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The Power of Mabel

Day 5: Missed Moments

I will forever mourn the fact that we never got to have a boxing episode wherein Stan teaches Mabel how to box (I’d like to imagine the episode would be titled either “Raging Ma-Bull” or “Million Dollar Mabel”. Can’t quite decide…)

Not sure what the plot would be but here are some general ideas for a plot: 

  • It’s time for the Gravity Falls’ Semi-Annual Children’s boxing match (for charity purposes, of course)! Stan used to enter Soos into the boxing match to give the Shack some free publicity but 1) Soos no longer legally qualifies as a kid and 2) ever since Soos saw “The Karate Dude”, he’s lost a bit of interest in boxing (he hopes to get his brown belt next fall!)
  • Looking for a replacement, Stan decides to train Mabel in the basics of boxing. After all, he saw her in action against the zombies and knows she can handle herself in a fight.
  • All Mabel knows about boxing comes from the movie Stony IV staring the Norse Horse himself, Stony van Bobkinson (Mabel only originally watched it because that Russian boxer was quite the looker and it had a cute robot friend!) So her understanding of boxing is limited to “a 3-minute inspirational montage will make me the best in my sport and also stop communism!”
  • Stan comes up with a plan, though. If he lugs around a big boombox and follows Mabel, then she’ll stay motivated and be an expert in no time. So for the next week, no matter where they go or what they’re doing (training, eating at a diner, scrapbooking current events), Stan and Mabel hang out together with inspirational eighties songs in the background.

And I have no idea where the plot goes from there; I just really wanted to see Mabel and her Grunkle Stan bond over boxing and goofy dated sports movie from the 80’s!

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Upolular opinion Sam is the better hunter between him and Dean. I think people forget with him being the little brother and the 'sensitive' one big of a BAMF Sam is. For most recent example see s11e17.

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SO. Okay. In the hunter community in the universe of Supernatural, I have absolutely no doubt—not a single one—that Dean’s hunting style would be pretty much universally preferred over Sam’s. His skills of deduction, his single-minded focus on his goal, and his aggression would win the favor of the community. He’s what all the other hunters wish they were.

But this is my opinion and I’m not the hunting community so here goes.

HELL. FREAKING. YES. For me, it’s not so much about how BAMF Sam is. Dean can be BAMF. For me, it’s the very sensitivity that Sam is often mocked for that makes him so amazing. In a culture where these gruff, angry, plaid-clad men, driven by revenge, indiscriminately eliminate supernatural creatures, Sam is a breath of fresh air. 

His determination to do right by all the people in a situation and his tendency to take a good, long look before he leaps make him a better hunter rather than a worse one. He, like Dean, recognizes that sometimes, creatures are malicious and/or out of control and won’t ever stop killing, but he also realizes that people are more than their natures—they are defined by their choices, and some of them can choose to be good, or at least to be better. The faith and forethought that people call foolish are in fact emblematic of his amazing strength.

He brings to hunting a perspective very few hunters have, because it makes hunting that much more painful and complicated. If monsters can be good, you can’t just go in, guns blazing, when you identify a shifter. No, there’s more work to do. You have to hold the shifter up to some objective standard. Is it causing harm? If so, was it in self-defense? Is the crime likely to be repeated? Were there any mitigating factors? Hunters are vigilantes, creating their own justice. Dean says it well: “If it’s supernatural, we kill it, end of story.” 

But there really is more than that. And while Sam’s “sensitivity” makes a lot of people call him bitchy, whiny, or wishy-washy, I think standing by his ideals in a world where siding with monsters could put him in the crossfire shows a strength of will no less than that we see from other hunters.

Dean is a skilled hunter and brings innovation and efficiency to his craft, but the shades of gray Sam brings to hunting are just as impressive. He trained with Dean and John, too. He’s a good hunter. He’s fast. He has a breathtaking nigh-encyclopedic knowledge of pretty much everything. He can take lead (when he has the opportunity) or act as support. He’s quick-witted and light-footed and good at combining disparate pieces of information into an illuminating whole.

Not to mention that Sam Fucking Winchester is a freaking hurricane of badassery when the situation calls for it. Like, gut-shot? Nah, he’s fine. He’ll take on those full-powered werewolves. Head literally broken? Seeing chains and meathooks and the ACTUAL DEVIL around every corner? He’s got this. Internal organs badly burned? Fevered to the point of brain damage and coughing up his actual lungs? Pssh, this is Sam F. Winchester, my friends. He’s still willing to see it through to the end. Of course he is. 

Sam Winchester is the most badass of all badasses and the sweetest of cinnamon rolls and I will never be convinced otherwise. (What? I’m biased? pshh)

unpopular opinions

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I wee thankyou. I just need to say it. Some of you guys have been so supportive and I love you <3

seriously though you guys (Url so you can follow these wonderful people): she-is-one-0f-starks/littlephoenix-fire ~ grabthemotherfuckingsalt ~ yowzahmisspond ~ simbelmyneflowers ~ the-hobbitlock~ beyond-the-bifrost ~zombieinacrown- the-classic-top-hat ~ crieffbatch ~ one-more-miracle-just-for-me ~lookslikemeatsbackonthemenuboys

Major Bee Gees feelings...I warn you, I am sad and pathetic!

Listening to the Bee Gees has become so bittersweet. Since I was a little girl, they were three people I could always count on; their music has helped me through everything from just having a bad day, to losing loved ones, to losing Bee Gees. I remember when Maurice died; I was only ten. I went through my own period of “mourning” where I listened to the Bee Gees, and only the Bee Gees, for God, I don’t even know how long. I know I’ve said this all before, but every now and then it just kind of “hits” me again, and I get super emotional and nostalgic. Maurice’s death was hard. But Robin’s was on a level all it’s own. While Nick Carter or Justin Timberlake were the first loves of many girls my age’s lives, Robin Gibb was mine. I was always unusual that way; a bit behind the times I guess you could say. I never listened to the same music as everyone else, or watched the same movies and television shows. My idea of a movie star as a child was Clara Bow. But I digress.

It may seem silly, and maybe it is, but Robin Gibb really was the first love of  my life. Perhaps in a way he is the love of my life. His music alone has spoken to me in a way no one else can. Bee Gees are home to me. I think it’s because I have listened to them so consistently for so long. Listening to their music doesn’t bring back memories of a specific event, because it’s been there for everything. I always feel so cozy and warm when I listen to them, but especially now that Barry is the only remaining Gibb brother, sometimes I just feel sad knowing that such wonderful, gifted people were taken from us so early. But I know that the music will always be there, and while it may be bittersweet to listen to them now, the Bee Gees will never let me down.

I feel lucky to be a fan. I just feel they are so special, that I am so grateful that I love them this much, and not another group.

There’s people who just LOVE the sound of their own voice, I’m convinced of it. Because they just talk and talk and they’re not really saying anything, and nobody cares for what they’re saying, not even themselves… but they just keep rambling because yes?

I’ve deleted a long post several times now and here’s the crux of it . . .

How would you define the difference between ‘just friends’ and ‘a couple’?

Like especially if you don’t know the people personally. How do you just look at people and decide if they are good friends or friends with benefits?

People often assume that when I am out with one of my good friends that we are dating. I used to have a lunch … date … with one of my friends every Wednesday and once a restaurant went and got candles for our table. This wasn’t the rule though because there were other customers and we were the only one that got candles. Once a man selling flowers told off another of my friend for not buying me one. Something about how he wasn’t going to get laid that night. Not to mention the billions of times when people would awkward try to figure out if I was a lesbian while hanging out with my female friends. Or all the times when my mother would ask me which one of ‘those boys you’re always with’ was my boyfriend.

Like just now, all the neighbors have told my friend’s mom that my friend and I must be dating. We get along ‘too well’ to just be friends.

What do you guys think?

I was trying to draw actual ribs XD didn’t do it very well, right? Haha

But I really wanna color this and I guess I will. Nooo I gotta resist the coloring addiction! Nooo


So, our English teacher asked us to write a poem about “wander/wandering”. And y’all know what popped up in my mind??? FUCKIN TEENAGE RHINK. LIKE THEM WANDERING FROM THEIR HOUSE TO CAPE FEAR RIVER. IT WAS SO FRICKIN CHEESY AND STUFF. AND GUESS WHAT????? I GOT THE HIGHEST FCKIN GRADE. EVERYONE FROM MY CLASS READ IT. Srsly, there was one who asked, “Are you in love or something?? Because omg it’s so great!” BUT WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW IT’S A RHINK POEM. ITS ABOUT A FICTIONAL RELATIONSHIP OF TWO GUYS. OH MY FRICKING GOSH. I SWEAR, THAT’S IT, THAT;S MY CONTRIBUTION TO THIS FANDOM.

ps, the title’s “Randler’s Isolation

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i’m in a weird stage of being out as bi but also not being out?

like if someone asks me i will say i’m bi, i will openly talk about being bi, i will not care if someone finds out

yet the majority of people i know and most of my family, still think i’m straight, i never mentioned it so they never ask, i want to tell everyone i’m bi so they stop assuming but i also don’t want to bring it up because “whats the point, i;m already out”