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 Rules are: List five things that make you happy. Then tag 10 people.

  1. Eating my fav foods, especially if they are the chinese and japanese ones
  2. When I manage to draw good art of my otps ♥
  3. Going to cons with @spacebreath
  4. Good, long nsfw fic and doujinshi of my otps
  5. When people tell me they like my art (๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑)

Ye but I would’ve answered “eating” to all 5 if I could tho, it took me a good 5 minutes to find all them beside “eating” :’D 

I’m tagging @kuramisawa @babyshouyou @cinnamonrollwannabe @meridiangrimm @tao-pu @devilishboy @miyukousawa and anyone who wants to do this~ 


Ombre Tops!

Finally found the time to fix my mistake and finish these tops :)

Yes it is this top again, and yes again an ombre rocolor.. leave me alone ^^

  • Movie Hangout Stuff Pack required
  • 24 swatches, standalone, teen - elder


If you use my recolors please don’t forget to tag me, would love to see them in your game! I track the #nosimmingclue

CC in the pictures: Pants by Rusty / Shorts by @manueapinny / Shorts by @pixels-and-gnomes  / Hair by @lucassims / Hair by Kiara Zurk / Choker by @loverettsims

Credits go to Sims 4 Studio and EA



First time doing a comic in digital art haha XD

based of an rp im doing with @lavieenrcse !!! here it is buddy!!!

yes, it is going to end up being fontcest, dont judge us (if your gonna send hate, send it to me)


anyway, ill try and have the next three pages out my next weekend then! peace!

okay yes but imagine that mr. curtis had these black, horn-rimmed reading glasses he kept on his bedside stand.

imagine darry going to clean out the room, and finding them. he decides to try them on for size and ends up forgetting he had them on as he shuffled through his parents’ belongings.

imagine a close relative of the curtis family finding him sitting cross-legged on the floor, doing just that. when darry finally looks up, pushing the glasses further up the bridge of his nose, they get all dewy-eyed.

“my god, you look just like him.”

Commission for airy-minotaur and @rumpaldi-stardust who you may recall had some great engagement photos - and then they asked me to do a 12/Clara piece for their wedding! Like, “going on things” piece. I’m so excited, and honored, and some other third emotion, I don’t know what.

(I’m not open for commissions at the moment but if you want to support me then please take a gander at my Patreon. Thanks!)

Things I found in my tags while cleaning up this blog:

#dad are you proud of me yet

#excuse me but how long until I can get me some space-aged whiskey

#it’s like we’re all friends that never talk to each other or interact directly

#space vines? does that need to be a tag

#pedantic side of tumblr

#one of you better get this stupid fucking reference

#wee woo wee woo tag police

#that’s a fiery man-horse that dictates my personality and how my day will go [i’m a sagittarius]

#the great pluto shitfest of 2k15

#yes drop your album yoda

#deftones guy voice: THERE’S A HOLE IN THE EEAAAAARTH

#mmm thermostabilized yams

#the universe anthropomorphizes spacecraft

and the trifecta: #wrong blog, #whoops wrong blog, and #WRONG FUCKING BLOG

Me dreaming of all my fans voting for me on @arsenicmagazine 💭💕😂 YES the time is NOW people- I have to get like a million likes in under 24 hours to win the title of Most #Arsenic Girl in the World (and of course the $5,000 🤑💸💰) So go on their page and like MY photo and tag all your friends to vote too weeeeeeee! #loveyouguys
Photo by @justinswainphotography
H&M @kathynguyenmua
#alyssabarbara #inkedgirl #girlswithtattoos


I was running out of time so I used Raven’s WTF graphic to save me some time.

Anyways, I just feel real shitty about canceling the bank clearance so I’ve got a shiny Shaymin here for y’all that I found laying around.

So to get Shaymin:

  • Deposit a Wurmple into the GTS (yes Wurmple I just dunno what kind of asks I’m gonna get about Pidove).
  • Use the tag: Arke 492, in the message line. Wrong code, no Shaymin.
  • Reblog, because my dumb self cloned way too many on accident and I don’t need more clutter in my bank tbh.

And that’s it, go ahead and deposit!

Okay so I just woke up from a siesta (yes I nap don’t judge me) in tears and I’m writing this out while it’s still fresh in my mind. I’m tagging @jeisontodd, @identityconstellations@tumdrake, @jayctivist @mrjasontodd and whoever else I missed because I wanted to tell all you guys at once (and because I want someone to suffer with me):

So in my dream there seems to be a full-scale global war, humans against some kind of invaders. It’s been going on for a while. We’re near the end of the war and everyone has been completely wiped out save for one person. Through some messed up twist of fate it’s the Red Hood.

All alone, Jason manages to take out the remaining stragglers and now he’s the only one left. The rest of humanity and it’s heroes defending it is wiped out and the Earth at this point is pretty much a dead planet. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, Jason’s sustained too many injuries. With a strained laugh, he takes his last breath.

…and then he wakes up. He gets up, he’s still in his tattered uniform, his hood is still cracked. He looks around and rather than the destroyed remains of Gotham, he’s in a huge elevator and he hears a chuckle and looks up, and across from him is Tim Drake. Tim, Timothy, Timmy, the boy who was one of the last ones to die along with so many other heroes, going out protecting one of humanity’s last strongholds. The other boy looks like he’s had rest and he’s healthy, and he’s okay.

He wants to ask if this is real but Tim beats him to the punch. “I asked to be the one to pick you up. You did great Jason.” Jason wants to ask what does that mean, where is everyone else? “Was this all just some fucked up simulation?” but Tim is resolute in keeping everything vague. At most he says that they’re not really allowed to talk about it, just that they’re here. He doesn’t clarify where “here” is.

They get off the elevator and they’re in some kind of lobby, and Jason wants to cry because his family is there. Dick is the first to greet him with one of his hugs, and even Damian, Alfred, Cass, Barbara, Stephanie, Roy, and Kory join in. They were waiting for him and they’re smiling and it’s sort of wistful but he doesn’t care.

He knows he should be wary but he’s so tired and he’s happy. Just when he thinks things can’t get any better there’s a hand on his shoulder and he turns and it’s Bruce. His father is there looking tired but happy. “It’s good to see you son. Come, my parents have been asking about you.”


I got tagged by avatarsarny to show my face. Thank you so much for the tag! (you look amazing btw :3 :3 :3).

Also, yes, I was in a gym when I took the picture, but no, I wasn’t working out like most people do when they take these awkward gym selfies. I was walking past the gym to do my laundry. *shrug* Oh well. Those stick arms are just going to be sticks forever!

I’ve seen so many people get tagged that I’m not going to retag. But if anyone wants to share their face, you’re free to do so and tag me. It’s really cool to see the faces of the community.


Meet my new oc, Shauna Cadash! 100% super orginal, free-range inquisitor, didn’t take any inspiration from anywhe…

It’s me. I made me into an Inquisitor. Inquisime if you will. I blame @halfblood-fiend

for comparison:

I tried going human and elf but I just couldn’t get my face right. And then DAI confirmed what I knew all along, I am a dwarf.

Also the fucking angles are killing me, I feel you inquisime

(at least varric is still smaller)

anonymous asked:

I'm new to this studyblr thing and i only follow like 3 people, could you recommend me some blogs to follow?

omg yes i follow so many gr8 blogs i’ll try to list some of them!!

@areistotle @studyplants @studiyng @studyrose @studylix @yunstudies @studybuzz @nctebook @studymor @muji-princess @365text @studyrelief @gryhffindors

i’m probably missing so so many good blogs. u can also go to the #studyspo and #studyblr tags on tumblr to find more! i have a blogroll in my main so if u feel like going thru it searching for the studyblrs i follow (mixed with fandom blogs) u can check that out too! welcome to the community!! <3

Sorry doesn’t bring back My Nutella.


Word Count: 917

 Warnings: Moody!Reader, Swearing, stolen nutella (I know its hard to handle.)

Tagged: @plaidandwhiskeydean, @simplecat101, @gallagher45722 (let me know if you guys want to get tagged when I post!)

A/N: Yes I know I said I would be posting a Endverse!Dean one-shot but its turning to be alot longer than I initially thought it was going to be, so its probably going to be a two or three parter, And I want to finish writing it before I start posting it! But I hope you guys enjoy this short dorky one-shot!

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In all honesty I am done with caring about antis

Obviously it’s come to the point where they all made themselves as dumbasses, especially when a lot of them KEEP making new blogs for a single ship and everything.
It’s actually getting annoying and I’ve even seen their own followers get tired of their bullshit, some actually leaving them.


- Any hate/Ship hate you see in the tags
Flag as Spam/Block the Post/Flag the blog (if it’s continuous) and Block the user

Honestly this method makes me feel so much better and it literally feels like they don’t even exist, and I can still make my own content.

Just flag, block, and ENJOY YOUR SHIT.



They don’t mean shit if they are just going to insult/Guilt trip/ And Manipulatively/Emotionally abuse others.

Yes, what they do is manipulatively abuse others, especially with all the guilt-tripping they cause, by making others feel like shit and paranoid.

They don’t mind calling shippers abusive and possible pedos NO MATTER IF THEY ARE A SURVIVOR OR NOT.

But once you call THEM abusive they automatically throw a fit and completely don’t acknowledge that we have our own mental problems. 


And also, now I just laugh at their posts really. Tbh they’ll get offended by anything, as usual.

anonymous asked:

Please tell me that you would also happen to have a playlist for Apollo as well PLEASE? Thank you so much for answering, I hope that you have a marvelous day!

how couldn’t i, anon?! through my tag swans and claws there are plenty of playlists for apollo and artemis!

but, if you are asking what my playlist for him might be, well.. here you go!
(bold the ones kinda about him & artemis, ops!)

a complete list of the memes of 2016

this list will be updated at the end every month with that month’s respective memes! feel free to message me if i missed any.


-if a ________ wore pants

-emo kylo ren

-suggestion blogs

-i thought 2016 was going to be a good year and then

-nasa new zodiac

-instead of the zodiac let’s use ________

-countess boochie flagrante

-new planet

-kardashian orange soda

-yellow diamond


-kazoo kid

-you fucked up a perfectly good _________ is what you did. look at it. it’s got anxiety.

-jennifer lawrence phone

-star wars viii rewrite

-edgy joker

-right wingin’ bitter clingin’ proud clingers

-facebook stick figure

-mario 64 half a press

-tag yourself

-earth is flat scandal

-squidward hits the dab

-top 10 anime fights

-fine brothers scandal

5 Ships I Will Go Down With

Thank you to @blueseyberries for tagging me… I can’t wait to tell everyone about the ships that cause me pain. Let’s just go:

1. Clace, because I am Jace Herondale trash. And because they make my heart hurt with all their cuteness. I’m looking forward to their relationship in Shadowhunters (minus that whole ‘incest’ ordeal).

2. Wessa… these Herondales, man. They just drag you in. I can’t help it. BUT MY LITTLE NERD CHILDREN. (And yes, Ceclia we will be drowning with this ship… it hurts)

3.Bluesey, my problematic explorer children. The fact that they can’t kiss or he’ll die is so painful that it’s taking me forever to finish these books. Cause I just know that when I get to the end, he’s gonna die and I’m not gonna survive that.

4. Rowaeiln (but also doraelin?) I can never pick anymore. I guess rowaelin makes more sense now that Dorian’s got his own problems, and I LOVE Rowan. So yeah. The cute fae couple who act like an old married couple.

5. Frary. Season 3 basically hasn’t happened. Francis is helping James work on his reading. He’s playing with Anne. Mary is watching him be a great father to their children and they are living happily ever after as the best King and Oueen to ever rule France.

I don’t really know who to tag for this one so if you wanna do it, please do!