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endless list of games i love » tomb raider (2013) [2/?]

>Lifts tiny noodle of a little brother up with a single arm because this suit is totally awesome

Tadashi’s suit got another upgrade, just because I decided having certain parts of his body exposed sorta took away from the whole ‘being a tank that can protect his tiny little brother from all harm’ aspect. So now he’s better armored, with a bit more plates here and there (a bit thicker around the legs too to make sure his leg braces stay protected), and he also has a Baymax communications/scanning device built into his helmet. Now Baymax can chime in with helpful info that Tadashi can relay to Hiro or whoever else, while keeping monitors on everyone’s health.

His suit also has more medical devices built in, like being able to apply antiseptic spray from the tip of his fingers (which Baymax will happily suggest from his helmet at times)

Bonus backview + flight test/boot thruster sketch from my twitter because why not:

you know what tumblr fandoms should consider more?


there needs to be more lesbians 


Arriving 2014

Love and Evasive Action - Part Eighteen

Hi. Greetings. Hello. Take a seat. This is an AU fanfiction.

I am now off to update my fanfic page, where in about ten minutes you will be able to find the other parts of this story.

Many thank yous to hartbigguyz who is currently betaing every story in the fandom, including this one, because she is a wonder puppy.

Thank you for reading :)

Right, lets get into this.

Chapter Eighteen

It’s a difficult few weeks, for Grace.

She’s not gay. She has performed a significant mental review, and has established that the notion of female anatomy does nothing for her. Like a dedicated student, she has reviewed the data, and drawn a sensible conclusion, underlining it several times in her head.

This does nothing to stop the nightly routine of getting herself off whilst thinking of Hannah, but nevertheless, this does not mean that she is gay. Or into Hannah, or whatever. This is instead merely a symptom of loneliness, and a fear of the future, and whatever nonsense Mamrie has polluted her head with.

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I was hoping that agent you were scoping out would have some tech we could use.

Today I learned that cosplay is even more fun in gif form. Though it also helps to be in the actual location where the entry was filmed.

beauty & her beast

i. you fall in love with a girl
who is made of art and fairytales
and spirals of watercolors
in shades of rose petals

she is beautiful, and she is sad
she wears smiles like crowns
you wish she would breathe easier
(you wish you could breathe easier
around her)

ii. you are standing in a forest
waiting for the truth in stars
and chasing moonlight
your reflection in the river is twisted
a monster looks you in the eyes

the moon is full and empty tonight
as silver as your fur
wolves aren’t made for loving
(and who could ever learn
to love a beast?)

iii. you fall in love with a girl
who makes you feel human
her life is a masquerade ball
and you are made of masks

she sings laughter into your skin
the night sky fades
and the tides pull away from shore
drowning you in freedom

iv. you are standing on two feet
color fills your world
there are wolves in this forest
there is truth in these stars

v. you are in love with a girl
who carries poetry in her smiles
the sun sinks over the forest
she is in love with a wolf

— M.J.


Artie Abrams + his parents

Jingle Ball Suit

I thought it would be pretty cool to do another follow forever since I haven’t really made another one in about a year. I’ve seen heaps of these on my dash and I thought it would be a good idea to do one to appreciate all the cool people who I have made friends with and the really great people who I follow! 

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