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How about some hardcore Qrowin sex yes?? Yes?? (; can u pls draw that I am a fellow Qrowin shipper me and my boyfriend are supposed to be cosplay it ayyeeee also yes hot Qrowin sex ft maybe Weiss walking in ooPs

HELL YEAH well sorry i did not add a panel to picture Weiss walking cause we all know how she reacts … she collapses on the floor

Also fuck yeah for the both of you, I’m so pumped to see some Qrowin cosplay tbh ///sob sob

//extreme nsfw please be careful

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Do you really think it's healthy to glorify obesity by letting people see photos of overweight women doing these things?

*sings* YYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS Do u think its healthy to message people questioning their personal choices as if it affects you in some way? Yes because fat people have nothing to b ashamed of and if its health u give a fuck about oppressing people is super unhealthy people in poor health r still people they deserve respect and a chance to see they can do and b so much more than just unhealthy yes yes 1000x yes u can see it as glorifying obesity but others see it as inspiration not everything is about you everything u see and read is not intended for YOU this blog is not to encourage thin people to get fat its to encourage fat people to be confident were not alone were the majority actually body shame needs to end in this generation that’s not saying we all need to fatten up its saying love yourself where ever you are on your journey

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can you rec me some good sub louis fics please :)

yes,,yes i can..u have come to the right person..

~Something In The World Today

~Baby Heaven’s in Your Eyes, Hell’s on Your Lips 

& part 2 Nothing But These Sheets Between Us

~I Only Ever Want You


~lips are like the galaxy’s edge

~Breathing Underwater

~Cupid’s Chokehold

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Boi, i usually don't request stuff but yoU KNOW I NEED TO MAKE A FIRST MOVE SOMEHOW HELLO COOL PERSON. Can i have 1b with Chara and Asriel?

oh boi ho boi HAI AMAZING PERSON WHAT BRINGS U TO MY HUMBLE LAIR and yes, yes u can 

ho boi I ended up drawing an angstie ho boi

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"Don’t think about Finn finding out that Rey is pregnant and definitely don’t think about the expression on his face" CAN YOU WRITE THIS PLEASE

She doesn’t really know what his reaction is going to be.

It’s not like they haven’t spoken about having children before; it’s always been what they wanted, what they planned on doing, but their plan was always for it to happen in the future. When they haven’t just finished a war within the entire galaxy, the two of them at the forefront; when they’ve been together for a little bit longer with more experience of life outside of battling for life.

As shocked and surprised as she is, Rey is kind of happy about this. No, actually, she’s ecstatic. Terrified, wondering how they’re going to do this, and slightly unsure, yes. But also excited and thrilled and just glowing about the fact that she’s carrying a child. Her and Finn are going to have a child; their child, and it’s going to change their lives. She’s happy.

Now she just to tell Finn. (And maybe catch him when he faints).

“Finn?” Rey says as he walks in to their room. He closes the door behind him and smiles at her.


Rey bites her lip. She doesn’t know why she’s so nervous. It’s not like he’s going to be angry or leave her or do anything terrible. Finn would never do that. It’s just…she doesn’t want him to be upset. (She’s sure that, if Rey had told Leia, she would have assured Rey that being nervous for this kind of news is natural).

As Finn heads towards where she’s sitting on their bed, his brow slowly furrows.
“Rey?” He questions cautiously. “Is…everything okay?”

Rey realises that her hand is sitting against her stomach, and she gingerly pulls it away in favour of patting the bed beside her.

“Can you sit for a minute? I…I need to tell you something.”

Nodding, Finn sits down beside her and puts his hand on her thigh, thumb smoothing over her trousers as he looks at her with a frown still on his features.

He waits patiently for her to speak, and Rey is so grateful for that. Gently, Rey places her hand on top of his and releases a small, hesitant smile before looking away for a brief moment. When she looks back, she meets his eyes, and her face is serious.

“I…Finn, I…I’m pregnant.”

Rey had expected a long pause of silence followed by him either fainting or being weirdly calm about it. But instead, his face is a picture, and Rey’s heart swells with love at the sight of it.

Instantly, his features lift; eyebrows raise, eyes light up, and his lips spread in to the biggest grin she’s ever seen on his lips. In fact, she doesn’t think she’s ever seen him so happy. It’s a face of pure happiness; he’s glowing. Everything about him looks brighter than she’s ever known.

“You’re serious?” He asks through the grin, and he’s holding himself up a little tighter as if he’s ready to start jumping up and down in glee.

“Yes. I’m pregnant, Finn.”

Finn does start jumping up and down then, except it’s kind of contained and he’s still sitting on the bed, and Rey is giggling at him before long.

“So you’re happy then?” She asks, her own lips spread in to a grin now too.
At first he doesn’t say anything; his reply is throwing himself forward and wrapping his arms around her, holding her so tight, and soon her arms around him in return.

He buries his head in to her neck and she does the same to him.

“Yes,” he finally says, his voice merely a husky whisper, and Rey can hear the smile. “I’m so happy.”

Rey laughs, holding him tighter. “I’m so glad.”

“Wait,” Finn pulls away from her but keeps his face up at hers, and he reaches out to brush the hair off her face. “You’re happy too, right? You’re okay?”

Rey’s lips break out in to a smile and she nods, for some reason feeling weirdly teary. “Yeah, Finn. I am.”

A moment passes before Finn grins and leans in to leave a kiss on her lips; soft, slow, gentle. They only pull away for a moment before kissing again, but they’re both smiling way too much for it to last properly. Tears are on Rey’s cheeks and Finn wipes them off with his thumbs. Then he kisses all over her face; her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, her temple. Peppering her face with little kisses, Finn smiles as he hears her giggling softly.

He brings his head down to kiss all over her stomach through the fabric of her top, and Rey starts laughing properly, throwing her head back, the smile on her face so wide.

“Finn,” she laughs, “that tickles.”

Smiling, Finn brings his head back up in front of hers. “Sorry,” he grins, “I’m just so happy.” His hands are on her stomach, and hers come up to sit on top of his, and they’re just smiling at each other now.

After a few moments, Rey brings her hand up to the back of his neck. “I love you.” She says, smiling.

“I love you too, Rey,” he kisses her once. “And I love our little baby.”

Rey smiles wider, rubbing her hand against the soft hair at the back of his head. “I know you do.”

Thank you SO much for asking this, and of course credit to the person who made the original post with the quote in this ask! I really hope I did this justice haha, I hope I described his facial expression well enough :’) sorry if it’s awful but I just had to write this asap bc CUTENESS.