Here’s what I’ve learned:

I. People cannot fix you or save you

That’s your job. Sometimes you have to just learn to swim in the ocean on your own. If you keep crying wolf, they’ll stop running. They’ll stop reaching out their hands. They won’t jump in the water to save you any more. Stop expecting them to. I know you’re used to it, but dammit, it’s time to learn how to swim on your own.

II. Other people can’t make you happy

Yes, their touch feels like heaven and their smile melts your whole body, but they can’t make you feel anything. Yes your best friend’s company is like heaven. Yes your boyfriends existence calms you down. But they can’t make you happy. That’s an inside job as my mother always tells me.

III. People leave

That’s the harsh truth. They leave. And most of the time they never ever fucking come back. They leave you with so many questions. What did I do wrong? What did I say? What did I not say? What did I not do? But it’s not you. It’s just not. It was their decision. You had no influence. But here’s a reassuring thought: people also stay.

winter is coming

I’m not blind, you know

I’ve been wondering how Korra got Kuvira to lean on her, since she doesn’t seem like the type to accept help right away. I think Korra may just have picked her up and when Kuvira protested said something like this, just not taking no for an answer.

honestly lysandre is so fuckin huge an ash is so small there’s a part of me that can’t help but imagine ash’s capture as lysandre literally picking him up and walking off with him

excuse you giant carrot man get your disgusting hands off my pure small son

Oh honey, you taste so much better than my favorite drink
Your high lasts so much longer than my favorite drug
What is it about you that I can’t say no
Why can’t I get over everyone but you?
Yes, it’s you and only you
I no longer can touch anyone but you
I don’t even care if you love me
Because I am yours no matter what you tell me
I have faith in my love and passion
I will fight for you and win you over my boy
You will see, watch and see my lovely blue

 - Hazel Hira Özbek

Last night at dinner, he accidentally put his foot down on top of mine. I tried to casually wiggle my foot under his to let him know that it was my foot and not the table leg or the floor, but he didn't move it. It started to become funny, and grinning, I said “Babe, your foot is on top of mine.” And he replied, “Yes, but I’m not touching you right now, I can’t hold your hand, I need to touch you, it makes me feel safe.”
—  outreached

saintisak  asked:

[whispering] give me kandriel pleaseeeeee

Alright pal, here we go!!

Random headcanons about kandreil:

- Kevin isn’t very good at reading people, so it’s not enough for him to ask a simple yes or no. It’s more like, can I touch you here, do you want my mouth on you, does this feel good, want me to keep going

- it’s nice to hear him talk about things other than exy

- when Neil wakes up thrashing from a nightmare, he puts his head on Kevin’s chest and listens to his steady voice ramble about the historical figure he’s fixated on at the moment

- that and Kevin’s fingers carding through his hair steady his breathing. Andrew’s hand settles on his hip and Neil slowly feels secure enough to fall back asleep

- i want to say they go on ice cream dates, but what really happens is they tangle limbs together on the couch and each of them has a tub of ice cream. Neil has berry yogurt, Andrew has triple chocolate and Kevin has pistachio. they hardly ever share

- Kevin hates cigarette smoke so he never goes up to the rooftop, but he’s always sulking when they get back to their room, so Neil starts keeping mints on him and Andrew reluctantly agrees to take one before kissing Kevin

- Kevin thrives on reassuring touches and for once he doesn’t need to tell anyone what to do because he’s in safe hands with Andrew and Neil

- he likes when Andrew pulls his hair and Neil leaves scratches on his back

- when they move in together, they get a massive bed from ikea for all three of them to comfortably fit in. Kevin and Neil get so frustrated with assembling it, they give up halfway through. Andrew, who had been watching them struggle, throws a cursory glance over the instructions and gets it done in no time. “You couldn’t have helped sooner?” “No.”

- Kevin owns more clothes than Andrew and Neil put together, thus he takes up most of the closet space. he keeps them neatly arranged and ironed, maybe even color coded.

- Kevin is not a cat person. this is a problem, because Neil brings home two kittens he found in a box on the side of the road. the cats don’t seem to be fond of him either, but Kevin comes home one day to Andrew sleeping on the couch, cats curled up on his chest and stomach. this is an even bigger problem, because Kevin has never thought of Andrew as cute and it’s doing weird things to him

- Neil watches all of this from the kitchen doorway and he smirks into his coffee cup. Kevin doesn’t stand a chance tbh

Preference #42 : Touching yourself - 4/4

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  • Can you do visuals of how the boys make their girl touch themselves please:) I love your blog btw💕
  • hiya, please can you do more visuals???? maybe like of you getting yourself off in front of him as punishment or something idk X
  • Can you do a masturbating visual? (The girl)
  • Hiiiiiiiii can you do a visual where they catch you masturbating and they get so turned on by it?????? Pleaseeeeee :))
  • please do more visuals omg they’re so great

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“Just me or was this scene undeniablyromantic? Or at least, I have never seen a character make a gesture this gallant and dramatic without some ro
mantic subtext behind it.”

-Lily Sparks

What is Real?

by Saṃsāran

What is real? Something you can touch or hold in your hand? Yes. Certainly. Are our thoughts real? Some say no. Some say they are the ONLY real thing. 

We don’t want to die. It is the human condition to KNOW we are going to fade away and die with certainty. Animals don’t know this. Not even our close cousins the chimpanzees. We know because we taught them sign language and asked them. They know “sick”. They even know “dead” but they don’t know that death is inevitable. 

DNA is real. You can hold in your hand. In fact, in a sense, your hand is made of it. Now DNA replicates. That means it splits in two. Then again. Then again. Then it is transferred to sperm or ova and divides again and again. This means that there is a direct physical link not only to your mom and dad, your grandparents but to every human being, to every primate, to every mammal, to every living organism on this lovely blue dot we call home.

You are immortal. Real immortality. Physical immortality which can be observed. Oh, not the “you” that is your waking conscious mind. You think that is “you” but is isn’t. It is just a construct. A program that runs on the organic computer you call your brain. Hell, the waking mind only takes up a small part of your computing power and is geared to helping you find mates, find food and shelter and to protect yourself. You are far more “animal” than you realize. That is not a bad thing. Knowing this helps understand a lot of what people do.

Now, knowing this also means that unlike the animals you are a creator. You are a kind of small god among the animals of this world. Not some imaginary being like Zeus or Apollo but a real life god for isn’t the power of creation the hallmark of a god? You can create and work your will on the universe like no other animal can. So, from this power comes responsibility. You must choose your side. Light and Order or Dark and Chaos. Will you be kind? Will you be generous? Will you be compassionate? Most importantly, will you LOVE? When you lay dying so time in the future you will not think of money or power. No. You will think “how could I have been a better person” and “how could I have made a difference”. Don’t let yourself feel regret when your time comes as it will. Make a difference now while you still can.

Five Little Words

I went to see a mother day of discharge. She was having some issues latching the baby and I really wanted her to feel confident before we sent her home. When I entered the room, the baby was popping on and off the breast and becoming frustrated.

“Can I show you a couple things to help her stay on?”

“Oh yes, please do.”

“Ok. May I touch your breast?”

The mother paused. “You’re the first person who’s asked if they can touch me like that. Yes. Thank you.”

I cringed inside. This mother was in her early 20s and mostly unsupported. She’d had a vaginal delivery and lots of breastfeeding help. No one had asked if they could touch her.

“Well we should all ask,” I said simply, as I helped the little one onto the breast for the most textbook latch I’d seen all day. “She looks great. You’re doing great. All I did was compress a little closer to the areola.”

“Thank you.”

Five words: May I touch your breast. I get a variety of responses when I ask this question. “Of course you can.” “Well how else are you going to help?” And so on. It doesn’t matter if they expect us to do it, you should always ask, but it’s strangely easy not to. Especially if you were just in there the previous day, or if you know that everyone else has had their hands all over them (and inside them) for the past few days. Even if they signed that big fancy consent for treatment form… still, always ask.

These bodies we work with belong to people. These people have boundaries. Or they don’t. One way to be sure: ASK.