my brother accidentally said “you can’t break some eggs without making an omelette” and i laughed bc i just imagine this guy trying to bake a cake or something and he tries to add an egg but after he cracks it a pre-cooked omelette just slides out and he’s just like “nOT AGAIN”

does anyone understand how much i’m gonna gloat when we get winds and jaime x brienne becomes canon

Men write the history books, the laws, legislation over my body, control just about every aspect of my life, so no, there doesn’t need to be a ‘Men’s Studies’ major and no, I’m not being sexist, you’re being an idiot

let me tell you something

what it pisses me off is that selena’s friends are tweeting about how justin should’ve treated selena “like a real man” and that she’s so “strong” whatever. they’re making selena look like a victim, wtf? yall are adults right? ACT LIKE AN ADULT THEN.

they are so idiots because while you are “making justin look bad” he’s on his own life and he has NEVER TWEETED ANYTHING ABOUT SELENA. he’s 18 but he acts more mature than you. 

Why do people keep taking Prince Albert and Queen Victoria out of their time period and judging there behavior in terms of their marriage by modern standards…..

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Perhaps there was a saying like that

Perhaps there was a saying like that
*Mikisugi->(<-)Ryuko-><-Sanageyama, kinda

Mako: Ryuko-chan~

Mako: Congraaaaats omg you’re sooooo pretty~
Ryuko: Thanks Mako, you don’t have to cry like that…

Gamagori: She’s right. It’s Matoi’s wedding day, you should send her off with a smile.
Mako: Uuuuu…ok…

Sanageyama: Hey hey Gama-san, from now on she’s also a Sanageyama, you know?

Gamagori: Yes, that is true.
Ryuko: Idiot, stop saying embarrassing stuff like that!
Sanageyama: Ah? Embarrassing? But, we are man and wife.
Ryuko: See?! It’s lines like that-!
Jakuzure: Ooh~ are the newlyweds at each other’s throats already?

Satsuki: Congratulations, Ryuko. You look very beautiful.
Ryuko: Aw, hearing that from you makes me blush…
Jakuzure: Well of course you’re beautiful, you’re Satsuki-chan’s little sister, you look like her
Ryuko: I’ll take that as a compliment

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As this episode wrapped on Twitter, I saw the usually intelligent Laurie Penny with an immediate reaction complaining that it was sexist that the Doctor didn’t consider taking the elderly Clara on the TARDIS, saying “Same reason he couldn’t take Old Amy. Only young hot chicks allowed.”

I really wish feminist critics of Moffat’s writing would stop being so completely idiotic. Yes, let’s give our lead actress a several hour makeup job in the future. And take a companion too infirm to open a Christmas cracker. This is a perfectly reasonable expectation and thus something that makes a sensible objection when it doesn’t happen. And never mind the fact that the episode includes the absolutely lovely scene of the Doctor being completely unable to tell she’s aged. For god’s sake.

Have we really not progressed past the third year undergraduate realization that you can make a feminist critique of any text and to the useful and mature realization that this means that picking sensible and useful targets is important? Clearly not. Instead we’ve just declared Moffat an authorized punching bag against whom one should always raise a feminist critique with no regard for whether or not it’s a particularly good one. Ugh.

—  Philip Sandifer, in his review of Doctor Who’s “Last Christmas”

I cant stop watching it hahahhahaha

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No sleep. Have an appointment soon. When did Tumblr start putting ads on my board? They have enough on my dash. It’s distracting and unnecessary. I get enough of that on Facebook.🙄 Is there any website that is ad-free for free anymore? 😠 At least don’t have them everywhere! Oh, the tangerine on stage last night is an embarrassment to human beings.😡

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  物語 ┆        ❝Do the two of you have to be obscenely loud so early in the morning?❞ Shion asked without a hint of complaining in their tone. Once again Van and Yamato were at each other’s throats again for one reason or another.

    ❝STAY OUT OF THIS SHI-CHAN/SHION!❞ both had said in unison. Shion just rubbed their temple in annoyance. This wasn’t out of the normal it happened at least two to three times during the week. When was their leader going to get here? The argument was getting ridiulous.

   Nagi instantly bounded over to the practice room door once it opened. ❝Can you get the two idiots to stop!❞ was he complaining or whining? Probably yes on both parts.