The fact that some people straight up IGNORE or somehow miss that Kylo Ren has been mentally abused and manipulated by Snoke never ceases to AMAZE me.

Where do I get this from you may ask? Oh, I don’t know….maybe Leia’s conversation with Han about their son?!

You know, this one:

“Snoke was watching our son….”

“Always, from the beginning, even before I realized what was happening, he was manipulating everything, pulling our son to the dark side.”

Ben Solo didn’t choose to change his name to Kylo Ren for “fun”. He didn’t start using his powers for evil because it sounded “cool”. He probably didn’t even idolize his grandpa’s mistakes until Snoke started influencing him. (I hope!)

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nothing exciting, I just like this jacket and need to remind myself to draw it sometime because I forget I have it until I need it and then I want to draw it…

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I'm dying LOL. No one watched Anna Karenina, it was a huge failure such as The Fifth Estate, Testament of Youth, Son of a Gun, Seventh Son and Man from UNCLE. As for Ex-Machina, it came out last year so... Just STOP describing her as a big thing because she's really not. It's ok to like her but she's done nothing. (Don't tell me about the Oscar nod, the Academy is bullshit, we all know it.) Her people are trying to make her big since Anna Karenina but it's hard because she's not that great.

Anna Karenina cost a lot of money and the box office didn’t pay for its costs. Reviews were quite average too. Testament of Youth did OK but it was a very small film, very few people saw it. The others bombed like you said.

Here’s the thing about Ex Machina: was it a hit? Yes, in US. A24 did a very good promotion (used Vikander’s face on Ava’s profile on Tinder), reviews were amazing and WOM was strong. But was it really enough to make her very famous? No. But if she started getting all her major roles AFTER this film came out it would have made more sense to me because people from industry, like producers, critics, etc, were really impressed by it. She didn’t.

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Is your muse a good liar?

Most of the time, yes! He’s very good at maintaining a poker face whether it’s for a little lie, or a lie to save his own skin. But, everyone has a weak spot.

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omg i get that, ihate it. it's like. this. this scum of the earth. this scum of the earth is on my dash with my bros chillin it up. i want to puke but only in their shoes.

yes so much. 

i mean why steal ideas from you and shit.

and specially stealing ideas from ocs

like how low can u get.

bu t ya know what.´



koutoux,i mean im v chill but if i dislike someone i have very good reasons for it., like., yes puke on their face.,