Breakeven Part 3

Part 3 of my breakeven series! Kind of short but y’all are in for a treat

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Breakeven Part 3

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Cal x Reader

White sheets cascaded down my legs as I felt a slight breeze on my arms and shoulders. My eyes slowly opened upon realizing half of my body was warm and the other half was cold. I looked around my surroundings at an unfimilar but somehow similar room that I’ve been in before. I sat up and continued to listen and look at my surroundings. I heard the door knob start to creek open and I saw the friendly smile and mop of blonde hair come through. He was holding a small white cup filled with tea, and set it down on the side dresser.

“How’d I get in here Luke?” I asked grabbing the cup and putting it against my lips. The beautiful scent filled my nose.

“You looked sleepy when we were watching a movie after our late lunch so I decided to bring you in here and make you more comfortable.”

“What about you? Where’d you sleep?” I asked and took a small sip of the tea.

“I slept on my couch. Contrary to belief it’s quite comfortable.” He chuckled and sat at my feet as I pulled my knees into my chest. I set the cup down on my knees with a sigh and fiddled with my fingers at the handle. Luke could tell my mind was racing with remnats of Calum, and leaned in causing the bed to sink, and kissed me lightly on my forehead, causing a smile to appear on my face. He leaned back to smile at me, but I only had a straight line etched out on my lips. No matter how much he tried, I wouldn’t stop being sad over Calum for a long time. I was really starting to grow romantic feelings for him of course, but the love I have for Calum wasn’t going to vanish into thin air.

“There’s something I have to do back at my apartment. Can you drive me? You can help with it also.”

He drove us back to my place just a couple blocks down and we both headed inside. I unlocked the door and began peeling flannels and big t-shirts from my closet, along with letters from his many days of touring without me by his side, and a couple of gifts from different countries and cities. I piled them all into a cardboard box labeled ‘for him’, and Luke watched me from my door. At this moment he knew this was a big step for me letting go of my past, and he let me do my work so we could possibly start a new journey together as more than best friends.

“So, we’re dropping this off at his place right?” I walked passed him towards the front door nodding, and soon enough we were at his building.  

Luke waited in the car while I proceeded up the elevator to his floor. He insisted he come with me, but I explained to him that this was something I needed to do for Calum and I, not anyone else. If I brought anyone else into our mess I wouldn’t forgive myself, especially someone as special to me as Luke.

I knocked on the door pretty loudly and stood there tapping my foot. I heard minimal footsteps step towards the door and soon I was met with someone eye to eye. I was stunned to even see her here in front of me. I about almost dropped the box on my feet and ran. But I knew I had to be civil since I’d be seeing her a lot with the band, and I cleared my throat. She just gave me a blank stare, almost as if she was waiting for me to leave.

“I’m here to see Calum.” I said sternly.

“Well he’s out.” She crossed her arms. I laughed cold heartedly and stepped closer to her to try and be more intimidating.

“Look this is just his stuff. I’m here to give it back. I just can’t have it around at my place anymore since it’s been so long since our breakup. You could even have it if you want.” I shoved the box in her chest and dropped it in her fragile arms. She gasped at my rudeness but in all fairness I really should be the one who’s upset because she had been getting some while I wasn’t during Calum and I’s relationship. I turned to walk back down to Luke waiting in his car when she spoke up again, louder to reach me as I got further down the hall.

“Well I’ll tell Cal you stopped by when he comes back with my pregnancy test!” I stood still and felt my body go numb. I almost had to grab the wall next to me for balance, and my heart picked up it’s speed inside my chest, pumping and thumping and could be the only noise heard on this floor. I’m sure even Nia heard it. I turned back around and nervously asked if what she said was correct. She smiled and nodded, and my hand found it’s way to my mouth, trying to stop whatever ugly sob could come out.

“Yeah we did the deed last night and this morning I threw up, I haven’t been feeling good all day. So he went out right now and bought some. He should be here shortly.” And then she closed his door, while I fell to the ground. I laid my back against the wall and cried into the palm of my hands, not caring who heard. The pain hit me in my chest so quick and so fast I didn’t even have time to process how I truly felt about the situation. My head was spinning and my heart was hurting in ways I didn’t even know I could feel, and it was all because of someone who didn’t care enough about me. I ran my hand into my pocket and pulled out my phone, calling the person downstairs that thought everything was suppose to be fine.

“Is everything ok? You’ve been up there a long time.” He joked, but his voice fell flat as he heard the many sniffles and cries coming from the other end.

“Luke…she’s pregnant.”

Bass Volume 8

1 : Ta-Ku - Closet Drake Fans.
2 : Buku - Fooled.
3 : Miny–Double This - (Lazloh Remix).
4 : Jay - Z feat Rick Ross - FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt (THUGLI Remix).
5 : Trinidad James – Females Welcomd.
6 : Kanye West - Send It Up (THUGLI Remix).
7 : Http X Mickie Ryan - Bang Bang.
8 : Dj Comrade – Mulherada (Real Trap Funk).
9 : Tropkillaz – MAMBO.
10 : Waka Flocka Flame - Hard In Da Paint (Crizzly Remix).
11 : Sango - Owe Me (Ta-ku Remix).


12 : Angel Haze - Gimme That (prod. by Lunice).
13 : Pusha T - Trouble On My Mind ft Tyler The Creator (Rustie Remix).

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