Parallels between Tokyo Mew Mew (2002) and Yes! PreCure 5 (2007)

Blue-haired girls who happen to be rich.

The last member of the five-girl group who is the oldest, hesitant to fully join the team at first, rather cold, and also has parents who are never around most of the time.

Blonde foreigners who are the youngest in the group and have a dead mom.

A timid green-haired girl who happens to have a crush on a blond tan-skinned guy.

Said blond tan-skinned guy runs a business that is secretly a base of operations for the main characters.

Blond guy hangs out with a brown-haired mentor-like figure. 

The girls “metamorphose.” 


I just received my copy of Precure Syndrome, a notebook full of production documents for Yes! Precure 5 and Yes! Precure 5 GoGo. And it seems like at some point in development, the girls were going to have motorcycles.

And Cure Aqua’s third attack was going to be a straight-up Rider Kick!

Gotta love that tokusatsu influence.