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*SCREAMING INTERNALLY* omg that's awesome! I'm so happy you like it! (and the fact that you actually took time to make notes omg) yes! jordin sparks honestly needs to give us some new music! & I love superhero/cher lloyd!! have you listened to her new CD - it's super good! & honestly I just discovered janelle she IS A GODDESS omg I can't believe I've gone so long without - YOGA!!!! I love the new sound!

i don’t know if you see it, but i literally liveblog listening to your playlists. i’m ready jordin, did you hear her new single? and i haven’t listened to the whole album but i listen to it when it pops up on my pandora, i have to get that. LISTEN MAMA JANELLE WILL BLESS YOU LET HER COVER YOU YOGA IS A BOP PLEASE