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Does jackson have personl own stylist?I think his fashion is so great this year.

Team Wang has separate stylists, so yes. But his fashion during GOT7 activities got better too~ 

Draw me Like one of your French Girls... Part 1

This fic is dedicated to @yunyin who was a big part of bringing it about in the first place ^_^ 

(Warning some spoilers for ML Season 2- (Just the stuff we knew during the hiatus nothing important from the new episodes) 

“Listen furball, I am ten times as sexy as you are. That is just a fact. People would pay to see pictures of me.”

“People DO pay to see pictures of me,” Chat shot back.


“Never mind,” he grumbled, “the point is that I am obviously the sexier of the two of us.”

“Guys, I know this is a slow patrol night but you are giving me a headache,” Rena Rougue sighed, dropping down onto the platform and sprawling onto her stomach against the cool metal of the tower.

“Wait,” Chat said with a terrifying grin, “Rena. My dear, darling, friend.”

“Oh this can’t end well.”

“You are a fox of impeccable taste are you not?”


“And you are an excellent judge of both male and female attractiveness as well, are you not?”

“Ladybug is the hottest out of all of you,” she smirked, not bothering to get up.

“Yes, that is a given, but the point is-”

“The point is that I could pull off sexy far better than this mangy stray,” Bee interrupted.

“Could not.”

“Will you two please just stop fighting, it’s been too hot to deal with this level of stupid,” Rena sighed.

“It’s not stupid, my honor is at stake!” Bee huffed. “If you want us to stop then tell him that I clearly would be better suited to being a sex icon than he would.”

“Foxy lady, please tell Bee that she is clearly pollinating the wrong flower.”

Rena groaned. Clearly there would be no reasoning with the two of them until this had been hashed out.

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I was drawing cuphead things recently, I do not know, it’s fun, I even have a rol account and that.
Here some doddles and drawings of some characters (and otp) that we like the most.
Speaking of carnaberg, starryflower, or as the fandom calls it.
We like this, it is an interesting otp that unfortunately is not well received.
We have a very different perspective of what these two would be, let’s see, one is an idiot and the other is an idiot with a brain.
That they are a beautiful and affectionate couple … it does not fit. We think more of them as a violent and courageous couple … but that they love each other in their own way.
As usual, I’ll probably upload more things about this game.

And yes, the cup fashion is very sticky