ryan from high school musical was so clearly gay and proud of himself, he was probably so close to sharpay bc he was nervous about coming out to other people/about whether he would get accepted by others so he took up a lot of her interests and became a preformer with her and excelled at it and he realized in high school musical 2 that others would accept him for being gay and loved him no matter what so he began to branch out/separate from his sister and developed a crush on chad, one which probably caused chad some minor confusion until he realized he was bi (”i dont dance”)

and ryan evans deserved so much more than the forced het bullshit in hsm 3!!! 

Allow me to just have a bit of a ramble, yes? I want to talk about two of my least favorite tropes with you today.

You all know that I absolutely hate the trope where the female protag describes herself in neutral or positive terms and obviously has a conventionally attractive (usually white) face, but then concludes it by saying some shit about how she’s “average” or “plain”.

Let’s break this down: It’s basically a girl who is forced by mainstream culture to be “attractive”, but god forbid she actually admits it, right? So we get this dishonest nonsense, where the author (and in turn, the character) must reassure the reader that no, don’t worry, she’s actually VERY VERY HOT, she just doesn’t THINK she is, which is what good girls must be like. Because you see, if you’re attractive and you know it, you’re a vain bitch who needs to be taken down a peg. But if you’re actually ugly, then you can basically die and nobody wants to read about you. Seriously, point me to a story about an conventionally unattractive girl getting the prettiest boy in school. 

This character either conforms to the ideal from the start (she’s pretty but doesn’t know it) or she’s forced to conform to become attractive to the male love interest (makover scene).

I’ll come back to this, but let’s examine another un-favorite of mine:

Female characters who have traditionally masculine hobbies or skills that go “I’m not like those OTHER girls who wear slutty clothes and talk about dumb stuff”, but she’s always conventionally attractive and never too masculine. (She can take out seven men by herself but she has zero muscle definition.) She’s not allowed to be, because that wouldn’t be attractive to the presumed straight male audience, it would be threatening. So even here, she must walk a balance between not being too girly, because traditional femininity is deeply devalued, but she must also make sure that she’s never actually anywhere close to being masculine, because then men wouldn’t wanna bang her. 

So what we end up with is female protagonists who are forced to walk the same impossible balance that actual women are IRL. Be gorgeous, but only naturally gorgeous. If you try to achieve beauty through other means, you’re a fake slutty bitch. Be beautiful, but don’t you dare be confident. Be feminine, but don’t you dare be interested in dumb “girly” shit. Be smart (but not too smart) and have masculine skills, but don’t you dare be too good at those, because then men will be threatened and won’t find you attractive.

People are now pushing for female characters to embrace femininity, and while I can support that, it can’t be the only thing we need to push for. Because while appreciation for the traditionally feminine would be refreshing and help undo some of the damage, it’s still pushing female characters to be traditionally feminine and only that.

I want to see female characters who are allowed to be unattractive but are still loved. I want to see female characters who are allowed to be skilled in traditionally masculine areas without regard for how attractive they’d be to men. I want more women who reject traditional femininity but – and this is important – without shitting on it. Give me grimy, unpleasant, confident girls who aren’t perfect all the time, who don’t look like models, who aren’t pretty but still have so much worth because of course they do! They’re more than how attractive men think they are.

Let your female characters be both. Let some be prissy and delicate and some be disgusting goblins who wrestle dudes in the mud, and not in a sexy way. Let an old, scarred war hero love knitting and kittens. Let the beautiful princess be a brilliant strategist. One does not cancel out the other. 

Please let’s just have both. We need both. Desperately. Because in the end, nothing is inherently feminine or masculine. There are so many different expressions of identity that only pushing portrayals into one direction could be as bad as forcing characters to uphold some artificial balance. 

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How do you choose a path to take in life?

I don’t believe there is a true “straight and narrow” for anyone. All journeys take multiple paths using multiple vessels - storms will alter the course, currents will shift, winds will change, there will be obstacles that force you off of the charted trail… There are so many things in this life that will cause our journeys to veer into a direction we never planned to take, but I believe, as long as you are moving forward and not sitting still, you’ll get where you need to be. The Universe put you where you are for a reason, and as long as you’ve got the will and the drive, it isn’t going to leave you to fend for yourself. 

HVFF Nashville Wrap Up

It’s midnight. This is the first second I’ve had to sit down and write about Nashville. I was knee deep in SDCC planning with my Just About Write ladies today. It’s gonna be lit folks! We can’t wait to cover it for you.

So… I decided to go to HVFF Nashville for one reason and one reason only. M*lissa B*noist was attending and my daughter could meet Supergirl. The obsession runs deep my friends. When M*lissa canceled Lauren was absolutely devastated and I was in a bit of a panic. Primarily because I didn’t know what else she would enjoy at HVFF. She’s not allowed to watch Arrow. She’s only seen a few clips, but Lauren loves Felicity Smoak. Hand to God this is how she described the show to a friend.

Friend: What’s Arrow

(The friend overhead my husband and I discussing my blog)

Lauren: It’s about Felicity Smoak. She is super smart and loves computers like I do. She fights crime.

Friend: Okaaaay. But… who is Arrow?

Lauren: (completely blasé) Oh. He’s just Felicity’s boyfriend.

I mean…. she’s not entirely wrong. She also possibly summed up 95% of the fandom’s view of the show, so I give her points for that. But… Emily Bett Rickards wasn’t going to be there. So, I was unsure of her level of excitement over Stephen.

Turns out she was pretty excited to meet him. 

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one member per m/v (vixx edition): eternity → N

into an eternal dream that i won’t ever wake from

High School Sweethearts

Author: Juju

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader

Warnings: Reader can sing but it’s like barely talked about, a shit ton of fluff you might suffocate, and editing

Summary: You and Shawn have been together since the start of high school after a life long friendship. When Shawn came to fame, you asked him to keep you a secret for the time being as you were not ready for the spotlight. Now that high school’s over, you reconsider and Shawn surprises you.

Word Count: 2.8k….I have a problem

A/N: Let’s imagine that the reader’s parents are always super busy and they let her do whatever she wants ok?


“Bye Mrs. Mendes! See you tonight!” You yelled as you and Shawn left the Mendes residence. You were going to drop Shawn off at a radio interview after picking up Aaliyah. 

“Bye Y/N, Shawn! See you at dinner!” Shawn’s mother called from somewhere inside the house.

“You’re never going to call her Karen, are you?” Scoffed Shawn as he got into the jeep.

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YOI Creators Appreciation

I was planning to stay quiet since I don’t wanna be weird (and mushy and all the schmaltz that just squeezes my heart dry) but this is a chance to be grateful for this fandom that gave me a so much inspiration (and motivation to write again). mutual, followed, following, or neither, thank you <3 I hope too late though….

to @clairles, @eclair, @wintermoo-n ,for chatting with me and sharing your insights and opinions with the love of yoi and otayuri (and Emil; I”ll probably scream more about him in future conversations XD)

to @aftgonice, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE WRITING TIPS. Reblogged or posted, all of those are incredibly helpful and I can’t thank you enough with just this <3

to all the writers and artists: @justhereforthefanartbean@madamredwrites, @eclair, @wintermoo-n@pllsetskyonice, @ded-i-am-just-ded, @clairles, @joelsweet@phaytesworld, @boxwineconfession, @blameotayuri, @lileura, @penciltrash, @theinsanefox, @zeldaismyhomegirl, @muspellssynir, @aftgonice, @aphhun, @otabek-deserved-better, @ashiiblack, @cashryley, @victuri-oh-nice, @natsubutart, @sweaterkittensahoy, @superspicy, @iamatrashfan, @ringodreams, @nikathesiren, @liliemm, @neveraines @kamapon, @fara-arts, @felicitatem , and everyone else in the community who share the yoi love thank you so much for writing and drawing and for taking your time to post and update fanfics, comics, art, gifs, analyses, and everything else that keeps this fandom alive. It had just finished a season, and some other bonuses, but YOI has an incredible fanbase with wonderful people and it just keeps growing and growing!

Thank you!!!

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I'm so happy u ship rebelcaptain!!!!!!

So glad to share another OTP with you. <3

And heck, they’re OTP with highest marks all across the page. I came out of the movie sobbing and loving their almost and already like crazy.

Their journey is just too amazing not to love, for me.

I mean….

They went from clear distrust and evaluating each other

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to budding admiration and co-dependency

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to brutal and painful honesty

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and accepting each other despite - and because - of it

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and with it giving each other something they had thought they’d not find - home and understanding, and someone who will be around

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and it was more than the mission that drew them close. (Always closer than they had to be.)

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And when their journey ended, it was just the two of them, and it was enough.

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It’s what dream OTPs are made of and more. And I will forever love them and never be over that movie.

In short…

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Jyn Babe or Cassian Babe? Both. Definitely.

Owen reaching out his hand? That wasn’t just him needing comfort. That was Omelia beginning to heal. That was him letting her be his rock. That was him allowing himself to be vulnerable again with her, to stop fighting it. There’s still work to be done, but Omelia will survive. I feel it in my bones.

I Can’t Save Her: Part 3

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Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1078

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.

Author’s Notes: Lots of fluff and funny bits for this one (as an American I need that right now). There wasn’t enough Bucky in the last part! Tags are on the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged. Hope you enjoy!

I knew I was being unreasonable. I kept pacing back and forth in my apartment. I needed to work up the nerve to be around Bucky again. It had been a week since my outburst in the gym and we had both been able to effectively avoid each other. I was being ridiculous. I missed him terribly and my night terrors were back in full force without his company. The lack of sleep made me irritable and everyone at the compound went out of their way to avoid me.

I bit my lip nervously as I walked down the hall. Everyone else was on a mission. It left just Bucky and myself at the compound until sometime tomorrow. This was no doubt orchestrated by Tony and Steve to force us to interact. I cautiously walked to his apartment and gently rapped on the door. “Barnes, are you in there?” I asked cautiously. There was no response. I huffed quietly to myself, chewing deeper into my lip as I paused to gather my thoughts. “Listen I know I acted like a total ass the other day…” I rambled.

“Yes, you did,” Bucky replied from behind me with humor in his voice. I yelped in surprise. I had been so focused on the door in front of me that I hadn’t heard Bucky approach from behind. “Pizza?” he asked cautiously as he offered up a box to me. “I was actually headed to come get you. I have beer in the common room waiting for you…” he trailed off.

“Sure,” I shrugged awkwardly and followed him. We sat down on the couch together and Bucky turned on the television. As he was casually flipping through the channels I peeked at him through my lashes. “Buck…”

“Hm?” he said distractedly but I saw his muscles tense when I said his name.

“I’m really sorry about the other day. I was out of line. I’m not sure what got into me,” I mumbled while looking at my hands.

He pulled his attention away from the television and looked at me with one eyebrow raised. “It’s fine Y/N. But… what was it about? You’ve never…” he trailed off looking back at the television. I could tell his pulse had quickened by the vein in his neck. It always seemed to push out a little when he was stressed.

“I… I know. It just… When I saw you with her I…” I swallowed hard. I couldn’t get the words out. I knew if I talked about the feelings that had plagued me I wouldn’t be able to take it back.

“Nothing happened.” He was looking at me earnestly now. “Steve invited her here. She wouldn’t stop talking to me… I hated it. Then she spilled something on her shirt so I offered to give her one of my spare ones… She followed me into my room and nearly accosted me. I told her to leave…. Y/N I would never… You know I’m not into that kind of thing…” he paused awkwardly waiting for me to say something.

“Well… I mean… I don’t know that. We’ve never really talked about that before Buck…” I shrugged my shoulders sadly and fixed my gaze on the television. I could feel him gazing at me intently and struggling to find the right words to say. We had never had this issue before.

“Well we’re talking about it now,” he sarcastically retorted as he shot me a grin. I playfully jabbed at him but he countered and gingerly grabbed my wrist. It was as if the sudden contact had solidified something. He paused and looked at me with a sheepish grin. Letting go of my wrist he scooted closer and put his arm around me. I snuggled my head gingerly on his shoulder. We had done this before. Physical contact helped me ground myself after night terrors, but this was different. Our bodies seemed to be drawn to one another and I found comfort having him beside me.

“Ahem.” What on earth was that sound? I sleepily looked through my lashes at several blurry figures.

“Oh this is just wonderful! I see that our arrangement did wonders for you two!” Tony blew passed Steve nearly yelling at the couch. I sat up immediately on high alert which caused Bucky to roll off the couch beside me and crash onto the floor.

“What the…” Bucky grumbled sleepily as he rubbed his head. He slowly opened his eyes, wincing in the process, “Oh for Christ’s sake Tony!” he mumbled.

“No this is great. This is really great. Now we can all have family night again without things being weird between you two,” Tony chuckled as he strode out of the room. Steve grinned at both of us sheepishly as he made his way towards the hallway leading to the apartments.

“Well that was awkward” I groaned into my hands. “Also, can Steve manage to keep ONE secret? Ever?”

“Don’t worry about it, doll. Tony just likes to embarrass you,” Bucky replied as he pushed himself off the floor. He turned to me and offered his hand, “Walk you to your room?” I grabbed his hand and he lifted me off the couch. The feeling was still there – the comfort and peace that had been eluding me for the last week. I walked beside him down the hall; our hands brushing next to one another as we went. As I opened my door Bucky paused at the doorway. He looked like he was struggling to make up his mind about something.

“Would you like to come in? I figure we could both use a few more hours of sleep,” I said meekly, looking through my lashes at him as a small smile lit across his face.

“Sure,” he replied as he walked in behind me and closed the door. As I was walking to my bed I heard him stop behind me.

“Buck what is..” I turned around, but was cutoff by the crashing of his lips against mine. The kiss was tender, and sweet ––urgent even— but far too short.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile,” he said grinning at me. I could feel the heat rising up my neck and creeping up my cheeks as I struggled to keep my breathing even. He followed me to my bed and wrapped his arms around me. As I snuggled close to him I drifted into a peaceful and dreamless sleep.

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Charles looked up, surprised. In all their years of knowing each other, he had never heard Erik say “um”.

Erik was turning a little black box over and over in his hands, and he was looking at the floor, not Charles. His mind was a jumble, and Charles had sworn never to delve into it again, so he didn’t know…

“I’m sorry I shouted at you,” Erik said finally.

Charles frowned. “Erik, that was three days ago,” he reminded him. “And you already apolo–”

“And I’m sorry I insulted you.”


“And I’m sorry I undermined your authority.”

“You already–”

Erik suddenly knelt in front of Charles and opened the box. “It’s legal now,” he said.

Charles stared at the little silver ring in the box. Then he looked up at Erik.

“The children will be angry,” he said.

Erik smiled. “Do you really care enough to say no?” he asked.

Charles smiled too, and he refused to believe that the fractured vision had anything to do with tears. “No, I don’t. And yes, I will.”

Will You Go to Prom With Me

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Requested by @zhiwatari 

Request: May I get a Brett Talbot x fem!Reader plz?  Like the two have been best friends since they were little, and maybe prom was happening soon and the reader asked a guy (not brett because she thinks he doesnt like her) he denied her, so on prom brett takes her but like made it super romantic to confess to her.  Super fluffy or something  <3 plz.             

I was heartbroken. I had just asked one of my two crushes to go to Prom with me, and he said no. In front of his friends too! It was embarrassing and humiliating. I had tears in my eyes as I made my way through my door. Who was I going to go with now? 

Now, I did say that I had two crushes, so why not ask my other one? Well, the problem with that was that my other crush was my best friend, Brett Talbot. I would ask him, but I didn’t want to get rejected by him and ruin our friendship. I didn’t want to ruin it since we had been best friends since we were kids. 

I sat on my bed, drowning in my own sorrow, when my phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, I saw that I was Brett.  I answered. “Hello?”

“Hey, Y/N. I just wanted to call and see how things were going.” He said.


“How did things go with you know who?” 

“He said no. It’s humiliating.” I stated, looking down though he couldn’t see me. 

“Aw. I’m sorry, Y/N. Look, meet me tonight at the park. 8 o’clock.”

“Okay. I will. See you later.” 

“Bye.” And then we hung up.

I left the house at 7:30 to be at the park on time. I was at the park by 7:45. Brett was already there. I got out of the car, and walked up to him. “Hey, Brett.” 


“So, what did you want to talk about?” 

He pulled a bouquet of flowers from behind his back. My eyes widened. “What are those for?”

“You. I wanted to ask you something very important.” He said.


“Will you go to Prom with me?” 

My eyes widened, “What?”

“Prom. Will you go? With me?” He repeated. 

“Yes! Of course!” I ran up to him and hugged him. I held on tight, and didn’t let go. “I didn’t actually think I would go with you. I mean, I wanted to, but I didn’t think that you would say yes.” I rambled on.

He laughed and held on to me tight. Then he let go, pulled back and looked me in the eyes. “I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time.” 

I gave him a curious look before he leaned in a kissed me. I kissed back, and wrapped my arms around his neck. When we pulled away, used the flowers to cover his face, and then he held them out to me. “Thanks, Brett.” 

“Anything for you.” 

When Prom night came around, it was the best night of my life. Brett and I danced and sang to the songs. We had the greatest night and when it was all over, I was so happy that I got to go with my best friend, and the person that I loved. 

  • Normal Person: *finds The Impala parked on the street*<br>
  • What a beautiful car. This is a classic isn't it? Look how big and shiny. Oh look at it's panels with brushed aluminum trim. This is a fine piece of mechanical bliss. I wonder how it feels to drive it. Nice.
  • Me: Baby! Oh how beautiful you are in person.<br>
  • * starts taking mental measurements of the back seat, to check if all the Destiel action described on fan fiction is possible*<p/><b></b>
  • Damm!

I’m gonna reach out because I haven’t in forever, and so many of you have stuck around with me for goodness knows how long or why, and I love you all for it. <3 

Yes, I do plan on participating in Zutara Smut week on my nsfw blog, but beyond that, I have so many unfinished projects and things I want to draw for and eegads! I have some time before moving on to fellowship (outside of studying for boards of course…)

This isn’t a commission offer. This is, if anything, a way for me to get my head on straight and stay on track with something

Any projects you’d like to see me finish for sure? Any fanfic illustrations you’re dying to see? Any reminders about pieces I “promised” but never quite got around to?

people are probably offended by or bashing emma watson bc of what she said about batb being better than cinderella, but she’s not wrong??? 

batb’s female lead is not a damsel in distress like in cinderella. really, beast is the damsel in distress in this story, and belle is the heroine who comes to break the curse. while cinderella is a good old classic fairy tale, batb is much more modern and pro-women.