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the top 10 gayest lines in the lord of the rings, ranked

10. “the last pages are for you, sam”

alright this one is objectively incredibly gay but i put it at the top of the list bc it makes me sad & i resent that

9. “you can’t leave”

simple but powerful. sam is understandably upset that his boyfriend is leaving him forever. as before, at the top of the list bc it makes me cry

8. “sam…i’m glad you’re with me”

again, simple but powerful. this one is said under much happier circumstances, and there’s just so much feeling behind it. the love that frodo has for sam is palpable here, which is important to me bc sam is usually the more outwardly affectionate one between the two

7. “you left out one of the chief characters–samwise the brave. i want to hear more about sam…frodo wouldn’t have got far without sam”

this whole exchange is extremely gay, but the way that frodo pauses & looks at sam when he says this needs some special recognition

6. “now mr frodo, you shouldn’t make fun. i was being serious” “so was i”

i know that 7 & 6 are part of the same exchange but it’s so incredibly gay that i felt it needed to be split apart into two. again, the way that frodo looks at sam & smiles when he says “so was i” is very important

5. “‘don’t you lose him, samwise gamgee.’ and i don’t intend to”

it is important to note that sam says this after almost drowning in his attempt to prevent frodo from leaving without him. if that’s not true love, i don’t know what is

4. “i can’t carry it for you, but i can carry you”

one of the most iconic lines in lord of the rings regardless of your interpretation of their relationship, which is why it’s ranked so well on this list. sam finds it in himself to physically carry his boyfriend up the volcano, which shows some serious love & dedication on his part

3. “oh mr frodo, don’t go where i can’t follow”

this really brings home the fact that sam would go with frodo literally anywhere except in death. again this highlights his unwavering dedication, also his use of the formal “mr frodo” to the very end really kills me

2. “i’m glad to be with you, samwise gamgee, here at the end of all things”

this is very very close to being #1, and for good reason. the use of sam’s full name. the sentiment expressed here. the feeling with which he says it. need i say more

1. “it’s me, it’s your sam. don’t you know your sam?”


honorable mention: “you’re late.”

this didn’t go on the list bc neither frodo nor sam says it to the other, but i couldn’t make this post without acknowledging it. this line is literally so iconic & the smile that legolas & aragorn share here is painfully gay

“The Things We Used to Share” is a great song to listen to while writing.

It does spur the creativity rather well. Thank you @welcome-to-the-joangle and @thatsthat24 for a fantastic song to listen to while I delve into the dark universe of my stories.

So now I can’t stop crying because I’m a big fat baby. My dad stopped by because he had something delivered to my house and found out about the predicament. He’s like “just take the kids” and I’m like that doesn’t work we’ve tried. And he’s like ok I’m leaving. And then tells my husband to let him know if he will be at the tennis court. And I’m just upset. And my husbands pretending he doesn’t hear me crying while I clean the kitchen. Fudge life.

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playlist: sunday blues

Sunday Morning - No Doubt

We Sleep Forever - Aiden

You Don’t Know My Name - Alicia Keys

Sour Times - Portishead

The Chosen - Voltaire

Saffron’s Curse - Cradle of Filth

Carmilla’s Masque - Cradle of Filth

Strawberry Gashes - Jack off Jill

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

Better in Time - Leona Lewis

Crying Game - Nicki Minaj

Grand Piano - Nicki Minaj

Over the Hills and Far Away - Nightwish

Don’t Speak - No Doubt

Perfectly Flawed - Otep

Invisible - Otep

UR a WMN NOW - Otep

Sober - Pink

Runaway - Pink

Beam Me Up - Pink

Snuff - Slipknot

Vermillion Part 2 - Slipknot

Run - Snow Patrol

Lifeless - Stolen Babies

Lonely Day - System of a Down

Soldier Side - System of a Down

Never Too Late - Three Days Grace

Fast Car - Tracy Chapman

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To get real for a second I just hate so much of Goro hate is really dismissive about abuse and that people think its ok to be like that just because its an antagonist. As a survivor who can get feeling failed by the system, it actually hurts to read. People who just dismiss it as "daddy issues" or "wahh nobody loved me" as if that isn't something that fucks people up? And he's still a kid, and was young when he met Shido. IDK I see villains with no abuse background get more respect -1

Uhh.. I’m just gonna leave my shitty writing right here for @ask-the-icelandic-little since I just basically spilled everything about the AU and it could possibly be a distraction of sorts? 

I should also tag @chinaichooseyou because I bet Dari would kick my ass if I let something from the Fantasy AU slide past her.

It’s no where near done, obviously, and I kind stopped mid sentence so…
Yeah. uhh… Here’s SwissAus? It switches perspectives a couple of times. I also haven’t read through it myself in a while, so prepare for cringyness 

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only ‘90s kids remember….

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