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here's a prompt where instead of neil getting hurt in a game, it's andrew

this turned into fluff????? mark this down on the calendar, guys, because I never turn angst into fluff at least not like this

Neil isn’t on the court when it happens, so he sees every second. It’s not the first time a team got it in their heads that the way to win the game was to sacrifice a striker in order to take down Andrew. But it’s the first time they’ve decided to sacrifice two strikers and a defensive dealer.

Andrew gets the ball out of the goal and then braces for the impact of the striker. If it had ended there, Andrew would have been fine, brick house that he is. But the other striker, in a blatant foul, rams into Andrew as well, and then the fucking defensive dealer piles on as well. Whistles blow and the buzzer goes off, calling the game to a halt as red cards are thrown and the referees make their way onto the field.

Neil is on his feet and running without remembering to tell his body to move. Wymack and the referees try to stop him, but Neil ducks and shoves past them. The other players are already on their feet, but Andrew is still on his back, racquet laying a foot from his extended hand. 

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Bts reacts to you comforting them

A/N: Gosh that sounds so cute though hahaha. I think everyone would immediately feel better once they felt something rubbing on their cheek. I would totally laugh out of cuteness. I’m not really known with the measurement inches so I wouldn’t really know how tall you are but I assume you’re not that tall if you say so :p. Anyways I hope this is something you had in mind and enjoy reading. and thank you for liking my blog. I’m doing my best to keep it that way plus that I enjoy writing eventhough I need some more practice.

Thank you for requesting! Stay healthy!


The chatter immediately filled the air as you opened the door to the dressing room of the boys. Seokjin had texted you if you wanted to come and of course you had replied with an excited yes with lots of smiley and kissy faces and jumped in your car heading to the venue. 

Your eyes roamed around the room but you could not find the person you were looking for. Closing the door behind you, you walked over to Taehyung who was playing some games on his phone and asked him where Jin was. He answered you that he was standing in the corner behind the rack of clothes. Raising an eyebrow in confusion you made your way over to him and pushed the rack aside and saw him staring at his shoes, nervously fumbling with the hem of his shirt. Once he noticed he wasn’t ‘hidden’ anymore, he looked up. The sudden hug you got yanked in startled you a bit, but quickly composed yourself and returned the embrace. 

Seokjin spilled everything that was bothering him, tightening his hold on you. ‘’Seokjin look at me.’’ you whispered, lifting your head to look at him. Just as you could see his face clearly, you tucked him down with one hand holding his neck and pushed your cheek against his and began to rub. At first he would look baffled but soon after a loud laugh could be heard through the room. Satisfied with the outcome you pulled back but he pushed you back asking you to continue with the nuzzle.

‘‘Now, please continue with what you were doing.’‘

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Yoongi is a perfect example of the words: a hard shell but a soft core.

You were casually sitting in the kitchen, sipping on some tea, flipping through the pages in the paper infront of you while waiting for Yoongi to come home. Taking a quick glance at the clock standing on the shelf, you quickly shot up from the chair and shuffeled towards the hall to greet your boyfriend with a smile but your smile fell once you saw the blonde man entering the house. He looked exhausted. His hair was ruffled, his lips were red and his eyes looked down and dispirited. The sight made your heart clench and before Yoongi could even utter some word you already pulled him down, burying his head against your chest, your hands rubbing circles in his back as you whispered soothing words in his hair. His hands slid against your waist and ended up on your back

Once you felt he calmed down a bit,you slowly pulled him from your chest until your noses were touching. Your hands shot to his hair, ruffling it some omore while rubbing your nose against him. A chuckle slipped from his lips, as his eyes looked deepy into yours. The tired look was still there but a new emotion filled his charming orbs and his lips were curled in a small smile. It wasn’t a big one but it was enough. The affection and love you felt for and from this rare man was so immense that you would do everything, everything just to see him comfortable, relaxed and happy.

‘‘God I don’t know what I would do without you.’’

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Gosh, this boy worried you to no end. He wouldn’t want to see anyone that he felt stressed or sad or any negative emotion in that matter but it’s you were talking about. The one who completed his heart.

The sudden weight on your lap got you distracted from the book you were reading and when your eyes moved away from the words, they focussed on the man laying beneath you. Putting your handbook away,your hands landed in his hair, softly massaging his scalp. ‘’what’s wrong?’’ you would ask him after his deep sigh. ‘’Im so tired.’’ Hoseok replied, his eyes closing from the feeling your hands made. Nodding your head in understanding, your hands left his hair and traveled down to his shoulder, gently guiding him to lay sideways so his eyes, faced your tummy. Hoseok snuggled closer, hiding his face against your tummy, his hands holding your waist carefully. 

“You don’t always have to smile Hoseok. They’ll understand if you can’t. You’re only human afterall. I mean I personally would it find a bit creepy if someone only smiles and laughs, not showing any other human emotion.’‘ you chuckled, caressing his neck while you talked. ‘‘But I understand you want to be their hope, to be their light. In here with me, between these four walls, know that you can cry and scream if you need it, okay? I want you to know that you can lean on me.’‘ you finished, looking down at the emotional drained man. ‘‘It’s okay sweety. It’s okay. I will catch you.’‘ The muffled sobs got louder when you pulled him away from your shirt. Dipping down you kissed away his tears while your fingers pushed his hair out of his face. When Hoseok calmed down and his sobs tunrned into hiccups, you sat back up, smiling down at him. His glinstening eyes focused on yours, the sight melting your heart. Dipping down once again, you rubbed your nose against his, laughing as he chuckled too.

‘‘Better?’‘ you beamed.

‘‘Better’‘ He replied smiling, shifting his weight, his lips touching yours.

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This leader had a way with words, always making you feel better and the times when the roles were switched you did not hesitate to soothe his worries.

He was working on lyrics, his back hunched over the once blank paper now graced with inkt. The lamp standing on the corner of the desk, illuminated the room in a warm and calming light as the sound of scribbiling disturbed the silent night. 

You were leaning against the door post, arms crossed over your chest, watching him writing, watching him throwing the pen on the desk, the paper feeling his frustration as it ended up crumbled on the ground. The way his head fell in his hands and the deep groan that slipped past his lips told you he was irritated. 

Deciding to end his suffering, you silently walked over him. Once you were standing behind him, you glided your hands over his shoulders, down the papers on the desk to shove it away out of his sight. Namjoon’s head instantly shot up when he felt your presence behind him, his eyes following the movement of your hands. 

‘‘You know, most humans are sleeping right now to let their body’s and mind rest. You can see it as a thank you for keeping you healthy.’‘ you spoke, your hands now wandering back to his chest and keeping it there. Your head was buried in the crook between his shoulders and neck. Hearing him sigh deeply, you felt him leaning back in the chair, the back of his head now touching your chest. 

‘‘I know baby but those lyrics doesn’t write itself.’‘ He answered you, going against your words. ‘‘I know they don’t but don’t you think that if you’re sleep deprived that it is harder to come up with words. We all know you’re good with words but if you are well rested you can come up with something so magical, something so taking, something so heartwarming. You don’t have to work all night long. Army doesn’t want you to work all night long. Army wants to see you healthy and happy and if they know you’re siting here, pulling your hair out at 3 a.m. Oh boy they wouldn’t happy at all.’’ 

‘‘you’re right. I’m sorry.’‘ He looked up at you as you peeked down at him. ‘‘Now come to bed.’‘ grabbing his hand, you pulled him off the chair, dragged him to the bedroom and tucked him under the warm blankets. 

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Our (not) innocent charming boy needs someone to tell him it is going to be allright and who could do it better than his own s/o.

It was awfully quiet in your apartment. Most of the times when you got home from work (or school) you could always hear where Jimin was sitting but now you weren’t sure if he even was there. 

Throwing the keys on the cabinet, after you’d taken off your shoes you called his name, making your presence known. Not getting any response you bit your lip in worry. Something was not right and so you tip-toed over to the bedroom across the hall. You softly knocked on the door, opened it slighty and peeked in the room. The sight that you found, his stiffled sobs made your heart bleed. The thought that he didn’t want you to hear him crying was so immense hurtful that tears sprung in your own eyes. Shaking your head, you quickly swallowed the lump that formed in your throat, shuffeled towards the bed and laid down behind him. 

With one arm draped over him, your chin resting on his head, you had pulled him closer to your chest as the other arm slid under his neck, using your arm as a pillow for him. His silent sobs instantly stopped when he felt the bed dip down under your weight.

‘‘Please Jimin. Don’t feel embarassed. It’s okay. Crying is okay. It’s good for you too. did you know that?’‘ you whispered. ‘‘It’s like cleaning your soul, emptying your heart with all those junk you don’t have to carry with you. Please don’t hide your feelings. I’m not only there for you in the sunny days. I’m here for you in the foggy days, in the rainy days and the stormy days. You know why I like rainy days so much?’‘ you stopped talking for a minute and could feel the shake of his head, so you continued. ‘‘The earthy scent after rain, smells refreshing right? It’s like the universe are telling us that we need to release our worries, so we can feel refreshed again, feel relieved. The rain that feeds the plants so they can grow taller and beautiful. Don’t ever ever think that crying is a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength because I think that showing your emotions is the strongest thing a human can do. Understood?’‘ you finished.

‘‘Understood.’‘ he replied in his soft voice, still a bit shaky from crying. 

‘‘Good, now turn around so we can cuddle’‘ you giggled, sliding down your arm from his neck while he turned around to face you. Wiping away his last tears, you showered his face in little pecks which made him shriek out in delight, trying to push you away but you did not butch. 

‘‘No Jimin, You can’t escape my kisses now’‘ you laughed fake-evilly

He looked at you with so much adoration and love, trying to understand how he got so lucky.

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Oh no, another one who tries to smile throughout the pain. It’s heartbreaking really. Why do people do that? 

Seeing Taehyung cry openly infront of you, you knew there was something completely wrong. It got you so of guard that you at first just stood there, watching how the tears roll over his cheeks, how they kissed his lips in sorrow. But the moment his broken voice called out to you, you snapped back to reality and held him in your arms. 

You were speechless, unable to form those comforting needed words. You just stood there, holding him tightly while your eyes looked out of the window, focusing on the bright moon hanging in the night sky and suddenly you got it. 

‘‘Taehyung? Do you think it’s okay to go outside? Are you comfortable with going outside?’‘ You knew it was weird to say something like that in this kind of situation but this was certainly going to make him feel better, so much better. Taehyung leaned back, his face no longer buried in your shirt as he looked at you and finally nodded what to you seemed like eternity. 

‘‘Great! You can trust me Tae.’‘ Intertwining your fingers, you guided him out of the house and walked to your favourite spot. The pure scent of the night seemed to do Taehyung good as he already had calmed down abit. After a short walk you stopped infront of the swings, motioning Taehyung to sit. He at first, shot you a weird look but did what you told him to. Quickly jogging to stand behind him, you began to push making him go higher and higher up in the air and once you thought he was high enough, you walked back, hoping to see his face filled with joy and boy the sight that you saw caused your heart to pump faster. 

The way his face was titled to the sky, the way the wind played with his hair and especially his smile that graced his face so beautifully that your breath got caught in your throat for a minute The moon casted an angelic glow around him and you just looked at him with a big smile on your face. Seeing him so care-free and free from tears and worries for awhile warmed your heart. 

Taehyung tackled you to the ground after his feet touched the sand and kissed you. ‘’Woa Taehyung!’’ you laughed heartly when he pulled back but still hovered above you. ‘’Thank you y/n. Thank you so much. I didn’t know I needed this but I’m glad you brought me here. I feel so alive again. You did not even have to say anything. you just know how to comfort me. I love you.’’

‘‘I love you too Tae.’‘ You confessed, lifting your head up a little so you could give him your eskimo kiss.

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Standing in the kitchen, you were busy cooking dinner for Kookie and you. He was about to get home and you wanted that he could dive in the food you made since he would be hungry after practicing all day long. 

Just as you were about to set the food on the table, you suddenly felt two arms around your waist and someone breathing down your neck. Gosh this boy really. Always sneaking up on you. Scoffing, you wanted to turn around but he quickly tightened his hold on you making it impossible for you to turn.

‘‘Uhm Jungkook… is something wrong?’‘ you asked him worried, clasping your hands around his. You got no answer, alarm bells instantly going off. ‘‘Jungkook please… what’s going on? Are you tired is that it?’’ You asked once again still facing the kitchen tiles, already knowing it wasn’t just tiredness 

 ‘’Just… just let’s stay like this for awhile okay?’’ He finally said something although you could detect some pain in his voice you did not aks him further. ‘’If that’s what you want.’’ you hummed. You knew him well enough not to ask to many questions in this situation. He prefered the physical comfort more since he wouldn’t have to say anything and just bask in your presence but he knew that you were going to ask questions later and he was okay with that but for know he just needed to feel your warmth. 

‘‘This is all very nice and all but.. Can I see you? I want to see my lovely boyfriend.’‘ you spoke up after a while.

Chuckling, he turned you around, your back leaning against the kitchen counter as you finally could see his face. The look in his eyes told you everything. Shooting him a tiny smile, your hands circled around his neck.


He hummed, smiling down at you. ‘’Can you like, bend down a bit?’’ you told him more than asking. ‘’Why?’’

‘‘Because I want to do something but you’re too tall.’‘ you whined, sending some pressure to his neck. ‘’Fine.’’ Jungkook laughed and bend down now facing you at the same height. Before he could you ask why again, you were already rubbing his cheek with yours, your hands still holding onto his neck tightly so he couldn’t break away so easily. 

‘‘Gosh y/n!’‘ His delightful laugh hugged your heart and a laugh escaped your lips aswell. ‘‘No Kooks, no. Let me!’‘ you jokinly wailed when you felt he wanted to break away. ‘‘But the food is getting cold!’‘ 

‘‘Oh shit!’‘ you totally forgot about the food. Pushing him away, you snatched the pans from the stove and jogged to the table. ‘‘Don’t think you get off so easily though!’‘ you giggled back at him. 

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Tbh I don't think he even said 'she', it's just people assuming like always. That's just how it is with printed articles, good that we know him beter than that :)

The journalist is bad, the article is disgusting and everything apart from some good parts and quotes about music etc. was very yikes, but again, his team approved this and maybe it’s for the limitations they have, the contracts they have, the image they have to keep up with, i don’t know, but this is an article that is supposed to present the ‘new’ harry styles with ‘new authentic music’. on a ‘writing process’ point of view and for some things he said it’s interesting, but the majority of it its Harry Styles™ material and people need to realise that there is no ‘new’ here at the moment. it’s the same story but this time with more ‘artistic freedom’ than he had in one direction, and i think this is just because he’s working with sony and sony saw their ultimate dream come true with this solo deal. Again, we don’t know what’s the deal is but harry is in the closet just like louis and if louis has to walk with nasty at festivals and shoe places, harry has to ‘talk’ like this in the press (and yes, Louis has a fake baby too so it’s even worse than a rolling stone interview about taylor swift but still, yikes). that’s the game, unfortunately. FOR BOTH of them. what’s frustrates me its people that refuse to accept this and think he’s free and rebranded and far away from louis and the old years in the band. they are not there yet so we have to deal with these things. for both. B O T H. 

the grumps as patron saints
  • Dan: the patron saint of hair frizz, screwing around with instruments in your friend's basement, cascading laughter, platform shoes, success on your own terms, the crinking-rattling sound of a sack of skittles, city sunrises
  • Arin: the patron saint of black t-shirts, magical anime girls, eating things that weren't really meant for human consumption, the kind of favors you don't expect repaid, cupcakes
  • Ross: the patron saint of dinosaurs, shit-eating grins, being an asshole (mostly) out of love, backseat gaming, the first time you see snow, curiosity’s light heart and dark corners
  • Barry: the patron saint of genuine compliments, city lumberjack aesthetic, the meeting of enthusiasm and dedication, particle effects, people you’d never expect to swear until they do
  • Brian: the patron saint of licking things, elegantly graying hair, fathers who love their daughters, really terrible sex jokes, erotic friendfiction, steadfast friendship, those who are immune to kinkshaming
  • Suzy: the patron saint of shoes with spikes on them, light souls in dark times, crafts that sometimes involve dead animals, good hair days, the meeting of makeup and armor, fierce protectiveness
SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 6

A/N: Once again thank you guys for all of the wonderful feedback, and I’m so glad that you all like it. This was kind of just a quick lil filler until the next chapter which I’mma probably start working on tomorrow. I’m taking Saturday off to binge watch the whole 13 Reasons Why series so if it’s not up in time you know why. Hope you all enjoy! 💕                                          

**Warning** Nothing at all, just cute fluffiness kind of?

Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/

“Y/N! I lost Connor.” Felix groaned as he made his way over to you.

“How long ago?”

“I dunno, like five to ten.” He sighed, knowing that the fashion guru could practically be anywhere in the mall at this point. You’d be surprised at how fast the sun kissed boy could move.“ He said something about a fifty percent off sale.”

“No telling where that boy ran off to. Here, help me with this.” You then held up a dress and a skirt.“Which one?”

“Uh…I wanna say the skirt because this is a pretty peach color, but the dress is gorgeous.”

“Cute gorgeous or thotish gorgeous?”

“Thotish, definitely.”

“Exactly what I’m looking for.” You smiled and Felix let out a laugh, shaking his head at you.

“Trying to purposely look like a hoe?”

“Nah, but Connor told me to buy something slutty for tonight.”

“Ah, I see.” He began to scan through the clothing rack, a smile on his face as he thought about what a mess his lover was. “Connor is insane.”

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this means war pt.3

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pairing: jun x reader

genre: angst, fluff & smut

word count: 3.1k

warning: swearing, smut 

description: when you moved in with the four girls, you didn’t expect them to be in a prank war with the boys in the apartment downstairs, and you didn’t expect to fall for one of them either.


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Yayy your inbox is open! >-< Okay so, how about RFA + V/Saeran randomly realizing how short MC is? Like they didn't notice it at first but then all of a sudden they're doing something that makes them realize how short she is.

I’m not that small so I hope i got it right lol
💎 Jumin
• The two of you decided to go to a fancy restaurant
• But of course when you got there you weren’t alone
• There was paparazzi EVERYWHERE
• So when you were walking in the only thing you saw were flashing lights
• You were kinda used to it by now and forgot about it quickly
• When you got home you got ready for bed
• Jumin was on his phone looking at some daily news page
• And then he noticed that there was an article about the two of you
• But… Wait….
• There was a picture of Jumin and you but you could only see you for like ½ part
• “ MC… Could you stand up please”
• You were like uh ok
• Then he noticed that you were not super tall
• He didn’t mind though and he wouldn’t tease you about it either

✨ Jaehee
• You and Jaehee were getting ready for a party
• The two of you were dressing up having little fashion show
• It was all fun and all
• Untill Jaehee decided to put some high heels on
• You stood next to her looking at your reflection
• Jaehee was confused
• She took her shoes off and then on and then off again
• “ Jaehee what the heck”
• “ I’m sorry MC but I just noticed the hight difference”
• Not that she cared tho she thought it was adorable

• It was game night so you and Yoosung were playing a game
• Yes Yoosung those still exist
• At one point you were winning
• And Yoosung being a bad looser he threw a part of the game away
• a part landed on top of your kitchen cupboards
• You decided to pick it up but…
• you couldn’t reach it
• Yoosung thought that you were teasing him since he’s not super tall either
• but when he stood next to you he was like uhhhh
• He looooveeesss it he’s so happy that he isn’t the smallest in the relationship lmao

💦 Zen
• It was karaoke night
• Zen being Zen of course he wanted to go
• so he decided to drag you along
• it’s not like you didn’t want to go anyway
• this time the microphone was on a small stage
• Zen wanted to go first being the diva he is
• Then it was your turn
• But the microphone was still at Zens “ hight level ”
• So it basically was 2 times as big as you
• He would say stuff like that 24/7

👾 Seven
• He was watching you cook some dinner for him
• He was like heart eyes motherfluffer
• Looking at his computer looking back at you and back at his computer
• Until he saw you doing something strange out of the corner of his eye
• you were climbing on top of a chair because you couldn’t reach the cupboards
• Are you for real
• The took a picture of it
• And wouldn’t stop teasing you
• but he’d also think it’s super cute

💣 Saeran
• The two of you were walking in the park
• Doing cute couple shit yanno
• There was a ice cream truck
• And of course he went crazy bc omg ice cream heck yeah
• So he was doing what people do when you order ice cream
• Until it was your time to order
• apparently the ice cream truck man didn’t see you since you were so small
• Saeran was like “bitch what the hell don’t you see that there’s someone else you dumb c-”
• ok Saeran chill
• Then he was like o yea you’re right man MC is small lol
• He would act like he didn’t care
• But on the inside he’s like AFSODOSODOD

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I'm so upset by what happened during Game 3 that I cannot think of anything other than the hit and how Sid should feel. Could you write something cute about how Geno takes care of Sid after Game 3?

Hey Anon, thanks for your patience, I know this took a while. This is…sort of maybe following your prompt?

standing right there next to you

Zhenya isn’t sure what possessed him to follow Sid home. He’s seen Sid hurt before. He’s seen him spit blood and teeth onto the ice.  He’s seen him walk down the tunnel limping. He’s seen him on his knees in front of a toilet, puking his guts out due to post concussion syndrome.

It’s just…something about tonight has snapped the last frayed nerve Zhenya has in regard to watching Sid get hurt. He’d skated over, stomach heavy and sick, as the trainers had gotten Sid up because he couldn’t get up on his own at first. And he’d felt an impotent rage rise up in himself. He’s no stranger to rage, to anger, to the desire to make an entire team pay for the cruelty they mete out on Sid, night after night after night. Just because the of how beautifully and perfectly he plays.  

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Road Trip

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

Summary: The title is self explanatory.

Word Count: 2,968

Warnings: Language, Light grinding, Light M/M 

A/N: This is my thank you to the +500 little cupcakes who clicked the follow button. This is a domestic polyamory fic. I love you guys so much! Also I’m going to be 25 tomorrow so I might get really drunk tonight. 

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You had spent the weekend with your boyfriends in a nice cabin at the edge of the woods. It was now time to go back to the compound. You walked to the back of the car and put your backpack in the trunk.

“Everything’s here?” Steve asked, his footsteps made a soft crackling sound as he crossed the porch. You turned around and glanced at the trunk’s content.  

“Yeah, I just need to warn Nat that we’re heading out.” You pulled your phone from your back pocket and unlocked it. “I’m driving. Want to be my co-pilot?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.” Steve smiled, it was so contagious that you couldn’t help but giggle.

After a quick call to your mum-friend, you sat behind the steering wheel and waited until your two super boyfriends were inside to pull out of the driveway.

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‘That’s my sister’ Part 8 (Final) Auston Matthews Imagine

part 7

Before you could say anything his lips were on yours, completely putting you in a haze. He kissed you with urgency and passion, but mostly with anger. You finally processed what was happening and pushed him off of you. 

‘You said you wanted to talk Auston.’ You said taking a few steps back, crossing your arms over your chest. A deep frown set across his face. ‘What you did on the bus was not okay.’ He said matching by crossing his muscular arms.

‘Not okay? You have no control over what I do Auston. We aren’t together.’ You said, your voice getting louder because you were beyond frustrated with him. How dare he, walk in here, kiss you, and then start bossing you around.

‘You made it clear that we would never be together.’ He said, his voice raising as well. 

‘Well maybe if you hadn’t been such a complete asshole after the plane ride, when I was going to tell you I worked it out with Mitch and I wanted to us to try again, we wouldn’t be in this mess.’ You said, now screaming at him.

‘Oh so this is my fault now?!’ He said yelling back at you with rage. 

‘You decided that I was trying to get with Alex not me. You are the one that wouldn’t listen to me after the plane ride. So yes Auston, if the shoe fits, fucking wear it.’ You said storming out of the hotel room and down to the pool. You were done with him. All you wanted now was to relax by the pool before you had to leave for the rink tonight for their game. 

You laid down on a chair beside the pool in your red bikini that made you look amazing. You popped on your shades and closed your eyes, breathing in the warm Florida air. 

You heard someone sit down on the chair beside you. You smiled and looked to the side where someone was sitting but then frowned seeing who it was. ‘Not excited to see me sis?’ Mitch said laying down.

‘I’m sorry, I thought you were Auston. We got into a fight.’ You said lifting up your sunglasses and putting them on the top of your head. 

‘He’ll come around.’ Mitch said reaching over and patting your head. You gave him a small smile in return. ‘Sooner rather than later I see. I’ll leave you two alone.’ Mitch said standing up. You were confused at first, but when you rolled over you saw a shirtless Auston standing next to your chair. 

He sat down on the end of your chair, causing you to move your legs a little. He placed a hand on your leg and rubbed small circles on your calf with his thumb. ‘You’re right you know. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have been such an asshole to you.’ He said looking into your eyes. 

You sighed, sitting up and crossing your legs scooting towards him. ‘This isn’t all on you. I’m sorry too. I overreacted and I should’ve talked about it with you sooner.’ You said kissing his shoulder while rubbing his back with your hand. 

‘Do you think you could give me another chance?’ Auston said leaning his forehead onto yours giving you an award winning smile.

‘Hmm, I’ll have you think about it.’ You said teasingly. A frown spread across his face. ‘Of course I will give you another chance you idiot.’ You said kissing his lips, 

He deepened the kiss pushing you back onto your chair. You giggled, trying not to break the kiss. You loved his kisses.

Eventually you pushed him off of you. ‘Save it for later Matthews.’ You winked at him. ‘Oh don’t you worry, I will.’ He said pinching your side making you squeal. 

‘You look hot.’ He said eyeing your body up and down. 

You blushed a crimson read across your entire body. ‘Thanks.’ You mumbled in response. 

‘How did I get so lucky?’ He pecking your lips. 

‘I could ask the same thing.’ You said bringing him back into your lips and deepening the kiss. 

‘HEY! THAT’S MY SISTER’ You heard Mitch squeal.

You didn’t even flinch, just continued kissing Auston.

You were lucky. 


THAT WAS THE LAST PART:) hope u likeeed it.

Persona 5 Review! (Spoiler Free)

Ok, so I’ve played it twice, I’ve platinumed it, I’ve been through every f*cking rage quit, I died many times right before getting to the safe room, I’ve never seen it coming like a thousand times, and now, I can safely say, I love this game so much.

No joke. Persona 5 was everything I expected and more, much more. It surpassed my expectations in every aspect. And yes, this is gonna be anything but praise, and you can already guess which is going to be my final verdict on this, but still, I have to talk about this game.

So, like in its two predecessors, you play as a nameless protagonist, whom we’ll call Akira Kurusu (‘cause that’s his name in the manga and I like it very much) and who’s been falsely accused and now is under probation in Tokyo, the big city. Here, he’ll be taken under custody by Sojiro Sakura, the owner of the café Leblanc, and he’ll attend to this school with a very particular sense of fashion when it comes to its uniforms, Shujin Academy. Soon enough, Akira will discover that a strange app has been installed into his cellphone without his consent, and despite the many times he tried to delete it, it won’t go away.

From here on out, you can guess what will happen if you’ve played another Persona game before: he’ll discover he can summon creatures from hell itself and that there’s a world inside of the world where shadows live, he’ll come across other people who can summon things as well, and they’ll fight demons and stuff, and at the end, they’ll save the world with the power of friendship because if not, this is definitely not a jrpg. Pretty much the same concept from previous games.

But at the same time is completely different, new and fresh.

Persona 5 revolves around the themes of ’freedom’, and ’being slaved by society’. The topic of corrupt and rotten adults is also brought up many times. And it does it perfectly. From the beginning, you get absorbed by the prejudice they throw upon Akira for being a ‘delinquent’ under probation. You can feel how they speak behind his back, how they look away while he walks past them. You put yourself in his shoes, and you sympathize with his bad luck. That’s a very special moment for the player and the protagonist, for it hadn’t happened in previous Personas: this is the very first Persona game in which the main character has the heaviest story pre-game and you feel it. And with ‘heavy’ I mean, seen, clear, present, because yes, the P3 Protagonist had a very sad past, but the game barely touched upon the death of his/her parents, and regarding Yu Narukami… well… yeah, he comes from the city and… yeah, that’s it.

Akira is a character already stablished, the responses you can choose for him have a tendency to seem rebellious, the way he smirks, taunts his enemies and acts proudly of himself… He is, in every way, a character on his own, and not a chance a representation of what the player want him to be. And that’s GREAT!

And not just him. The friends you come across in this path – The Phantom Thieves – may all seem a copycat of previous characters from previous games, but there’s always something that make them unique and original. The way Ryuji speaks and stands against everyone; Ann’s ideals of becoming an inspiration and her passionate love and care for her friend Shiho; Makoto’s concern about her sister and her own future and the pigeon-hole that chained her down for so many years; Futaba’s case of agoraphobia, with her tearful fears and her own demons; Yusuke’s hidden past shaped in a painting and his eccentric ideas; Haru’s heavy burden in following her father’s footsteps while at the same time realizing what she wants for herself; Akechi’s intrusive appearances, with a sad motive and a real self-centered issue; Morgana’s pursuit for his own past, and his devotion for the team. Yes, we already had that best friend who follows women in swimsuits (and actually buys a swimsuit for them cof cof Yosuke I’m looking at you cof cof), we already had the genius detective, the rich heiress to a big enterprise, the talking animal (stop it, Teddie, this is un-bear-able), the popular girl… but they all bring something new to the table. They’re all relatable at some point, and it’s hard to choose a favorite, for they all make you want to be part of that group of friends.

The story is so well thought that it makes me want to cry tears of joy. The main concept is to change the hearts of corrupt people: a sexual assaulter, an artist who plagiarizes his pupil’s work, a mafia leader… you get the idea. The Phantom Thieves risk their lives by entering Palaces, these people’s manifestation of their distorted desires, and they steal their ‘treasure’ – in other words, they take away from the villain’s cognition that specific thing that made them corrupt in the first place. It can be a memento from their childhoods, it can be a very naïve object that, with time, created in them this sinful desire to abuse of others with their power. F*ck these guys, really.

And yeah, one thing leads to another… and… there’s like a wheel thing, things that happened at the beginning have repercussion later down the line… and… if I speak a little more I’ll be banned by Atlus 'cause spoilers. But, let me just say that if you believe that Persona 4’s story was clever and surprising, trust me, your jaw will fall to the floor many, maaaaany times in Persona 5. Like, really. You’ll envy these kids’ minds. You’ll never see it co- sorry, it just never gets old.

The gameplay remains true to Persona roots, and brings back the Shadow Negotiation, a mechanic that hadn’t been present since the Persona 2 duology. Before, you gained Personas at the end of the battle thanks to cards shufflin’ (the Shuffle Time Oh My God), but now, it’s up to you to convince the shadows you fight against to join your cause. The Velvet Room is also back, with a very grave-voiced Igor (and Oh, I wanna comment on this, but I can’t), and with two new assistants: Caroline and Justine, the twin wardens. You’ll be able to fuse Personas, just like in old times, but in this occasion you’ll have to decapitate the Personas you want to fuse to create a new one. Nice! There’s also an electric chair, a cell for lockdown and a hanging spot! Cute! All of these things bring new mechanics to the Velvet Room, that you’ll be taking advantage of. There are over 200 Personas to create, and there are some new ones, but don’t worry, we’ll be seeing the same old faces again (hee, hoo, Jack Frost is there too!).

As always, the Social Lin- pardon me, the ’confidants’ (f*ck it, they’re still Social Links, don’t bother me), will enchant the player and take your heart, no pun intended. Aside from fighting darkness itself inside the Palaces (which you should finish as fast as possible), you’ll be spending time with your party members and people from school and from around the city. It’s always good to see Akira interacting with his peers, but it was refreshing for me to see him with adults: in a society in which adults are all rotten and only think about themselves, he comes across some grown-ups that are worthy, that are still clean, and this goes to show that not all of the adults are corrupt, and not all of the teenagers are stupid and immature.

Akira grows close to the people around him, and you can sense his affection and theirs. There’s a big change as to how they regard our favorite delinquent: they slowly realize that he’s not a troublemaker as they made them believe, that he’s actually a noble fighter, and that he’s also worth fighting for. All their love, all their support, is seen and felt during the course of the game, and even more during the final hours. You’ll be grateful to have been close to all these people (I fully recommend to do a playthrough with all the Social Links maximized, it’ll give you, apart from a sense of satisfaction, the whole picture of what I’m talking about).

Social Links are now useful to the actual gameplay. Not only the party members learn new skills as in Persona 4 and passive skills as in Persona 3, but also the confidants outside of the party will give you perks and bonuses during the fights. For example, Mishima’s Social Link (Arcana Moon) will give you extra experience points for those playable characters that are on the reserves (you know, the ones you don’t like and don’t use), so now all of your characters level up at the same time, not just the four you choose. And it’s helpful as hell, believe me. Another Social Link, Hifumi Togo’s (Arcana Star), lets you exchange the characters in battle for those who are on the reserves as well, so in a middle of a boss, if a character is low on hp or sp, you can change them for one who is fresh and ready to fight. And so on. That’s why it is advisable to maximize as many Social Links as you can (but don’t forget to boost your social stats from time to time!).

So, the story is great, the gameplay is addictive… and the music is downright REBELLIOUS. It’s so good that it makes you wanna put on a mask and go out to reform society in a costume. There are songs that you’ll never see – alright, I’ll stop. It’s just… I love 'Last Surprise’ so much. And 'Rivers in the Desert’. And 'With the Stars and Us’, especially the piano version, my goodness, is that a tear in my eye…?

At the end of the game, I found myself whispering how good it was. It was beautiful, and I cried, although it’s not a sad story. I cried because of how good, how joyful it was, because of how many laughs it gave me; I cried because it conveyed many feelings, it made me feel rage, sadness, pity, happiness, rage again, betrayal, surprise… I was amazed by how clever the story went, by how well implemented each mechanic was. I really don’t know how Atlus can top this game, but I’m sure they will, and Persona 5 won’t be the 'last surprise’, I hope.

I really am glad that this game exists. I waited for it not so much, because I entered the Persona world (and I’ve been sucked into it forever now) last year, but still, a few months of delay felt like an eternity, and by the end of March, I was yearning for this to finally be released.

I do have one complaint. Tiny. I really wished there were more easter eggs and references to past Persona games. I know you can see Rise’s poster, and also Kanami’s (which makes, unfortunately, Persona 4 Dancing All Night canon), and that they mention the other 'ace detective’, referring to Naoto Shirogane. I’ve read but not found that they also mention another detective with red sunglasses, making an allusion to Katsuya Suou, older brother of Tatsuya from Persona 2. But still, I was waiting for that trip to Inaba, or to Tatsumi Port Island, or to come across at least Yu Narukami. Something… more. But I guess we’ll see Akira interacting with previous wild card wielders in the not so far away future (yeah, you guessed it, most probably Persona 5 Arena is being developed right now). I just wished they put something more obvious into the game.

But that’s it. I want Atlus to keep on creating games, to keep on surprising me. If you’re a fan of the series, this game will blow your mind, because it brings everything from past games and make it better. If you’re new to the series, this game will blow your mind as well, but you’ll have a difficult time adjusting to the previous ones, if you ever wish to play them (I recommend it though, even Persona 2 Innocent Sin). All in all, it’s an excellent, EXCELLENT, jrpg, and everything we’ve been waiting for.

Persona 5 doesn’t disappoint.

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Can I request the reader actually gets caught talking abt their sex life like the one you did with tom😂 I love your writing btw😘

*blows dust off of keyboard and cracks knuckles* I can’t believe I’m actually doing this right now. Might as well since school is just about over I’ll do a lil sum sum. 

I know there are younger fans coming into the fandom now so I might have to start putting warnings up again but some of you youngins act grown 😂

Warnings: Sex talk, cursing,….

“Alright kiddies, I’ll be back. Don’t burn down the house while I’m gone.” You blew a kiss to Tom and Haz who who absent-mindedly waved at you while they played their video game. You rolled your eyes and walked out of the door.

You sat at the table with your best friends and took a sip of your drink, “I can’t believe we finally are hanging out.” You sighed

“Well you’re the one that’s always busy.” Matt said. “I know but this was much needed.”

All 5 of you weer talking away until your very best friend asked a question. “So Y/N, what’s Tom dick game like?” 

You blushed and looked around at the table of your curious friends. Your bestie smiled and ate the alcohol soaked olive with satisfaction knowing she put you on the spot. 

You threw your drink back and took your time. All of you leaned in and you smirked, “Well-”

 “Dude you fucking cheated!” Haz yelled. “Don’t be such a sore loser mate.” Tom laughed and took a sip of beer. “Rematch.” Haz demanded. “You’re on.”

During the round Tom’s phone went off. “It’s my baby, yhold up.” He paused the game and answered. “Hey love!” He heard the voices, “Y/N?”

You didn’t answer so he was about to hang up when he heard the question about your sex life come up. “Well, he’s very needy. Like he’s hands on-”

His face turned a bright red as he heard you go on for what sounded like forever about the subject. “He cried the first time we had sex.” You all laughed. “WHAT?”

“Sis, what did you do to him?” Matt asked with his hand on his chest. “Nothing,well I guess I was the best he had-”

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Boyheart Asks 🚀

1.) Dragons or Dinosaurs?
2.) Aliens or Robots?
3.) Favorite color?
4.) Favorite toy?
5.) Pirates or Ninjas?
5.) Do you like shoes or would you rather be barefoot?
6.) Favorite animal?
7.) Describe your dream clubhouse
8.) Do you like sports? If yes, which is your favorite? If no, what would you rather do instead?
9.) Which is cooler, trucks or trains?
10.) Do you like to climb trees?
11.) Favorite snack?
12.) Favorite toy? Or a toy you really want?
13.) Board games, card games, or video games?
14.) You can hang out with any super hero for a whole day! Who do you pick?
15.) Do you like to wear hats?
16.) Is your room clean or messy?
17.) Favorite bedtime story?
18.) Wizards or Knights?
19.) You’re on a camping trip! Do you wanna roast marshmallows or sing campfire songs?(or both?)
20.) What would you build if you had unlimited legos?

As with the girlheart one, these are not exclusive to one gender, it’s just a general concept! Anyone can feel free to use them. I hope you enjoy them!

Mark of NCT imagine // Why So Shy

Word count: 2624

Mark POV**

Ugh I failed this test again. Now I have to get a tutor to help me. Hopefully y/n can tutor me. No no no I would never get work done. But she is so pretty. It would be great if I had her. Then I can spend time with her.

“Mark, can I speak to you after class?” The teacher asked me. I just nodded and went through the rest of the class and this was my last class. I usually walk home so it didn’t matter if I stayed late. I noticed that y/n was packing her things up slower than normal. Maybe she was tired?

“Mark, you do remember that time we talked last week? Saying that the next time you were to fail a test in my class, you would need a tutor. I have already assigned you one.” Oh no please don’t say it while y/n is here. I don’t want her to know that I am not that good at school. “Y/n, please step over here for a moment. Y/n is your tutor.” She just looked at me a smiled with a comforting look on her face. Great now she knows.

“She is the best in this science class and she will be helping you out with this topic. She will continue to do so until you can prove to me that you are learning sufficiently. You guys can sort out what time you want to meet up, just make sure that it is at least once a week. Now go on home you two.” He dismissed us and she struggled to put her backpack on. It looks really heavy. As soon as I had decided that I should help her, she got it on.

“Mark, I can’t meet up today because I haven’t told my parents yet. But if tomorrow works for you, I can stay here until 4.” My face got red because I was thinking about hanging out with her, and about the teasing I would get from the rest of NCT for getting a tutor who is my crush. I thought about after school tomorrow for a second and realized that I wouldn’t be able to find a way home tomorrow because Taeyong would have to leave due to schedule. But I don’t want to have to hold her back from a friday night.

“Oh uh, I don’t think I could stay after tomorrow because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to get a ride.” I explained, she just nodded as she understood.

“How about I come over to your dorm. If you are okay with that. The dorm area isn’t that far from my house and I could just walk home.” All I could do was just nod. I pushed the front door open and walked out of the school. We ended up walking home together because it was such a nice day. It was silent and I felt sorry for her because I was being so awkward. I just can’t stop thinking about tomorrow after school.

–time skip–

The end of the day finally came and now y/n if coming over to the dorms. Only a few of the members will be there. But I don’t think that Chenle, Haechan and Jisung would stay very quiet for long. They always yell at each other and play around and keep yelling. I just really hope that they would stay quiet. The walk to the dorm was quiet and awkward after we got out of the car and then it was just like when we had walked after school yesterday. We reached the final pathway to reach the dorm. She suddenly spoke up.

“So how many of your members will be there? If some are there, is it okay if I meet them?” Why on earth would she want to meet my annoying members? I got out my phone real quick and messaged them saying to make sure they looked presentable and that we were going to be arriving in a minute. I got teasing in response.

We walked into the dorm to see Chenle and Jisung playing some game and Haechan had his headphones in while playing on his phone. They didn’t seem to notice us yet. Y/n had taken off her shoes and we walked to the kitchen table and set our backpacks down. She sat down right next to me and started pulling her notes and textbook out.

“I am going to stay here until we finish this whole packet together. There are 3 pages front and back and yes it will take a long time with me teaching you. But we have to do this. I would be able to get this done in study hall. I will work on this and you do what you know and tell me when you are finished, okay?” She told me. Ugh this packet is going to be the death of me. I don’t really recognize half of this stuff.

“Hyung! How long will you be studying? Can I join?” Chenle walked in. If they bother us we will never get anything done.

“No Chenle, I need to get this done. She is probably going to be here for a while. This is y/n she is a noona to all of you guys.”

“Will she be here long because you are stupid?” Haechan asked while walking in.

“Now Haechan Hyung, don’t say that to Mark hyung.” Jisung defended me.

“Okay so these are the only members that are here. You see them and you have met them now they can go.” I said annoyed.

“Oh sorry guys, you can’t join us because this is all for grades higher than yours. Plus I think Mark here wants to get it done quickly. But that’s okay. If you ever do need help with anything I can help you later or another day.” She told them, she is so kind.

“Even my math?” Jisung asked quietly with a blush. Oh he better not start to like her.

“Even you math. I can help with English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, language arts, physics, astronomy, algebra, geometry, biology, zoology, history, social studies, psychology, chemistry, art, music, nothing in gym besides dancing. I can do most subjects. But any history or science or language arts bases topics I can do the best.”

“Wow, do you ever really have time to yourself? You seem to know so much. Are you any good with computer science? Because I kin-” I interrupted Haechan.

“I am. Here is my number so you can message me.” She gave her number to the boys, but not me. Why?! She is supposed to be tutoring me! They all walked away and went to their rooms.

About 30 minutes later I finished what I could do and she was like ⅔ done with the packet. She looked so concentrated. But I need to get help now. Oh but she is so pretty. The light is going down but the light appears gold on her skin. Everything in this room looks gold and sparkly and magical. Stop it Mark just ask her for help.

“Uh Mark, are you done? You have been sitting there doing nothing for a couple minutes.” I nodded. I only got 12 questions done out of 40. She scooted closer to me and I felt my cheeks heat up as her arm brushes against mine.

“Okay so let’s start with page one. I personally find these quite easy.” She started.

“Yeah, um I am sorry because I am not very smart and I just couldn’t pay attention that day a-and um… yeah. I’m just not good at this.” She looked up from the paper at me. She gently set her hand on my shoulder and I blushed even more.

“No Mark, it’s just that some people are not as good at doing things as other people are. Just like you are good at rapping, I am good with this. Not everyone is the same.” Oh gosh she just complimented me. Do I say thank you or should I like try to actually work. I think she just wants to work because she had gotten back to the paper.

“Okay so this is the atomic symbol, if they have the dots around it, it is a Lewis Dot Structure. Now the element Argon would have 8 dots around it because it is in the 8th column and…” she kept explaining to me but I kind of stopped listening. I just found myself staring at her and biting my lips.

“Right, so the column that the element is in, that’s how many dots there are around the atomic symbol?” She nodded and smiled. I did the rest of the front page. She was so good at explaining things because I was able to understand it well. She explained the next page to me and then let me do it. And the ones I got wrong she would go back and made sure that I understood before we moved on. She would be such a good teacher.

It was getting late and I was trying to quiet the sounds of my stomach but to no avail. I should eat some food. I wonder if she is hungry. Oh but we don’t really have any food here. My stomach needs to shut up.

“Mark I think we should go and get some food, don’t you think? You sound pretty hungry. Come on, I know this little Thai place to get some food from. The servings are quite big there so we wouldn’t have to get much. We could also just walk because it’s not that far. And I have enough money.”

“Oh no no no. You shouldn’t have to pay. I will. Come on, let’s go get some food.” We got to the place and the food came out quickly. We got some drinks and I paid and then we went back to the dorm. By the time we got to the dorm it was pretty much almost dark out. We have been studying for quite a bit. She needs to go home and rest.

About 2 painful hours later we were almost done and it was dark out. I wish she didn’t waste so much time on me. But I mean like, she did stay just for me. Stop being so selfish, she had to stay and tutor me because I am so stupid. I should stop thinking that I am able to be with her. She probably doesn’t even like me like that.

“Okay Mark, here we go. The last page. Then I get to stop bothering you and go home.” She laughed. Wow her laugh was so great.

“Oh, no you’re not bothering me at all! I enjoy you being here. I-I mean that I like you. YOUR HELP! I LIKE THAT YOU ARE HELPING ME! Not I like you. I mean I like you, no I mean…Ugh I am sorry. Thanks for helping me study I guess is what I was trying to say.” I stuttered, why can’t I say anything right around her? I probably looked like a tomato right now because I was blushing so much and I was so nervous.

“Hahaha no it’s okay! Don’t be sorry. We will just finish the last page okay. And then you should get some rest.” She looked into my eyes and brought her hand up to my cheek slowly and turned my head a little bit. Oh shit she it touching my face. I can’t stop looking at her lips. Should I kiss her? Should I not? Why are her cheeks pink?

“Uhm, I will try to hurry through this last page because you look tired, and um I should be getting home soon.” She took her hand away from my face and I could barely look her in the eyes. I have to turn away from her for a second.

“Uh uhm, I am going t-to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” I darted out of there as fast as I could. I just tried to breath normally but I just couldn’t I need to know if she has feelings for me. But I am so scared. What if she doesn’t like me back. But she blushed when she touch my face. Not it was just hot in the room. Or maybe it was just me. Because when I am around her I get so nervous that my whole body gets hot and my heart stops when she says my name. I just can’t not tell her how I feel. I like her way to much to just let her go and probably find someone else. I mean I have already seen her with someone else. I remember how sad I got because she didn’t like me. UGH I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Tears of frustration started welling up in my eyes. I wiped them away and I was getting ready to walk out the door. I opened it and I heard her voice. Was she talking to herself? Did one of the guys come out of their rooms? I looked around the corner and saw her on the phone.

“Yeah Unnie, I will be home soon. Maybe an hour… I already had dinner… Just some Thai food… I think the tutoring is going well… Oh it is with Mark… Yes Unnie that Mark… No I haven’t and I can’t. Listen I have to go okay. Bye.” I walked over and sat back down.

I purposely pretended to get the questions wrong so she can help me with them and stay longer. She was so beautiful when she was explaining things to me. Her smile and the way she laughs. Her eyes glisten and light up when I finally get a question right. She is so smart and kind and funny and just- gah so amazing. I love the way she explains the problems with things that I already understand instead of just throwing new stuff at me. The last page was done in no time and when I saw the last question answered my heart dropped. Now she has to go home.

“Look, I am sorry for making you work so late. I just think that it is best to get it out of the way now rather than taking up your whole weekend. I will have a study guide made for you by Sunday. It will take some time for me to create it. I have to go now.” She said while packing up her things.

“Wait y/n, I will walk you home. It is dark out.” My stomach got butterflies as she pushed a piece of her hair out of the way.

“No, please don’t. I will be okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I mean I only live like a street over. I guess that I will be going now. Goodbye Mark.” She stood on her toes and gave me a hug and my face turned red. I felt her slip something into my pocket. I pulled it out and it was her number. I opened the door back up and called to her outside.

“Y/n is this why you wanted to walk alone? Just a creative way for you to give me your number?”

“Yes, that and if I get caught with you at my house, my mom would go crazy.” I laughed out loud. I covered my mouth from my embarrassing laugh.

“Don’t stop laughing. I think your laugh is cute, just like you.” I almost fainted. She called me cute! I giggle and waved then closed the door. Man she is amazing.

~Admin Ellie

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Can you do the batfamily and their relationships with Titus?

Bruce: he essentially raised Titus from when he was a puppy, so Titus is definitely like one of his babies. He never does any of those voices when you talk to pets though (at least not when anyone could find out)

Dick: He’s not incredibly close to Titus but he definitely will cuddle with Titus. Dick loves cuddling and Titus is an especially enthusiastic cuddle buddy.

Jason: Jason finds comfort in the presence of Titus when he’s feeling down. When Titus is around Jason, he isn’t as playful but is more of a reassuring presence to have near

Tim: Tim isn’t too great with animals, but the only time he really engages in physical activity outside of being Red Robin is when he plays with Titus, who is an avid fetcher.

Steph: She has lost many a shoe to Titus but she doesn’t really mind. She has most definitely tried to feed Titus her homework.

Damian: Titus is his child. Yes, Bruce raised Titus, but Damian is Titus’ human. Titus will follow Damian everywhere around the house, will endlessly play games with him and Titus loves sleeping in Damian’s bed.

Cass: One of her favorite pastimes is playing games with Titus. Her particular game of choice is fetch or hide and go seek (it took her awhile to teach Titus this but he eventually got the hang of it)

Babs: She isn’t particularly close to Titus but will occasionally pet him if he strays near her.

Duke: Duke is a dog person and so will try to engage in any type of contact with Titus. Sometimes he will play fight with Titus and Titus loves it.

Alfred: He isn’t fond of the many animals in the Manor, but he occasionally will give Titus scraps of meat if he has them (if anyone sees, he will deny it vehemently)