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meekisnotweak prin-of-daddys-daughtersthelivesweleavebehindhelloim9yes-imageniustheswirlingstorminsidesnowballsandwintertimemywaywardangelforensicspecialistbarryspadadisqualoheels-and-drumsticks So many of you… all wanting things, demanding things…why doesn’t anyone ever show up just to offer me a good riddle? Some cookies? Their life savings?


Garcia was tearing down the Christmas decorations she had put up in her office.  She was always amazed at how much of her own thing she was allowed to do here.  She took down a bit of knit lace she had made, “I did do a good job on this, didn’t I?”  She said to herself.

yesimagenius is now in your head

There were too many people and too many voices in her head. Alice found herself having a really hard time concentrating and feeling anxious. Then, she noticed a book falling from a man’s bag. He didn’t seem to notice, so she picked it up and went after him. “Umm excuse me? Sir? You dropped this.”