as his lips parted, moans spilling from his lips.

“Mmm, Jeremy. I’m going to cum..” You bit your lip as you threw your head back in pleasure.

“Me too. Let’s cum together.” Jeremy groaned.

I nodded and slipped a finger between my folds as my other hand rubbed my clit.

“Ready?” Jeremy asked as you nodded, the familiar feeling building up inside you.

“Fuck! 1,” You moaned out as your eyes fluttered open and closed.

“Mm! 2,” Jeremy counted as he bit his lower lip.

“Shit! 3!” You screamed as you let your orgasm flow through you.

You both came hard, loud moans leaving your mouths, sweat running down yours and his forehead.

“Fuck, Y/n.” Jeremy chuckled as he cleaned himself off.

“I’m glad I came over today.” You giggled.

BTS reacting to you being single on Valentinesday

here’s something to make your day if you’re single :) and can we talk about how fucking good they look in thaT picture like omg HOT

I dont own the gifs all credits to the owners! 

Namjoon: so what are you gonna do on Valentinesday?

You: nothing, I have nobody

Namjoon: … Seriously?

You: yeah

Namjoon: what about I take out on a trip? Or go to the beach? Or go swimming???

You: its cold.. Lets just stay at home watch some movies?

Namjoon: sounds good to me

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Yoongi: why are you looking so sad?

You: all my friends all having a good day on Valentinesday, i seriously feel like a loner!

Yoongi: so why do you care? You have me

You: its not the same

Yoongi: shut up and come cuddle with me!

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You: i have something for you! *hands over chocolates*

Jin: woah Y/N thanks.. But im not your boyfriend?

You: I know but since I have nobody, I tought I suprise you

Jin: .. Wait you’re single?

You: yes?

Jin: Good… *smirks*

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Jimin: will you be my valentine Y/N? 

 You: yess! 

 Jimin: wait really? 

 You: yeah? 

 Jimin: so you’re single?? 

 You: …. 

 Jimin: does this mean you’re my girlfriend now?? 

 You: whatever you want Park Jimin 

 Jimin: WOAHHH 

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 Hoseok: ah look at that couple!

You: they’re cute, I wish I was in a relationship.. 

 Hoseok: whet.. 

 You: what? 

 Hoseok: you’re single? I DIDNT KNOW THAT 

You: yeah is that so weird? 

 Hoseok: YES, you’re pretty and smart and amazing and sweet and- 

 You: stop it! Im gonna blush idiot! 

 Hoseok: can I be your idiot? 

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Taehyung: what are you doing here so alone? 

 You: thinking how alone I am *chuckles*

Taehyung: … 

 You: what? 

 Taehyung: you’re alone on valentinesday? 

 You: its okay, I mean its not a valentinesweek so I survive 

 Taehyung: or we go to my place and pretend were a couple for a day.. 

You: *Stares with wide eyes* 

Taehyung: orrr we dont pretend????? *smiles* 

Originally posted by hellosarang

You: I hate valentinesday! 

Jungkook: why is that? 

 You: because im alone and sad.. *signs* 

 Jungkook: dont be such a dramaqueen! 

 You: no but think about it! Valentinesday is such a cute day if you’re single like you can cuddle and suprise each other! I want that 

 Jungkook: ah take that pout of your face, we can cuddle and suprise each other whenever you want

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i needed this tbh

Boonk Gang• Melo

This gon’ be cliché as hell 💀💀



Y/n sat in her seat waiting for the last class of the day to be over, constantly looking at the clock. She hated anything involving math, she didn’t want anything to with it.

“C'mon… c'mon.” Y/n stared at the clock.

The bell finally rung and she jumped up grabbing her backpack off of the floor and swinging it over her right shoulder.

Everyone rushed out the classroom and Y/n was making her way to the door before she got stopped by Ms. Jackson.

“Ms. Y/l/n, and Mr. Ball please stay behind for a minute.”

She smacked her lips and turned around. “Yes, Ms. Jackson?”

“Come here.” Ms. Jackson motioned.

Y/n walked over to her desk and stood beside LaMelo.

Y/n never understood how anyone could pass up LaMelo he was cute as hell with his braces and glasses, and his dyed blonde hair at the top. Her friends thought she was weird for liking LaMelo, they never seemed to understand how someone could like the quiet and weird kid that barely spoke, and sat at the lunch table by himself with a book always in his face. Y/n would even go and sit with him, but he wouldn’t pay her any mind.

“Y/n I’m going to have LaMelo tutor you until I see improvement in your math grades, I’m sure Mr. Ball doesn’t mind.” She smiled.

He looked down at the floor and said nothing.

“Well, what’s my grade right now?” Y/n questioned.

Ms. Jackson scrolled on her laptop and she turned it towards y/n.

“Due to you making a low grade on your recent test, your grade average is a 59.”

She sighed, “okay Ms. Jackson I believe I can bring it up.”

She nodded and looked at LaMelo. “LaMelo I’m counting on you too, please help this young lady bring her grades up, and y/n if you have any questions you know my email.”

“Alright by Ms. Jackson.” Y/n smiled and walked out of the classroom.

LaMelo walked out behind her.

“Hey um.. LaMelo.” Y/n stopped and turned around.

He ignored her and walked passed her.

“LaMelo!” Y/n ran behind him.


Y/n furrowed her eyebrows by the sudden rudeness from him. “ I just wanted to know if you can come by my house now and help me on my homework since I drive to school?”

“S-sure.” He cracked a smile.

“Let’s go then.” Y/n pulled her keys out from her pocket.

They both walked out of the school building, and people stared at the two walking together.

Y/n looked around and saw some people with shocked faces, and some whispering to each other.

LaMelo kept avoided eye contact with the people around him and continued to follow y/n to her car.

“Get in, it’s unlocked.” She openee her car door and got inside.

LaMelo got in and put his backpack on the floor.

“So.. um you play any sports?” Y/n tried to make conversation.

“Basketball.” He mumbled looking out the window.

“Oh that’s cool. You good at it?” She pulled off the school lot.

“I guess.”

Y/n sighed. “You don’t like talking do you?”

He shook his head.

“Ohh I get it now so you.” Y/n jotted down her answers for her problems.

“You have H & X mixed up just switch them and your answer will be right.” He pointed out.

Y/n nodded and corrected her answer.

“Can you check this for me?” She smiled and handed him her paper.

He nodded and pushed his glasses up.

Y/n laid on her stomach with her legs kicking in the air behind her, she looked at LaMelo as he checked through her homework.

She bit her lip and decided to crawl over to the edge of the bed where he was.

She stood up on her knees behind him and ran her hands down his chest. Y/n felt him tense up.

“Is it right?” She whispered in his ear.

“Ummm y-y-yeah.” He cleared his throat.

“Can I ask you a question?”

He nodded.

“Are you a virgin?”


Y/n smiled and played in his hair.

“You know…”

“I always thought you were cute.” Y/n got up from the bed and stood in front of him.

LaMelo stared down at his hands and tried his best to ignore y/n.

“LaMelo look at me.” She held his chin up with her index finger.

He looked up at her, and his cheeks were light pink.

She smirked at took off her shirt. LaMelo looked at her and swallowed the lump in his throat.

“Why don’t you help me take off my shorts?”

He looked up at her then back to the button of her shorts.

“Go ahead, don’t be scared.” Y/n giggled.

He licked his lips and reached for the button of her pants, but then he stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

He shook his head.

“What you’re nervous?” She laughed and unbuttoned her shorts letting them fall down to the floor.

His eyes got wide and he covered his hard member.

“I would ask you to take off my bra..but you’re probably nervous.” Y/n reached behind her back and unhooked her bra letting it fall down her shoulders and onto the floor.

Y/n pushed LaMelo back onto the bed and straddled him.

“Y/n I n-never did this before.” Y/n felt  him shaking.

“It’s fine, I’ll do everything.” She grabbed his hands and placed them on her boobs.

He looked up at her and cracked a smile.

“Let’s take these off.” Y/n took his glasses off and placed them on her dresser.

LaMelo squeezed her boobs and ran his hands behind her back down to her ass and slapped it.

“Ohh, I guess taking off your glasses gave you some powers huh?” Y/n joked.

“I guess you could say that.”

Y/n leaned down and placed her lips on LaMelo’s lips, kissing him roughly.

Y/n pulled away and lifted up Melo’s shirt, taking it off and throwing it across the room.

Y/n’s hands slowly made their way down to his basketball shorts, slowly palming him through his shorts.

“Can you please j-just do something?” He begged.

“What do you want me to do?” Y/n took off his basketball shorts.

“I want you to…”

Y/n pulled his boxers down making his dick spring out of them.

“Hmm?” She grabbed him in her hands and slowly pumped it.

“Suck it baby.” He breathed out putting his hand on her head.

She smiled at him and she wrapped her mouth around his tip, gently sucking on it.

“Don’t play y/n.” He pushed her head down, making her gag a little bit.

She started bobbing her head up and down and hollowing her cheeks.

Melo hissed. “Fuck.”

“Mmm.” She opened her mouth wider trying to fit all of him in her mouth.

He started to thrust upward into her mouth, while pushing her head down more.

She felt him twitch inside of her mouth and she pulled away quickly and put her finger over his slit before he could cum.

Melo looked down at her as she wiped her mouth.

He bit his lip and grabbed her waist pulling her on top of him.

“Wait.” She pulled off her thong.


“You sure you still wanna do it?” She smiled at Melo.

“Hell yeah, I’m not just getting my dick sucked. Hop on this dick fuck you on?”

“I.. okay.” Y/n laughed.

She lifted up and she grabbed his dick putting the tip at her entrance. Melo put his hands on her ass and pulled her down onto him.

“Fuck.” She moaned.

“Goddamn yo shit wet ass hell, where have you been all my life?” He smacked her ass as she began to bounce up and down.

“LaMelo fuck.” Y/n moaned out, bouncing on his dick.

“Shit girl.” Melo groaned.

Y/n digged her nails into his chest.

“Oh shit.” Y/n cried out as his hips met hers.

Melo flipped her over onto her back while still inside of her.

“Melo wh-

"Fuckkk!” She shouted as he rammed inside of her.

He wrapped his hand around her neck. “Who own this shit baby?”

“Shit! You do LaMelo!”

“This pussy mine now?” Melo thrusted in and out of her violently.

“Yesss!” She gripped onto his arm that was around her neck.

“You gonna cum for me?”

“Fuck yess Melo!” Y/n moaned.

“Cum on my dick baby.”

Y/n came and Melo thrusted into her one more time before cumming on her stomach.

“You just gon’ boonk gang my virginity like that?” He joked.

“Whole lotta gang shit.”

Pokemon Hunting

I wrote this a while ago as a sequel to the Movie Date imagine (back when Pokemon Go was still kind of a big deal). I’m currently working on some requests but since it’s taking me a while I figured I’d post this in the meantime! It gets a little steamy at the end, which is always fun to write but cringey to read afterwards…hope you like it more than I do ;D

Word count: 3.2k

It’s late afternoon and you’re walking around in circles in the middle of the park, nose practically pressed against your phone. According to the Pokemon Go app, there is a Bulbasaur nearby, and you’re itching to capture it.

Your phone vibrates once and you get that rush of excitement that only comes when you find a new Pokemon.

But as you scan the map for the Pokemon that just appeared, you realize there is in fact no such Pokemon. Instead, you spot the text notification at the top of the screen and sigh. What a tease. You tap the notification just before it disappears, grumbling.

It’s (c/n). He’s bored. More messages pop up, mostly meaningless spam. After he sends “(y/n)” “entertain me” several times, you stop him. Shut up (c/n) I’m busy!!

Busy? He responds. That’s not possible, you don’t have a life.

You roll your eyes. Typical. Might as well send your typical sarcastic reply. Wow I’m so offended!!!! Thought we were friends :(

A second later he texts back, Nope, sorry.

That Bulbasaur is still the primary thought on your mind. For your information I am catching Pokemon and your texts are throwing me off!

So I was right. No life.

You ignore him. Battery life is precious when it comes to Pokemon Go, and you’re not going to waste it on this idiot. You’re about to close out of the app when he texts again. Is there still a Pikachu by the train station?

You’re not far from the station, so you check the nearby Pokemon list. Sure enough, there’s Pikachu. You’ve already caught it several times. Yup, I’m at the park and it says there’s one nearby, you tell him.

You wait a few seconds for an answer, but nothing comes. You shrug and go back to the Pokemon app. Now you can finally get that damn Bulbasaur. You walk a few steps forward, and your phone buzzes again. This time it isn’t a false alarm. You swipe to throw the Pokeball, miss, swipe again, and finally catch the Bulbasaur!

Satisfied for just a moment, you quickly return to the hunt. The park is full of Pokemon, and you continue walking in circles, trying to catch em all. It’s okay, you don’t look like an idiot, because everyone else is doing it.

Maybe 20 minutes later, you’re pursuing a nearby Jigglypuff, changing directions every few seconds to try and find it. “Dammit, Jigglypuff, where the hell are you!” you mutter to yourself.

You’re not expecting an answer, but you get one anyway. “Right here,” announces a familiar voice, from a few feet away. It can’t be…

You spin around. Standing there in front of you is none other than (c/n) himself. He grins at your dumbfounded expression.

“(C/n)?!” you exclaim. “What are you doing here?”

He shrugs innocently. “I told you, I really want that Pikachu!”

You shake your head in disbelief. “And you got your mom to drive 20 minutes for a Pikachu?”

He chuckles. “No, actually it was the very dear friend that convinced her. She couldn’t care less about Pikachu.”

You didn’t miss the part where he called you a “very dear friend.” You have to hold back a smile as you respond, “Wow, she just doesn’t get it.”

“I know, right? Utterly clueless, that woman,” he says, sighing in mock disapproval. “So, where is it?”

“You get Pikachu after I get the Jigglypuff,” you say sternly. You walk over to (c/n), and a buzz indicates he wasn’t lying about the Jigglypuff. You catch it quickly. “Yess!”

“Yaaaaay,” says (c/n). “Now can we go?”

“Okay, okay. Follow me.”

You lead (c/n) across the street to where the train station is. “It should be around here somewhere. It’s two footprints away.”

“Maybe it’s on the other side,” (c/n) suggests.

“Okay,” you agree. You push open the door and walk through the short hallway, lined with benches on either side that are always filled with people, who can be kind of sketchy looking.

“Don’t make eye contact,” you hiss in his ear.

“Roger that, Agent (y/l/n).” he whispers back.

You roll your eyes. What a massive dork. You tell him that. “You’re a massive dork.”

“Right, but you love me anyway,” he says teasingly.

Your heart skips a beat. Of course, he’s joking around, like you always do over text. He means a platonic “love.” He tosses the word around lightly, and since he does it, you do it too.

“Yup. Love you anyway.” You’ve reached the opposite door. You open it and step out. The thick, warm air hits you again, suffocating after even a brief moment of air conditioning.

“God, it’s hot,” you grumble, fanning yourself.

(C/n) perks up. “Ooh, look, Starbucks!” He points excitedly across the street. It’s strange hearing that from a tall guy with a relatively low voice. This kid has no sense of shame. But that’s probably part of the reason you like him so much.

“You’re such a white girl, honestly,” you inform him, a mixture of exasperation and affection in your voice.

“Let’s get some cold drinks!” He’s like a dog straining at his leash.

You would love to, of course. You love Starbucks, like all basic girls. (Which includes (c/n), apparently.) “I didn’t bring any money,” you tell him, kicking yourself mentally. You’ve missed the chance for a Starbucks date with (c/n) - your two favorite things!

“I did,” he says proudly. He takes a crumpled 20 dollar bill out of his pocket and waggles it in your face.

“Wow, you thought ahead,” you say, impressed. “Good thing, cause now I really want a frap.” You check for cars and start crossing the street to Starbucks.

(C/n) follows you. “Don’t think I was counting on buying you food! This is a one time service and I expect you to pay me back with interest. 100% compounded every day.”

“Sounds reasonable,” you tell him, opening the door to Starbucks. Home sweet home.

When you get to the counter, (c/n) steps in front of you. “One tall iced coffee and one tall mocha frap with whipped cream.” He glances down at the display of candies and mints, and picks up an after coffee gum. “And one of these.”

He pays and hands the gum to you. “Oh, thanks.” You suppress a smile, impressed again. “You nailed my order.”

He rolls his eyes. “Oh, please. You snapchat me from Starbucks at least once a week.”

If this were a real date you’d be ticking off the boxes. Prepared, check. Pays for me, check. Observational skills and memory, check.

But it’s not a real date, you remind yourself. We’re just friends!

You grab your drinks and exit Starbucks together. “Okay,” says (c/n), “Now I’m ready to find Pikachu.” He pulls out his phone and opens the app again. “Hey, it’s right here!”

You watch him catch the Pokemon, his face lit up with happiness. He’s like a little boy sometimes, you think with a smile.

“You good?” you ask after a few seconds. “There are other Pokemon to catch, you know!”

“Have patience,” he says, rather condescendingly. You elbow him. “Okay, okay, I’m done. I caught him!” He pauses. “Or her.”

“Do they have genders though?” you wonder aloud as you start walking down the street.

“How should I know?” He follows behind you, looking down at his phone.

Another Pokemon appears, and you stop in your tracks to catch it. (C/n) careens into you, almost knocking the two of you to the ground. You stumble, but he grabs your arm and steadies you. “Smooth, (y/n),” he says mockingly.

“I could say the same about you. Watch where you’re going maybe, so you don’t kill me next time?”

“Oh so it’s my fault now?”

You just roll your eyes at him. He laughs and ruffles your hair. “Okay, okay. Sorry.”

“Don’t touch my hair!”

After a while of wandering around, following various Pokemon wherever they take you, you notice the sky starting to turn orange. It’s already late evening. Time flies…You’re close to the parking garage now, which gives you an idea.

“Look, the sun’s setting!” You nudge him until he looks up from his phone. “There’s a great view from the roof of the parking garage. Wanna go?”

“Sure, why not?” He follows you to the staircase and up onto the roof.

You walk to the edge and lean on the railing. It’s peacefully empty up here, and sunset or not it’s a nice view from this high up. You can see a lot of the town, most of which you and (c/n) have walked through at some point today.

He must be thinking the same thing, because he says, “Good work today, (y/n). I owe my new Pikachu to you.”

“And I got some mileage on my incubator so that’s progress,” you say, pulling out your phone to check. On the screen is an egg that looks like it’s about to hatch. “Aaand there it is.” You watch expectantly as the egg cracks, rattles, and finally breaks open to reveal…a Pidgey.

“Are you fucking-” You facepalm, and mime throwing your phone over the railing.

“Hey, hey, careful!” (c/n) protests, grabbing the phone out of your hands. “That Pidgey is basically my child. You will treat it with respect!”

“Your child? I’m the one who walked 5 kilometers for a Pidgey!” You shake your head in exasperation.

“Yeah, and I walked with you, so it’s a joint responsibility, I’d say.”

You roll your eyes. “If that really makes you happy, sure.” Someday we’ll have a real child together, you think jokingly, although whether you’re really joking is hard to say.

You turn your attention back to the setting sun. The whole sky has been transformed into a pinkish-orange blanket above your heads.

“See? Our sunsets are the best,” you say proudly, elbowing him.

“I guess it’s kind of nice,” he says with that fake bored arrogance, smirking a little because he knows it’ll annoy you. His face is tinted orange, making him look exceptionally pretty, and you can’t help but look at him for a little too long. He glances at you, an eyebrow raised. “Stop staring at me, it’s creeping me out.”

“Oh, right, sorry,” you say awkwardly, turning away quickly. God, how embarrassing. Now you’re blushing. Great. He laughs at you, watching your reaction. “Kidding, relax.”

You grumble silently. This kid is so annoying. Why do you like him again? You sneak a glance back at him, and he’s still just as cute as before. Oh right, that’s why.

“Okay, gotta snapchat this before the sun goes down.” You reach into your pocket for your phone before remembering (c/n) still has it. You put your hand out. “Phone please?”

“Can I trust you to take care of my child?” he says, pointing to the Pidgey still on the screen.

“Sure, whatever,” you reply, knowing full well you’ll transfer it for candy as soon as he’s gone.

He narrows his eyes. “That’s not very convincing,” he complains, but relents and gives you the phone anyway. You post an artsy picture of the sunset to your story, and then take a selfie with (c/n) and send it to your friends. They’ll definitely appreciate that, you think with a smile.

The sun has just about finished going down and the pink is being sucked out of the sky, replaced by increasingly dark blue. “Damn, it’s late,” you say casually. You consider asking if he should call for a ride home now, but you’re not going to send him away before he wants to go. You’ll just wait for him to bring it up.

“I should probably call for a ride.” There it is. “Good idea,” you agree. You make your way back down the stairs as he calls his mom.

He hangs up as you get to the bottom. “They’re eating dinner already. I probably shouldn’t have stayed out this late. Mom said it’ll be another ten minutes at least before she leaves.”

“Oh, sorry,” you respond lamely. “Umm…the pizzeria is still open if you need something to eat.”

(C/n) grins. “Pizza sounds great.” He reaches into his pocket. “If I still have money left over from spending it all on you.” He pulls out a ten dollar bill.

“Great, that’s just enough for pizza and ice cream for both of us. Thanks (c/n)!” you say cheerfully. He starts to protest, but you interrupt. “I missed dinner too! I’m starving.”

“Hey, this is not my fault! You lost track of time too.”

“Yeah, but if you hadn’t come in the first place we wouldn’t have a problem, so whose fault is that?” you point out.

He pouts. “I wanted to see you.”

You soften a little, holding back a smile. Then he adds, “Mostly I wanted Pikachu.”

You fling your hands up like a tired mom. “Ugh! You and that stupid Pikachu. Okay, let’s get some pizza before we starve to death.”

You get in the nonexistent line for pizza; the place is empty. (C/n) buys two plain slices, and you throw in an ice cream bar from the cooler.

You walk back outside and stroll down the sidewalk, cramming the pizza hungrily into your mouths. Of course, it’s way too hot. The tomato sauce scalds the roof of your mouth. “Ow, ow, ow, burnt my mouth,” you say between huffs of breath.

(C/n) grimaces in agreement. “Tastes like betrayal,” he says, glaring at the pizza. “Give me that ice cream.”

“No! It’s mine!” You hug the ice cream bar against yourself protectively. (C/n) grins menacingly and pounces, wrestling it out of your grip. You try to hold it out of his reach, but that’s a joke, since he’s way taller than you.

“Ha!” he says triumphantly, unwrapping the ice cream and biting off a chunk. “Aaah, much better. Very soothing. Thanks!”

“You’re not welcome,” you grumble, going back to your pizza slice.

“This is America, (y/n). Gotta pay taxes.” He grins at you.

“Can I have my ice cream back now?”

“Yours? I’m sorry, who paid for this?” He smacks his lips. “Plus this is really good. I think I’ll keep it.”

“You didn’t even finish your pizza!” you point out desperately.

“This hoe?” He holds up the half eaten slice. “This thing hurt me, and I’m not ready to trust it again.” He smiles innocently as you glower at him.

“Right, okay, I’m taking this back,” you announce before lunging at him and prying the ice cream out of his hand. He shrieks dramatically and tries to grab it back, dropping his pizza. It lands cheesy side down on the pavement.

“Nice one,” you tease, picking it up and walking it to the nearest trash can. “Guess it doesn’t like you either.” You take a bite of your ice cream. “Yum.”

He glares at you, hands now empty of any food. “I’m still hungry! Since that was clearly your fault I’m taking your pizza.”

You shrug. “Fine, as long as I get the ice cream.”

You finish the rest of your meal without further drama, thankfully. (C/n) checks his phone. “My mom just left. So that means another twenty minutes until she actually gets here.”

“Pokemon go?” you suggest.

“Pokemon go,” he agrees.

Once again, you open the app together and start the search again for Pokemon, only this time in the dark.

“There’s a Snorlax nearby!” (c/n) exclaims after a moment.

“Yeah, it’s just one footstep away. Probably over here.” You take a few steps forward, but nothing happens.

“Nah, it’s definitely this way.” His voice is a few feet away. You turn around and see him walking slowly into a narrow alleyway. You hiss at him. “(C/n)! No! There are probably serial killers hiding in there!”

He chuckles. “Are you scared?” he taunts. “That’s too bad, because I found the Snorlax.”

“Really?” You sigh and steel yourself to follow him in. This is such a sketchy alleyway, you tell yourself. It’s too dark for this. But Snorlax are rare, and you’re not missing this chance just because it’s a bit dark.

You take a couple steps towards (c/n). “It’s still one footstep away.”

“Well, I’m standing right here and I can clearly see it.” He makes an impatient “come here” gesture, so you walk closer to him. “Still nothing,” you tell him.

He shrugs. “It’s RIGHT here.”

You sigh and walk a little closer, waiting for the buzz. A little closer. You’re practically touching him.

“Come closer,” he says in a low voice.

Your breath hitches. The atmosphere has suddenly changed. You look up, and (c/n)’s eyes meet yours, a half smile playing on his face. Slowly, you step forward. Your chest is touching his.

“Closer.” It comes out a husky whisper, tickling your ear.

You take another small step. You’re pressed against him.

His hands land on your back and hold you there. His phone is gone, slipped in his pocket already. With your head barely reaching his chin, you can feel his heart beating rapidly. You let out a shaky breath. (C/n) chuckles at your nervousness and you feel it rumbling in his chest.

You look up uncertainly. Your faces are only inches apart. When you meet his eyes, you know instantly what he’s about to do.

(C/n) leans down and closes the remaining distance, crashing his lips onto yours. Your body responds involuntarily, pressing closer to him, your fingers weaving into his hair, your lips parting to let him explore your mouth with his tongue.

His hands move down to your hips and his thumbs slide under your shirt. In your haze you notice his hands slowly inching up your waist, leaving a trail of goosebumps.

You want to stop him, but chills are running down your spine at his touch and, come to think of it, you don’t really want to after all. Plus, why not take this opportunity to do some exploring of your own? Your hands slip under his shirt and roam around his chest, feeling the faint presence of abs. Damn. This boy has clearly done some sit-ups.

(C/n), to his credit, doesn’t feel you up to the extent that you do him. Instead, he moves his hands to your back and pulls you into him again, then rests them on your butt. He unglues his face from yours and brushes his lips against your neck, sending a whole new wave of chills through your body. He must be having trouble reaching you, though, because he grabs your thighs and lifts you up. You wrap your legs around him and he presses you against the brick wall of the alley.

This continues for a good five or ten minutes - you wouldn’t really know. Finally you break away, both gasping for breath. (C/n) puts you down, face visibly flushed even in the growing darkness. He grins and runs a hand through his already messed up hair. “Well,” he says, as if stating a fact.

“Well,” you agree.

You look around, remembering where you are. A dark alley. How did you even get here?

“There was no Snorlax, was there?” you say in teasing annoyance.

“Nope.” He grins. He has no shame. “Not here, anyway.”

“You dirty slut.”

Sweet Pleasures (Pt.1)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader (Smut)

Warnings: Smut (oral, male receiving), swearing, daddy kink.

Word Count: 1,285

A/N: this is the first part of my “nutella smut”, the second part will be posted sometime by the end of the week…Enjoy :) p.s. it’s 4 in the morning so please excuse any spelling mistakes I’m literally falling asleep rn…
You walk into your apartment in NY, your hands full of bags. Closing the door behind yourself you slowly walk into the kitchen.

As you stand there in front of the counter unpacking the bags, you feel someone come up behind you. You can smell his familiar scent and a big smile appears on your face as you feel him wrap his arms around your waist.
He leans in kissing the side of your neck, then brings his lips to your ear and whispers quietly,

“Hey doll, I missed you” his voice is deep and husky, full of lust and desire. You close your eyes at the feeling of his warm breath in your ear.

“I missed you too, Seb” he turns you around still holding you by your waist. You feel his fingers stroking your cheek before he lifts your chin up making you look right into his eyes.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N”.

You notice how dark his eyes are, and how much he wants you right now. He starts leaning down closer and closer to your lips. Every breath between you two drives you crazy. He finally closes the distance between both of you and plants his lips onto yours, starting to kiss you slowly but passionately. You wrap your arms around his neck and bringing him closer to you. The feeling of his warm and wet mouth makes your core flutter as he slides his tongue along your bottom lip and you open your mouth deepening the kiss. His hands slide under your shirt and the heat of his palms on your bare skin makes your heart beat faster and your breathing heavier. His hands travel up and down your sides and you roll your hips brushing slightly against his growing length and receiving a low moan from him. He presses you against the kitchen counter kissing you more roughly and tugging onto your bottom lip. His hands go down to your thighs picking you up. He leaves your swollen lips and starts peppering kisses down your jaw and neck. You lean your head back giving him a better access to your sensitive skin. Using this opportunity you reach back and grab something from the counter hiding it in one of your hands and behind your back while the other one is now holding onto his strong bicep. He catches your lips again sucking onto your bottom lip.

“Bedroom” you breathe out, he nods and carries you out of the kitchen and into the bedroom giving your collar bone a light kiss. You feel him hard against you and you know your panties are probably soaked by now.

When you two are finally in the bedroom he drops you onto the bed and looks at you in surprise.

“Is that nutella?” You see confusion taking over his face as he stares at a small brown jar in your hand. You smirk winking at him and giving him a playful look.

“It’s my turn to play now, baby. Take your pants off and go lie down.” He does as ordered, quickly unbuckling his belt, getting out of his jeans and throwing them to the side where his shirt quickly follows.

You stand at the end of the bed with your back turned to him. You hear him jump onto the bed settling down and sitting there waiting for your next move. When you feel satisfied with his actions you grab the hem of your shirt and slowly pull it over your body tossing it aside then unhooking your bra and exposing your bare chest and your hardening nipples leaving you only in your tight blue jeans. You turn around now facing him and see the darkness in his eyes you’ve never seen before. They are filled with desire and lust. You unbutton your jeans and slide them down your legs throwing them in the same direction as the shirt. He gives out a low moan at the sight of you in your black lace panties and puts his hand on his hard member starting to palm himself through his boxers. You can feel his eyes on your almost fully naked body and you blush feeling your body heat up under his wild stare.

You get onto the bed and start crawling slowly up his body never leaving his eyes. You lay on top of him and plant your lips on his kissing him passionately tugging at his bottom lip and he moans into your mouth.

“Get ready to have some fun baby” you mumble against his swollen lips and start kissing down his jaw and neck, you stop at this special place on the side of his neck you know he likes and start sucking his soft skin and he rolls his hips against yours grabbing your ass and pressing it against him and you moan feeling him hard against your wetness. You continue kissing and licking down his chest and stomach. When you get to the waistband of his boxers you plant a light kiss on his lower stomach then hook you fingers into the top of his boxers pulling them down reveling his hard cock. You can’t help but moan as you see him exposed in front of you. A wide grin appears on your face as you reach out and grab the jar of nutella. Sitting between his legs you open the jar and stick your finger into the thick liquid. Sebastian’s eyes are glued to you as he watches you put the finger inside your mouth sucking on it. His mouth drops open as he hears you moan still sucking on your finger covered with nutella. “Please doll…” he begs in a low whisper that makes your body twitch.
“Oh you want me to suck your dick like that don’t you daddy?”

“Yes, Y/N..please…” he breathes out biting his lips. You lick your lips releasing your finger from your mouth and dipping it back into the jar. You bring your finger to his trembling cock and draw a line from the bottom to the tip leaving a thick line of brown sweetness on him. He watches you closely as you lower yourself between his thighs and lick up the nutella trail on his dick. He bites his bottom lip holding back a moan from escaping his lips. You stick almost your entire hand into the jar while your other hand is gripping tightly onto his thigh. You feel his muscles tense as you wrap your hand around him moving up and down his cock covering him with sweet chocolatey liquid. You hold onto the base of his cock as you lower yourself kissing the tip gently, then wrapping your lips around him sucking him as a popsicle. You roll your tongue around him and he grabs your hair moving your head up and down while he shuffles his hips and thrusts into your mouth. “Oh my god… fuuuckk… yess Y/N…” he moans closing his eyes and throwing his head back against the headboard. “Just like that baby girl….oh fuck im so close….uhhh…” you moan sending pleasant vibrations to his cock making him reach his climax twitching inside your mouth. You move your head on him working him through his orgasm. A few more seconds and you can taste his sweet cum on your tongue as he reaches his climax screaming your name. Swallowing everything he has to give you, you slowly release his cock and he pulls you up kissing your lips softly and using his hand to move your hair from your face. “It’s your turn now baby” before you can reply he wraps his arms around you rolling both of you over and laying on top of you now.…
Okay there will be a part 2 so please let me know what you guys think :) xoxo

anonymous asked:

Oh! Here's a question... I haven't seen what Mario and Luigi would be like with a Peach like yours. Personality wise I think they'd be the same, just a couple of almost cartoonishly super human guys who're way too polite for their own good. I mean, they were partially raised by dinosaurs (Mario more so than Luigi) but they still came out pretty nice.

MAYRO N’ LOOGI. YESS polite brothers forever. Helpful Mario that helps out at their family plumbing store on the weekends and weird art kid Luigi who’s really nice but kinda distant. Peach is probably on friend terms with them, like maybe they went to the same schools since kindergarten or something. Childhood friend brothers.