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i wrote a thing! 

ft. trans finn and Sexy Times™

ok so i just got back from watching sausage party with @blu-bee and it was good! i didn’t really get offended by most of the jokes  but the stereotypes were pretty awful. the part that had me laughing the most was of course the orgy scene. the violence before the orgy was a lil uh,,,,,, much. yes, lots of cussing, innuendos, and just weirdness. some scenes did shock me but i won’t spoil much.

now, let me talk about the villian of this movie. douche. 

I FUCKING HATED DOUCHE. god he was awful and he went around drinking the products, one of them through their crotch and another smashing him open and drinking from the head. and he controls a human BY SHOVING HIMSELF UP HIS ASS AND CONTROLLING THEM BY THEIR BALLS. RATED R RATATOUILLE BASICALLY.

 I. HATE. DOUCHE. steroid-addicted-raping-motherfucker. fuck douche.

one character i loved that i knew i would: firewater. he was joyous and funny. bless him. 

the arguing between sammy and lavash was annoying but eh, it got resolved at the end. if you uh, know what i mean. (disgusting)

ANYWAYS, i wouldn’t see this in theaters again. but, maybe i’ll get the dvd when it comes out. go see the movie if you aren’t easily offended.