• Someone:"Tchaikovsky, cannons are not instruments."
  • Tchaikovsky probably:"Yes they are and I'm going to use 21 of them."
  • Someone:"Tchaikovsky no."
  • Tchaikovsky:"Tchaikovsky yes."

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hi! what's emmerdale and should i watch and i am confused. is it a soap opera?

Hiya love!

Yep, Emmerdale is a British soap and I definitely think you should watch it! Obviously with it being a soap its impossible to catch up on everything seeing as it has been going on for yeeeaaars and its on every day of the week.

As you’ve probably noticed I reblog a lot of two guys, Aaron and Robert (AKA Robron) and you can find their storyline in quite a lot of places that I would 100% recommend watching. The lovely stulot has uploaded (half) monthly long videos of all Robron scenes on Dailymotion which is a perfect places to start and would be super easy to catch up with. You can also find storylines of other characters on YouTube if you want to get an even better background of the show in recent years like the Coira (Cain and Moira) storyline or the Barton boys storyline. 

It can seem daunting, but I promise you do pick it up as you go along. I started watching the show blind too and I know a large majority of this fanbase did too, so you’ll be fine I promise :))

I definitely think you should watch it, if not all of it then at least the Robron storyline because THEY ARE ONE OF THE GREATEST COUPLES ON TV RIGHT NOW. It is anything but your typical gay couple storyline, there’s so much drama and angst (and I mean so much, please prepare yourself for pain). The chemistry between the actors is just, ugh the show really struck gold with them, you can’t force that kind of chemistry, its got to happen naturally. If you’re into heartbreaking but beautiful and life-overtaking ships robron is definitely for you!

Added bonus: the tumblr Robron/Emmerdale fandom is one of the greatest fandoms and every single person would welcome you with open arms because everyone is so damn lovely (ironic for a ship with so much pain really ;D) 

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wILL YOU GUYSSS EVER COME TO GERMANY? Probably not, there are only a few elevens here I think ;3; but I'd probably die

yes, and possibly sooner than you’d imagine..

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Andrew Hussie said on twitter that he asked the user to delete it.

Yes. That’s probably because legally it wasn’t supposed to be public.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t true, however, and if anything the fact that it was deleted is a testament to it’s veracity.

I however am held by no legal agreements not to continue to trash TOG at any possible opportunity, and will continue to do so until Andrew Hussie tells his fans to do otherwise, which he has specifically not done.

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i identify as pansexual because i always thought love is supposed to go by the person not gender, but recently I've realized usually i don't feel attracted to anyone in a way other then romantic. i like the kissing and cuddling side of dating but sex is ew yet sometimes its not gross?? my friend said i might be a panromantic grey ace but i thought everyone felt like i did and it was normal to not always like sex? idk orientation is so confusing *sigh*

Your friend is on to something! You only feel romantic attraction, so I’d actually say you’re probably plain ol’ asexual, not gray-ace. Not all asexuals find sex repulsive or don’t want to have sex ever. Your attitude towards sex doesn’t necessarily define your sexuality; the fact that you don’t feel sexual attraction does, and it says “asexual,” I think. And yes, panromantic would probably be the term to pair with that. 

It’s okay to realize that you don’t feel exactly the same thing “everyone” does. We all experience our sexuality and romantic orientations in a different way, even people who have the same exact orientations. 



I sort of intermittently shipped Nitou & Rinko during Wizard but watching Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle, I definitely like the idea that they’re still running around together after the show even without the others around. Lord knows he needs someone smarter than him to keep his doofy ass out of trouble.

(Also, was he always this sexy? I mean the answer is probably “yes” but I guess it’s just that he didn’t have time to get quite as doofy as usual in this movie.)

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I just don't want them to lose their spirit. Yes this was their year to win a title, but things happen for a reason. We have lost 2 finals, maybe a third time is a charm, and they can claim their glory. Yes their spirits are probably at a all time low right now, but as fans we need to support them through thick and thin. I just hope they don't fully lose hope in the NT for WC qualifiers and upcoming tournaments.

tbh what masche said sounded really hopeless to me and that broke my heart all over again… i think we should give the players and the fans some time to be sad to be angry to FEEL something, because this did hurt like hell. i can’t speak for anyone but don’t worry I haven’t given up on them yet! bc like leo, Argentina was my first love :) and i never for one second thought this team would stop fighting!

i’m sure this concept has been done to death but au where the weapon/meister statuses of everyone are reversed this seems very simple on paper but here’s some stuff to think about

  • soul’s weapon status was what allowed him to leave his family and come to dwma, so where would he be without that? how would he and maka meet if not as potential weapon/meister partners?
  • coming from a family famed for its unique abilities as weapons, what would it be like for tsubaki to have not been born one? would her brother have then received the abilities that she had? what does that mean for the enchanted sword arc, if it were to happen at all?
  • given that black☆star would likely be a self-wielded weapon (like justin law or giriko) because of his need to tackle opponents head on, would tsubaki and maka end up as partners initially? probably yes. black☆star is their over-enthusiastic third wheel 

(i’m excluding troika from this b/c liz and patty’s weapon abilities were essential to their survival on the streets + kid is a shinigami and thus unable to be a weapon anyway) 


gif request meme: westwallys asked sense8 + favourite episode/season
season one: “you are no longer just you… you have seven other selves now.”


im new to this fandom i rly want to know has this joke been made yet like literally every time toudou does his pointing thing this is all i see

I know everyone is making jokes about Sharkface’s first name, but let’s be real, no one in this show has a cool name. 

We have a dude named Richard Simmons and his space husband’s name is Dexter

There’s a dude named Colonel Sarge. His first name and last name are both Sarge. 

You got two Frank’s, and one is Franklin Delano. Seriously? Leonard? Lavernius? You’d think Michael would be safe, but RT is full of like a dozen Michaels so it’s just a big joke, AND his middle name is Jesus, to rhyme with his last name.

Even Allison might not be so bad, except the big history with Leonard and her nickname starting literally the dorkiest code naming system in any military operation ever. Speaking of which, good on naming your kid after a dang state guys. And Felix and Reginald, come on man. Friggin Antoine. David doesn’t even think of himself as David anymore. 

At this point Emily and Katie are the only safe ones