yeshe pesebre

Postcards from Ilocos

I’m lacking words to describe this travel post but one thing’s for sure, my third time in Ilocos was one of the most memorable trip I had in my life. Ilocos never fails to amaze me and I fell in love with VIGAN for three times now. There is so much fascinations, and wonders found in this place that’s why it’s the home of one of the 7 new wonder cities of the world.

Ilocos is not only about empanadas, windmills, pristine beaches, baroque churches,  lighthouse, pots and jars,cobble streets, kalesa, dancing fountain lightshow, Marcos-es, sand dunes, instagram-able doors, viaducts, UNESCO Heritage sites, but a lot more, screaming history, serenity, romance and individuality found in every nooks and corners of this Region.

Let these set of photos take you to where I’ve been and let my memories linger as you peek into each one of it.