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Jamie drags Claire up early one morning for a hike nearby Lallybroch (for exercise, he says!) Claire is half asleep but begrudging goes along. Turns out Jamie prepared a romantic surprise! 😊🌄🌈

A Different Path
It was a big step in their relationship, bringing Claire to Lallybroch. She had thought that they would spend the weekend visiting places significant to Jamie’s childhood before spending the remainder of the day in bed. And yet here he was, arisen before the sun had even made the slightest appearance in the sky.

“Jamie, it’s isn’t even 6 AM.” She groaned, rolling over so that her back was turned to him.

“Aye, I know. But this is something I used to do every morning, and now ye’re comin’ with me.”

“I am not.” She said, covering her head with a pillow.

“Sassenach,” his tone a warning. “If ye don’t get up by yourself, I will drag ye from this bed and dress you myself. Do you want me to do that?”

She peered at him over her shoulder, her eyes narrowed.

“Fine.” She said crossly, throwing the covers off of herself and leaving the comfort of their bed.

Jamie smirked, watching her step towards the dresser to retrieve some fresh clothes. She was completely naked, and even though the room was pitch black, he could still see every inch of her.

“There. I’m dressed.”

“So ye are.” Jamie smiled before giving her a peck on the lips and, taking her hand, lead her outside.

“Are you at least going to tell me where we’re going at bloody five o'clock in the morning?” She called from behind him, his stride much larger than hers.

In the faint gray light, she could see the outline of his smile as he peered over his shoulder at her.  Damn him.

“And where’s the fun in that?” He said as they came to a hill at the edge of woods.

Jamie started up the hill, the incline and rough footing making no difference to him. Adversely, Claire was already out of breath long before the halfway mark.

Out of breath as she watched her footing as she marched over the rocky terrain, she shouted ahead, “Jamie! Slow down!”

The sun was just over the horizon now, painting the sky in various shades of orange and blue.

“We’re almost there!” Jamie shouted back, not slowing down in the slightest.

They walked until they came to a small clearing, where the light came through the trees in such a way that made it look like something from a fairy-tale. There was a tartan blanket laid out in the center of the clearing, along with a picnic basket and a bottle of champagne.

Jamie finally came to a stop, for which Claire was grateful, but in no way did she expect to see this.

“Jamie what-” Her voice was softer now, her tone holding nothing but affection.

“Shhh. Come.” He smiled and took her hand, leading her to the spread.

In the basket there were various kinds of cheese, along with an assortment of fruits and a few bagels with the option of cream cheese to go with it. He pulled two glasses, which Claire noted were in exceptional condition, from the basket and handed her one once she was sitting.

Her eyes never left his face as he poured the champagne, still trying to wrap her mind around what was happening. His blue eyes sparkled in the light of the dawn, the sun highlighting his hair so that she could see every shade of copper, cinnamon and auburn.

God, how did I get so lucky? She thought, eating the food he prepared as the sun silently rose above the trees.

“Okay, you were right.” Claire admitted as they laid together in the grass, fingers intertwined.

“About?” He played dumb, but she could hear the smirk in his voice.

“About coming here.” She said, rolling onto her side to face him. He lifted a hand to caress her cheek, one finger running down the line of her jaw before coming to rest under her chin, lifting her face towards his.

She melted into him as he kissed her, the world around her disappearing until it was just the two of them. He pulled away and looked deep into her eyes before speaking.

“One more thing.” He said, reaching into his pocket.

She laughed, sitting up. “There’s more?”

Then he was facing her again, a small, black velvet box in his hand. He opened the lid and inside there was a silver ring, with tiny thistles carved into the band, entwining with one another.

“Claire, I’ve wanted to do this since the first moment I saw ye…” He paused. “Do ye remember when I told you that I used to hike this trail every morning?”

Her eyes were glassy with tears, emotion taking hold of her. All she could do was nod her head.

“I took this same path every day, just like I did with everything else. The scenery was the same and my feelings never changed, like I was stuck on an endless loop that was destined to be that way.” A faint smile made its way onto his face as he continued. “But one day, I took a different path, did something different. And that same day, when I wasn’t paying attention, I ran into someone. Quite literally; my shirt’s still stained with coffee.”

Claire laughed a little, remembering the day.

“That person was you, Sassenach. That was the day it all changed–the day when my future became clear.” Jamie swallowed, doing his best not to shed a tear. He took her left hand in his, his thumb caressing her knuckles.

“My future is you, Claire. And if there’s one without you in it, I don’t want to live it. You are the love of my life, mo cridhe, and I want to walk the rest of this path with you.” He swallowed again, quickly glancing down at their joined hands before meeting her eyes once more.

“Will you marry me?”

Somewhere Special ~ Park Jimin

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It started on the first day of your Junior year of high school.

You wore your hair down and were wearing your uniform with your black backpack on your back while walking with one of your bestfriends to your first class.

Thats when you saw him.

His hair was long, clear skin, brown eyes, and he was tall.

You two made quick eye contact while passing each other and you were stunned.

“Who was that?” You asked your friend, looking over at her.

“I’m not sure.” She shrugged and walked into the class.

When you sat there you took a bit to process what had just happened before sighing and getting our your materials to start class.

Everyday from then, you both always made eye contact while passing each other in the hall. You only saw him a few times during passing periods because of your very different schedules.

“(Y/N), just talk to him already.” You friends groaned as you explained how you saw him again while at your locker.

“I cant..” You sighed, covering your face with your hands.

“You’re so confident except for when it comes to him, its funny.” They laughed while you pouted.

“Oh shut up.”

“I’ll talk to him for you.” One of your friends spoke out of nowhere. She looked at you while all of your friends stared at her.

“Seriously?” You asked and she nodded, “Of course.”

None of your friends had the balls to even look at him directly and it was a shock to you all that she would talk to him.

“Ill do it after school.” She said and you nodded, even though you were nervous he’d think you were some stalker or something.

When she told him later that day, you were shocked to say the least. You had just walked with your friend to your bus when you looked over and saw your friend talking to him, a smile on his face.

A minute later she came rushing over to you with a smile on her face.

“(Y/N)! I told him!”

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Morgan Rielly - The Proposal

anon request: Could you write one about Morgan Rielly?? Maybe about the playoffs too? Thanksss :)

anon request: can you do a morgan rielly one please, just do any plot, don’t mind, love ur blog :)

this one i really enjoyed because i just love the toronto maple leafs and i love including them all in imagines!!

requests are open:))

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“please y/n” morgan asked. i laid on the hotel room bed. “it’s my one day off and were in washington” he begged flopping on to the bed beside me. morgans head rested in his hands as he pouted like a child.

“look at me” i said gesturing to my appearance. “you look beautiful what’s your point?” he asked completely serious, i smacked his arm.


“ow! what the hell was that for?” he yelped in pain as he held his arm like a baby. “for lying to your girlfriend” i smiled sweetly at him which he only answered with a groan.

“you don’t have a choice” he stood up crossing his arms. “it is four, mitch is gonna pick you up at six and if you aren’t ready then we’re taking you in your pyjamas” he said sternly, but also he was proud he stood his ground. “see you at six baby” he pressed a kiss to my cheek and walked out of the room whistling a tune.

“what mo! why are you trusting mitch to drive!” i yelled as the door slammed shut but was quickly opened again. “i am a fantastic driver thank you very much” mitch stuck his head in the room. auston’s head appeared over mitch’s and he laughed, “rest in peace y/n, please know that we all loved you” that caused me to laugh loudly and auston joined in. as the door closed i heard mitch’s loud voice asking people if he was a good driver.

i quickly stood up and opened the door to see the team walking down the hall. “hey mo!” i shouted. everyone stopped and looked back at me, “yes babe?” he said moving to the back of the crowd and closer to me. “what do i wear?” i asked and he thought for a moment. “that pretty blue dress that i told you to bring” he smiled and i nodded, “see you at six” i said and he answered with the same, “see you at six” and with that i got the steamy shower going and i began to get ready.

i was 5:30 and all i had left to do was my make up and get dressed. my makeup ended up taking 15 minutes and getting dressed by the time i was done and admiring myself in the mirror a loud knock sounded from the door. i answered it and saw a brown hair’d boy bouncing on his feet, “hey y/n you look-” he stopped mid sentence and looked at me.

“wow you actually look like a girl. and pretty” he said blinking fast. “well common we don’t want to leave prince charming waiting now do we?” he laughed offering me his arm, i accepted and bulleted him

with questions. “i cant say!” he yelled out pulling his hood over his face which made me burst out laughing.

after a long car ride of mitch singing along to his country music we arrived at an empty, fancy restaurant. “we are here and you are alive” he sassed at me rubbing his hands together and then patting his own shoulder. “oh shut up” i laughed getting out of the car. “thanks for the ride mitchy” i waved and he yelled out the window, “your welcome and use protection we don’t need a mini mo running around” he laughed honking as he drove away and i stuck the finger at him.

“classy date” i heard morgan’s voice from behind me. i turned around and made eye contact with his angelic eyes that were sparkling with their beautiful blue colour. “only the classiest for you” i winked at him slowly taking a step forward and into his open arms that were welcoming me in for a hug.

“you look lovely” he kissed my cheek. i leaned into his touch and pulled back, “you look good too handsome” i smiled grabbing his hand and leading him into the restaurant, “we are eating here right?” i asked and he nodded following after me although i didn’t really know where i was going.

i pushed the door open and smiled when i saw the sight of auston, zach, william, kasperi, and connor. “this way to your table” william smiled and held his arm out which had a white cloth on it. “after you” mo smiled gesturing me to go forward. i followed behind william as he lead me to a small, circle table lit up with tall candles, a dark bottle of red wine, and two large plates.

morgan pulled out my seat for me which i quietly thanked him for then he sat down himself. “music?” zach yelled from the other side of the restaurant which made me laugh. loud country music blasted which made me jump then it was quickly turned down and changed into a slow piano song. i looked over to the stereo and mitch was starring at us like a deer caught in the head lights.

all of the leafs rookies held in there laugher, “wine?” connor asked seeing as he was the only one who had recovered from laughing, i nodded handing him my cup and morgan did the same. “thank you” he smiled.

“here are your menus” kasperi came in giving connor a hip bump and scooting him out. i snorted back a laugh and took the menu from him, “thank you” i laughed giving the other menu to morgan.

“wine?” mitch walked over and grabbed the bottle and started pouring two glasses until they practically spilled over, “oh shit sorry!” he exclaimed and then covered his mouth. zach grabbed mitch’s arm and pulled him, “we won’t have him disturb you two no more” zach smiled then began talking again, “oh and we will take your order soon” he pulled mitch by the arm and out of sight.

“so” morgan said laughing. “did you set this all up?” i asked reaching out for his hand across the table. “yeah” he said shyly. “it’s our halfiversary” he kissed my hand and blushed when i looked at him confused. “oh-oh!” i said a second time finally understanding.

“this is sweet morgan” i took a look at the menu. once dinner began and the conversation started flowing, morgan and i were laughing at something that happened three years ago on our first date. “that was great” i laughed wiping my mouth with my napkin then placing it back on my lap.

“dinner was great mo” i smiled. “was it?” james walked out of the kitchen and tyler was right behind him, “no way” i covered my mouth. “yes way” james laughed, “oh and congratulations” he said, james looked at my hands then his face dropped.

“wait- oh my” he froze, “i go make dessert,  español?” he said confused then sprinted back to the kitchen. “does he even speak spanish?” i asked laughing then i looked at my hands. “why did he do that though?” i frowned looking at morgan.

“damn it” he mumbled and stood up from his chair. “the original plan was to take you on a romantic walk and do it at the beautiful park an-” morgan was babbling on and on. “do what morgan?” i asked standing up with him. he wasn’t that much taller than me while i was in heels so he didn’t look down on me.

“i love you y/n” he said and dropped down to one knee. my hands flew to my mouth and i already felt tears brimming my eyes. “the day i saw you i was already in love. when we were introduced by mitch i thought you couldn’t be the one for me because well it was mitch who introduced us who knows what runs through his head.   when i saw walk through that door i knew that you were the one for me. you are my soulmate y/n” he said quickly meeting my eyes with his. the ones that i could look at forever, the eyes that were the ones that i love.

“will you marry me he asked pulling a small blue box out of his suit pocket and opening it revealing a beautiful sparkling diamond. "yes morgan, yes!” i said pulling him up by his hands. “a million times yes” he pulled my lips to his. his lips locked with mine and they moved together like they were meant for eachother, which they were.

“finally” mitch sighed and pulled his phone back, a flash is what stopped the kiss though. “now you’re part of our family for real!” auston ran up and pulled us in a hug. “my parents!” william shouted and ran through room to join our group hug.

“i better be your maid of honour!” mitch shouted and ran in for the hug too.

“as long as mo is my groom i don’t care what happens” i smiled placing my hand on the side of his face and pulling him in for one more kiss. “oh my good look at that ring!” zach shouted walking over to us. 

“i love you” i laughed making eye contact with morgan as he wiped away tears, happy ones of course.

Crash into Me (Ch.7) Finale😘

(Juice x OC Janna)

Thank you to @chaosmieu and @juiceboxxortiz the support that y'all gave me has been immeasurable!! I love you both so much!!!

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A couple hours and a quarter of a fith of Jameson later Janna was angrily trying to find all of her things. She didn’t realise it but she had indeed moved in with Juice. Right down to the pictures of them on the fridge and her makeup and straightener in the bathroom. She even had trouble packing up the yeti cup with the dent in it that he’d taken up as his own. It was his now. Holding it she thought about the day they had met how relieved she was he had been ok. How when she looked into his eyes and saw his smile that she couldn’t belive she had nearly been the one responsible for taking something so beautiful from the world.

How she had picked up his habits of everything having a place and being in it. How he had also started to have his cup of ice water with everything. This wasn’t a fling they lived and worked and laughed, and, with a sigh, she realised the had made love together in this house. Suddenly the little travler girl had found her home and this was it. This house this bed this man. This was home. And she had let it go.

Janna broke down and sobbed folding her…. no this one was his… and instead of her bag she placed the shirt on the dresser.

Janna was broken from her self loathing by a knock at the door.

Janna sighed when the persistent knocking didn’t stop. “I’m not in the mode Gemma.” She choked out opening the door. “Besides you got what you wanted I’m leaving.”

Gemma took in her red face and siged. “What happend sweetheart?”

Janna scoffed “Sweetheart?” And walked back into the house lifting the bottle to her lips. Gemma followed her in and yanked the bottle from her hand taking a pull from it her self. “What tha..” Janna stood shocked by the action.

Gemma simply held up a finger to her as if to say just hold on. Then abruptly turned the bottle up again this time taking 3 large gulps. “Oh Jesus!” Gemma exclaimed handing the bottle back with one hand and slapping the burn in her chest with the other. “I needed that or I was never gonna get through this.. Janna I am sorry.”

Janna’s puffy eyes went wide and her jaw dropped. “It’s just I’m protective of my boys and you came in and you didn’t seem that much different from the bouncy little bimbos that are already around the club… I just thought…”

“That I’d use him like they do. I get it Gem.”

Gemma sighed looking her over “I didn’t give you a chance to show that you were different and you ended up taking that chance. And damn it baby if I wasn’t proud of you… I was pissed so it didn’t show.. but standing up like you did… those girls, they don’t do that… and since I’m usually the boss bitch in charge, they defiantly don’t do it to me.” She scoffed.

Janna had to laugh at that “This life… the club…. it ain’t easy baby. It’s all or nothing… and I… well..”

“You mistook my kindness for weakness.”

“Yeah I did.” Gemma reluctantly gave in. “Now tell me what happend.”

Janna took one more swig and began to recount her fight with Juice to the matriarch of SAMCRO. “Well damn baby. You just gonna let him say that and walk out?”

“I didn’t say it back. He’s not gonna wanna see me when he gets home.”

“Bullshit! Get your ass up. Let’s go.”


“I’m taking you to get your truck so you can find his dumb ass before some porn slut takes advantage of his broken baby heart and puts the final nail in the coffin.”

“Gemma .. I.. I..”

“Forget it darlin let’s go!”

Janna jumped up slipping on her flip flops. She was in nothing but some short dry fit shorts and an oversized t-shirt with her messy bun falling apart on top of her head and her makeup-less puffy face she was the epitome of ‘God bless this hot southern mess’. Thinking screw it she slipped on her Costas and followed Gemma out the door.

The sun was just sinking when the women pulled into the lot and they each groaned at the sight of all the people there “Shit,” Gemma huffed, “with everything going on I forgot a party was happening tonight.” But then she perked up. “On the plus side, 20 to 1 he’s here.” She looked at Janna who just let out a frustrated growl and climbed out of the Caddy.

Gemma followed closely behind her. Some of the guys spotted the pair and Happy, Chibs, and Tig walked up to greet them. Turning suddenly at the sight of everyone Janna looked up to Gemma. “Do us both a favor and never again mistake my kindness for weakness. I will do my best to never be the cause of hurt but I will not sit by and take someone’s shit.” Gemma raised an immaculate eyebrow at her and all the guys took pause thinking they were about to break up another fight. “Sorry just had to.. I don’t know.. psych my self up.” Gemma just nodded and smirked.

When Janna turned back around she came face to face with Happy who nodded at her. “Thanks Hap. I need that.” And she marched twards the doors.

“What tha hell?” Tig looked around confused at how Janna and Happy seemed to understand one another when he didn’t even speak. “He just nodded and flicked that damn tooth pick around his mouth?” He complained to Chibs and Gemma. Both of whom shrugged not understanding either.

Janna walked into the club house with the other four behind her she quickly spotted Juice and… “Ima” Janna muttered to herself. Janna knew all about Ima the guys had all had a turn with her and she was the porn star princess.

Moving to the bar Tig Chibs and Happy all grabbed drinks to watch the show with. Chibs slapped Opie on the back to get his and Jax’s attention and pointed over to Juice and Ima and the very furious very tiny bundle of pissed the hell off storming up to them.

“Move.” Janna said.

“Janna?” Juice started but was cut off by Ima.

“I don’t think so.”

“Now” Janna all but growled.

“Listen swee…” Ima never got to finish because Janna reared back and decked her. Laying her out right there.

“That’s my girl.” Happy grumbled, smirking with is tooth pick.

“Jesus Janna what the hell…” Juice started.

“I love you too!!” She blurted out before he could say anymore. Juice looked over at the panting mess of a woman and grabbed her face planting his lips to hers. Janna parted her lips and sipped her toung into his mouth moaning at the feel. Sliding his hands down to her ass he squeezed lifting her up to wrap her legs around his waist. And storming out of the club house followed by cheers from all the guys, and a smirk from Gemma.

“You sure?” He asked her once they were outside and away from prying eyes and ears.

“Very sure.” She nodded tears rolling down her face and slipping around her smile. “Can we umm.. just skip the party tonight. I’m not exactly dressed and…”

“HEY WHERE YOU TO OFF TO… GET YOUR ASSES BACK HERE!!” Tig yelled from the club house door.

“One more hour?” He asked.

“I’m not exactly dressed for a party.” She smiled.

“Oh baby! It’s not about what you wear to the party. It’s about what you aren’t wearing after the party.” He winked. “Come on. I owe you a few drinks remember?”

“Yeah. You’re right. You’ve used up all your ‘I nearly killed you’ passes by now.” She giggled.

———————— One year later… ————————

“Oh Miguel!!” Janna purred walking out to the back yard, where Juice was skimming leaves out of the pool. “Could you please put some oil on my…AHH JAX WHAT THE FUCK!?!?”

“You’re topples under that towel aren’t you?” He smirked. Janna just stood there wide eyed as Juice walked up to the grill Jax had been firing up.

“Might wanna get dressed babe.” He suggested. Just then the back gate opened and in came Gemma and Tig followed by Opie, Donna their two kids, and Tara with Abel.

“The others are gonna be here too. Go.” Juice ushered her back to the house.

Watching a startled Janna take off to go put on the rest of her swimsuit Jax chuckled. “Miguel?”

“Shut it.” Juice growled turning red.

A while later everyone was sitting around the large fire pit Opie had helped Juice build into the back deck. With the kids all asleep in the living room where Tig had built them the most ridiculous pillow fort. The grownups took time to just be a normal family.

“I need everyone’s attention!” Juice stood breaking the various conversations. “Just over a year ago I was nearly killed out on 18. When this chick nearly crashed into me. I didn’t realise it then but at the time it seemed like a near miss. She didn’t though. She hit me.” He turned looking to Janna. “She crashed right into me. Right into my life and it’s been one beautiful wreck right after the other. She ran over my bike a second time 3 weeks after we made this official.” They all chuckled. “And I loved her then. She burned my birthday cake and the house smelled for a month.” Everyone laughed a bit harder at the memory of Juice complaining how everything Janna cooked tasted burned for that month. “And I loved her more. She hit me with a baseball bat, when I came home early in the middle of the night from a run.“ Eyes began watering as everyone doubled over in hysterics at the memory of Juice’s busted cheek. “And I loved her still more. She brought home a puppy that makes messes all the time but it makes her smile and makes me love her more.”

Janna was crying slowly but her breath was pulled from her chest when Juice slowly lowered himself on one knee. “No matter what we do or what we go through. No matter what this life has thrown at us you have loved me through it and for that I keep finding myself loving you more than I did the day before.” Pulling out a black box Juice revealed a beautiful cushion cut diamond ring. “Janna will you…”

“YES!!” She screamed throwing herself around him, but abruptly pulled back. “I mean…. are you…. ya know… are you sure?”

Juice threw his head back laughing. “Very sure.”

Janna allowed the breath she’d been holding to escape into a happy sob.“Then yes. Yes. Yes. Yes Oh my God yes!” She repeated between kisses. As he slipped the ring onto her finger. Their family all smiles and clapping for them.

“By the way. This might be a good time to tell you… umm…well I kinda made another oops” Juice tried to hide the wince thinking she backed into his bike yet again. Granted he had gotten another one for that exact reason, and she always fixed it when she did. He was still worried for his bike.

“Well actually WE kinda oopsed” Juice’s brows drew together what could they have….. suddenly realisation crossed his features but she confirmed anyway “I’m pregnant.” She whispered.

“Your… I’m gonna…. we’re gonna…” Janna just kept nodding. “You’re sure?”

It was Janna’s turn to throw her own head back in laughter. “I took 6 tests … yeah… I’m very very sure.”

“I’M GONNA BE A DAD!!” He yelled to everyone.  Causing another roar and round of congratulations.

This is what it was to have someone he thought watching Janna talk baby talk with Gemma Tara and Donna.

It was pretty damn perfect.
“Why did you want to buy me jewelry?”

I looked at him, puzzled. The sale of the ruby had left us with a bit of money, but extravagance was not at all like him, and under the circumstances—

 “Oh! To make up for sending all that money to Laoghaire? I didn’t mind; I said I didn’t.” 

He had—with some reluctance—arranged to send the bulk of the proceeds from the sale of the stone to Scotland, in payment of a promise made to Laoghaire MacKenzie—damn her eyes—Fraser, whom he had married at his sister’s persuasion while under the rather logical impression that if I was not dead, I was at least not coming back. My apparent resurrection from the dead had caused any amount of complications, Laoghaire not least among them. 

“Aye, ye said so,” he said, openly cynical. 

“I meant it—more or less,” I said, and laughed. “You couldn’t very well let the beastly woman starve to death, appealing as the idea is.” He smiled, faintly.

 “No. I shouldna like to have that on my conscience; there’s enough without. But that’s not why I wished to buy ye a present.”

 “Why, then?” The box was heavy; a gracious, substantial, satisfying weight across my legs, its wood a delight under my hands. He turned his head to look full at me, then, his hair fire-struck with the setting sun, face dark in silhouette. 

“Twenty-four years ago today, I married ye, Sassenach,” he said softly. “I hope ye willna have cause yet to regret it.”

-Drums Of Autumn 

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Thanks for not having dumped me yet (Tom Holland x Reader)

Request: Hello,Can I request a Tom Holland imagine where reader is his long time girlfriend and he has been filming Spider Man Homecoming and one day reader goes to Disneyland with her family and Tom’s family too,and he surprise her and propose her in front of the castle and there’s a music on the background and it’s “I Do” by Drew Selley,I’m sorry if this is a little confused,Thank you❤️ / tagging @joannaasilva and @akiiiiiiiiiii

A/N: I haven’t added the song in the background, which I’m extremely sorry for, because I’m in my village and the wifi is not working well so I can’t watch youtube videos, and also, I’m extremely bad at song imagines. I hope you don’t mind and enjoy it nonetheless xx

Looking around you, you smile in awe at how beautiful everything is. You had never been to Disneyland before, and now you realize all you had been missing out. You look at Tom, talking to his brothers a few feet from you. He is smiling and seems to be happy about the fact of being with his family after so long.
After dating for four years, you can admit you have never been happier. You have an amazing boyfriend and an amazing family, and you can picture yourself having a future with Tom. You know you are young -you are only twenty, but you can’t wait until the day you are happily married and have a family of your own.
You walk up to Tom and take his hand, smiling at his parents.
‘’Do you wanna stay here until the fireworks are thrown?’’ you ask, hoping they’ll say yes. You want to live the whole Disneyland experience and stay until the park closes.
Tom looks at his parents before nodding. His parents smile suspiciously and nod as well, looking happily at Tom. You don’t really understand what’s going on, and when Sam and Harry laugh, it makes you suspicious. ‘Is there anything no one is telling me?’ you wonder as you look at Tom. He simply smiles at you, giving your hand a little squeeze. You let it pass and smile back, tugging at his hand.
‘’What ride do you want to go on next?’’ you say excitedly as you walk away from his parents.
You approach your parents to tell them you’ll see them in that exact spot in thirty minutes, and they smile and send you off.
‘’Everyone is acting weirdly today. This is the first time in twenty years in which my parents haven’t asked a thousand questions about where we’re going’’ you say, laughing a little.
Two hours later, the night has already set in, the lights illuminating the castle. You stand next to your parents, looking at it in awe. Tom has gone to the toilet, his family standing on the other side of you.
Just as you are about to call him, worried about him not coming back, you feel a tap on your shoulder, and turning around, you see Tom, slowly kneeling on one knee and pulling something out of his coat. You open your mouth slightly, putting a hand over it, a smile making its way onto your lips.
‘’[Y/N], we have known each other since we were in kindergarten. For some reason, you didn’t kill me when I cut your ponytail -which I still don’t understand, and you decided to be my friend. You have put up with me for so many years -me not going to school because of filming; me having to ditch you, again, because of filming; me leaving the country and not telling you until the day before, once again, because of filming -you have been there for me through all of that, and the only times we argue, it’s because I eat your fries. You have always supported me, both as a friend and as a girlfriend, and I know I can always count on you. You agreed to dating me after ten years of friendship, and you made me the happiest boy alive. I have put you through so much crap since then -false rumors, late night calls, jealous moments, ditching you up repeatedly… And you haven’t dumped me yet, which I’m really thankful for, just so you know. Having been through all of this and managing to still love each other as much as the first day we kissed, I want to ask you something’’ he says, pulling out a little box, and opening it to only show a ring inside. ‘’[Y/N], will you put up with my problems for many more years and marry me?’’ he asked, a huge grin on his face.
You could feel the tears welling up in your eyes, both your hands covering your mouth as you nodded your head furiously.
‘’Yes, Tom. A thousand times yes’’ you whispered, crying.
He put the ring softly on your finger and got up, hugging you, your head resting on his shoulder.
‘’I love you so much’’ he whispered on your ear.
‘’I love you even more’’ you said, a strangled sob escaping your mouth. ‘’You better not ditch me on the wedding, understand?’’ you asked, loud enough so your parents and Tom’s family would hear, making you all laugh. He nodded and pulled you closer, giving you a soft kiss.
‘’I would never’’ he said, laughing a little. He was yours, you were his, and that was all you ever wanted.

A Small Surprise

Hello if you still do the 390 prompts thingy can we have #53 please ^-^

53. “Guess who’s going to be a father?”
warnings: fluff and like one swear i think
771 words

Snow whirled furiously around Storybrooke, tendrils of icy air whipping the windows. A mild storm was brewing, but you were safe inside your small apartment, cozy in your chair next to the fire. The air scented of cocoa and spice, and as you sat swaddled in a blanket, your fingers idly fiddled with a pregnancy test. Your eyes gleamed with uncertainty, but you couldn’t ignore the unmistakeable feeling of joy tugging at your heart.

You jumped at the sound of the door creaking open, anxious as to what you would now have to face. What if he doesn’t want it? Fear crept in at the thought. Lately, the pair of you hadn’t bothered to use any protection. Not that you were trying for anything, but you both had decided that it wasn’t necessary to take precautions anymore, and that it might be best to simply let nature run its course. And after waking up this morning with an immediate urge to vomit, you already knew what was happening. You shrugged off Peter’s concern, reassuring him that it must be some mild form of stomach flu, and that perhaps calling in sick to work would be best today. Little did he know that what you really needed was some time to cope with the idea of being a…

Mother. You were going to be a mother. The idea was enough to make your head spin. Were you two ready for life as parents? It had been a while since you both arrived in Storybrooke, and together you had adjusted just fine. You were no longer going to stay young forever, and the pair of you were growing up quite nicely. This would just be another adventure, right? The sound of Peter’s boots clunking against the floor immediately brought you out of your reverie, and you were once again reminded of the news you had to break.

“(Y/N)?” His voice rang clear as he made his way towards you, and you smiled at him as he shucked off his sweater. “How are you feeling, love?” You stealthily hid the test beneath the folds of the blanket as Peter felt your forehead with the back of his palm. “You’re a bit warm,” he said, and you chuckled softly.

“It’s the fire.” Poor guy. He had no idea what was coming. You smirked, and his brows rose.

“Alright,” he said, a bit warily. “What’s going on?” Would he really want to know? Maybe you two weren’t prepared for this. What if he got scared and wouldn’t want this new addition in your lives? You panicked, and your mind racked itself for reasons as to why you shouldn’t tell Peter the truth. The agitation must have been visible in your face because he cupped your chin and faced you to him, green orbs searching your eyes for a reason as to why you were distressed. “What is it, love? Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing is wrong,” you sighed. You never meant to worry him. Peter sat on the arm of your chair, brushing back stray locks from your face. “You know that we’ve stopped contraception for a while, to…to just see what would happen.” You fumbled with the words, and Peter’s brushing paused.

“(Y/N),” he began.

“So it really isn’t a surprise that,” you couldn’t help the smile that now grew upon your lips, “that something like this would happen.”

“(Y/N),” Peter repeated, quickly shifting as he crouched before where you were sat, peering up with incredulous green eyes. His lips quivered as he struggled to find the words. “Are you…?”

You were practically beaming now, unable to smother your glowing smile. Your hands brought out the pregnancy test from beneath the folds. His gaze was fixated on the positive sign. “Guess who’s going to be a father?” In that moment, you weren’t afraid of his reaction, because as soon as he smiled, you knew it was going to be okay.

“I’m…” A mixture of emotions danced along his features. “You’re… We’re…” You laughed at his loss of words, nodding as your eyes filled with tears. His smile was radiant as he continued his attempt at conveying his currently scattered thoughts. “Shit, (Y/N). We… I’m going to… A baby?” 

And there it was. It was the sweetest word you ever heard.

“Yes,” you whispered, taking his face in your hands as you brought your lips to his. “We’re going to have a baby.” He threw back his head in laughter, and crashed his mouth to yours for a breathtaking kiss. Yes, you thought to yourself. We are going to be okay.

(A/N): I enjoyed writing this so much that I’m now thinking about doing a part ii. What do you guys think? Are we having a boy or a girl?

Surprise Visit (Pt 2)- Derek Hale/ Big Bros Sam & Dean Winchester (TW/SPN Crossover)

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Request// Can you please do part two of surprise visit? -@imadangerouscause

*So this was sent to me by that beautiful person above 2 months ago, and sadly I’m just now getting to it, I hope you enjoy it and aren’t so mad at me xoxox*


(Part 1)

“So the rooms are clean and there’s beer in the fridge,” Derek reassured you as you watched over your phone.

“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. We shouldn’t have done this,” you said, nibbling on your nails.

Derek gave a low chuckle as he came up behind you, wrapping his strong arms around your waist. “They’re your brothers, Y/N. They’d show up whether we wanted them to or not.”

Usually you would be taking the role of the joyous host while Derek would try to think of a reason to uninvite any guests to the loft, but Sam and Dean were different circumstances. Who knew that your overprotective brothers would love your overprotective boyfriend (possibly even more than they loved you)? While Sam and Derek became close after helping one another with information on the supernatural, you teased your oldest brother about his bromance with Derek. Dean and Derek would be texting back and forth constantly about cars, and sports, and you so much that Derek would be more likely to know where they were in the country than you.

You were pulled from your thoughts as soon as you heard the impala roll into the parking lot below and you phone vibrated with a notification. We’re here.

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Issac Lahey |Well, ok mr Crying Wolf.

Count of words: 841

Warnings: none really

A/N: This was actually very rushed because I wanted to posted yesterday but I didn’t find enough time and now I’m sick as hell but I tried so I hope you like it.

Requested?: Yes

jazmintaylor337  asked:

Can you please do an imagine when Issac cries cause he thought you died but you didn’t and make it reeeeeally fluffy

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

It was a tough fight. I thought it would be easier but it wasn’t. I didn’t realise this untill I saw them trying to kill Issac. Whenever anyone even tries to hurt him a flip inside me switches and I forget I am human. That happened that night too.

We were all prepeared to fight. Isaac, my boyfriend of 4 years, insisted I would stay back home, “just to be safe”. He always likes to be protective over me but I am so subborn he can never persuade me into doing what he says if I don’t want to. So here we were. Inside an abadoned mall. For one more time we were ready to fight with the alphas but it seemed as they were stronger tonight. We were fighting and fighting, all with this flame to survive and save each other rising higher by the moment. Suddenly I turn around and Issac is looking at me when I see the twins ready to claw him. I immediately pushed him out of the way. He didn’t have enough time to react and neither did I. They clawd me insted. My body falling, lifless now, on the ground. I could here Isaac calling my name and screaming but it all fainted after a second.

I woke up in a strange but familiar place. Called metal was touching my, now, warm skin creating goosebumps all oven my naked body. It was a no brainer that I was in the mortuary. I was in one of those drawers they put the corpses in. But even if everyone, including myself, thought I was one, I was not. I slowly opened the little metal door revealing the empty and defenitely creepy room. The lights were almost none existant. My head was spinning but after finally getting out of my supposed deathbed I managed to reach my personal belogings that were sitting in a box next to the metal table in the middle of the room.

“Y/N?” Melissa said confused. “Ye-yes…” I answered hesitant. “Yo-you were dead. I examined the corpse my self. Killed from a severe loss of blood after an animal attack.” She said avoiding to say the word ‘wolf’ or ‘alpha’. “Well it was an alpha that did it. I once heard Scott say that even if you get clawd from an alpha you can be turned into something. Unknown but it is something.” I said trying to keep my voice from breaking. “Oh my! Y/N wait for me.. I’m coming.” She said and hang the phone. While waiting for Melissa I threw the sheet ,that was laid overme before, around my body covering anything I could.. Not much later Melissa walked into the mortuary with a pair of clean clothes and underwear. “Here, wear these.” She said while walking up to me and engulfing me in her arms. “Don’t ever do this again.” She said and walked outside waiting for me to get dressed.

“So, what do I do know?” I asked her while we were walking out of the building. “You go see Isac. Here, take my car, drive to my house and please stop his crying. It is heart breaking and annoying.” She said throwing me her keys and hugging me once again. “Just go!” She said and I did as told.

The drive to the McCall house was painfully long. I couldn’t believe Issac was so devastated. When I finally reached my destination I finally opened the door and walked into the seemingly empty house as quite as possible. I could hear soft sniffles from up stairs, slowly turning to sobs. So, I took a deep breath and slowly made my way up stairs where Issac was staying. “I told you I’m alright Scott,” Isaac said as I opened the door to his room. “Not Scott, but you don’t look alright, love.” I said taking a step further into the room. Issac’s eyes widened as he turned around looking at me. “What’s the matter, love? Seen a ghost?” I joked trying to make him relax a bit. “Not the time for these jokes Y/N!” He said running up to my hugging me as if I would disappear. “You are here. I can feel you. You are not in my mind!” He said softly, tears running down his face and warming up my exposed skin. “Well last time I checked, too, I was alive.” I said being my sarcastic self. “Oh stop it.” He said irritated kissing me passionately. “You were killed by the twins trying to save me. You were like this for over a month and I was here  crying my eye balls out becase of it. Don’t joke with me about it princess.” He said looking at me in the eyes. “Well ok, mr Crying Wolf. Can we atleast watch a movie and cuddle?” I said hugging him tight. “That all I ever wanted.” He said kissing the top of my head and falling on top of his bed with me in my eyes, finally a smile plastered across his face.

Sonder: A Solangelo Story

Chapter 4

Ch.3 / Ch.5
Table of contents

This was a one-time thing, Nico had no reason to believe otherwise. He had just accidentally switched with someone (he forgot the male’s name oops) from Kansas and had to fix some of the mistakes the other had made. It wasn’t that big of a deal, right? 

After his call with Reyna, Nico walked over to his closet and sorted through the clothes. Yes, most of the shirts were black. Why? Because he was always mourning and why shouldn’t he? His sister was killed thanks to some idiot who decided it would be smart to plow straight through her. So, he’ll wear black until the day he dies and will continue to mourn her. Within a few moments, he had found what he was looking for, a small red box with Bianca’s name written in cursive on top of it.

“Hey, Sis,” he whispered, tears brimming the edge of his eyes. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here to talk to you today…I was in Kansas, it’s a funny story how I got there.” He laughed a bit, burning hot tears starting to roll down his cheeks. “…I bet you would believe me if you were still alive…It was, kind of nice to be someone else for once” His voice shook as he spoke, the tears continuing to flow down his cheeks as memories of the female ran through his head. The sound of her voice had already faded from memory which had broken his heart. “Im…im sorry, Bianca…I’m sorry I’m not the kind of brother you would be proud of.” his grip on the box tightened as he let out a choked up sob.


“Yes, Yes Ma'am…I’m sorry for my language earlier today…yes I will accept detention tomorrow.” Will muttered apologetically into the headset, his gaze focused on a drawing in his notebooks. “Bye, Mrs. Stoll” He slowly placed the phone down and traced the doodle with his finger, smiling slightly.

The picture was of a brother and sister, their hands intertwined as they walked towards the sun. The drawing was cartoonish but well done as Will immediately recognized the brother as the dark haired boy he switched with. His smile soon faded, the tear stains left on the paper were suddenly noticeable and tore at Will’s heart.

“I’m sorry you lost your sister, I…..I don’t know how you feel but I do know it would break my heart if Kayla died the same way she did.” He muttered quietly, quickly hiding the paper when he heard his door creak open. Soon after, Austin’s head appeared between the opening.

“Will, Can you tell the Stolls that they’re assholes? I’m not prepared to deal with their bullshit.” He said, his voice strained as if he was trying to hold his anger back.

“What did they do this time?” He asked, raising his brow a bit and crossing his arms.

“Lie and say the meteor shower was this Friday instead of next just so I would ask a girl out.” He grumbled, glaring when Will laughed a bit. “Anyways, can you tell them I’m not speaking to the two of them until then?”

“Yeah, sure,” He said with his signature grin, causing Austin smile back before leaving the room. “As soon as I’m done trying to remember who drew this.” his gaze going to the picture’s hiding place.


Nico had finally placed the box back in its hiding place, his eyes completely bloodshot and his hair a bit of a miss. No words could accurately describe how much he missed Bianca, for six years he had been existing. He had let life pass him by and he knew that Bianca would’ve hated that, but he didn’t know how to get back to feeling alive. He was as close to being dead as you could get without actually being dead.

In a few moments, he slowly stumbled up and rubbed his eyes a few more times before walking towards the kitchen. They had leftover Chinese right? He could attempt to nuke that for a few minutes, it wouldn’t be good from a nutritional standpoint but at least it’s edible. Starving just does more harm than good in Nico’s opinion, plus his sister wanted him to be alive.

After setting the orange chicken and fried rice to two minutes, Nico carefully poured himself a glass of soda and drank it. He wondered what the other male was doing? Maybe he was cleaning his room? For some unknown reason, the name of the blonde had quickly faded from Nico’s memory. Wasn’t there an S? Or a W? He couldn’t quite recall and just shrugged it off, the beeping of the microwave startling him. 


Meanwhile, Will was googling information about schools in New York and trying to figure out which one the emo kid was attending. He wanted to meet him one day because you don’t just switch souls with a person and forget their existence completely,  only their name apparently. After a bit he started to softly yawn, checking the time. 

“Hmm….he might already be asleep? Well then, goodnight emo dude…maybe we’ll meet soon. I have enough money to go out for a day and come back the next morning if you ever wanted to meet.” He mumbled in a sleepy tone and pulled off the Batman shirt he was wearing. He figured the other had picked it out because it was one of the few black shirts he owned. He realized that the two of them would most likely not meet again and he would quickly become a fading memory. No, no, no, he couldn’t get so pessimistic, he quickly thought of all the talks they could have once they met while trying to pull on a pair of space pjs.

His bed felt a bit large for once, the blankets and pillows not being enough for him. What if he got a bunch like the New Yorker did? Then he wouldn’t be as lonel- why was he thinking he was lonely? He had his rough and tough, but also a giant teddy bear brother, plus a sister who wouldn’t take crap from anyone. So why did he feel alone? Maybe it was a pure delusion? Or maybe he wanted someone to see the glow in the dark galaxy he made! Yeah…that wasn’t it, that wasn’t what he wanted.

It took a while but the answer finally surfaced, he was longing for a close friend. One that he could tell everything to and feel as if they had an inseparable bond. 

“Maybe…maybe you’ll be that to me?….I hope you are, I don’t really have close friends only people I chat with. We share the same interests but none of us go into our life stories.” He mumbled, his eyelids growing heavy while he quietly wished to meet the beautiful black haired boy again. “I wish to hug you, to make you smile naturally on your own….I wish to make you happy wherever you are” So, he fell into a gentle slumber and his hands carefully gripped the dusk blue sheets.

Angry (Chrismd)

Requested?: Yes, Here Adri @christophersondixon
Warnings: Smut
Pairing: Chris and Reader

I’m going to hell for this one.



Today is the day that Chris and I are celebrating our two year anniversary. Which I could be more excited about.

We have been planning this night for months now. It took us two weeks to get the reservation. So this is something I definitely don’t want to miss.

Unfortunately that is not the case for both of us though. As I am sitting at the table in the restaurant, by myself. I look like a complete idiot. Someone who has just been stood up, which I have.

I’m so close to crying, but I won’t. Not in public.

The waiter keeps coming by my table to check up on me. I can see it on his face that he feels sorry for me, but won’t say anything.

I finally give up and gather my things before leaving the place. Now heading for the one place I knew he would be.

Pulling up to the house, I can see his car in the drive, meaning that he is home.

I angrily get out of the uber and make my way up to the door. I raise my hand to knock.

Kelly opens the door and smiles when she sees me. But that smile soon fades when she sees how I’m dressed.

“He forgot didn’t he?” She asks, letting me into the house

I nod my head “Yeah he did. Is he home?”

She nods “Up in his room.”

I smile at her before heading up to his room.

I open the door only to see him at his computer. Headphones on and editing a video.

It doesn’t even look like even remembered tonight. He’s dressed in a pair of grey sweats and a maroon shirt.

I go over and take his headphones off of him, only to have him turn around.

“What the hell?” He goes to yell but quiets down when he see it’s me

“Did you forget about something tonight Christopher?” I ask crossing my arms

“Not that I can think of right off the top of my head.” He says, looking me up and down, before realization comes across his face.

“That wasn’t tonight was it?” He asks, standing up

“It was Chris. Our two year anniversary dinner was tonight.” I say, getting a little agitated “The one we had been planning for months.”

“No, I had it written down and reminders everywhere. There’s no way I could have forgotten.”

“Well you did.” I say turning away from him

“You made me look like some loser who got stood up on a date!” I yell “Chris I had someone pay for the wine, because they said that I shouldn’t have to, because I looked upset.”

“Y/N, calm down.” He says, putting his hands up

When I hear the words come from his mouth I instantly turn around

“I will not calm down!” I yell “Instead of being at that dinner you were here editing a damn video!”

“What is the video more important than I am?” I ask, motioning to his computer

“Of course it’s not. You’re the most important thing to me.” He says calmly, walking towards me

“Doesn’t seem like it to me.” I say angrily “You care more about you’re YouTube channel than you do you’re own girlfriend.”

“I do not care more about my channel than I do you.” He says, softly “Please calm down and stop yelling.”

“Don’t ever tell a girl to calm down. That is he absolute worst thing you can do.”

“Well it’s hard not to when you came in here and just started yelling at me.”

“I wouldn’t have had to come and yell at you, if you had just remembered our dinner tonight.”

“I’m sorry I forgot it okay. I just have a lot going on right now.”

“So whatever you have going on is more important than meeting your girlfriend of two years for dinner.”

“Nothing is more important that you. I thought it was on another day.”

“Chris we’ve been talking about this night for months. How could you have possibly thought it was on another day.”

“Oh I don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had been really busy lately.”

“Busy?“  I almost yell “What have you been busy with other than, form what I can see, editing?”

“See, that’s the thing. I cant exactly tell you.”

“That makes it sound like you are cheating on me.” I say looking directly at him “Hell for all I know you could be, and you were planning on meeting her tonight. And you’re just hoping that I don’t…”

I get cut off by his lips upon mine. As much as I want to push him off, I just can’t.

I instantly melt into the kiss. Almost forgetting what was happening around us.

“Don’t you ever accuse me of cheating on you.” He says pulling away just centimeters from my face.

He doesn’t even give me time to respond before his lips are back on mine. My hands instinctively go up towards his head, tangling my fingers into the dirty blonde hair. While one of his travels its way down to my waist, while the other one goes behind my back, starting to unzip my dress.

I can feel him pulling the zipper down. His hands feel like ice against my skin, causing me to shiver.

I go to reach for the bottom of his shirt, but he grabs my hands an  pulls them away.

“No, do not touch me,” He says, now pulling away from me completely “Not after you accused me of cheating on you.”

I roll my eyes at him, partly because I’m annoyed at him for not letting me touch him, but also because he just walked away from me.

“I want to show you exactly how much I love you, and show you how I would never cheat on you.”

“And how do you plan on doing that?”

He doesn’t answer me, all he does is just simply grab my hands, pulling me over to his bed, sitting me down. He then proceeds to instruct me to take my shoes off and just lay back, closing my eyes. Which I do, but a little skeptically.

I can then feel his hands on me again. This time he is pulling my dress off of me, and I’m guessing throwing it somewhere in the room.

Next thing I know. I feel his hot breath, just above where I need him most.

“Don’t move.” He mumbles

I can hear the sound of him ridding himself of his clothing, before he removes what is left of mine.

Next thing I know, I can feel him pushing himself into me, without warning. Causing me to let out a rather loud moan, my eyes also snapping open.

“Oh my god.” I moan out, as he starts to snap his hips into mine.

Normally when Chris and I are having sex it is slow and gentle. He acts like he will break me. But this time he is holding nothing back.

I can barely get any sound to come out of my mouth from the sheer amount of pleasure I am in. My legs tightly wrapped around his waist, trying to push him further into me.

Chris soon sets back on his knees, unwrapping my legs from around him. He presses his palms against my thighs, keeping my legs spread out.

His hips keep rolling forward to meet mine, in short hard thrusts.

“I. Would. Never. Do. This. With. Someone. Else.” He says between each thrust “You’re the only one.”

Next thing I know, he is flipping us over so I am on top, and he is laying back on the bed. Never disconnecting us.

“Take over baby. Ride me and show me that I’m only yours.” He says, looking up at me

I look down at him I can see the sweat forming on his forehead and collarbones.

Placing my hands on his cheat to steady myself, I begin to bounce up and down on him. Causing moans to fall from both of our mouths.

Chris has his hands on my hips, moving them to my backside and smacking it.

This causes a gasp to leave my lips and him to smirk up at me.

He grabs my hips with his hands, now steadying me as he snaps his upwards. My head falls back, letting out moans.

Soon enough the both of us are nearing our release and Chris takes that as an initiative to flip us back over.

His hips now snapping against mine at an incredibly fast pace. Moving his hand down, rubbing his fingers in a circular motion on my clit.

His names falls from my lips as I feel myself reaching my high, him following soon after.

He pulls out and collapses next to me. Both of us out of breath.

“Marry me.” I hear him says after a few moments of silence

“What?” I ask turning to look at him

“Marry me.” He repeats sitting up “That’s what I’ve planning.”

“Wait, you’re serious?” I ask sitting up

He nods, reaching over to his bedside table and pulling out a small black box.

“I planned to do this in a different setting. But…” he trails off

“Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/M, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

He then opens the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring.

I nod my head “Yes, of course. Yes.”

He smiles and then slides the ring onto my hand, giving me a small but sweet kiss.

Soon the both of us are lying down in his bed. Him only in his boxers and a pair of sweats, and I only in one of his shirts and my panties. Watching How I Met You’re Mother.

Every now and then I glance down at my ring and smile. I can’t believe that we are going to be getting married.

This honestly makes me so happy, and I know I’m definitely not mad at him anymore.

Corner of Your Heart~ Pete Dunne AU ~ Chapter 1

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Note : Lola is played by @laochbaineann and Jay is me. 

First Chapter

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In a small town with a hard name to pronounced on a sunny afternoon two girls move into apartment on the third floor. Jay and Lola Simmons were two girls moving from the other side of the world. 

They were best friends and sisters as well, they trusted each other more than they trusted anyone else. Jay was the quite one, that loved to draw like it was her life’s work. She made money off of selling her art around. 

She had brown long hair with black rimmed glasses that framed around her blue grey eyes. Jay was average height for a girl and average weight. She loved to wear flannels, skinnies, vans, caps and beanies.

 She was kinda of the girl you’d find at the concert jamming her head to songs. Lola on the other hand was loud, average height just like Jay and average weight with black rimmed glasses rounded her beautiful brown eyes. She had a smile that anyone would die for when they saw it. 

She was so similar to Jay only that Lola worked in a radio station where her voice could be heard. Now a little about those two let’s head back to the story where it begins. 

“ Do you think you packed enough stuff?” Lola looks over at the boxes that her sister was carrying, with her hands on her hips shaking her head. “ Oh shut it squirt, I saw you pack all your shoes. Did you need all of them?” I ( Jay) asked putting the boxes down facing Lola. 

“ Yes, you know how I love my shoes” I rolled my eyes playfully as I looked around the apartment. 

“ I can’t believe finally we get our own place” Lola claps her hands together and squeals. I chuckle coming over to her swinging my arms across her shoulder hugging her to my side. 

“ Yes, this is a start of new adventures” 

“ I wonder if there are any sexy guys around” I palm faced myself as I shake my head hearing what she just said. This was Lola, as soon as we move into a new place, it’s guys and guys and men and men. The girl needs to take a chill sometimes. 

“ Is that all you think about?” Lola shrugs before putting on her shoes. “ Where are you going Lola? We have to unpack first..” Lola ignores what I just said as she heads to the door. I sighed going back to unpacking the boxes in the kitchen. Meanwhile Lola makes her way down the hall to maybe hopes to bump into a guy or maybe two or four. 

“ Shut it ya wanker!” Lola’s ears peer up as she hears a guys voice, a guy storms out of the room. She fixes her hair before heading his way, looking around as if she doesn’t really see him but she does. 

Lola squeals as she falls to the ground and with the guy ending up on time of her. Her eyes widen though as she looks into the eyes of her sister’s ex boyfriend. He looks different now, sporting a beard and looking much older than he was. It was Mark Andrews. 

“ Mark?” Lola asks, making sure it’s really him. Mark title his head to the side, he is confused to how this girl knows his name. He gets up, lending her a hand helping her stand when she takes his hand. 

“ How do ya know me?” his eyebrows are knitted together as he stares down at the small petite girl in front of him.

“ It’s me Lola Simmons, you dated Jay back in high school” When Mark hears the name “ Jay” the wheel in his head spin hearing her name again. It’s been years since he last seen her.

“ Oh my god! Lola!” He opens his arms for her to hug her, she comes into his arms hugging him. It’s been five years since Jay and Mark has split up, they were high school sweethearts. Until Mark wanted to pursue a different career that needed him across the world, he was in a band. 

They went places and Jay never kept contact with him, things ended on good terms but it still hurt because Mark was her first love. And then there was Jen ( it’s Marina! Hey! Hey!), Mark’s sister and Jay’s best friend since the beginning of high school. Jen was always the one that would fight off the bullies that were after Jay and Lola. She also was the one who pushed him into dating Jay. 

“ How is Jen doing?” Lola asks pulling away from Mark. Mark nodded his head, thinking about his sister missing her.

 “ Jen’s good, the last time, she and I talked was a month ago…” Mark scratched his beard, not really remembering good. Then his face changed when it clicked to him, he had to introduce Lola to the guys. 

“ Hey Lola, would ya like t’ meet my roommates and friends?” He asked, he didn’t need to know the answer because he knew Lola. Her eyes would light up at the mention of men, Lola just liked meeting new people and looking at guys. She never had luck in the relationship department. 

“ I’d love too..” Mark placed his hand on the small of her back leading her to the green door, opening it.
“ Hey arseholes! I’d want ya t’ meet someone!” All heads peeked out from their own rooms, while Pete’s head came from the fridge. 

They all scrambled in front of Lola and Mark, Lola’s eyes got widen seeing three good looking guys.
“ Lola this is Trent, Pete and Tyler. Lads, this is Lola Simmons, she’s an old friend from high school” Lola waved to them, a giggle escapes her mouth as Trent takes her hand giving a kiss on top as well as Tyler. 

Pete just looked at Lola with a smirk on his face before going back to the fridge, “ Make yourself at home..” Mark says, smiling down at her. 

“ Oh! How about Jay?” as Mark hears her name again, he feels his throat tighten, licking his lips as for some reason they felt dry. 

“ Jay?” Trent asks. Lola nods.

“ My sister” Trent looks at Mark as if to ask if it’s the same girl he was thinking about when Mark shook his head motioning to Trent to not even ask it. 

“ Bring her here” Tyler says. “ We want to meet her” 

When Lola gets back to the apartment, I’ve already set up the kitchen and was in my room unpacking the boxes, going back and forth from the living room back to my room.

“ Jay?” Lola calls out. I peek my head out the door, listening to what she wanted. 

“ I met some guys and they want to meet you” I shook my head, “ No thanks.” Lola groans stomping her way in my room, leaning with her shoulder against the door. 

“ One of them is Mark..” as I hear that name, I drop the frame in my hand onto the floor. It couldn’t be the same Mark. 

“ Mark? Mark Andrews?” Lola nods. “ Are you sure?” Lola nods again. 

“  Well.. okay..” Lola takes my hand leading me out of my room and out of the apartment, I managed to grab the key just in time as she drags me down the hall to the green door. She knocked, waiting as she shifts on her feet. The door opens, a guy with glasses and blonde dirty hair and a tank top opens it. He smiles at Lola, before looking at me. 

“ Ya must be Jay? ‘m Tyler” He opens the door letting us inside, I walked past him sending him a smile and a nod.

“ Nice to meet you Tyler” I looked around at the nice looking apartment to see another guy leaning against the counter with a beer in his hand, light brown hair and a smirk on his face as hi eyes roam my body making me uncomfortable. I shifted my gaze to another guy who had a longer beard and seemed much nicer. 

“ This is Trent and that’s Pete” Tyler motions to them. My breath hitches and my body freezes seeing the familiar eyes of my ex boyfriend. 

“ Mark..” his name leaves my lips in a whisper. He stops in his tracks as he examines me before a smile appears on his face. 

“ Jay..” His name slips from my lips as if it was yesterday I first heard it. He comes over, hugging me bringing me to his chest. He still smelled the same as I remembered, I wrap my arms around him hugging him back. 

A groan or some sort of noise was heard from near the kitchen, that must be Pete who looked like he didn’t like seeing affection. Mark pulls away, Lola makes her way over to Trent who’s on the couch watching some TV, she’s making a conversation while I just look at Mark like it was yesterday I looked into his eyes. 

“ Just kiss or whatever..” Pete mumbles as he walks by, scoffing.
“ Don’t mind him, he’s always like that” I chuckle, nodding my head before Mark pulls me to the other side of the couch where we sit down to talk.
As the night goes, I couldn’t believe how much Mark was successful with his music. Just like he told me he would be. 

I told him about how I draw and sell my art work around the world, he loved that idea and always told me I had the talent for it. The first drawing I made was of him because of how much I liked him back in high school. When he first saw it, he told me this was what I was suppose to do as my job in the future, to go for it. And I did. Lola told them about how she ha her own radio station and Mark and his band should be on it. 

Pete looked bored out of his mind but his eyes went to Jay, hearing her talk. Something about her voice, brought him to listen. Trent on the other hand, didn’t really pay attention to what Lola told him. On his mind was did Mark get a girl like Jay back then. 

“ Look at the time, we have to go..” I said standing up looking around at the guys. 

“ So soon?” Pete asks looking up at me. “ Yeah, we still have to unpack..” 

“We can help!” Tyler says straight away, Trent, Mark and Pete look over to him in surprise. He usually was the quite and shy one out of all of them. They didn’t expect that from him. “ We would love that” Lola says. 
“ Lola!” I yelled/hiss. “ What?” she turns her head to look at me. 

“ Maybe the other guys have other plans..” Trent shakes his head, “ I’m free.”
“ Me too” Mark adds. “ Me Three” Tyler adds. “ I-” Pete was about to say when Trent nudges him into the side, “ Ow! Fucker!” He yells hitting Trent upside his head. Trent turns to glare at him, before Pete grumbles, “ “m free too” 

“ Then it’s settled, come by tomorrow at 10” Lola get up, fixing her shirt. Mark gets up, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he looks over to Jay. 

“ It was great seein’ ya again” He says. “ You too” I mumble wrapping my arms around his middle,hugging him. He chuckles, hugging me back before the guys walk us to the door. 

“ Good night” I mumble to him. “ Good night” He says, nodding his head. Trent catches me off guard as he takes my hand,kissing on top as well as Tyler. I looked at Pete, he scoffs putting his arms across his chest.

 Trent nudges him, Pete rolls his eyes as he mumbles a good night before walking away. 

Lola and I walk back into our apartment, as Lola closes the door she giggles making me turn around to look at her. 

“ What?” She shakes her finger at me with that smile on her face that scares me. 

“ Mark and you still have feelings for one another, the look he was giving you..”  

“ No. No. No. NO. Did I say no?” Lola rolls her eyes, “ Oh come on Jay, you can’t feel it? The two of you were throwing each other the sex eyes.” 

“ Maybe you need to get laid” Lola’s mouth drops as runs to catch me running around the apartment. 

Meanwhile, Mark has a hug smile on his face as he cleans up the living room table. Tyler watches him with a chuckle.
“ What?” Mark asks. 

“ Yeh still have feeling for her.. don’t ya?” Mark shakes his head, “ No.” Trent scoffs, “ Yeah right lad, yah were starin’ at her like she only mattered in the room.” 

“ I don’t…stop..” 

“ Stop being’ a pussy and talk to her about it” 

“ Guys, she just moved in . Not right now..” 

“ When? When yeh two are old?” 

“ fuck off, will yah!” Mark grumbles going to his room shutting the door.

Limerence - Chapter IV

Limerence Masterlist

Characters: Sehun and OC (Ursula)

Warnings: This series contains mentions of assault, sexual violence, and stalking.

Word Count: 3.2k

Note: To clarify something before this chapter starts, seeing as it may be confusing, when something is in italics it is that person’s inner thoughts. More specifically, something they are saying to themselves. In Sehun’s case, when something is in italics and enclosed in ‘ ’, that is the different sides of his mind talking. Think of it as his conscience arguing with the side of himself that is growing more obsessive as time goes on, if that makes any sense heh.

Limerence:  The state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, typically experienced involuntarily and characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings.

I woke up the next morning feeling more rested than I had in days. I ran my hand through my hair and pulled the covers off of me. Wait… Covers? That’s funny. I don’t remember covering up last night. I know I pulled my covers back, but I never actually covered up. I looked around my room to see if anything happened to be out of the ordinary. I noticed my closet door was now shut when I am almost 100% positive I left it cracked open last night. Maybe I am just misremembering things. I picked up my phone to look at the time, 8:02 am.

I went downstairs and turned the coffee maker on. I didn’t have to work, so my entire day was free. I didn’t have a whole lot planned, but I did plan on going shopping at the mall later on. I started working a lot more, so I decided I needed a day to spoil myself.

I made myself a cup of coffee and made my way outside and sat on the swing like every morning. I noticed Sehun and Delilah walking down the road, probably coming back from a walk around the block. I stood up on the porch and called out to him, “Well good morning to you early bird!”

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Taking My Life Away ~Epilogue~

Summary: Reader gets a job in another city, leaving her best friend behind. How will they do without each other? Will their long distance friendship last? Will it become something more?

Reader X Bucky

Word Count: 2080

A/N: This Is a repost, because apparently Parts 8, 15, and 20 were eaten…

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Run to You: Part 2

Fandom: Star Wars (Bodyguard AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: You’re a famous singer currently touring the US to promote your latest album. Accompanying you is your bodyguard and lover, Poe.

Warning: assassination attempt, mentions of bombing, non-consensual creepy touching,

Part 1 

Poe felt absolutely helpless. He swore to protect you, to keep you safe. And it was only being five minutes away from you that enabled Hux to take you away from him. 

As soon as Hux hung up with you, Poe called upon Finn and Snap to bring up the footage from the back door camera to see when Hux arrived, when he left, and what direction they were going. 

Poe then called upon the police. He sent them the information: you were being held hostage in your tour bus. Now, finding the tour bus wasn’t gonna be very hard once all forces were out on the road. 

Poe tagged along with some officers. Luckily for him, you and Poe decided to put a tracker on your phone if anything were to happen to you. Poe was sooo thankful for technology. Hux was about ten minutes ahead of him. 

“Far behind, my ass” Poe muttered. The sirens of the police car were blaring, thus making the cars clear a path like Moses parting the Red Sea.

“So this guy is armed and dangerous?” the police officer asked.

“I wouldn’t put it passed him.” Poe mumbled.

“What’s his motive?”

“Y/N turned down his record label after he tried making a pass at her.”

“Scumbag.” The officer muttered.

“Tell me about it.”

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I got into a fight.

Birthday Boy (Tobi)

Requested?: Yes, thank you
Warnings: None
Pairing: Tobi and Reader

Sorry this is such a late post on. But I had to get this out while it is still his birthday. I made it just in time.(it’s 10pm where I live)

Happy Birthday Tobi! Hope it was a great day!



I’m up super early today. Earlier than normal, but for a good reason.  That reason? It’s my boyfriends birthday. He’s turning twenty-four today.

So I have decided to get up and make him a birthday breakfast.

As I am just putting the last few pancakes on to cool, I feel two arms wrap around my waist, which belong to my boyfriend. I naturally lean back into his chest, but this time I sigh.

“What’s wrong, princess?”

“You were supposed to stay in bed,” I say softly “I was going to bring you a plate. That way you could eat breakfast in bed on your birthday.”

“I’d rather eat breakfast in here with you.” He says kissing my cheek

“I’ve had an entire day planned out,” I say pushing his arms off of me “Starting with you eating breakfast in bed.”

He sighs “Fine, I will go back to bed. But only if you eat with me.”

“Okay, I will eat with you.”

He smiles and then turns on his heel, walking back to his bedroom.

I smile and turn back around to finish off cooking.

Once I am finished I load up two plates with everything I had made. Pancakes, bacon and a little bit of fruit. Grabbing two glasses of orange juice, I walk towards the bedroom.

“Breakfast is served.” I say, setting the tray down on the bed

“It looks delicious babe.” Tobi says as I hand him his plate and orange juice.

I smile as he begins to eat, as do I. The entire time, we eat on silence. Not an awkward silence, but a comfortable one. This is how most mornings go around here. That is until the work starts outside the windows, which can get annoying.

“They seem to not be working today.” He says

“Yeah, it does seem unusually quiet.”

“Maybe we can finally stay in bed and just watch Netflix. Without getting interrupted.”

“We very well could. Would you rather do that, then what I have planned?”

“Well that depends on what you have planned?”

“Well I had rented out a pitch for us to go to, just to shoot around. Nothing special. Then come back here to get ready for a dinner reservation with the rest of the guys.”

“What time is the pitch rented out for?”

“In about four hours.” I say looking at the clock

Tobi then grabs his remote to his tv and turns to me.

“Then we can watch Netflix for a few hours then.”

I nod “Sounds like a plan.”

He smiles as I move the plates and glasses from the bed. Then cuddling into his side, as he turns on Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

For the next three hours we are watching tv and cuddling. Which is two of my favorite things to do, especially with my favorite boy. It’s not too often that we do this, so I definitely cherish these times.

“Alright, before we go to the pitch. I’ve got to give you your birthday present.” I say getting up from the bed and going over to the closet.

“Here.” I say handing him the present

“Y/N, I told you not to get me anything.” He says taking the box from me

“I know, but I couldn’t resist. Now open it.”

He then tears the paper away, looking up at me shocked.

“No you did not.” He says, opening the box

I had gotten him the football boots that he was talking about getting. Though he would splurge and buy them.

“You were really wanting them, so I got them.” I say shrugging “Now we have matching boots.” I say pulling the same pair out, but in my size.
“Now shall we head to the pitch? Our time starts soon.”

He nods and gets up from the bed, grabbing his reflexive Adidas tracksuit. I grab my sidemen tracksuit and a white sdmn shirt, throwing my hair up in a ponytail.

-At The Pitch-

“Do you want to play a game, or just shoot around?” I ask as we set the footballs down

“How about we just shoot around. Get some practice in for the charity match.”

I nod my head, as I go to kick the ball. I send the ball flying towards the back of the net, right in the top right corner.

“Alright can someone has gotten better.” He says shocked

“Well I have to in order to play and won with you around.” I say as I walk back with my ball

He smiles “I’d always let you win, no matter what.”

I smile and line my shot back up.

The next two hours are filled with us kicking the ball around. Him trying to mess me up and vise versa. Cracking jokes and making up all kinds of puns.

“Alright since we have about ten minutes left here. Why don’t we have a little game?” Tobi says

“What do you have in mind?” I ask, rolling the ball with my foot

“Crossbar challenge. Five shots each. Whoever makes the most out of those, wins.”

“What is the prize?”

“Well if I win, when we get back home you will record a video with me.”

“And if I win?”

“We will do whatever you want to when we get home.”

I nod “Alright you are on.”

He smiles “Ladies first.”

I jokingly curtesy, before lining up my shot.

I end up only hitting three out of the five.

“Alright, beat that.”

He nods, going and lining up his shot. Hitting four out of five.

“Looks like you will be filming a video with me when we get back home.”

I nod “Alright, you won fair and square. But we have a dinner to get to.”

-At The Restaurant-

“Happy Birthday Dear Tobi. Happy Birthday to you.” We all sang

Throughout the song Tobi is smiling and looking around at all his friends. I’m sure that he couldn’t ask for anything more.

He’s always telling me about how much he loves being around these people. Which is exactly why I set up this dinner. So he would be surrounded by his friends.

The dinner itself took around three hours to finish, but that doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that he had a good birthday. Which I’m hoping he did.

-Back at Tobi’s Flat-

“Alright you ready to film a video?” He asks as we get into our room

I nod “Yeah, what game are we playing?”

“I decided not to play a game, but to film a q and a.” He says, sitting down in his chair “As log as that’s okay with you.”

I nod “It’s perfectly fine with me.”

He smiles as I sit down in the chair next to him.

Halfway through the video, he tells he that he has to grab something from his closet. Once he comes back, I can tell he has something in his hand, but I can’t tell what.

“Alright, last question is from me.” Tobi says “And you have to answer truthfully.”

“Okay.” I say, nodding

“Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, this is probably something you weren’t expecting to be asked. Especially on my birthday. But it’s something that cannot wait any longer.” He starts

“I knew from the moment I first met you, that you were the one. Everything about you is perfect. From the way you dance around this flat like no one is watching, to when you are just being lazy with me in bed. I love it all.”

Just from those few words, I knew what was happening.

“So Y/N.” He says, dropping to one knee and opening the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring “Would you marry me?”

I nod my head, tears falling from my eyes “Yes.” I whisper

“A million times yes.” I say louder this time.

He smiles and slides the ring onto my finger. Leaning up to kiss me.

I can’t believe that I am going to be spending the rest of my life with the man I love.

This is not how I expected or planned this day to go. But I guess since he is the birthday boy, he gets to choose how the day goes.

“That's not why I wished to buy ye a present.”

“Why, then?” The box was heavy; a gracious, substantial, satisfying weight across my legs, its wood a delight under my hands. He turned his head to look full at me, then, his hair fire-struck with the setting sun, face dark in silhouette.

“Twenty-four years ago today, I married ye, Sassenach,” he said softly. “I hope ye willna have cause yet to regret it.”

-Drums of Autumn
The Proposal - Berrii - Zootopia [Archive of Our Own]
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so here you go,read it if you want. Feel free to judge me on my writing because I am no writer XD 
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