yes. please


                                               I’ll drink to that.

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13 - a kiss pressed to each fingertip - for ye olde rebelcaptain please

The wound splices his side, winding its way from his navel, through his ribs, to the harsh jut of his collarbone. It’s deep enough that it remains on his skin even after hours in the bacta tank—faded and brown, a sharp reminder of how close she had come to losing him.

She squeezes himself into his cot in the medbay, desperate to draw him closer to her—to feel his heartbeat under her palm—but wary of the scar, of the little hiss of pain he gives at every small movement. Blood is surging in her ears, and even though he’s here beside her, now, all she can see each time she closes her eyes is the way he stumbled when he was struck, the wild horror in his eyes.

“Jyn,” Cassian murmurs. He’s tired, pale, instructed not to move, but he reaches for her hand nonetheless. “Are you alright?”

She nods. How could she say anything different? Her flesh is intact, her bones unbroken; she’s not the one who almost died today.

Gently, he lifts her hand and presses his lips to her index finger.


He moves to the next fingertip; soft lips and stubble brush her skin.

“I’m alright.”

The next, the next.

“I promise.”

She refuses to let her eyes well up, refuses to give him any more reason to worry about anything but his own recovery. She bites the inside of her cheek, tightening her grip on his fingers.

“I know.”

breaking news: you dont have to hate on a certain type of hc just because you have another hc for that character 

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I don't know if the AU question was rhetorical, but yes!!! Please????

I assume this is about the Arcade AU? 

- Jared gets Michael a night shift job at the Arcade and Michael absolutely loves it. Loves the smell of the place, the noises of all the games, the old music that plays in the Arcade, the cheap shitty prizes. Everything about it speaks to him and hes one of the best people at his job.

- Jeremy himself worked at Pottery Barn for awhile. Before he and Evan even knew that Jared and Michael were each others friends, they got a long pretty well. Always socialized with each other while there wasn’t much going on in the store.

- Evan can kick literally everyone’s ass at any game without even meaning to. He just gets so focused in the game he doesn’t realize hes doing well till its over and its just like this moment of realization like ‘Oh…woops.’

- Jeremy is very aggressively competitive at DDR. Michael points out to Jared Evan that not even he was able to win against him. 

- Fun Fact: Evan beats him at DDR and Jeremy just sits in the corner and quietly dies inside like ‘How did he even do that? Where did I go wrong’

- Michael helps any little kids at getting a lot of tickets/tokens because he just loves the kids okay. Michael is a good person and hes glad to see people still interested in old games like these.

- Jared finds it absolutely hilarious that Jeremy is having a break down over DDR.

- Jeremy spends a lot of time with Evan during work hours. Like they always help each other out. Evan handles older people while Jeremy handles the younger ones.

- Michael a;ways gets high scores on a lot of games and then helps kids beat them just so they are more confident in themselves.

- Michael spends free time with Zoe and Alana to gossip about how boys can be annoying sometimes. Hes an honorary woman leave him alone.

- Zoe has probably tried to style his hair lbh.

- Rich always tells Michael he really scored with Jeremy and his job and Michael just laughs like ‘If anything you scored with Jake.’

- Rich doesn’t get along super well with Jared, In fact Jared is kinda a dick to Rich and Rich has always been this close to full on punching Jared. But he doesn’t want to be an ass and stoop so low.

- Rich just comes to the arcade to watch Jeremy suffer at loosing at DDR with Evan lbh. Jake however, enjoys the games a little bit.

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it's great to see the bellas or i guess the pp girls together even after filming. warms my heart. but now i need a Bechloe pirate themed au cause fuck me, Brittany Snow as a pirate, YES PLEASE

Can Beca please be the rebel princess, and pirate!Chloe kinda kidnapped her to get money from her king father??? 

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I propose kakagengai where the three of them seek solace and love in each other by doing things like having a dance off. Seeing who can dip kakashi the farthest without dropping him. Making Gai smile that tiny happy dumb puppy love smile the most. Who can make genma eat something without checking it for poisons. Just domestic boy being lovely and happy together


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Everyone needs a Sam friend

oh my gosh

my heart

I will hug all of you

But if I can’t, then yes please!!! Please let everyone have a Sam friend!! Then everyone can have so many cuddles and affections and compliments!!!! And the Sam friend will love you lots and lots!!!! Just like I love you lots and lots :D thank you so much for saying this. It means so much and I hope you have such a wonderful day because you are so very wonderful ^-^

Really happy with the new 40k unit stat lines for 8th edition

It’s really nice to see 40k move away from the binary all-or-nothing rules to a more gradual stat line. It’s a great way to slim down the rules while maintaining complexity and unit diversity. Large units gradually loosing effectiveness as they take damage and armor save modifiers are a fantastic alternative to the current AP and wounds system (currently weapons either completely negate armor, or do nothing to it, and multi-wound units remain at full effectiveness until they drop). This works great in AOS and will definitely help 40k to be more playable and less frustrating.

Watching 50 hormogaunts slowly chew through a Leman Russ, Land Raiders being able to reliably shrug off a few anti-tank weapons without getting the dreaded 1-hit-KO, Wraithknights getting weaker and weaker while being whittled down from relentless firepower while wading through enemy armies?

Yes please!