anonymous asked:

your profile pic and header image thing is that one girl from humanity 5 minutes before the hypothesis right is that song part of a series??? pls i need to know if there are more songs its amazing

gosh darn diddly im not really the right person to ask tbh (seeing as how i only got into suzumu’s series because, you know… suzumu’s involvement in pandora voxx) but heres what i know

  • yes, the girl in my icon is from 5minhypothesis but more importantly, she was the girl on the cover of the kebyou ningen album, suzumu’s 1st??? album
  • the greyhaired boy in the same song also premieres on suzumu’s youkame, ame ga yamu mae ni album (his short story album? thats what he calls it i think)
  • the series (if you can eve ncall it that) has a light novel and a special website with some sort of code game
  • (theres also a shuuennoshiori shoutout in there, at the top of left bookcase)
  • here’s the youkame album crossfade for more info, and here’s another thing
  • (he (barely) mentioned panvoxx and shuuen and i scREAMED)
  • also: Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku Short Novels?? idk
  • out of all album songs, he has uploaded quite a lot of them on nico (but sadly not the existence song (yet))
  • (when will we get the existence song suzum. when)

but yeah basically, its another voca-series where kids get their wishes granted but they end up getting screwed over because it wasnt what they expected it to be (and they also die probably). typical suzumu stuff tbh