Otayuri Week
Four Feb 22: Future~

with time i just come to love you more you are my muse my love my favorite playlist and you are truly timeless to me ♡ ill continue to love and support you for the rest of my life 

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Bucky Barnes in Civil War

was supposed to send this to you yesterday but I was like hnggg its too simple but I went fuck it

im rlly enjoying Hlex a whoooole lot ! thank u for that precious lil bean 💕

i love drawing ame she’s so chill, she makes me chill 


burning crown

what a cute little sweetums, little dorito queen, peridot ver. 2 , excited mtn dew with a nerf gun awwwwwwwwww


Root + Shaw existing

     Vladimir’s favorite tea is a spiced chai blend from Ionia. Dmitri used to hoard tins of it and then eventually made his own blend. But Vladimir will drink mostly anything, but if he decides the tea is low quality, he’ll dump loads of sugar and milk into it and watch the host wrinkle their nose in disgust. 

Jimin: I saw everyone become very flustered after seeing themselves, (referring to v, rapmon and suga crossdressing) but I think I would be pretty as a girl. Once, at a school festival, I wore a traditional girl’s dress and won first place. But that doesn’t mean I want to dress up as a girl. Really. 

…you sure about that Park Jimin?