Ok guys enough with this Cursed Child-hate

I am one of the fortunate few who have been able to see Cursed Child during previews, and as a person who herself was slightly panicked whilst reading spoilers (yes, I read them all, I need to mentally prepare myself for a thing as big as Harry Potter eight before I see it, deal with it) I found myself thoroughly enjoying the play.

No, it’s not perfect, the plot has its weaknesses, just like it was in the books. I know that for many of us - myself included- Harry Potter is a second home. Something we worship and value as an important part of our life. And of course when someone tweaks and fiddles with something we hold dear, we’ll react. But to make up your mind regarding a close to 6-hour play based on a comment you read on Tumblr/Reddit just won’t do.

The Cursed Child is visually a phenomenon. I’m still trying to figure out how they did the magic I saw enfold on stage. The actors ARE Hermione, Harry, Ron and the rest. They embody them and give us further insight into these characters that we love and that some of us grew up with. Sam Clemmet and Anthony Boyle (Albus and Scorpius respectively) make you fall in love with the next gen in a way that I never thought possible. The music tears your heart out and fits perfectly with the tears running down your cheeks and the goosebumps on your arms.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a play that had me laughing, crying (yes), gasping and going how-the-hell-did-they-do-that through all four parts. It had me smile nostalgically to my fellow Harry Potter-friends sitting beside me, and made me fall in love with Harry Potter even more (didn’t know it was possible) as the boy who lived once more gave me a new outlook on life. New lessons to carry with me. New magic.

Instead of complaining that we don’t like the new material J.K gives us we should be grateful that she keeps it up. Keeps inventing and exploring the world we all love. Keeps giving us new characters to love and to write about. Keeps loving this world as much as we do.

Okay so uh… This post is going to seem really random at first, and it probably won’t really seem to matter all that much to some but it’s something that really does matter to me and i want to make a post about it. So yeah I’ve spent the last night and this morning writing all of this out under a read more and I hope that everyone here sees it and that those that i tagged get notified so that way I won’t have to worry about it as much.

Anyways, a year ago today I had made my Satoshi RP blog and returned to Tumblr ever since I had to leave again from my Wally blog because of college. And even though that was the more responsible thing to do, I really did miss role-playing and some of the friends I had made so far. So when I came back, I was really happy and it brought me to this day a year later, July 7th, in which I have had a lot of things happen since then.

I want to just take a moment here and say some things to all of the friends i have made, or just give a nice shout-out to them because it’s been such a nice year and this time I didn’t end up fully leaving off the face of the Earth. This will probably get really gay/sappy but I don’t really care. It’s just something I want to post and let people know how much I care about them.

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IT’S TIME FOR SOME META WITH STEPH !   after thinking about the way the episode ended last night   &   the sneak peak from next week’s episode,  i’ve come to the conclusion that emma’s anger   &   upset with audrey is an expected   &   overdue reaction   —————   i think we’re finally seeing emma snap.  but physical violence is never justifiable   &   i’m going to need scream to rectify that by the end of the episode,  because i think it could have been handled a bit better.

emma duval is a sixteen year old girl desperately struggling to retain a sense of normalcy in her life.  she suffers from ptsd.  she suffers from hallucinations.  she suffers from crippling anxiety.  there are times when she has to sit back   &   ask herself   :   real or not real ?  her world is completely spun on its axis   —————   she is mentally ill,  damaged,  broken   &   trying so hard to keep herself together.  not just for herself,  but for her friends that need her   /   for her mom that just wants her to be okay.  she’s at the very end of her rope.  she’s been sitting on edge since her return from treatment   (   which i still speculate was a little too soon,  though that’s beside the point   )   &   she’s finally reached her breaking point.  she’s finally reached the edge   &   cracked.  

audrey   &   emma have history.  though we’ve never found out exactly what happened between them,  when emma essentially ghosted her   &   found her friend group in nina   /   brooke   /   riley   /   will   /   jake,  we know that emma   &   audrey were close.  close enough that audrey knew about emma’s dad,  knew of him   &   even had memories of him.  close enough that audrey is the one emma calls when he returns,  something that she isn’t ready to tell anyone else.  close enough that emma genuinely relies on audrey for a sense of emotional support   &   solid ground.  close enough that at one point   —————   i genuinely believe they still are,  under all of the emotional baggage they have to sort through   —————   they considered each other best friends.  i’d care to wager that audrey knows emma almost as well as emma knows herself,  if not better at times.  i’d care to wager that audrey has seen emma at her worst,  at her lowest.  that she knows things emma has yet to reveal to anyone else,  simply because they were best friends for so long.   (   consider it this way   :   emma’s dad left when she was young.  we can speculate that emma   &   audrey basically grew up together.  that’s a long time to be someone’s friend.   )   so audrey is… in a sense,  on a different level to emma.  their dynamic is different,  their relationship is different.  emma holds audrey to a different standard   &   in a way,  places her on a pedestal.  the higher she goes,  the harder she’ll fall.

she just found out that this girl whom she holds so near   &   dear brought piper to lakewood.  she just found out that audrey lied to her for months,  that audrey stood idly by   &   watched their friends be murdered without breathing a single word.  she just found out that audrey waited months to tell her   &   at the end of it all,  it didn’t even come from audrey’s mouth directly to her.  she feels betrayed.  she feels lied to.  she feels hurt.  audrey is one of the few people that could pull such a dramatic   &   hair trigger reaction out of emma.  it’s a sign of how much she cares   &   how truly important audrey has been to her for such a large portion of her life.  this is emma duval,  after months of emotional anguish   &   torture,  snapping.  this is emma duval reaching her breaking point. i don’t believe it’s necessarily out of character for her to be angry   —————   i think it’s a long overdue release of pent up emotions   &   frustrations that happened to be triggered by the revelation that her best friend was lying to her for months.  emma isn’t perfect   :   she’s not a saint.  she’s a sixteen year old girl that has been through more than someone should ever have to go through in their entire life.  she has stared death in the face   &   walked out the other side.  no one goes through that   &   ends up perfectly okay.  she is not okay.  

i’m not proud of nor am i cool with emma getting physical   —————   she has never been physical   (   save for a grossly provoked attack on haley after she witnessed jake’s dead body fall to the floor   &   her friend covered in his blood   )   before.  i’m worried that they’re portraying this violence from her solely because of emma’s ptsd   :   that’s an incredibly ableist approach that would turn my stomach.  i want to see the scene in context   &   how she ultimately deals with the aftermath,  which i hope is emma apologizing to audrey profusely for her physical reaction.  i don’t want emma apologizing for her anger   —————   i really don’t want emma apologizing for feeling anything given that there’s an underlying sense of ‘ what emma is feeling is untrue   /   not valid ’  this season   —————   but i do want emma apologizing for her physical reaction.  that’s in character   :   an apology by the end of the episode would be right up emma’s alley   &   something i do thoroughly expect after she inevitably   (   hopefully   )   gives audrey a chance to explain,  which is something her immediate knee-jerk reaction didn’t allow.  i don’t think physical violence is ever justifiable   —————   but i understand the anger behind it.  physical violence ?  not okay.  absolutely not okay under any circumstances.  being incredibly hurt   &   angry that your best friend lied to you for months ?  warranted   &   expected.  especially with how important audrey is to her   &   how she didn’t even hear it from audrey directly.  it all hits a bit harder for emma when audrey is involved   —————   it always has

tl ; dr   :   physical violence is never the answer.  but the whole  ‘ if emma touches audrey again i’ll slit her throat   &   shit down her neck ’  response i’ve seen in the tags makes me uncomfortable considering emma duval is a mentally ill 16 year old girl that’s already been unfairly villainized by her peers   &   now by the narrative itself. i’m okay with emma being angry   —————   she has earned the right to own her emotions   &   her anger is warranted.  i’m not really chill with the potential  ‘ she’s only doing this because she’s crazy ’  narrative that could follow her outburst.  as of right now,  i think i’ll own her actions   &   cement my final opinions after the actual episode.  she’ll be my newly problematic daughter that i love so much but hold accountable for her shitty actions.  but depending on how the followup is dealt with,  i may be altering my portrayal of the events to something i believe is more true to emma’s character   &   not something done for shock value.

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Dear Future Wife...#604

I’m no stranger to cheesy romanticism. I mean, read this thing. This is me.

And yes, I’ve always been hopeful. Even in my darkest times, if it was quiet and I was looking out of my window, or up at the stars, the sounds of the night quietly soothing me…I’d send two things out into the universe. A wish for us to finally find each other. And a clear and frustrated “Where are you?!” I can’t tell you how many plane windows I’ve looked out of and pondered this question. I can’t tell you how many sunsets I watched missing you by my side.

I don’t have the feeling of needing to escape anymore. I don’t want to wander aimlessly in pursuit of “freedom.” I don’t need to rationalize my fears and settle for going at it alone. I’m not lost. I’m not wandering.

I’m home. You’re my home. And it doesn’t matter if I’m halfway across the world. It doesn’t matter that I can’t touch you no matter how hard I try to reach you through the iPad screen. When I think about us in any context….I’m home.

I want infinite moments of just sitting quietly together. I want to stare at you until you notice and ask me “why are you looking at me like that?” I want to fall asleep together. I want to wake up to your bed head. I want to be at the end of that aisle smiling so big that I can barely see. I want you in my life in a big way.

Because this new home? It’s perfect. And I’m already moved in.

Too much Offline!!! (Why?)

Most of you who have been following me for a very long time, or if you’re new and just met and been talking to me or RP:ing (kudos to you, peeps!) probably have notice that I’ve been offline, not just a little… but “A LOT” lately.

Well… I recently got an apartment!

I managed to get in to “Novia” (it’s an “University of Applied Sciences” school)
and I managed to get in to “Graphic Design”. The thing is; that the school is waaaay up north in my country, so I’m forced to move about 500 km away from home (Which is fine by me!!! Eeeeeeep~ So excited!!!)

So what’s been keeping me away, not just the work that i dislike so much… 
But the truth is that I’ve been looking for apartments for a very long time and I recently got one! (I was pretty lucky, it’s really hard to get your hand on one… I’ve been looking for about a month with no answers, until now!)

So basically I’ve been focusing on the whole moving and getting prepared lately. But I’m gonna try and get back to RP;ing soon enough.

Guess who is gonna cosplay this ridiculous man in 2k18 at her local cons


and nope this is a references chart of him not that i fangirl-ing at him tho 

Out there, day follows day, Sunday Monday Tuesday, all without meaning. The numbers on the calendar change but they are always the same number. Here, a leaf falls and it is like the sound of the last page torn from the last calendar. A cup of coffee blares out like a trumpet. Soon it will be time.
—  Steven Millhauser, from “Arcadia”
Elsword Moments #1

That moment when you got a good stuff from Ice Burners for the first time

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requests (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

hey hey guys - I’ll be entering break soon and since I’m a pitiful hermit irl I’ll have a bunch of free time I don’t really know how to spend tbh - so if anyone wants to request anything (gifsets, color memes, graphics or whatever), please feel free to do so! ♡(´ヮ` )

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so should we be reading something into the 'Becky with the good hair' thing?

Yes, I think we can read into it that (a) Gillian likes Beyonce and (b) Gillian doesn’t know what she’s saying at least 38% of the time. :)

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and i love her, ga, gillian on the tumblr, dear catherine these are not tags whoops,

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You guys are cute together.

First of all, that’s a statement, not a question. I’ll respond anyways though, because I have nothing better to do and the customer is always right, even when they make those huge embarrasssing mistakes, similar to how I just misspelt embarrasing right there and then there again, yet I can’t be bothered to go and right click the words so it says embarassing. Anyways.

Well of course we are, did you expect anything less from us? Personally, I’m insulted that you’d only use the word cute to describe us, as I can think of many better words we could use. Adorable. Fantastic. Fabulous. BY THE BEARD OF ODIN THAT COUPLE IS SPECTACULAR! It goes on.

But what do I know, really now.

Well, aside from the things that I’ve learned through all these years of life.

And hey, if I’m going to call myself bisexual I may as well devote to it, who knows, maybe my wit and charm will seduce him eventually.

You shippers keep doing your thing