Time is a ribbon with many folds. 
Formed from our past together 
and our future yet to come.

But next time, it’s your turn to ask me to marry you.

I will. As soon as I can, I will. 

new ship : @m-arci-a and a decent amount of sleep


guess who still has Kuga x Nayuki feelings


talking about the children

piglet-schmiglet  asked:

Do you have any headcanons for Hinata x Inuoka? (idk the ship name :P )


  • inuoka almost can’t believe how incapable of long-term saltiness hinata is like??? he was totally not expecting sunshine child to approach him after their match and say that all his spikes were blocked bc “INUOKA’S SO AWESOME!!”
  • so like hinata is describing this thing that happened to him in his peculiar “GWAAAAH!!” way and inuoka’s like “IKR?!” and hinata is appalled bc HE UNDERSTANDS
  • ever since then hinata’s always seeking him out to talk to him bc it’s just so hard to find that one person who simply… gets you
  • and it’s also rly, rly awesome to have someone who completely understands how passionate you are abt volleyball and is just as passionate
  • inuoka helping hinata w/ his receives??? like everyone else has failed, but somehow inuoka convinced hinata that receiving is gREAT instead of boring and gradually, hinata felt that the feeling after being able to pull off a perfect receive is beginning to feel as fulfilling as the feeling after hitting a spike
  • in inuoka’s eyes (and heart), hinata is mvp
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