Seung Ho reminisces about MBLAQ's past days + plans after the army |
In a recent interview for his current musical 'Love Rides The Rain', MBLAQ's Seung Ho reminisced abo…

“I can’t ever forget the days I promoted with MBLAQ. I realize why high-up sunbaes crave the stage. Back when we were going around doing concerts, events, broadcasts, and such, we didn’t have time to be thankful for it and have fun with it. But after resting a while, I wanted to stand on a stage so badly. I don’t feel any differently now. Even if I start a career in acting, I want to keep making music with the MBLAQ friends. It’s something we have to keep doing. Even if we lost two members, we want to continue showing fans the MBLAQ that they love.”

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Headcanons for dragon slayers + gray cuddling with their s/o please? <3

yes yes ofc anon, i love all cuddling headcanons

Natsu Dragneel:

  • warmest cuddles, like seriously, his a fire mage so they’re so warm and comforting
  • always big spoon, no questions asked
  • loves it when you play with his hands

Gajeel Redfox:

  • loves to cuddle, but always denies it gajeel smh
  • also always the big spoon, he won’t let you be the big spoon bc your so smol compared to him
  • loves when you play with his hair

Wendy Marvell:

  • doesn’t really cuddle much, but really treasures it when you both cuddle
  • doesn’t mind whether you’re the big spoon or smol spoon
  • loves it when you both hold hands while cuddling

Laxus Dreyar:

  • really loves cuddling with you, and only admits to it once, he never admits it again
  • big spoon, have you seen his muscles?
  • usually give you small kisses while you talk to him, and yes, he is listening

Sting Eucliffe:

  • loves cuddling all the damn time, don’t be surprised if boy literally jumps on you just for cuddles
  • doesn’t care whether you’re big spoon or he is
  • plays with your hair while cuddling, or plays with your hands

Rouge Cheney:

  • cuddles you every morning and every night bc he needs to okay, dont even ask questions about it
  • doesn’t mind if you’re big spoon or lil spoon; though he prefers him being the big spoon more
  • loves it when you touch his hair or face when facing him


  • only cuddles if you want to since he really isn’t a fan of it, sometimes
  • will only be big spoon, if he’s not big spoon he won’t cuddle
  • loves it when you fall asleep in his arms, he doesn’t really have a reason way; he just loves it

Gray Fullbustser:

  • all cuddles must have you facing away from him bc he doesn’t want you to see his red face
  • only prefers big spoon bc it’s like he’s protecting you
  • loves when you tell him about your day and really anything else

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Good morning~ I only wanted to thank you for the baby-dazai-and-adoptive-parent-chuu-chuu post (I never wanted to adopt a child so much before, thx). You are a great artist and I love your work.♡ Have a great week! (^0^)/♡♡♡

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