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alright so chanyeol's rap in promise just fucking killed me holy shit i got goosebumps. Hands down the best rap he's ever done in Exo. I could FEEL every word. And it lasted a while too! Brb dead

OMFG YES ANON FUCKING YES! the way he sounds is so?? different?? its like he really let out his emotions in that rap and i could feel it in my soul. ugh i love that part so much you have no idea, i also get goosebumps and idk how to explain it but i get this feeling inside every time i hear his part dlkgjdg i DONT KNOW I JUST LOVE HIM AND THAT SONG

youngjustus replied to your post:Agh, I don’t know what to do. I guess I feel…

I go back and forth on how I interpret ash. I pokeship so hard, but I also like the interpretation of him as aromantic.

Upon looking up the definition of “aromantic”, yes, that definitely suits Ash better than ace (which seems to be a highly accepted sexuality headcanon for him).

At the same time, I still think he’s just too dense and too young to really understand romantic situations, connotations, expectations, and behavior. In a few years, I think he wouldn’t mind a romantic relationship (depending on the restraints he might feel it would put on his journey/dream). Heck, more than “wouldn’t mind”, I think he might actually want it.

Current canon Ash has really watered down whatever little knowledge he had about love/romance compared to way back in OS. But OS Ash was capable of finding girls attractive, of blushing, of feeling floaty and complimentary towards them. In other words, he’s not completely uneducated when it comes to that stuff. He’s just too young to really know or be interested in all of the other, more intricate possibilities.

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why do you always make fun of prussia dying?? its really rude and disrespectful

Yes I know, I’m a bad person

but I make fun of him “dying” because I don’t think it’ll actually happen?? Like I just don’t

and plus I’m really bad at emotional things and I tend to make jokes out of anything

One of my weaknesses is that I never take anything seriously and I’m really bad when people are sad

the only thing I know how to do is make people laugh and I try to by making light from serious situations I guess

I know you haven’t had the best experience with cats in the past but look at its face please please can we keep it? AU


Caroline had never been a fan of that word–though really did anyone like hearing those two little letters put together when they really wanted something? Hearing it come out of Klaus’ mouth though was a double blow of annoyance though but she also knew that she had an endless amount of ways to try and get him to see things her way and turn his answer into a beautiful yes.

Except apparently when it came down to having animals as pets.

Horses were all fine and dandy but it wasn’t like she could have one in the house with them and cuddle up to it like she could with a dog or a cat. 

Dogs were out of the question because all Klaus seemed to want were huge guard dogs that he could train into attacking those visitors that he didn’t like. Which was how her cute, cuddly little puppy had turned into a vicious companion for him. Though okay, maybe, Hugo still enjoyed cuddling up with her whenever there was a thunderstorm frightening him but it just wasn’t the same as when he’d been tiny.

The rabbit she had tried for had turned up as dinner the night she had brought it home. Klaus had ended up in a guest bedroom for a month after that but Caroline could still see that he was insufferably smug about it. Nor did she want to think about the damn foot he had hanging up by his desk for luck, the jerk.

She knew that birds would only end up the same way and really didn’t want to deal with all of the incessant chirping that would happen when the sun rose each morning. Or was that only roosters? She wasn’t chancing it.

Caroline had resigned herself to never actually having a pet of her own that she could happily enjoy when she had stumbled upon the tiny black kitten while visiting Bonnie. 

Maybe it would have been a good idea to talk to Klaus about bringing the kitten home first but Caroline hadn’t been able to say no to the tiny little face and sweet little meows that it had done to her.

She tried hiding the cat at first, sneaking him up to a spare room far away from their own and then sneaking up the cat food and various necessities plus toys that it needed.

That worked for about two days until Klaus started wondering what she was doing locked away all day in the other room.

“No,” was all he said when he finally opened the door and saw her playing with the tiny bundle, letting the kitten chase after a blue ribbon.

“But, look at him!” Caroline protested, picking up the kitten and holding its small face up for him to see.

Klaus glared at the creature and that should have frightened the kitten, it had scared Hugo into hiding for the entire day when he’d done it to the puppy, but her kitten simply hissed at him before meowing pitifully at Caroline. “Isn’t he adorable?” 


Ugh. “Well I’m keeping him and if you even try to eat him or get rid of him then that beach vacation we’re supposed to do next month is going to become a family one and I’ll make sure that Kol comes along and Rebekah brings her latest fling and Elijah can totally bring Katherine and you’ll have to deal with that massive headache.”

Klaus arched a brow at that. “So would you, love.”

Caroline shrugged and then looked down at the tiny bundle in her arms. “Worth it.”

And that was how she came to own a cat.

I’m not sure how to feel...

I’m actually quite pleased with this episode…like finally we are getting places. For so long it stayed stale with the same characters doing the same thing and not really building on the plot. Yes, Francis and Mary got back together a little too quickly for my liking, but I don’t think its that bad. Honestly, Francis loves Mary no matter what and based off his look after their love scene and his convo with Nostradamus I think its more about protecting her. He knows he doesn’t have long to forgive and protect her and he is trying to move forward before he is gone and can’t love and protect her. And honestly, Mary has loved Francis all along. She never stopped loving him. After her attack I think not only did she associate her attack with that room and the castle in general but she felt almost unworthy of Francis and his forgiveness and love. She even said a few episodes ago that his loving gaze was crushing her. And she deserves props for FINALLY being the old kickass Mary we love and know. 

Delphine…well I knew she was trouble when she was introduced. Poor Bash, his wife is pregnant with someone else’s kid, which really infuriates me and now he has bedded and is “linked” to a witch… Like why can’t we have one happy couple with a legitimate kid? Kenna should have talked to Bash instead of trying to pretend it was his. That was stupid….and is she really going to try and marry this other king? whhhyyyyyyyy….

Lola and Narcisse, thank goodness!!!!! And with Catherine gone, they can finally go somewhere!!!!! 

and props to Greer and her girls! Like holla way to stick it to the man. 

WHY IS CONDE STILL ALIVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


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Listen though, yes Louis is obviously really touched by the No Control project. But my absolute FAV thing is the TIMING of all of this. He just lost not only a part of his band but one of his best friends in his life. And then has had to be publicly insulted and humiliated by a person who Zayn has called his best friend. Like the fact that the fans are giving this to Louis right now at a time where he absolutely needs it and its WORKING is so fucking special.

I’m so happy we could do this for him. And I’m so happy he’s able to let us know that he appreciates it.

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Ian did say Rose shapeshifted a womb for him to be born from, so i dunno, it could knd of go either way. Like he somehow impregnated her via fusion. ¯\_('_')_/¯

yes, my theory (well, one of a dozen really) on it is that, Steven was conceived due to the fusion. A lot of people think that because Rose shapeshifted a womb he must’ve been conceived the human way but that’s not necessarily true. The womb is where a fetus gestates so regardless of how he was conceived he’d need to be ‘grown’ in a womb. It does not necessarily mean she shapeshifted an entire human reproductive system and conceived him “the human way”. I mean, she could have done that, but its not a guaranteed thing simply because we know she shapeshifted a womb.

  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she really means:I, personally think that Aulë did not do well at his job. He went out of his way to help the Maia of another Valar, but when it came to someone who was like his son he did nothing. I think that he was in some way jealous of Mairon and that was why he didn't step in, because he wanted him gone. I find it ridiculous that they thought that, even if some of the strongest Maia fell to Melkor, Mairon could stand against him on his own. There was unfair prejudice towards him and-

Him: (cornering me) “I want you.”

Me: “no you don’t. You don’t really want me..”

Him: (while putting his hands on my hips) “yes I do. And it’s not just about “this”…its that all the stars are so damn jealous of you. Even they know you’re “it”. And I want you.

Me: …I knew you did.

-quotes from a dream I had last night

When I woke up this morning that “conversation” I dreamt about was replaying over and over in my head. It was so strange. There was more to the dream, but that’s only the part I remember vividly.
It wasn’t the dream nor the man that said it to me that intrigued me, but the fact that those words he said were on repeat when I woke up.

david archuleta singing when the saints go marching in. watch this. this is the thing you never knew you needed in your life BUT I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU DO NEED IT. YES. YOU DO.


Okay, so I seriously could not stop thinking about kanna’s voice after that cover of mr. music and I checked his mylist and he covered ikanaide entirely in hakata dialect and it’s so cute and good, please listen to it if you have time!!

I love reading tags, so here are some of the best (and capslock emotional) tags from the first 24 hours of this Marvel Shuffle:

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#that caption really did save me the trouble of going on and on about  #how we all know Kate would be bailing his ass out of trouble before sunrise (via arrestomomentum)


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Everyone's been telling me my crush fancies me but the other day this boy asked me out and I said yes so I could get to know him and stuff. My crush got really possessive and kept texting me during my date like "what are you doing" "where are you" "wanna come over" and I dunno do you think him not liking the guy I'm dating is a brotherly thing or...?

no its not a brotherly thing he is jealous af

You know, 9/10 times lately when someone insults Christianity in front of me (or relatively in front of me, its the internet but they know I follow them) its an Atheist.  Everyone else just goes “Yeah, I don’t believe in that.” but the few atheists I follow on Facebook always feel the need to go beyond that.

So I’m a bit frustrated right now. Yes, I believe in God (In particular, Jesus Christ) and no I’m not an utter idiot with delusions. Making such comments really make me not want to hang out with you anymore.


“All these guys know your name. They feel invincible with you up there.”

unpopular opinion: 

I really enjoyed this movie. Now people are like “he was a hero” and people are like “he was a killer” honestly, i have no opinion on the matter. I look at this movie for what it is: a movie. Yes he killed, but this film didn’t take the whole “oh yeah I’m a badass and love killing” route. The killing took its toll on him. After his very first kill he was genuinely distressed that he had killed someone. And then when someone tried to congratulate him he said “get the fuck off me” so he did not like being congratulated for killing someone. Killing = bad. But it is sometimes a necessary evil. Also another thing: When he sees someone through his scope, he doesn’t go like “HOLY SHIT A TERRORIST” and instantly snipers the guy in the face, he waits, to see if they’re just a civilian, or if they really are up to some bad shit. So he’s not going on any killing sprees in this movie. I’m not really sure why people were saying he did, but hey. I have only seen this movie, and not really anything else about him. Like i said, enjoying this movie for what it is, a movie.
Now keeping in mind this is just in the (really unfairly hated) film, so idk if he was like this in real life. It’s not like I sat down with the guy and had a heart-to-heart about his life. But like I said before, I enjoy this film for it being a film, not for if it’s accurate or not. I don’t really have an opinion on his real life.
killing had an effect on him, he wasn’t a heartless killing machine, he’s a human being. This movie was about a man who wants to help his country, and the toll that that ambition took on him in his family. A heavy film, but really good. Please don’t hate my for having this opinion.    ((hides))    I’m sorry. please don’t hate me.

Survey #133: Personally Random

[Since I have nothing better to do]
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1. Have you ever had someone pick you up off the ground & carried you?
Oh definitely yes and that person is my father. When I was younger, whenever I fell asleep in the living room, he will carry me and put me to bed lol I miss him doing that but I’m too heavy already now HAHAHA

2. Are you a flirty person?
No, I’m not. 

3. Do you like Coffee?
Not really. If the coffee is somehow mixed with chocolate, I don’t mind. I will still drink it but, if you know me very well, you know I go crazy over tea. MAJOR LOVE FOR TEA.

4. Where exactly was your first kiss?
Well, its not considered like those kind of romantic first kiss. Mine was more of an accidental first kiss, which was from my neighbour and that happened like a super longggggggg time ago. He banged on me and the next thing we knew, our lips met each other. wth. 

5. The last store you went to was…?
Some minimart near my home area.

6. A name you hate with a passion?
Honestly, I don’t understand this question. Personally, I don’t have any names I hate with a passion. 

7. Do you have a friend name Alex?
Oh yes. A girl and a boy. 

8. The last person you held hands with?
My cousin!

9. How about the last movie you saw?
It was Pitch Perfect 2. It was okay to me, part 1 was better. 

10. Did you like it?
I’m assuming you are referring to the previous question? Like mentioned, It was okay. I would rate it 6-7/10.

11. What is your favorite type of water?

12. Have you ever been to Warped Tour?

13. Do you anyone who wears fur?
Uhhhhh, no.

14. When was the last time you were on
To start of with, I don’t even have a myspace account so I don’t see why I should be on that website. Plus, I believe its not really popular in my country.

15. How often do you cuss?
I would like all of you to know that you should never judge a someone by the way they look. I may be wearing the hijab but, let’s be honest. I do cuss BUT not on a daily basis. Only when I’m frustrated etc. You guys get what I mean? 

16. Have you ever cussed out a teacher?

17. Do you know how many kids are at your school?
I’m not schooling anymore. Even if I was, I can’t be bothered to know how many are in my school.

18. What did you think of the movie, Juno?
That movie is adorable. Love it.

19. When was the last time you had butterflies?
Probably last Thursday because it was the day of my job interview.

20. How often do you eat meat? 
Once a day.

21. What grade did you meet your best friend in?
In my country, we don’t use the term grade in school but, I’m guessing I met my best friend when we were in 9th grade (lol I actually googled about this grade thingy). We were in the same school since 7th grade but of different class. We were just acquaintance back then. In 9th grade, we were in the same class and we actually got much closer until now. Love you bestfriend. ctnayhy :>

22. Would you rather be loved or love someone?
Neither. Don’t really want relationships to be one-sided.

23. Last time you cleaned your room?
Lol today.

24. Have you ever gotten clothes from the kids section of Target when you were over the age of 10?
Never been to target because there are no outlets here in Singapore T__T

25. Are you more of a science/math person or english/history person?
I am more of a English/History person. I somehow aced my English and History subjects back in school. :>

26. What is your biggest fear?
Losing my family (includes my two kitties), my loved ones. OH AND COCKROACHES DAMN IT

27. Have you ever been cheated on in a relationship?

28. Your favorite children’s book you ever read?
All those fairytale books will always be my favorite.

29. When you were little, would you have rather watched Cartoon Network or Disney Channel?
Disney Channel, no doubt. 

30. Do you shave your arms?
Do you mean armpits? If you mean armpits then yes. If arms, no. Why would I even shave my arms……

31. Since using the internet regularly, have you started to read less than you used to?
I don’t really like to read. But I can say I started to read more online because there are awesome fanfics to be read! :3

32. Are you a big fan of the Harry Potter series?
Nope, but I love playing the game on Playstation lol.

33. How often would say you pulled all-nighters, if you ever do?Rarely.

34. Do you wear make-up on a daily basis?
I always wear make-up when I go out because I feel much more confident with make-up on. But I don’t put on make-up when I’m just going nearby or to school. 

35. Has a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend ever had a problem with you for any reason?
Erm… No i guesss?

36. How old were you when you learned to drive?
I have yet to take up driving license but, I’m planning to. Very soon!

37. How many times a day do you find yourself cracking your joints, if at all?
3 times a day or more hahahaha

38. Do you find yourself feeling lazier when the weather is warm?

Uh uh, NEVER. I am even more restless when the weather is warm. 

39. Is there a particular sport you follow on a regular basis? 


40. Are you a fan of the TV show Friends? No.

41. How old do you think is too old to sleep with a stuffed animal? You are never too old to sleep with a stuffed animal. 

42. If AC wasn’t an option, would you rather sleep with a fan on or with the windows open? I always sleep with a fan, so I don’t mind. :)

43. Do you find it hard to fall asleep when you know you have to be up earlier than normal? OMG ALWAYSSSSSS.

44. Do you style your hair in the same way every day, or do you prefer to switch it up? Same way everyday. Either its up in a ponytail or a top bun.

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imagine this-Jarvert trying, in his awk way, to apologize for screaming at Valjean but failing.helpfully, Jean cuts in on him suggests they go for a walk after closing. start over maybe? Its uncomfortable at first, but then the stars come out and Jarvert notices a certain star or planet is in view and starts on about that to try and fill the quiet/distract himself from his nerves. its cute and it helps enough that Jarvert is able to slow down and really talk w/ Jean for once and get to know him.

ohhh yes. i really think javert has a tendency to babble a bit aimlessly if he’s nervous? so yeah i can totally see him sort of doing that (At least that’s the kind of vibe I get from him, since he seems not to be able to really control what he says and mutters a lot to himself)