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Okay, so we all know that Victor brought a sofa with him to Hasetsu.

And yes, here we see the sofa. 

BUT when I was watching yoi again I noticed something….

Oh could it be……another…..fucking…


Victor Extra Nikiforov got himself two sofas. I just can’t, this boy is too much

Jefferson: So what I believe you are trying to say, is “thank you”.

Hamilton: “Thank you”?!

Jefferson: You’re welcome!

Hamilton: N-no that’s not what– i mean, why would I ever say–

Jefferson: I know it’s a lot. The hair, the bod..

Hamilton: oh my god

  • *at the alter*
  • Taehyung: Jungkook do you like me?
  • Jungkook: Tae, this is our wedding..
  • Taehyung: No. I know that but... do you like like me tho??
Arkos Pregnancy Au

here it is folks. What started out as a way of making me feel less depressed spiralled out into this beautiful au.

are you ready??? (also please keep in mind that I only did some research into pregnancy so if something is wildly inaccurate its because I’m lazy)

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

“I know.”

JKR: “What do you think you are doing in here, this is Harry Potter’s private suite! Get dressed and leave this minute, or I’ll have to ask security to remove you! - Seriously, trying to use the opportunity when Harry is away from home, sneaking into his hotel room like this to ambush him! It’s just so Slytherin! Listen, Malfoy, I have long since decided who gets to sleep with Harry Potter, and it will never, ever be you!”


Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 4

a/n: yes babes its finally here ehehehheh it will be quite rough cause people have requested me that so yeah i am sinning as i am writing this help me god!! oh and this is really long btw, at least for me

oh and (h/c) means hair color btw :)

characters: ok you know the drill but for anyone new its JOKER ; READER

warnings: quite rough smut, daddy kink (cause i know you perverts love that ;])

Time passed and it was all settled. A new maid had been hired, new stuff for me bought… I told him that I didn’t need anything new, that I could just drop by my place and get my stuff, but J insisted. He said ‘i will have everything for my princess to be happy’. That made my heart melt, but also many bank-robbings and heists happen. I didn’t know much about his business, only that it was dangerous.
Usually the day went by with me reading books, cooking, shopping or drawing while he was out - sometimes he’d take me with him to meetings to show that I was his girl. He came home either happy or mad but either way we’d end up having sex. Was I complaining? Not at all. I loved it, there was always something different each time.
As for today, he had woken up before me and probably gone out. But not before leaving a small bag on the floor next to where I was sleeping. I stretched out, sat up in the bed and picked up the bag. It was black and it had a little pink envelope of my name attached to it. He rarely did this. I carefully opened the envelope because I liked to keep them and read what the letter inside read.

my precious angel,

here’s something i’m definitely going to rip off of you, but put it on before 9pm and if you like, put some of that makeup on your face, there will be a car waiting for you at 9pm

there is some business i’d like to do and take you with me

- J

I smiled at the letter and put it back in the envelope. I looked at the clock on the nightstand - it was half past 11am. I smiled again and reached my hand into the bag. The material of something felt like silk. Oh my, I thought, pulling the contents out. I took the shiny one in my hands and laid it out on the bed in front of me. It was a shiny, kind of short silver dress with a very deep V cut. The cut ended where the belly button should be, starting on very thin straps that had beads all over them (a/n: ok we all know that joker likes his lady in a revealing attire so yah)

The other thing were panties. Well, they barely counted as because they were more strings. They were a blush-y red tone, and it was lace and only lace. He must really love lace on me. Last time I wore a pink lace lingerie set, he needed me right there right now. We were at a restaurant - yeah, how romantic - at one of his business meetings and, as J got a little hot and bothered, he discovered my choice of lingerie and had me there in the restaurant’s men’s room. That’s how much he loved lace on me.

Should I try the dress on now? Yeah, probably. I took off the large shirt I was sleeping in and stood up from the bed, taking the dress with me. Slipping on the dress and zipping the back of it, I looked in the mirror at myself. Wow, did the dress look good on me. It looked perfect on me, I looked perfect in it. I was turning and posing in front of the mirror when I heard a knock on the door.

  “Just a second!” I yelled out, slipping out of the dress. I put it and the lingerie back in the bag and put on the large shirt on me. It came down to my knee, so I was safe form exposure. I walked to the door and opened it. There was our maid, Jennifer who was only ten years older than me, standing with a smile.

“Good morning, miss.” She said and I smiled in response. J insisted on everyone in the house calling me 'majesty’ or 'queen’, and they’re scared of him. So I tell them to call me less… higher than them when it’s just me, but around J - they call me as he pleased. Oh, I felt pity for them.

“Hi.” I said, leaning against the doorframe with a goofy smile on my face.

“Breakfast is in the dining room.” She announced. Jennifer was almost like a mother to me. “Is everything okay, miss?”

“Yeah, everything is just perfect, Jen.”

“Okay. You just seem to be in a very good mood now, which is unusual but good.”

“All is good, my friend. I will be down in a few minutes.”

“Alright, miss. Anything else I can do for you?”

“No, thank you. You’re dismissed.” I said and closed the door after seeing Jen nod and leave. I actually felt bad for her and the other staff members - Joker was a scary guy around everyone and there were strict rules for the staff.

First and most important, you can’t tell anyone where and who you’re working for unless you want to get killed because Joker knows everything. Second, strict working hours. You must come to work 20 minutes before your actual shift starts and can’t leave until everything’s done. Third, you must do everything and anything Joker or the Princess ask you. This payed good money, but it was also a very hard and kind of a dangerous job. You just had to keep your mouth shut.

Breakfast was wonderful, as always. Jennifer always made amazing food, especially breakfast. There were always fruits, pancakes, eggs and everything else that I could desire. Sometimes she’d make glorious English breakfast, which she was good at, too. When J wasn’t having breakfast with me, I always let Jennifer sit with me. I tried to be nice to every staff member, even J’s henchmen - they deserved it.

The day all-together had gone by pretty quickly, and - sooner than I thought - I was already doing my makeup in the bathroom. Nothing major, just some mascara and pink lipstick. I took off my comfy clothes, put on the lacy lingerie and slipped into the dress again. My (h/c) curled hair fell perfectly over my shoulders and it was for me to decide what shoes to wear. Luckily, I had just the  pair of white heels, which would go well with the dress. 

Putting the shoes on, I noticed that it was already 8:59pm. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time and then exited the bedroom. I walked down the stairs, only to be met with two of J’s henchmen. 

“Good afternoon, miss.” One of them said and I smiled.

“Hi, boys.” I replied. “Here to take me to your boss?”

“Yes, miss. Let us escort you to the car.” Another one said. I walked up to them and they led me out of the house, into the chilly afternoon of Gotham’s autumn. They walked me to a black car and opened the backseat door for me. I gladly took a seat in the car and they closed the door.

The car ride was short, but it felt as if it was so torturously long. Maybe I just couldn’t wait to meet him. The man at the wheel stopped at J’s club and I couldn’t stop smiling. I really wanted to see him.

One of the henchmen opened the door for me and I stepped out of the car. My heels clicked against the ground as the henchmen led me into the club filled with music and drug-driven youngsters and gangsters. The henchmen walked me to the bar table where he was standing. He was slowly turning around and once his eyes found me, they sparkled. He was in a suit, he had a small purple bow around his neck. His green hair was slicked back, as always.

“Darling,” he said with the famous smile of his. “Come to Daddy.” He said and I needed no more to run into his arms. My arms went around his neck as his snaked over my waist and stayed there. 

“I missed you,” I said, putting my hand on his cheek. He growled.

“Mmm, I missed you too, baby girl.” He said through a growl and looked at my lips before kissing them roughly. One of his hands slid down to butt and grabbed onto it, and I was sure it’d leave a mark. “I really love how you look in this dress.”

“Well, I can only thank you, Mr. J for buying it for me.” I said with a smile.

“Yo, J,” I then heard somebody say from behind us. Joker’s head turned to the voice and the look in his eyes changed. It was probably a business guy. “Can we have the meeting now?” 

“You are not to say when we meet.” Joker sternly said at the tall guy. He was in a simple attire, unlike other people, and us, in the club. “But I’ll have my men escort you while I’m taking care of other business here.” His eyes narrowed at the guy. He followed J’s men while J himself turned back to me. “Now, my dear. Do you want to go dancing with other girls while I’m at business or do you want to come with me do business and show that guy you’re all mine?” J asked, tilting my chin upwards with his gloved hand.

“I want to come with you…” I almost moaned in response. 

“Then let’s go, my dear.” J said and turned around, putting his arms around my waist as we walked to the back of the club. There was a round section that was separated from the outside with bead curtains. A guard parted the curtains to let us through. The guy, J’s business partner was standing at a round table in the middle of a - also round - golden sofa chair. Joker moved me before him and whispered in my ear: 

“Sit down, doll.” I nodded and made my way into the circle, taking a seat on the sofa chair. Joker soon followed, sitting right next to me and putting an arm around my waist. “You can sit down.” He coldly spoke to the guy, who sat down across us. “Do you want anything.. to drink?”

“Nah, I’m not thirsty. Thank you, J.” The man responded. “Although I have to say - everything you offer is pretty valuable and priceless.” This man already seemed really sketchy to me. J had probably already cracked open his shelf by reading the man like an open book.

“What are you trying to do?” J asked in a menacing tone. “Sweet talk me?”

“No, J, I was just telling the truth.” He said, looking me up and down. A sketchy creep? Jesus. I felt J beside me tensing up and breathing heavily, seconds later his hand left my waist and was on my thigh, dipping his fingers into my skin. I put my hand over his and caressed his rough skin to calm him down.

“See her?” J gestured with his hand at me, looking the guy right in the eyes. “She… is all mine, only mine.” J saw the way the guy looked at me. Now he was afraid of Joker. “Do we have that clear?” 

“Yes, J.” The guy nodded. “But where’s Harley?”

“Harley? Who? Where’s Harley? Harley, Harley, Harley…” Joker turned his head all around. Harley? But who was that? “Harley… is not your business.”

“Yes, sorry for asking, J.”

“Now, let’s cut to the chase. I feel like there’s something you have to give me. Isn’t that… money?”

“Y-yeah, about that…” the guy trailed off, the fear was evident in his eyes. J narrowed his blue eyes at him. “t-the money’s gone.”

“The money’s gone?” Joker repeated. Oh, this was bad. 

“Y-yes, I’m sorry, J.” The guy’s head hung low. “If there’s anything I can do, I will. But it was so unexpected, if we-”

“You could shut up.” Joker interrupted in an angered tone. J then rose to his feet and walked over to the guy, sitting next to him. What was he about to do? “You know, people do deals. One does something in favor for the other and the other does them a favor in return. You know what I’m talking about?”


“Well, you and I had a deal. I did something in your favor. But you… didn’t do me a favor back. Now, do you know what I do with people like that?”

“No, J.”

“Doll face, don’t look.” J said as he was taking a gun from behind him, only I could see. Oh my God. “Sweets, look. Away.” He said again and I turned my head away from them, focusing on the beaded curtains. “I do this.” I heard right before the sound of a shot being fired sounded through the club. I screamed, as well as many other people. I turned my head back around and there sat J with a sinister look and blood splattered on his face. One of his henchmen handed him a handkerchief and he cleaned his face with it. Did he kill the man?

There was blood all over the sofa chair above the now dead body. I put my hand over my mouth, not believing what had just happened. It was the first time I had witnessed him killing somebody. Oh my God. And this was business for him. Oh dear.

J rose to his feet again and reached his hand out for me. I looked up at him with fear visible in my eyes.

“C'mon, sweets, let’s go. We have to go.” He said, impatience audible. I stood up, not to anger him even more and he took my arm, pulling us out of the round lounge. “We have something to do back home, baby doll.” We and J’s henchmen walked through the backdoor of the club and J pulled me into his lamborghini, in the passenger seat. I was really scared of him. He just killed someone. In front of me. So that was his way of taking care of people who don’t do him good. I definitely did not want to be on his bad list.

The car ride home was deadly silent and J’s hand was on my thigh all the time, creeping up and down. Once we were out on our driveway, J barked at his men to stay outside in case someone comes looking for us and dragged me inside. After he closed the door, I turned away, standing before him with my eyes to the floor. His fingers raised my chin up, but I turned away. He cupped both of my cheeks in his hands and raised my face to look at him, but my eyes were anywhere but looking in his. 

“Look at me, doll.” He said. “LOOK AT ME!” He shouted, making a tear escape my eye and I looked at him. “Good girl. Now… Daddy has some rage to express..” he said, sliding his hand underneath my dress. I didn’t want this, not in this situation. Yes, he came home angry and we had sex, but this was different. He killed a man with the same hand that was on my waist now. This was not wanted by me.

J growled and pressed a kiss between my cheekbone and ear. I sobbed, closing my eyes.

“What is it, angel?” He asked, slowly kissing down my neck. “Aren’t you enjoying this?” I didn’t speak a word for some reason, as much as I wanted to. Joker took me by my waist, hopping me over his shoulder. He walked through the house, up the stairs and entered a room - our bedroom - and dropped me on the bed. 

He crawled over my body and looked at me with that menacing look in his eyes. His lips pressed against mine as he growled, sending vibrations through my body. In the wrongest ways possible this was turning me on slightly.  His hands slid up under the dress, massaging my breasts with his rough touch while tears were rolling down my cheeks one after another. 

“Daddy..” I moaned out in a crying tone and J suddenly ripped the beautiful dress apart, exposing my upper half to him. 

“Now this is a sight I like to see.” He growled and there was even more aggressiveness and anger in his voice. He tugged the lace panties off of me, down my legs and threw them away. He then unbuckled his belt and I used the opportunity to back away from him. I brought my knees to my chest when I reached the headboard of the bed. J was at the edge of the bed, only in his boxers. He noticed me huddled away from him and snarled. J’s hand reached out politely at first, but then he grabbed my ankle and yanked my body towards him. “Why don’t you be a good girl and obey Daddy.” He said, growling the last two words, almost barking. Not waiting for my reply, he turned me over so I was on all fours before him. “You know Daddy doesn’t like it when you don’t obey him.” He spoke, running his hands up and down my sides, taking my breasts in his hands and groping, kneading at them. I released a moan and almost lost balance on my arms. 

Suddenly, without any kind of warning, he slammed his length into me (a/n: dear god help me i am sinning my father), releasing a high pitched moan from my mouth. His fingers combed through my hair, then grabbed it all in one hand and yanked my head up so my back was pressing into his chest. I yelped, but moaned again as he thrusted deeper. 

“O-oh, my God…” I managed to croak out. J pulled my head back by my hair so now it was resting on his shoulder.

“Do you like that, doll?” He asked huskily in my ear, thrusting into me again. I let out a breathy moan. “Do you like Daddy fucking you from behind, huh? Are you enjoying this?”

“Y-yes, Daddy, I am…” I said in between moans. He had already touched my G-spot and I was near my release already.

“You see, baby girl,” he spoke, lowering both of us onto the bed, “Daddy is very mad at the man not doing me good. But,” he said, running his hand down to my pulsating heat, “Daddy disliked even more the way that man was looking at my baby girl.” His lips sucked onto the skin on my neck, his fingers circled my clit and his cock thrusted into me from behind. I was already out of breath, he was driving me insane. 

Moans kept leaving my mouth as J was grunting and growling in my ear when he started thrusting even faster into me. I released an almost pornographic moan, grabbing the sheets around me.

“Nobody. Can have. My baby girl.” He growls in my ear, sending me over the edge. My whole body shivered as I rode out my orgasm and I felt him release his load into me. My breathing was ragged, but heavy as J pulled his cock out of me and exhaled deeply. I tried to calm down my breathing , sweat leaking everywhere on my body as well as his. 

His hands were on my waist as he turned me around so i was facing him. He kissed my lips with a growl of satisfaction and bit onto my lower lip. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up, baby girl,” he whispered. 


Sirius and Lily Make James Jealous :)

eh whatever

  • the group at the end of 6th year. So they are all really good friends but jily isn’t like official (yet).
  • Lily and Sirius both being in a bummed mood because their home lives are basically shit.
  • “Hey. Lils. I know what will cheer us all up.”
  • “This better be good. Spill it Black.”
  • Sirius rubbing his hands together like a greedy little child that just got an adult to say yes to buying him candy. 
  • “Okay. Okay. Okay. So, you know how Prongs is like madly in love with you and you are like totally head over heals for him?”
  • Lily blushing because she doesn’t know how obvious it is that she likes James. “I never said I liked-” 
  • “So what we do is we pretend to date right?”
  • Lily making a gagging face.
  • “And Prongs will get like super jealous and then he’ll make a move and you two will end up together. Plus we get to see James get flustered. It’s a win-win!” 
  • Sirius getting all excited and clapping his hands and jumping up and down. 
  • “I’m not so sure Sirius.” 
  • “Please, Lils. Please! I’m not asking you to fuck me to make him jealous.” he winks at Lily, “although that is always an option.”
  • Lily starting to say no but then deciding that there was no harm in playing along and that she really needed something to take her mind of petunia. Plus maybe it would get Potter’s attention. 
  • “Fine.”

  • The next morning Sirius and Lily walk into the great hall for breakfast holding hands. 
  • James seeing them and spitting is food out all over the place. (Most of it landing in Remus’s hair.)
  • Sirius pulling Lily along to the table. “Morning Prongs” 
  • Remus hiding a laugh behind the sleeve of his sweater because last time he checked, Sirius wasn’t interested in girls. So this must be some sort of prank. 
  • James staring at them throughout most of the meal because hOW THE HELL DID HIS BEST MATE DECIDE IT WAS OKAY TO STEAL HIS GIRL!
  • Sirius planting a kiss on Lily’s cheek causing her to blush a bright shade of pink. 
  • Lily deciding she better go hard or go home and turning to Sirius with doe eyes, placing her hand on his chest (as if to fend him off) and saying in a low voice, “Sirius, honey, save it for the dorm.”
  • James’s eyes almost popping out of his head.
  • Him spitting, “Pads, could I talk to you in the hall for a moment?”
  • “Sure,” winking at Lily, “I’ll be back in a moment my little… deer.”
  • James and Sirius barely making it to the hallway before James grabs Sirius by the collar and pushing him against the wall.

  • “What the hell do you think you are doing?! That’s Lily.”
  • Sirius putting his hands up, “I’m just having a little fun. And trust me, mate, she’s fun.”
  • “We agreed in first year that Lily was off limits.” James sounding that he’s either going to start crying or screaming.
  • “Look. Prongs. You want the girl? Go get the girl.”
  • “I will.” 
  • James storming back into the Great Hall and yelling in front of everyone, “Lily Evans, you deserve so much more then that dog could ever give you.” 
  • By this point in time, James has made it back to the table where Lily is sitting and he bends down, gently placing his hands on either side of her face, and crashing his lips onto hers. 
  • He can feel her smiling through the kiss but doesn’t care why because she is kissing him back. 
  • And the first years wondering what the HELL is going on.
  • Sirius sitting next to Remus while Lily and James are still eating eachothers faces. 
  • “They are pretty cute,” Remus says with a smirk.
  • Sirius leaning real close to Remus’s ear and whispering, “Not as cute as you.”



summary; “surprise!”
warnings; mentions of death, cursing, lin being a cutie, C U R S I N G, a lot of capslock, bad plot, i Didn’t take my medicine so yeah its really bad, bad bad bad, shitty story
dedicated to; mY 100 FOLLOWERS A AA I LOVE YALL

“so, you watched hamilton last night?” asked jimmy. you were asked to be on the late night show- and you, being the big fan of him, instantly said yes. “yes! oh my god, it was amazing. i really liked it, and i have to say- lin manuel miranda is a genius. a cute one. and you know that i really adore him!” everyone cheered, as you smiled. “yeah, i met him once.” fallon joked, and the crowed laughed. “oh, so you know him?” you teased him. “damn right i do. did you meet any cast members?” he continued to ask you.

you shook your head, “uhh, no.” jimmy’s eyes widened. “what? that’s a shame.” he put on a sad pout face. you chuckled- and faced the audience. “i didn’t tell anyone that i was going to watch it, but i actually tweeted when i got out of the theater.” you answered. you watched hamilton alone last night, and told no one. it wasn’t that important, you thought. “we all know that lin is a fan of your tv show as well.” you nodded. your tv show was released last month, and you were really happy.

“ladies and gentlemen! y/n l/n, starring in ((insert tv show))!” you stood up, and hugged jimmy- as you went backstage. you checked your phone, and saw the notifications blowing up. you decided to go home, and just sleep. you were really exhausted, because you had a show before this interview. you sighed, and got into the back of your car. “how was it?” your driver, will- asked. you closed you eyes, “it was fun, but i want to choke myself to death; i am really tired.” you said, and he laughed in response. “thank god you have don’t have any interview tomorrow.”

will dropped you off, and you told him to go home. “go home, will.” he shook his head. “william, it is 2 am. go home, i won’t be needing you tomorrow, take a break.” you turned your back, and went inside your apartment building. as you went to your room, your phone rang. “yes, hello?” you looked at the caller id, it was your manager. “your interview is blowing up on youtube!” she giggled. natalie had been your manager for years, you really loved her- she was your best friend as well. “dear god, nat. i’m going to sleep, goodnight.”

“okay everyone, come back in an hour! great practice!” lin clapped, and the cast cheered. everyone went backstage to get a drink, and someone called him. “lin! lin!” it was leslie. lin walked up to him, and furrowed his eyebrows. “what’s up?” “you have to watch this!” leslie dragged lin to the backstage. “help! i’ve been kidnapped.” lin yelled, and everyone laughed. the dark-skinned man opened his dressing room, and pushed lin inside. “what do you want?” lin smiled. “don’t panic. but,” he paused. “y/n watched our show like 2 days ago, and-” “WHAT.” lin screamed.

leslie showed him the interview, “i can’t believe she called me cute. and i didn’t see her. ah fuck!” lin cursed, as his friend started to laugh at him. “we should invite her tho.” leslie suggested. “YOU’RE RIGHT, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” he yelled, and leslie flinched again. “stop screaming, and you’re welcome.” leslie smiled, as his friend pulled out his phone.

i didn’t know that @y/n watched our show! too bad i didn’t meet you.

you had just woke up, and your phone wouldn’t stop buzzing. “what is going on?” you asked yourself. as you unlocked your iphone. “okay, but my twitter is blowing up, what the fuck.” you clicked the app, and scrolled down. and you noticed something, a tweet directed to you from someone you adore. “WAIT LIN TWEETED AT ME?”

i didn’t know that @y/n watched our show! too bad i didn’t meet you.

am i dreaming? oh my god, hi lin! too bad i didn’t meet you as well, but great performance! you nailed it. @lin_manuel

well since you really loved it, why not come back;)? i would be really happy! @y/n

“is he flirting with me? jesus christ, ljn.” you laughed, as you typed your response.

wow is that an invitation, or a what? cause i would love to watch the show again, but i would prefer a backstage tour;;))))) @lin_manuel

next week? it would be lovely,, @y/n

so excited to meet the cute genius! @lin_manuel

lin was smiling in real life, “i am going to meet my celebrity crush.” he said to himself. “you’re what?” pippa raised her eyebrows. he was startled by pippa’s presence, “u-uh, nothing!” he quickly said. pippa smirked and tried to grab his phone- “mhmmm, sure.” and then anthony came into lin’s dressing room. “LIN, YOU’RE GONNA INVITE Y/N? I AM SO EXCITED!” lin sighed. “oh, scandalous.” pippa winked at him, as lin blushed. “we all know you have a crush on her, old man.” jazzy said, as she went inside lin’s room.

“okay, first of all. why are you here? get out!” lin joked, and when he opened the door; daveed, oak, chris, renée, and leslie came in. “so, y/n- huh?” daveed teased him. “oh my god!” lin yelled. everyone laughed, and went inside. they were all inside lin’s dressing room- chatting. “you’re going to invite y/n to a ‘backstage’ tour?” chris emphasized the word backstage. “n-no, it’s really a backstage tour!” lin blushed again. “sure.”

you were walking down the street, while calling natalie. “so, next month- you’ll be shooting for the new promo, i think the director said on the 26th.” you nodded. “yeah, sure. oh, i’m going to meet lin next week, clear my schedule.” there was a pause. “uhm, nat?” “why didn’t you tell me earlier? i will arrange your schedule, bye.” you chuckled. you stopped in front of your usual coffee shop, and noticed a sign. it was closed. “sorry for the disturbance, but we’re closed for today!” you sighed, as you walked away from the shop.

“welcome to starbucks! how can i help you?” in the end, you decided to buy some overpriced coffee. “hi! can i have one tall cafe latte, and one cinnamon roll.” you ordered, and paid for your drink. you waited for the barista to call your name, and you realized someone was watching you. you turned around to see a familiar face. the famous anthony ramos, staring at you. “anthony!” “y/n! oh my god, finally!” you hugged him. “lin’s gonna be jealous if he knows i met you first.” he giggled.

the two of you chatted, “so, what are you doing here?” “we just performed, and it’s my turn to get coffee.” they talked, and he received a call. “hey, it was really nice meeting you. but, i gotta go- jazzy’s asking bout her coffee.” he smiled. you stood up as well, “yeah. i gotta sleep as well.” you joked. “see you next week!” you said to him. “what about you come with me?” he suddenly asked. you were shocked to hear his sentence. “i-is it okay?” you asked. “of course! let’s go!”

“everyone, i’m back! and i brought someone.” anthony opened the door, and the stage was full of people. the freckled boy walked towards the stage, and you followed him. everyone noticed that you were there. “Y/N? IS THAT REALLY YOU?” daveed yelled. “hi.” you greeted the people on stage. renée ran to you, and gave you a hug. “renée, its been a long time since i’ve seen you.” you said to her. you knew renée since you were only 16. “i’m jazzy, and i really love your acting!” jazzy suddenly came to you. you smiled at her, “y/n, and i really love your voice.” you said.

anthony realized that lin was not on stage. “where’s lin?” he asked oak. “oh, i think he’s backstage.” oak answered him. “then i gotta surprise him.” anthony smirked. “uh, y/n- can you come here?” you walked towards anthony, “let’s go backstage, lin’s there.” you quickly followed anthony, and he gestured you to lin’s dressing room. you knocked, “i’m busy!” he yelled. you kept knocking, “jesus, i said i’m busy.” but you continued to knock. you muffled a giggle, and knocked for the last time. “who the fuck is i-” he opened the door and saw you.


and lin stood there in shock, he didn’t know what to do. “y-y/n? oh my god. it’s really you. i don’t know what to say,” you tackled lin into a hug. “you are much cuter in real life.” he hugged you back. “thank you, and you are really fucking cute as well.” lin replied. as the two of you were still hugging, you heard someone coughing behind you. it was anthony, “so, lin. finally met your celebrity crush huh?” he teased his friend. “fuck you.”

i finally met @y/n, anthony surprised me!
(insert pic)

we’re in the same room why are you tweeting at me @lin_manuel

i want to see your reaction;) @y/n

“did you just winked in real life?”

everytime @lin_manuel uses a winking emoticon, he winks in real life as well

stop exposing me @y/n

lin and you immediately clicked, you talked about everything, you both were flirting at each other. “and when you attacked the villain, that was awesome!” lin was talking about your tv show- which he was really obsessed with. “aww, thank you.” “i love it so much, i’m obsessed with you.” and he paused for a second. “that sounded wrong, i’m sorry.” he then proceeded to blush again. “you look cute when you’re embarrassed.” “well, you don’t have to be embarrassed to be cute.” he smirked.

“yeah, i really enjoyed meeting the cast! they’re so nice.” both of you ended up having dinner together. being the classy person you were, you chose mcdonald’s. lin chewed his fries, as he nodded. “and i really enjoyed meeting you as well,” you continued your sentence. “today’s really fun. thank you, lin.” you stood up, and kissed his cheeks. “i want to know you better,” “then cancel next week’s backstage tour, let’s go on a date.”


i hope y/n is fine

hey, if you are reading this- y/n, i love you so much

i really miss you

come back

rest in peace, rising star- y/n l/n. died of cancer, you will be missed


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I'm soo pissed off about archie with all this "did you know jugheads father is a serpant" bullshit!!! Like my poor little boy didnt get his heart broken enough with what he has been going through. Thats why i wanted a sis for archie so that she could kick his ass so bad like that kind of situations!! I need betty to comfort him after what archie did and i think its gonna happen

i really wanna see the scene in its whole before saying anything - but yes if he does out juggie like that ima need a few words with fucking archie andrews. it’ll only make jughead and betty closer tho, i hope and believe.

Heartfilled Confession

Part two to: Pretending to hate eachother AU

Requested?: Holy shit yes it was

Summary: Nico was a close friend during your first few days/ weeks at camp… Why is he so cold all of a sudden?

Warning: Sameful Fluff… its almost too fluffy to hold >.<

“Wait what?” You quickly asked the Latino who sat on the deck of the ship still. He nodded and pushed himself up to his feet while speaking, “ Jeez, it’s so obvious so I don’t know how you haven’t noticed. I thought you knew him well enough before all this that he pushes people away when he really likes them.” Leo blurted out with a small chuckle escaping his lips to ease the mood. You face-palmed at your stupidity, Nico was actually a really close friend of yours before he started shoving you away a few days after you came to camp.

You sighed and muttered a quick “Be right back” under your breath before turning towards the direction of the boat cabins. You shuffled quietly- yet swiftly down the stairs and corridor before you heard a faint echo if footsteps trail past the doors to the rooms and continue down the hall. You pushed yourself forward in order to go around the corner faster than you already were; the result being the glimpse of a black pants leg going quickly around the corner. You furrowed your brow and darted after him, up a staircase that headed to the upper deck- why head downstairs if you’re only going back up you idiot? You thought to yourself. You rolled your eyes at his actions before speeding after him.

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Hey There, Greasers- The Outsiders Version of 'Hey there Delilah' Written by TheOutsidersStory

( i’ve never done something like this before so, i hope you all enjoy and if you can, i recommend listening to the song ‘Hey There Delilah’ by The Plain White T’s while reading…or singing.)

Hey there,greasers

whats it like down in Tulsa?

i’m a thousand miles away

but gang, tonight your lookin’ pretty tough

oh yes you do

This life ain’t nothin’ without you

i swear its true.

Hey there,Greasers

Don’t you get caught in the cooler

i’m right here if you need a bail out

just try to be good

for me—

listen here, its my guarantee

promise me.

Dally, Don't ever leave me

please, Stay for me

Johnny is finally at peace

Pony is breakin’ it seems

Please don't let him be.

Hey there,Greasers

i know times are gettin’ rough

but believe me boys,

you really truly enough

listen to me

someday you’ll be happy

believe me.

Hey there Greasers

I’m not even close to bein’ done

If you’d put your  blades away

maybe you would have a nice thought

maybe, You’d realize it all

that you’d rise and you’d fall

all and all.

ooh, Johnny’s finally at peace

please, just let it be

Why cant you see

Maybe, it was meant to be

i see you’ve come pretty far

Even though, I know it’s hard

I promise you, It’s okay

Dally please stay strong

Because without you, the greasers fall

None of then would ever be the same

Dal, I can promise you

That  by the time i’m through

The world will be a much better place

if you stay–

Hey there greasers,

You be good but you be tough

Two more years and you’ll be out of here

and you’ll be makin’ history like you do-

You know it’s all true—

You’ll be raisin’ kids like you–

Hey there Greasers, here’s to you

This is your cue.

Ooh I promise the–

One day, You’ll all be free

Please, Just don’t leave me

Greasers can’t you see

what you do to me

please don’t leave.


I’ve seen so much darren hate in the tags lately cause of his cameo on the flash and supergirl?? and it’s just so wild? that there are actually people out there hating him? 

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"Why won't you let me love you?" Lokane

His eyes slid over to her, mouth thin and pinched–the only sign that her blunt question had rattled his normally casually arrogant demeanor. He lifted one shoulder in a shrug that was as slow and easy as a cat arching its back.

“Because you can’t,” Loki said, as if it was a plain fact.

“You really think you know what I’m feeling?” Jane crossed her arms. 

“Well, yes. But that is not what I am currently referring to,” he said, lifting one arm and leaning his head back. Even if he rarely deigned to be genuine, she still didn’t quite understand how he could lounge so easily while discussing such an important topic.

“Is it that you think you’re unworthy of love?” She didn’t want to play twenty questions with him, so she’d resorted to the most obvious and blunt reason. She thought it might make him flinch, might make him shift, but he just stared at her with those clever eyes. 

“It’s because we are not the same at all, Jane. And before you wonder–no, I’m not speaking of morals, but rather immortality and mortality.” He slid his arm from behind his head and stood, the length of him stretching up. 

“You cannot truly love me because it is not in your nature to do so. You may care for me in the way that a pet cares for its master, with deep, intense affection, but no true understanding of the thing that you care for. That, Jane, is why you cannot love me. You simply are not capable of it, just as I am not capable of loving you in any way that you recognize as mortal love.”

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Hi! I really like your blog 😊 and uhh can I submit something I find bad here and I want to know your opinion (Like it won't be much just a premise for a anime I dislike) I really hope it wouldn't be a bother ^^; its called kiss him not me and its basically about a chubby girl suddenly becoming skinny after not eating or drinking for a week after locking herself up (yes really) and all these dudes suddenly liking her now that she's skinny and I just find this premise to be really shallow.

Thank you! Neither of us have seen that anime, but that sounds pretty unpleasant and full of unfortunate implications. :/

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Quick thing: Buddy, instead of being string cheese I think he'd be cheese curds since he's small, and possibly squishy like a curd. (but non of that fried shit you find at fast food place, just nuggets of pure cheese. You can find them at the cheese store in Wisconsin (Yes there are ones, I lived in WI for over 8 years, we go everytime we visit my grandparents now that we've moved away.))

Okay but string cheese is just?? Some of the wierdest cheese to exist I don’t understand what it is and I don’t want to. I just love the fact I can play and eat it its great. Just like I don’t really know what Buddy is, but I love him and accept him as a friend anyway

Also cheese curds are gross sorry Wisconsin is wierd and u need to accept that