Love Story

Summary:  Your whole life you spent doing what is right and pleasing your parents, But one day you face one of the hardest decisions of your life. (MODERN ROYAL AU)
Words: 1173
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: Talks about domestic violence and fluffy.  This is a my entry to Caplan’s Song Fic Challenge ( @caplansteverogers ) Where the song of my choice was love story

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You take a deep breath putting on your mask; this is just another party with the same people as usual. You don’t understand the theme of the night, why do a masquerade ball? You are still able to recognize everyone, there is no need to a secret identity or to pretend to be someone else.

You knew these people since the day you were born, a few were friends of your mother if you can them that, most of them were business partners of your father and the others were distant relatives or worst the children of rich man that think that they are entitled to the world.

There was no charm or mystery. It was just rich people, getting together to complain about life and get drunk.

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“i’m coming back for you”.

your eyes widened, heart rate escalated. but all in all you nodded subtly, which made ivar nod back to you.

he rubbed his nose against yours, both of your eyes closing at the feel of the intimate gesture.

“i’m coming back back for you”.

then, they took him away.

you listened to him. everyday at noon you practically ran up to that tower, watching the sea for any signs of life.

your heart ached in waiting for him, but everyday that went by you grew stronger, mentally and physically.

your father and brother would check up on you from time to time, not really bothering to make conversation,.

and that was completely fine with you.

your father tried to reason, but you wanted to hear nothing of it.

you just wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible.

and after many weeks, almost a moth of waiting, you spotted something that made your heart leap to life.

boats, large boats sailing closer and closer.

it was him, he was here.

a large smile engulfed your lips the closer they got into view, you tried to spot him, but it wasn’t close enough.
you ran out of the room down the stairs, hoping to get outside before he arrived to the shore.

on your way down, something large gripped your wrist painfully.

it was your brother.

“(y/n), we have to go” he said, dragging you towards your room. even though you knew he was stronger than you, that didn’t stop you from fighting against him.

“no, aethelwulf. let me go!” you exclaimed, struggling to pull your wrist free. he sighed angrily when you wouldn’t stop.

“what is wrong with you!?”.

“YOU, aethelwulf! you and father is what’s wrong with me!. all my life you both have held me back from doing what i want.  but no more, i will stay here no longer”.

at your words, aethelwulf stopped dead in his tracks. he stared at you like you were vermin.

“tell me this is not because of that cripple?”.

you glared back at him and shook your head.

“don’t. call him-”.

“that’s what he is!, a disgusting cripple-”.

his words were cut off as you reered your fist back and hit him square in the jaw.

his grip faltered and you slipped your arm free.

he stumbled back and fell to the floor, holding his jaw, eyes wide with shock.

your fist was thumping, the knuckles split, little droplets of blood dripping on the cold floor.

“i am sorry, brother. but this is my choice”. and with those words, you left, leaving your brother alone with these words.

you ran down every corridor and staircase until you came face to face with the double doors that led outside.

just as you were about to open the doors, a voice stopped you.


you slowly turned and came face to face with your father.

you closed your eyes and placed your sweaty palms on the door infront of you.

“please, father. just go back to your room”.

“my love, where are you going?”.

you hated the tone he was using. it hurt you to hear it. he sounded so confused and withered.

“i am leaving father”. you finally found the courage to open your eyes. he was looking at you with a tilted head and a frown.

“ leaving?, where?”. he took a step forwards.

“to be with the man i love”.

the silence that surrounded you both.  ecbert stared at you with such a look that made anyone weak in the knees.

he then looked slightly angry and agitated, but his tone didn’t sound the way he looked.


you looked up at him and shook your head, not knowing what to say.

“which one of his sons?” he asked, his voice tight and low.


he nodded and slowly took in this new knowledge. he walked closer and closer. until he was face to face with you.

“you love him?”.

you nodded furiously, the hair around you flowing with every movement. ecbert slid his arm between you both.

he opened the door.


you stared at your father with wide eyes. you went to speak, but he shook his head.

“no words. i’m letting you go. so go”. you moved a hand up and ran it across his cheek. something you had never done before.

“thank you, father”.

then, you left. not giving your father or the castle one glance.

you grabbed a sword that lay abandoned by the doors and ran forwards. you had to find him, you had to.

“miss?”. you turned and seen one of the guards….the guard that had tried to touch you last fall.

you swung the sword forwards and sliced his torso open. you had been secretly training without your father or brother knowing.

you left the screaming man whom was clutching his open stomach, blood running all over and ran even faster.

many guards tried to stop you. but you got them before they got you.

everyone was screaming around you, trying to get to the carriages before the pagans got there.

up ahead, you could see large, brutal looking men covered in blood standing at the gates front entrance.

but the closer you got, you could see a chariot, carrying a very familiar face.

a smile broke out across your face.

but it was quickly wiped off your lips when two men grabbed you by the arms, making you drop your sword.

“let me go!” you shouted, fighting against them. but they were ten times larger than your brother.

you surprised them both when you kicked them in their legs. they dropped you out of reflex and failed to grab you as you ran away.

you ducked under arms that tried to grab you,. you had to get to him. when he seen you, his eyes lit up, his whole body relaxed.

he crawled down his chariot step and sat there, waiting for you. when two other men came from nowhere ivar raised his bow, he noched an arrow and shot one man in the neck, the other in the chest.

you slid between an open mans legs and jumped into ivars arms.

he held you tightly, his hot breath quick and harsh against your neck. you hadn’t realized how much you had missed him until now. he was right here, not a vision nor a dream. he was real.

“you’re here. you’re here” you panted against his skin, holding him close to your body.

ivar sighed out and squeezed you tighter.

“you didn’t come out right away. i thought something had happened”. you pulled back from his neck and stared into his eyes, placing a hand upon his cheek.

you heard the clashing of swords, smelled the strong oder of sweat, seen the splatter of blood, but you couldn’t have cared less. you were with ivar. and that’s all that mattered.

“you came for me” you mused inspected his face closer. you knew it was bad to think this way, but, somehow the blood on his skin made him look so disirable.

“i promised did i not?” he asked with a smirk. he moved up and gripped your neck ever so gently, thumbs tracing over your collar bones.

and as the screaming of men got louder around you both, ivar kissed you.

his mouth claimed yours like liquid gold. his tongue gently tracing over yours, his teeth nibbling on your lips.

his hands ran over your body, squeezing your hips, your hands in his hair. blood and carnage all around you, but you couldn’t have cared less.

you both pulled apart with a moan, eyes closed, mouths ajar.

“are you ready to go home?” ivar panted, licking the leftover blood from your neck. you moaned once more and leaned into him.

“yes. take me home”.

here ya go!! sorry it sucks! (three imagines in two days lol) i’ll hopefully do better next time <3

istehlurvz’s Kurobas Mad Max AU, more like yes darling take me here and now!

Because Kagami has got the feathers of Wez I wonder if Aomine got his bottomless bare ass pants lol lol. 


If you don’t know this post-apocalyptic cult classic movie from 1981 I suggest you go and watch it asap. I basically grew up with this and doodled my own Mad Max crossover aus when I was 15 back in 1990’s. It’s my fave movies EVERRRRR.