Lucien sighed as he looked me over. “Do you ever stop being so serious and dull?”
“Do you ever stop being such a prick?” I snapped back.
Dead—really, truly, I should have been dead for that.
But Lucien grinned at me. “Much better.”

Lucien: The Original Prick 

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alright alright alright I'M HYPED because I totally found the Your Gravity sex scene in your NSFW blog futuredustnsfw ( . ) tumblr ( . ) com/post/141813519315 and it gave me a flashback of how awesome that chapter/fic is


Yes. My NSFW site is where I get a lot of ideas for the sex scenes for my fics, tbh. I’m so glad you found it! There’s also a Reylo tag for stuff that’s either going to be written because I like it, or what I’ve written already (though, of course, this one managed to slip through :/ ) 

Thank you so much for reading Your Gravity, I’m so glad you like it! 

meme thingy
I was tagged by @donnaimmaculata

1. Go to this website:

2. Pick 15 characters from any fandom, randomize.  The result provides answers to the questions below

3. Tag at least 5 people. @black-cat-aoife @bean-about-townn @rathvelus @katistrophe @acaitstuff

The list answers the following questions.

1. Your mom/dad: Yennefer of Vengerberg. ;_________; Yes, please. I’m here for you, mom!

2. Your sibling: Brienne of Tarth. This is excellent.

3. Your grandma/grandpa: Obi-Wan Kenobi. This is also excellent. Tell me about the time you hacked off my father’s limbs and threw him into a volcano, grandpa.

4. Haunts you: Captain Treville. True. Every day of my life. 

5. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Fred Thursday. Inspector Dad, no! You are married! Also, you’re Inspector Dad, not Inspector Boyfriend.

6. Your ex: Emiel Regis. Oh god no. I’m the one who’s responsible for him flying drunk after our break-up and getting staked and buried in the ground for 50 years, aren’t I? I’M SORRY, REGIS!

7. Your best friend: Thomas Nightingale. I must be a terrible best friend then, considering how sad and lonely he is.

8. Proposed to you: Emily Prentiss. Ooooh, why didn’t I accept??? ;___; I’m the dumbest person on earth.

9. Your boss: Lord Vetinari. This is either gonna be great or horrible.

10. The random person you met at the bar: Horatio Hornblower. Looks like the prize-money finally arrived!

11. Your rival: Sansa Stark. This is not going to end well for either of us.

12. Gave you your first kiss: Sir Edward Pellew. Captain Dad noooo! Stop shipping me with my dad characters,

13. Drunk and singing karaoke with: Dandelion. Yes. Yes. Finally something that fits 100% This would 100% happen, and it would be the best possible night out I could ever have. XD

14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: Ciri. This is entirely inappropriate! Unless we’re talking Wild-Hunt-era Ciri, in which case, yes, please, I’m up for anything!

15. Gave you your favorite dessert: Peter Grant. Awww, thanks, Peter. Although this probably means he broke something important…


RULES: once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a post with 82 truths about yourself then tag 25 people
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Drink: water
Phone call: my dad?
Text: lol i never use my phone so probably my mom
Song you listened to: Fast Car, radio edit by Jonas Blue
Time you cried: about a month ago?

Dated someone twice: nope
Been cheated on: nope
Kissed someone and regretted: nah
Lost someone special: yes
Been depressed: I go through grey spots, but they don’t last
Been drunk and thrown up: nope
List of 3 favorite colors: violet, turquoise, copper

Made a new friend: sure
Fallen out of love: been disillusioned about some stuff, but not really
Laughed until you cried: yep
Met someone who changed you: yes
Found out who your true friends are: i believe so
Found out someone was talking about you: nahh
Kissed anyone on your fb list: don’t have a facebook


How many people from your fb list do you know irl: no facebook
Do you have any pets: my cat, Barley
Do you want to change your name: nah
What did you do for your last birthday: got to pick where to eat out
What time did you wake up today: uh, late. really late
What were you doing last night at midnight: stressing over fictional characters
Something you can’t wait for: a webcomic update
Last time you saw your mom: about an hour ago?
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: i’d be able to predict family issues and avoid them
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: no? 
What’s getting on your nerves rn: im good rn :)
Bloodtype: i have no idea. i’ve asked familiy and doctors, but ?
Nickname: C-Bean, Koala, Nerd
Relationship status: single
Zodiac sign: pisces
Pronoun: She/Her
Favorite TV shows: Gravity Falls, Nova, Nature, Star Trek, history shows
Long or short hair: short, but it’s growing out.
Height: uhhh 5′3″? maybe? 
Do you have a crush on someone: ehhh
What do you like about yourself: i like my eyes
Right or left handed: right-handed
First surgery: i was a couple days old i think? was for soft palate, lung aspiration stuff. had a bunch of follow up surgeries
First best friend: Harley? She made new friends/moved away so meh
First sport you joined: uh. i did soccer? for like a day
First vacation: North Carolina to visit family

Eating: Chicken Fried Rice
Drinking: water
I’m about to: get sucked back into multiple fandoms again
Listening to: When the Truth Hunts you Down by Sam Tinnesz
Kids: none
Get married: ? maybe
Career: artist? author? wildlife biologist? who knows

Lips or eyes: eyes
Hugs or kisses: hugs
Taller or shorter: im on the short side so i have to go with short
Older or younger: ? depends?
Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
Sensitive or loud: sensitive i guess?
Hookup or relationship: relationship
Troublemaker or hesitant: both?

Kissed a stranger: nope
Glasses/contacts: glasses
Had sex on the first date: no
Broke someone’s heart: probably not?
Turn someone down: yeah
Cried when someone died: yes
Fallen for a friend: yep


Yourself: depends
Miracles: sure
Love at first sight: maybe? love’s part attraction part choice, so idk
Heaven: yes
Kissing on a first date: nah

I tag: @lomedraug, @berryball, and @behindthatwall

tagged by @opheliau and @doriaelin thanks!
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the rules:

  • go to this website
  • pick 15 characters from any fandom(s) or whatever you’re into.
  • tag five or more people.
  • have fun!

1. Your Rival: aaron warner
i’ll sacrifice myself 

2. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: kaz brekker
oh yes ;)

3. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: loren hale  
my baby

4. Mom/Dad: julian blackthorn
i knew it I’m a blackstairs child

5. The random person you met at the bar: thorne
ok same

6. Your Boss: will herondale 
he can boss me around anytime 

7. Haunts You: cress
she’ll be the friendliest ghost ever

8. Drunk and singing karaoke with: moffy hale 
moffy and i won’t be drinking but we’ll be jamming and singing out of tune to songs

9. Gave you your favourite dessert: nikolai lanstov
he knows me so well

10. Your Sibling: dorian havilliard
he’ll be the best brother ever

11. Gave you your first kiss: percy jackson
underwater kiss? 

12. Your Best Friend:  kestrel

13. Your Grandma/Grandpa: tessa gray
coolest grandma ever

14. Proposed to You: ryke meadows
a million times yes 

15. Ex: khalid
i love april fools

I have friends in -hole-y places

This (A Snowbaz Drabble)

“Baz? Baz!”

I wake up with a start and open my eyes only to find Simon’s nose right up against mine. I jump back, and then blink a couple of times. I’m probably still dreaming.

“What the fuck, Snow?”

“You said my name.”

“Excuse me?”

“Just now, you said my name. Before you woke up and yelled at me, that is. Are you plotting in your sleep now?”

I sigh, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Go back to bed, Snow.”

He looks at me and tilts his head like a puppy. “I don’t believe you.”


“I don’t believe you were plotting.”

“You’re the one that said it first, not me!”

“Well still.” He sits back on his heels. His face is so close to mine, I can feel his breaths. I concentrate and time them with mine, so each time he exhales, I’m inhaling. It sounds gross, but it’s almost like kissing. Sharing the same breaths as him. Fuck, I’m a mess.

“Were you dreaming about me?”

I focus on his eyes again. (I’ve been staring at his mouth). I can’t remember my dream, but if I was dreaming about him, it wouldn’t be the first time. I’m sure if I had enough blood in me I would be blushing right now.

“Snow, just go back to bed.”

He leans in even closer. His nose brushes mine.

“I want to know.”

I look into his eyes. (So blue). And then I glance down at his lips. (So close). And then maybe he tilts his head towards me, or maybe I tilt mine towards his, but I can feel his next words against my lips.

“Tell me.”

Maybe it’s a spell. I can’t tell. He’s right up against me and he smells like smoke and cinnamon buns and apples. I’m wrapped up in his scent, in him. My head is clouded with it, and I’m helpless. My mouth opens, brushing against his lips, breaths mingling.

“Maybe I was.” I whisper, my voice hoarse, “What are you going to do about it?”

And then he’s surging forward. And if there was any space left between us, there isn’t now. His hand comes up against my cheek, holding me to him (as if I would ever pull away). He’s tilting his chin, moving his mouth against mine. I feel his legs slide over mine and he’s on my bed, knees on either side of me. Kissing me. I’m kissing Simon Snow.

And then I’m moving. Wrapping my hands around his back. Pushing back against his mouth. Moving my hips up against his. Doing things I’ve only ever thought about doing. Things I’ve only ever dreamed about doing. Simon pulls back. He runs his hands through my hair.

“This, Baz. I’m going to do just this.”

My encounter with Gillian Anderson at the Sa-Yes benefit party

So meeting Gillian is technically a two parter because I spoke to her during the benefit QA and then again for the photos

Part one:

So they were only taking questions about Sa-Yes so I tried to come up with a question I could ask that could lead into me giving her the shirt.

For starters I came up with my shirt design during the school year and I did intend to ask her to sign/wear it (either or but she took it as both so I went along) and auction it off for one of her charities. So heyyo, why not ask if she could donate the funds to Sa-Yes.

Ok ok so I should note that I’m literally a foot from the stage, maybe 6 feet max from her the entire time. As soon as I raised my hand we made eye contact and I’m shocked that I didn’t pass out from that because DAMN that stare can pierce the soul.

I started off by asking if she ever considered doing a TED talk on the importance of charity work or feminism and she just pursed her lips and the crowd started laughing. She replied “honestly the thought of giving one makes me want to go to bed.”

After that I said “though I’m not old enough to be a part of the mentor ship program, I made this shirt that I was hoping you could sign or wear donate the funds to the charity.”

I handed it to her and she laughed and smiled. The shirt says WWGD (what would Gillian do) with a silhouette of her to the right of the lettering. After staring at it she goes “oh I should show you guys!” She shows the crowd and everyone sees and she did the same and then looked down at it again and smiled.

This is when I pull out the rest of the gift that I had put together with my friends. I told her we came out from all over the place and just wanted to give her a little something. I thanked her for being such an incredible inspiration for women.

She pulled out the Blanche doll my friend made and she was soooooo in love with it. I yelled “yeah my friend made that!!!” And turned to point at her.

Side note: I promised my group that if they were unable to speak I would be like a lil mama bear and handle the talking because I could talk forever and I’m just a slight extrovert lol.

She then asked if there was anything chewwy related, and sadly we didn’t have anything, but I said “I found a mask the day before I left where you can wear it and make chewwy noises!!”

She says something along the lines of “did you see the video that went viral??” Pauses, “yeah I have. Hasn’t everyone???”

She ended it by looking through the bag and thanking us, and finishing with a smile while saying “ok back to the charity!!”

Unfortunately I kind of opened up the doors to everyone sending there gifts forward. I didn’t intend for that to happen, but at least I gave her something that she could use to raise funds for the charity.


I wanna give a shout out to Zahra (lifecanbeso) for offering to split the photo fee with me and then standing there graciously while I blabbered endlessly with Gillian. You’re the real mvp and I owe you everything for it

So we are waiting behind a curtain to take photos with her in the theatre. After we were let in literally the first thing she yelled was “COME HERE IM GIVING HUGS”. Even in heels she was so tiny and I had to bend down and she threw her arms around my neck and I swear to god that was the softest jacket I has ever touched. She also smelled amazing???? Anyway

We pulled apart and I instantly apologize for handing her the gift bag on stage because so many other people did the same after me. I told her about the shirt design and how my friend who’s a director for marketing helped me with the design.

I said I was from Seattle and that I came with a bunch of other women from all over the place. I should note that she was smiling and laughing during all of this. She never broke eye contact and actually looked like she cared about what I had to say

I told her that my friend and I went up to Vancouver this summer on the one weekend they weren’t filming and she laughed and was like “oh nooooo!” I told her I included pictures of that adventure in the bag I gave.

Lolololol so of course we all discovered she’s now on tumblr so I said “we found out you were on tumblr and honestly you’ve opened Pandora’s box. Good luck. ”

Ok there’s probably more that was said but I got caught up in the moment and my memory is frozen.

However I do remember the last bit of our convo. I thanked her for being an amazing role model for women and how she’s such an inspiration for us. She was bashful and said thank you kind of shyly because Gillian literally cannot take a complement without looking down or smiling like a little kid.

I mentioned that I went into streetcar blind because I wanted the full effect during the show. Pretty sure I rambled about how she was bomb and I was completely blown away.

This is when she cupped my face and thanked me for my presence there tonight. Not to be that creep, but she has the softest hands.

We then took pictures and I asked if we could take a nice one and then one of us flipping off the camera and of course she was like “yeah let’s do it!!” I’m really glad I opted for flats because I still had to bend down to reach a height level closer to her but hey, the pictures are cute and I’m forever grateful for the experience.

So yeah, that’s my story. Overall, she was so bubbly and adorable during the entire benefit, and bless her soul for taking so many pictures with people. We were the last ones which is probably why we got to chat so long but AH pinch me I still feel like this entire night was a dream.

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We All Fall Down
When Uzumaki Naruto fell in the line of duty, the Konoha Police Department buried him with full honors. But now Sasuke’s left with an empty house, an empty bed—an empty life—and he doesn’t know how to cope. The truth is, for the first time in his life, Sasuke feels completely lost. Rated M,  Words: 13,046

Going To The Therapist
Naruto’s relationship with Sasuke has hit the bottom. In order to not lose his partner, he seeks the help of a sex therapist Kakashi. Will he be able to bring these two back together? Or will he fail? Rated M, Words: 15,839

The Divine Glitch
There are reasons why two people can’t be together. Separated by oceans, by wars, by family feuds. Try being the Angel of Death. Romeo and Juliet were lucky. Rated M,  Words: 38,842



please tell me im not the only one who thinks about this

I was also going to draw Genji with Blake, and Junkrat with Yang(he’s the only other one I know of who likes fire/explosions oops), but I don’t really know how to draw them yet. They’ll have to wait.

but hey here’s a thing!!?

So, I reached 300 followers! I decided on a whim to make one of these thinger-majigs, to just give a little shout out to some of those round here who’ve made my time on this blog so far an adventure. Names are in no particular order.


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The meaning of "Honestly, no.”

I’ve been mulling this over in my mind for a while now, been debating on whether to post or not, and then that tweet happened. The “Honestly, no.” tweet. 

It bothered me, too. It was like I was an accidental victim of an Ice Bucket challenge – heart stunned, chest achy and cold. A freakout in the Lizzington tag ensued and some of the comforting “Lizzington is NOT dead” posts have alluded to the point I’m about to make. 

With all signs pointing to yes, here we go. 

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is it okay to tag you in edits for your books?


Another comment, though– It is also okay to tag “not you ejl” or “go away inky” or whatever you want to do on your edits, fic, comments, theories, etc. I’m REALLY EXCITED that my books are growing a beautiful infant fandom, and I will dance and tell my mom and reblog you, but I will also back the heck off when you ask me to. 

I’m really pro the idea that one of the points of fandom is to have a place that’s *for* you all, and not for the creators. (Though in all spheres but this specific one, I am so in the “you all” part of this venn diagram). I get that it might be off-putting or scary to be like “the author of the thing might see this thing I wrote/made/thought.” 

So if anyone of you are people who wouldn’t be excited to see me reblog your fancast or your photoset or your speculations tagged with “aaa” “!!!!” or “grey you ornery dweeb!” – then label it “not you ejl” and it will not be for me. 

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Okay, so I went through about 50-something pages of your Homestuck tags and realized this: You had begun drawing out RMWT as fanart but then after awhile you ended up helping with the panels. Damn, how cool is that, becoming a fan then actually being able to help with the projects!? I guess I know the feeling because I got really exited when Raine had started talking with me. I ended up helping with some of her editing stuff for her fanfic (No Happily Ever Afters).

Thank you for going through my Homestuck tag and holy shit, you’re right, I have over 50 pages of HS stuff on my artblog. I hope you enjoyed going through them.

Yes, I did start out RMWT as a fellow reader and fanartist before being a panel artist and it’s HELLA AMAZING. senpai noticed me \;v;/ Thank you again to BR and Sgt for having me be a part of their fantastic story.

I totally get you. I nearly shit my pants when they started talking to me too. It was amazing