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And Sam said "Let's go home" in this episode, in this episode where we see his memory box. :3

YES! Oh my god, I have shed happy tears for Sam. :D

Because this was SO MUCH of what I’d hoped for in Sam’s future when I started writing “These Are Words In A Script.” I mean, this is THE EXACT THING I wanted for Sam. EXACTLY THIS.

I can’t stop flailing and crying about it dammit. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. SAM CALLED THE BUNKER HOME. *okay taking a break to find a box of tissues*

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I don't even fucking love destiel tho your arts are so cute and beautiful that I just cAN'T :( How did you make me love them? That's so unfair 😭 *btw do you ship someone with Sam? 🌚 just wonder 👌*

YES JOIN ME IN THE TRASH, FRIEND. yesssss, i have like 3 ships for sam being sabriel, sam/jess and sam/ruby

As a watcher of SPN since the very first episode, I have come to realize something.

All the death, the destructions, and the agony. Lucifer was right. No matter what they do they will always end up with Sam saying yes. And do you know something? It’s gonna kill Sam to do it. And he’s gonna do it because Casifer is going to be beating the fuck out of Dean. Killing him. And what can Dean do? He has faith that Cas is still in there, he wouldn’t dream of killing him. He couldn’t. All those promises he made to himself. He is not ready to watch his brother die.

And Sam is going to be forced to watch his friend murder his brother. And right before the final blow he’s going to scream it out. Crying, tears running down his cheeks in anguish. And Cas is gonna stop, turn with wide eyes and quietly whisper “no, Sam” and Lucifer will possess Sam.

And that’s how it’s going to happen. I have a really bad feeling that’s what’s going to happen. And the worst bitter sweet part is that they ARE leading up to destiel. The writing and the way the episodes are going heavily implies they are taking the steps to make it canon. And Dean is finally going to realize it. He’s going to break down, cry, hug Cas in sadness over his brother. And Cas will listen. But I feel Dean is going to say I Love You. There won’t be a kiss. No sex. He will say “I love you”.

But at what cost?

Imagine(Warning Mun is drunk)
  • [Sam and Dean are sitting on the Impala hood talking about how weird Cas is acting when said person shows up]
  • Casifer:Hello Dean. Sam.[looks at Sam longer than necessary before turning back to Dean again] I trust things are well.
  • Dean:Yeah.. You okay Cas?
  • Sam:[is visibly uncomfortable] Dean. I don't like this.
  • Casifer:I am quite well. I have found a song I want you to hear. Especially you Sam.
  • Sam and Dean:O-okay?
  • Casifer:[clears throat] Oh Sammy you don't understand. You take me by the heart when you take me by the hand. Oh Sammy you're so pretty can't you understand. It's guys like you Sammy. Oh what you do Sammy. Do Sammy. Just please say yes Sammy...
  • Sam:[freezes] L-Lucifer?
  • Dean:[narrows eyes]
  • Casifer:Negative. I just found that song online.
  • Sam:T-the song is Hey Mickey.
  • Casifer:...
  • Sam:....
  • Dean:...Awkward.

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"Hey Sam, you still looking for someone to be your Valentine this year? Or are angels just not into that kind of thing?" ((WE NEED TO RP HUNTER CAS AND ANGEL SAM.))

“I can’t truly say I was looking for one in the first place, not a holiday I’ve had the pleasure of participating, Kind of been busy with other matters.” The angel muttered, his eyes drifting up from the hunters laptop to lock eyes with Castiel’s.  “Can’t say it is something we celebrate, little to no time to celebrate it.” He murmured.  The angel tilted his head at the other, giving him a questioning look.  “Why are you asking me?” He asked, cocking a brow at the other.

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I'll be honest... I think my favorite ship for Lucifer is "Babifer"... Even more than "Samifer"!! :O [hides in shame]


“You see that, Baby? Don’t know what to say about this,
except that I can totally understand you, Anon. While I
do love Sam (yes, I still don’t like him), Babylon is always
my number one. She’s the Queen after all.”

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50 49 69 67 77 80 90 40 30

30. Does everyone deserve a second chance?

I think it depends on what they did. some things just aren’t forgiveable.

 40. Why did you kiss the last person you kissed?

because I’ve wanted to for a while

 49. Do you dance in the car?

omg yes 😂 Sam and I got so into it today

 50. Ever used a bow and arrow?

no but I’ve always wanted to try

 67. Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?


 69. Ever take dance lessons?

yeah. during my freshman year bc I was in drama academy I had to take dance instead of p.e. admittedly I was awful at it

 77. Ever been in love?

not the real thing

 80. Hot tea or cold tea?


 90. Opinions on sex before marriage?

it’s great and if you want to have it go for it and if you don’t want to have it then wait. it’s all up to u

Oh wow there was a lifesaver guard today in the shopping center today at one of those charity tables where they try to sign u up to support them…u guys know the ones right?
Anyway he was looking really bored and as I walked closer to the table he was staring at me really hard and just as I was about to go up and ask Wtf was his problem was and probs punch him in the nose for giving me a creepy as fuck stare, he was like “Omg! U a Supernatural fan too?”
To which I replied “Of course” with a huge grin realizing I was wearing one of my Sam and Dean shirts…his reaction? Air punch yelling Yes!
Then “Who do you prefer? Sam or Dean?”
Me: “Sam”
Him nodding and standing up “Hmm. Fair enough.”
Me: “I like tall, smart guys with amazing hair…”
Him:“I see”
Me: “But if I could I’d take Baby tho!”
Him: “Oh God yes”
Then we spent the next twenty minutes talking about Supernatural ….
#true #SPN #Real life

  • T. passed out for 10 hours and Sam found her.
  • Sam:T., what were you thinking? You're an absolute mess.
  • T.:I know, I'm sorry.
  • Sam:How do you feel?
  • T.:Do you honestly wanna know?
  • Sam:Yes.
  • T.:I feel the same. I was emotionally fucked up last night but today, I'm physically fucked up. It's good that my feelings have been drained out but they lied - people say that you drink to forget but they lied. I still think of him. I still miss him.
  • Sam:Continue.
  • T.:You know when you're depressed and you feel ridiculously exhausted during the day and you can't focus because you're too tired?
  • Sam:Yes.
  • T.:That's what it feels like - you have aches everywhere, especially your head, and you can't help but to moan and groan with every turn. My head is pounding, Sam. I don't know what I've done.
  • Sam:Get some sleep.
  • T.:It's the same as every night - I grow desperate for sleep but I can never seem to do so.
  • Sam:We're going out.
  • T.:I can barely walk straight.
  • Sam:Do you remember what happened last night?
  • T.:No, not really. I can only recall the fact that I had no control over my mouth and that I spewed whatever I wanted to. I didn't think. I couldn't think anyway. Oh God, Sam, I feel terrible.
  • Sam:Did you laugh or anything?
  • T.:Yeah I think so. I don't remember.
  • Sam:You should get some rest, I'll take you out later.