Why The Mainstream Fandoms Hate Me
  • Me:You know what, this fandom needs more Vore!
  • SNK Fandom:The gore is bad enough- we don't need Vore on top of this mess!
  • Me:No no, that's why, you see! So much blood and gore, so they all need a rest!
  • SNK Fandom:.........
  • Me:Hmm... Let's see... Armin swallowing Eren to keep him safe?
  • SNK Fandom:..... They were both eaten in canon...
  • Me:Yep! Though none of that stuff was done in a non-malicious, friendly manner, you see!
  • SNK Fandom:?????
  • Me:*writes vats of Eren/Armin Vore fluff*
  • SNK Fandom:......
  • Me:Let's see... Ah! *points to Levi* He'd make a fine pred! But for who...? *gestures towards Isabel and Farlan* Aha?
  • ACWNR/SNK Fandom:Okay those two both died by being eaten. Can you not-
  • Me:No nooooo! You're missing the point! That's exactly why! If they'd been swallowed down with the help of some weird experiment of Hanji's to keep them from digesting, then they might've been able to survive all that!
  • ACWNR/SNK Fandom:........ Please don't.
  • Me:*Writes a ton of platonic Levi/Isabel Vore*
  • SNK/ACWNR Fandom:STOP-
  • Me:*Writes Isabel/Farlan Vore*
  • Me:*Writes light-romantic Armin/Isabel Vore*
  • Me:*Continues to write the same stuff at least twenty times before becoming satisfied*
  • Me:*Goes back and writes it all over again with different twists*
  • Me:*stares at the burning fandom* I did a good job!
Mmm my beer tastes so much better when I feel like I'm in a fossilized whale. With babies.


in Château St. Germain, Gruyères, Switzerland 

The interior of the otherworldly environment that is the H.R. Giger Museum 
Bar is a cavernous, skeletal structure covered by double arches of vertebrae 
that crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle. The sensation of being in this extraordinary setting recalls the tale of Jonah and the whale, lending the feel of being literally in the belly of a fossilized, prehistoric beast, or that 
you have been transported into the remains of a mutated future civilization. ”



Amazing. Definitely going here someday… hopefully! No joke, even the dead baby walls have their charm heh heh


11pm cheesin'

And now I have to get to work. Spent all my time answering that one ask, whoops.

Other anon- I will answer you later. I actually have a pile of headcanon asks I’ve left sitting in my inbox that I have to eventually get to, as well. Ahahaha. I’m sorry, I just haven’t had the time or energy to spare for these things. I’ll get to them, it might just take me a while longer.

The smut I’m working on… *sighs* I’ll try to finish today. I’m going really slow. My brain is still trying to figure out how to work properly, also I have to actually work which interferes with my recovery after that trip. I honestly just want to sleep all the time right now.

breakfast in bed

He brings you breakfast in bed and you can’t wonder if there’s something up. You don’t doubt Seijuurou’s intentions are nothing but good but he’s far too practical to do something that could end up messy and with an unnecessary amount of laundry to be done.

Yet, here he is, tray in hand and with his eyes fond. 

“What’s the occasion?”
“Oh, nothing. I just figured you looked so comfortable, it’d be a crime to make you get up.”

You blink in astonishment.
“You’re spoiling me here.”
Seijuurou smiles.
“I might be, yes.”

It takes a second for your embarrassed smile to grow into an impish one.
“Feed me toast?”
“Maybe if you ask nicely?”

Omg thank you. You’re the one that spoils me XD. Anyways thank you so so much for this cuteness!!! Legit words can’t express my happiness rn. ily<3


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Nord, Woman, nearly 6 feet tall, red/orange hair. I love reading and singing, (or playing flute, lute or lyre). My ideal date would be at a quiet inn, with a bard singing in the background just loud enough to hear but quiet enough to talk to you.

[ x ] ;status :: accepting

“I like the sound of such a dinner.”

He smiled.

“If you are ever interested in a friendship, I am more than willing to participate. After that we may see about courting.”

someone marry me already and take me the hell away from here and yes it’s wrong to equate marriage with freedom and it’s all the wrong reasons to be “in love” but I can’t stand it here it’s overwhelming having someone just suffocate you all the time

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do u remember my ask about my crocheting cute sinatra best friend? shes sending me excited messages about how much she loves how the sunlight reflects off each individual leaf in a tree and how much she loves leaves and real grass with weeds. ive Literally never been this in love in my Entire life. tumblr user chessys, i am dying here

yes!!!!!!!!!! i love this so much ur taking me down with u this is true best friend appreciation i hope with all my heart that she appreciates how cute u are tbh

Children shrieked and romped around Loralai’s hooves as she carefully made her way through the streets of Shattrath, one hand holding up her robes just enough to avoid stumbling over them. She smiled down at the youngsters, quietly envying them for the freedom and carelessness she had been denied.

“Church mouse.”

Loralai paused, turning her head. A young woman stood leaning against the wall of one of the shops, puffing away at a cigarette. The first thing Loralai noticed was her attire: provocative was too tame of a word. The long dress the woman wore clung to her figure tightly, and the neckline plunged low enough to cause Loralai to do a double-take.


“Yes. Come here.”

Loralai hesitated, but stepped towards the woman cautiously. She then noticed the woman’s face was heavily painted. Her lips were a midnight blue, and her lashes had been lengthened and curled to near ridiculousness. Dark rouge colored her cheeks. Her ebony hair was pulled into a messy bunch on top of her head, contrasting starkly against her ivory skin.

“You walk through here a lot.”

“I pray at the hall just down the street…”

“Oh? Adorable. An adorable little church mouse.”

Loralai said nothing to that. She glanced down. One of the woman’s legs was poking through a slit in her dress. Her ankle was decorated in bell-laden golden bracelets that jingled with the occasional twitch of her hoof. The woman exhaled a plume of sweet-smelling smoke, smirking as Loralai looked her over.

“See something you like, dear?”

Loralai’s cheeks flushed and she quickly snapped her gaze back to the woman’s face.

“I am just teasing you. I guess you have never seen a “lady of the evening” before…”

“A…lady of the evening?”

“Yes, dear. That is the nice way to call it.”

Loralai pulled her hood down, glancing about to be sure no one was listening or watching.

“I am not trying to be rude, but you should not dress that way in public… Men will look at you…”

The woman laughed, her voice almost like the ringing of the bells around her ankles.

“You are too adorable, church mouse. Did your mother tell you that?”

Loralai nodded, and the woman only laughed harder, flicking the ashes from her cigarette into the street.

“I thought as much. Some of us want men to look, though. Otherwise, we would not make a living!”

The woman took one last drag of her cigarette before tossing it down and stomping it with her hoof.

“What is your name, dear?”


“Loralai? Beautiful. Almost too beautiful for a little church mouse. I am Betela.”

Loralai bowed slightly. She found herself intrigued by this mysterious woman, although she knew she should have been repulsed by her.

“You should be getting home to your mother, dear. My next appointment is due any minute.”

Loralai turned, beginning to walk away.

“Oh, and do come back tomorrow, pretty please?”

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// Okay here's something positive. Date night. Noah forcing Satan to go out with him and kissing him in public so everyone can see that that guy? That grumpy handsome fucker? Yeah, he belongs to him. Everyone else can go home.

That is so freaking cute I might cry forever. Satan would be all like ‘Noah, no, I don’t like going out. It’s stupid and dumb and– Literally if that guy looks at you again I will snatch out his eyeballs and shove it wear the sun don’t shine’,. And romance, the end.

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Yes I usually have him take pixxx of me to post on here and we both like looking at both guys and girls.

That’s so awesome! Well I’m definitely a fan of your pics! Have you seen a lot of co?